tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sex Book Ch. 03

The Sex Book Ch. 03


The conversation over dinner had floored MacKenzie. He had met intelligent women before but he'd never met one as beautiful as Shana. She had graduated from Brown University magna cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Programming but had never felt comfortable in the field. The jobs provided her with a lot of money but her creative side missed the art electives that she'd taken in college.

"I also found out that I was an exhibitionist. That's how I met Jeff."

"Oh, really?"

Shana blushed, wondering why she was doing so. "He caught me masturbating on the elevator at the Excelsior."

"The glass elevator?" She nodded and he laughed. "You've definitely got some balls, lady!"

She shrugged. "I can't help it. I get off on someone watching me when I'm having sex. It makes me cum really hard." She looked up at him, almost shyly. "Like when I saw you watching today."

Again, heat crept up to MacKenzie's ears and he knew at once that his face was flaming. He reached for his Frangelico and nearly knocked it over, taking several swallows when he had it firmly in hand. "Performance art is always a rush."

Shana smiled, knowing that the photographer had carefully deflected the sexual aspect of the 'performance'. She listened to him as he explained the new book's concept and was taken by how calm and matter-of-fact he was as he talked about sex. It seemed as if he was describing a simple everyday item, like a clock or a pencil, anything but the act of sex. She wondered when the last time he'd had sex was and if it was as plain as the act he was describing.

"Forgive me, Mr. Miles ... "

"Mac, please."

"Mac, I'm sorry to say this, but it sounds boring."

He just stared at her for a long moment. "Boring?"

"Sex is not a man sticking his penis inside a woman or a woman sucking his dick. It's a very sensual and emotional act that takes place between two human beings."

"I'm aware of that."

"Well, what you're describing to me sounds like I'm looking at two stick figures getting it on." Shana paused, reaching over and dipping her finger into his liqueur, then painting her lush lips with it. "Describe what I just did."

MacKenzie was too disturbed to put her act into words. Just that simple movement had made him understand the difference between what he was describing and real emotional motion. Heat rose in his face again and his cock twitched, his eyes watching the tip of her finger smooth the liquid on, then slide inside for cleaning. He was acutely aware of his body's response and knew that that was what he wanted someone who viewed the book to feel. "I can't."

"You can if you try. Come on, Mac. Be a good boy and use your words."

Her impish smile made his heart leap and he sat back with an answering grin. "I'm not a wordsmith, Shana, but I understand what you're saying."

"Then I'll make a deal with you. You take the pictures, I write the words. You give me writing credit and a percentage of profits." She sat back, her liquid eyes meeting his. "I'll even waive my modeling fee."

"How magnanimous of you." He raised his hand, calling the waiter's attention. He ordered a bottle of champagne and waited to speak again until the waiter had filled their flutes. "Here's to success."

"Success." Shana smiled and their glasses clinked together.

* * * * *

Shana sat on the chair, impatiently tapping her foot as MacKenzie set his camera up outside the window. The man was a perfectionist and had spent the last thirty minutes rearranging some of the items in her living room, then another ten fiddling with the camera. All the while, she sat on the uncomfortable Shaker-style chair in an uncomfortable Catholic school girl's uniform, wishing that she had a drink. He was thinking too much. That was the problem. He just needed to learn to react.

She reached down and unbuttoned the first three buttons on her white blouse, sliding her hand inside and gripping her warm flesh. Her nipple hardened immediately and she rubbed it, pushing the material back and freeing the other breast. Tingles shot from her breasts to her pussy and she let her other hand wander, lifting the accordion-pleated plaid skirt and rubbing her white cotton-covered crotch.

MacKenzie peered through the viewfinder for umpteenth time to check the framing and shot up like a rocket, looking through the window. His eyes hadn't deceived him; Shana was touching herself, her cinnamon thighs falling open as she sought her wet center. He went back to the camera and started taking pictures, his body reacting to the heat she was generating inside. It got so bad that he had to strip his shirt off, beads of sweat gathering on his brow and upper lip while his hard cock threatened to peek out of the leg of his shorts.

Shana left her breasts and moved down to her crotch, spreading her legs wide so that he could see the soaked panel of her panties before she slid them down, leaving them looped around her ankles. She usually shaved but when they had discussed the layouts weeks ago, she had decided that she had to have some fur on her pussy, just like a school girl would. The trimmed hair was ingenious, she would later discover, as pearls of her juices clung to the edges like diamonds.

He watched as she let her hand slide over her mound, fingers on both sides of her juicy slit pressing the lips together, then releasing them, pressing then releasing until she moved her middle finger over her slit and let it glide over the opening. Her back arched and he saw the beauty of her golden body against the pale chair and white shirt, her ribs coming into stark relief as she gasped at the sensations flowing through her. She rotated a bit, opening his legs to him now, acknowledging the camera's presence and let her finger slide into her pink, wet quim.

MacKenzie felt as if he'd been shocked, watching the length of her finger disappearing into her pussy and pre-cum dripped onto his thigh. He reached down and wiped at it, then realized what it was. For a moment, he was caught between tucking his cock back into his shorts or pulling it out the rest of the way. The sight of her glistening finger made the decision for him and he groaned, depressing the button again and again as he stroked his stalk. The camera buzzed that the film was out and he put a new roll in in record time, resuming his stroking without hardly missing a beat.

Shana leaned back, leaving the panties hanging on her ankle as she set her leg on the armrest and plunged another finger into her pussy, shivering at the squishy sounds that came from the action. Her nipples stood out proudly and she alternated between the two of them, pinching and pulling the honey-brown aureoles and lifting them to her mouth to suckle. She caught his motion out of the corner of his eye and fought the urge to grin when she noticed that he was jerking off.

She suddenly wished he was in here with her, jerking off over her body. She closed her eyes, sliding a third finger in and slowing and lengthening her strokes as she imagined the scent of his sweat and musk in the air and the electric connection that would be sparking between them. His blue-green eyes would close as he neared his climax, his breathing would deepen and without warning ...

MacKenzie exploded, his cock pulsing in his hand as ropes of cum flew into the hibiscus bushes and splattered on the stucco siding. Still taking pictures, he watched as she reached her release, her body jerking and her mouth forming an 'O'. She pumped her fingers a few more times, then clamped her hand down on her mound, pressing her legs together rhythmically for a moment before letting her thighs fall open. She pulled her hand away and MacKenzie groaned at the thick, clear juice that covered her entire hand, then groaned again as he watched her lick each finger clean.

"You nasty pervert!"

Something smashed him on the back of his head and everything went black.

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