tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sex Book Ch. 06

The Sex Book Ch. 06


Do you want me, Mac?

Her provocative whisper rumbled through his head, his body already answered as his prick thickened with blood and a shiver raced along the length of his spine, raising goosebumps on his arms. His tongue felt like it was stuck to the roof of his mouth but he managed to rasp out, "Yes."

"Then tell me what you want me to do."

This was a test. He knew it and she knew it. MacKenzie pushed aside his worries and stepped closer to the railing, looking up at the beautiful sight of her spread-eagled body, gleaming in the light. His hand closed over his cock, giving it a healthy squeeze. "I want you to play with yourself."

"How?" Shana stretched like a cat, knowing his eyes were glued to the long lines of her supple body. "Tell me how." She wet her fingers and drew them around her nipples again, then blew on them, making them harden before his eyes. She hissed at the sudden pain, squeezing her legs together. "Use your words, baby."

A quiver vibrated through him and he found himself almost mesmerized by the power she was giving him in her words. "I want you to pretend that I'm watching you through your bedroom window and touch yourself like you'd want me to touch you."

Shana let the feelings overtake her and her hands moved of their own accord, cupping her breasts and weighing them, then sliding over her smooth stomach to her well-trimmed pussy. She did as she hoped he would do; she teased herself, rubbing her mound and pulling the flesh back, exposing her puffy clit to the air but denying it her touch. She watched as he unbuttoned his shirt, letting the edges fall open as he openly stroked his chest.

"Rub your clit."

Ordered by his words, her hand moved down, her finger targeting the tiny bud that hid under the fleshy cliff of her mound. The moment her fingertip touched the sensitive nub, a bolt of electricity moved through her body, making the tips of her nipples tingle in hardness. She pressed against it and threw her head back as another bolt rushed through her, this time, pooling in her pussy and making her explode in an orgasm that bent her body backward.

Her whimper made a wave of heat break across MacKenzie's body and his hand burrowed into his pants, desperately trying to reach his throbbing cock. He couldn't and he paused for only a few seconds before unzipping his pants, pulling his stiff prick out and giving it a long, slow stroke. He shuddered, his eyes locked onto her, watching as her taut body relaxed, her toes remaining tightly curled. Her eyes met his again and something moved through him. He tossed his shirt to the floor, stepped out of his pants and climbed over the railing.

The look in his eyes made Shana shiver in a combination of terror and excitement. She didn't think she'd ever felt as alive as she felt right now. She welcomed the dark promise in MacKenzie's eyes and opened her arms to him, sighing in pleasure as his warm weight settled on top of hers. His mouth covered hers a second later and she moaned at the forceful thrust of his tongue, swooping into her mouth and exerting control over her. A moment later, she was nearly screaming in pleasure as his thick photographer's fingers found their way into her wet hole, moving inside her and driving the breath from her lungs.

MacKenzie lifted his head and met her eyes, loving how she clutched his shoulders as her body responded to his touch, her eyes glassy and her breaths shallow. Time slowed and nothing became more important than her orgasm. He heard every breath she took and the passion that rocketed through her made his heart skip a few beats. His eyes locked onto hers and chills traveled up his spine as he watched her eyes glaze, then cross, then close as she tripped, glorying in the feel of her muscles gripping his fingers.

Shana gasped, allowing herself to ride the wave and the sensations she felt were like none she'd ever felt before. In the short time she'd known Mac, she'd watched him come out of his shell and was proud of what he'd accomplished but she never would have imagined that he would take to the water like the fish he'd turned out to be. She trembled with aftershocks, holding onto him as she coated his fingers with cum. Even after that, she wanted more and it was only a few words away.

"Mac, I love you."

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