tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sex Book Ch. 01

The Sex Book Ch. 01


Shana gave herself a secret grin as she slathered oil onto her long, dark legs and over her torso. She was almost ready. She surveyed her body in the mirror and let her eyes slide over her Spanish features, her caramel-colored skin with dusky nipples and small waist, every inch shaved and oiled except for her luxuriant cap of reddish-brown shoulder-length hair. Everything was perfect. She opened the door and took her place in the velvet-lined box, waiting for Rene to arrive.

"Hello." He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek as he entered, smiling widely. "Are you ready for this?"

"Absolutely." She rubbed her already hardening nipples, making Rene grin with anticipation. "This is going to be quite interesting."

"I'll say. I don't think I've ever been asked to keep a hard on for three hours."

"I know I've never been asked to fuck one for three hours!" She laughed, giving him a seductive wink. "At least you're cuter than the model I had before."

"Oh, really?"

"Really. He had these awful buck teeth that got in the way." Shana rubbed her fingers over her nipples, then down over her perfect abs and between her legs, giving her perfectly shaved beaver a slow deep rub.

"Got in the way of what?"

"Going down on me." She smiled wryly, making herself comfortable on the platform. "I dislike teeth on my clit."

"So do I."

Rene's comment made Shana laugh and he turned his dark liquid eyes on her, feeling the delicious prick of blood as it began to fill his cock. "I'm glad you think I'm cute because I think you're gorgeous."

"You don't think I'm too short?"

"Oh, no." He stepped closer, towering over her. "You're just right."

Shana smiled. "Then let's have some fun."

MacKenzie Miles entered the museum's wide space and took a deep breath. He hated things like this but Jeff Cerbin was his best friend and he had promised to come to the opening. As he passed the first group of people, the whispers began and he sighed unhappily. Fame just wasn't what it was cracked up to be.

"Hey, Mac! You made it!" Jeff came sailing over, giving his friend a hug and shoving an icy glass of champagne in his hand. "Thanks for coming."

"I'm here for you, Jeff. Congratulations."

"Thanks, bud."

"Any sales yet?"

"Three and that was just in an hour. Can you imagine? I might just sell all the pieces this time."

"Well, I've always told you that you were a magnificent painter, even if you were a little obsessed with sex."

"Hey, it's a healthy obsession!"

As they spoke, Jeff ushered MacKenzie into the bowels of the room that the show was being held in. Jeff's obsession with sex had bled over into his artwork and images of naked women and men filled the canvases, dripping with sweat and various other bodily fluids. MacKenzie had to admit, they were fabulous. He paused in front of one that caught a woman poised to slide onto a man's penis and his attention was fixed on the perfect depiction of her vaginal lips, fat and turgid with blood and pearly with her juices. His unused cock gave a leap in his pants and he looked away, suddenly uncomfortable with his body's response.

"Like that one, eh?"

"Yeah." MacKenzie reached down and adjusted himself with a little laugh. "A little too much."

"It's yours."

"No, Jeff. I'll buy it from you."

"Nonsense. It's my gift to you. Think of it as payment for bringing your scintillating celebrity to my little show."

MacKenzie laughed but made a mental note to send Jeff a check for the piece. It was just too beautiful to accept for free. Jeff continued to lead him around, showing him the various pieces and pointing out influential people in the crowd but a large group caught his eye. "What's going on over there?"

"My most expensive pieces, of course." Jeff grinned, clapping MacKenzie on the back. "And a bit of performance art."

"Performance art?"

MacKenzie weaved his way through the crowd, following the artist and nearly dropped his glass when they broke through. In a large glass case, a man and a woman were making love. It was the most erotic scene that he'd even seen and the woman took his breath away. Her skin was tawny and dusted with gold and stretched unblemished from her tiny feet to her gorgeous face. Her eyes were dark brown and her thick black hair fell in waves over her shoulders, covering parts of her large breasts. The man gently flipped her over onto her knees and allowed the audience to see the juices glistening on his rod before he gently slid it back into her pussy.

"That's performance art?"

"The best." Jeff grinned, then turned to a patron who wanted to speak with him about purchasing one of the larger pieces.

MacKenzie just stared as an idea blossomed in his mind while he watched the man slowly push his stiff cock in and out of the woman. His last photography book had been a smash. Even he couldn't believe that that many people would shell out $200 for a coffee table book, but they had. Now, he would create another book. A sex book. An illustrated Kama Sutra for the modern couple with a decidedly exhibitionistic slant. And if he did it right, he could tie in some of Jeff's paintings and make his friend a fortune as well.

He threw his arm around Jeff's shoulders as the man came back over and said, "Tell me what you know about that girl ... "

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