tagRomanceThe Seventh Fall

The Seventh Fall

byUncle South Loop©

[Author's Note: Story won am erotic writer's contest - with rules of 1.) Must contain a wet woman and 2.) be less than 1,000 words]

I'm walking on moonlit path, through dense woods, when I stop. I don't know where I am. I don't remember how I came here. Surveying my surroundings, I find them vaguely familiar. Despite my disorientation, I have no fear.

Thinking this is a dream, I try to wake but fail. I am both awake and fully alert. Unlike my dreams, I hear sounds and smell aromas to match my surroundings. Glancing down, I recognize my clothes. I flex my right wrist and bend the little finger, feeling the faint stiffness that is always there. Both They were both broken, in separate accidents, years ago.

With a sudden urgency, I resume my journey. I must follow the path to its end where something awaits me. Ahead is what I need. I have wanted it all my life. It is for me alone.

My path follows a creek meandering through the bottom of wooded foothills rising on either side. Faint sparkles flash on the dark creek banks, reflecting the moonlight. I realize where I am. The sparkles are from the sandstone outcrops lining the creek.

I've not been here since I was a boy. My friends and I came here often in the summer, following this very path. This is Seven Falls. The name comes from the seven small waterfalls of the creek, spaced along it's descent from the plain above to the big river below.

It matters little that I'm hundreds of miles away from my present home. I must get to where we all used to swim - the pool at the Seventh Fall. There, in the pool, waits what I have searched for all my life.

Hurrying on, I have a mental image of the pool. It is set in a horseshoe shaped basin, rimmed by five feet high sandstone walls. It was formed centuries ago when the creek was a river. The sandstone is an unusual gray, a mixture of rich black dirt and light-colored sand found in the area. The creek flows over wall at the top of the horseshoe to fill the circular thirty-foot pool beneath. At the open end of the horseshoe rim, the earth rises to a grassy knoll splitting the creek in two before it rejoins again after passing.

I quicken my pace. Drawn by an irresistible force, my feet barely touch the ground. There, in the pool, I will find the missing piece that will make me whole.

My heart races as the dark roof of tree limbs above opens to the starry sky. I cross the stream, stride to pool's edge and see her pale form in the moonlight. She is standing waist-deep and naked in the basin center, returning my gaze. Moonbeams reflect off her wet hair, her shoulders and her breasts. I shed my clothes then wade in to join her. As I near, she reaches out her hand saying, "You've come for me."

We join hands and stare at each other. She seems familiar, as if I've known and loved her all my life. Time stands still for what seems hours before she speaks, "Come, let the water wash away the pain and hurt of the past."

We dive together into the deeper water towards the waterfall. I break the surface, feeling as if I'd been marvelously transformed, restored and renewed. We swim to and through the falling waters. In the small cavern behind the veil of the fall, we find and stand on a submerged rock shelf.

Our first embrace is immediate. In our dark sanctuary, our encircling arms pull our bodies together. At first, we stand motionless to relish the first touch of the other's bare flesh. Slowly, our hands skim over the slick skin of the other's back. We meld together as one.

Our first kiss is not one of passion, but of a tender bliss. When our lips part, we take turns pecking each other's lips and planting kisses on the other's face. Blind in the darkness, we delight in the taste and feel of first discovery.

Desire emerges, advancing into our enchanted joy. It is slow to take it's turn, waiting until we allow it in. When we join to kiss again, it is longer and with greater force. Our mouths open, our tongues dance together and we pull each other tighter. Our need to give and receive cannot be denied. Our two minds are now one.

We part, dive back through the fall, swim to the grassy knoll. We wade out and she spreads our clothes out on the grass. She then lies upon them on her back. I pause above her, admiring her body in the moonlight. Her eyes sweep over my own nakedness.

She lifts her arms in invitation. I kneel at her side before lowering myself into her embrace. We resume where we left off under the fall. Desire returns and gives way to passion. She spreads her legs and I move between them. I guide my stiff shaft to her entryway and slip it slowly into her.

Memories of the past are forgotten as we discover the true act of making love for the first time. We move as one, slowly and with the sole purpose of pleasuring the other completely. My strokes are slow, matched by her rising hips as we move in a dance of ecstasy.

We carefully climb towards the complete surrender of our entire beings. Together, we soar to the peak of human pleasure. At the crest of mutual release, we both cry out in joy as our bodies jolt in climax.

Long do we linger in the sweet, in the rewarding, first afterglow. All night, we make love in our private paradise found. Alone, with the only sound to be heard is the water of Seventh Fall.

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