tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sex Book Ch. 07

The Sex Book Ch. 07


MacKenzie Miles stared at the beautiful woman, unsure of what he'd just heard. "What?"

"You heard me." Shana wanted to sound sure of herself but her voice broke and she didn't know how to cover that.

"Yes, I did." He took a breath, giving her a teasing rub and moved over her, his cock throbbing with a heartbeat of its own. "So what do you want me to do about it?"

He was surprised to see tears forming in her eyes and swooped down to kiss them away, angry at himself for not realizing how fragile she was. She had opened herself up to him and he had responded like an insensitive cad. "I'm sorry, Shana. Don't cry." He paused, wiping the tear tracks from her cheeks. "I just don't know how to follow that up."

"That's okay, Mac. I understand." She tried to sit up but he stopped her.

"Where are you going?"

"Home. It's getting late ... "

"Shana, I know I hurt your feelings but don't close yourself up to me. Not now." MacKenzie moved behind her, letting his hands roam over her dropping shoulders. "It's been a long time since I connected so well with someone. I'm almost afraid to believe that it's real."

"But it is, isn't it?"

MacKenzie turned her around, looking deep into her soft, liquid eyes. "It is to me." He took a deep breath, releasing some of his demons. "Shana, make love to me."

"What?" Her heart was pounding so loud that she thought she was hearing things. Had he really just asked her to make love to him?

"I know that guys don't usually ask ... "

Shana touched her trembling fingers to his lips, astonished at the raw emotion that he was allowing her to see. "That was the most beautiful thing any man has ever said to me."

MacKenzie kissed her, relief sweeping through him like a dam bursting its walls and he gave in to the ensuing passion, releasing the vise grip he'd had on his emotions for so long. He felt her tremble as he pressed her down and moaned when she molded her luscious body to his. His hands traveled over her skin, following the curve of her hip and delving into the dark valley between. Her breathy whimper made his cock pulse and he repeated the action that had brought the response, lazily rubbing the back of his knuckles against her mound.

His mouth moved slowly, leaving a warm, wet trail down her body as he paused to taste her fat nipples on the way past her belly. When the tip of his tongue curled into her belly button, she couldn't help jerking in his hands, reacting to the tingles that suddenly shot through her body. He flicked the tiny dimple again, pleased to know that he'd discovered a secret spot on her body and made a mental note to learn the rest. Her trembling became more pronounced the closer he came to the juncture of her legs and he rose up, meeting her eyes and holding them as he pressed her knees apart.

Shana shuddered, looking down at MacKenzie. The look in his eyes was so dark and lust-filled that she was almost afraid. But she couldn't look away; she didn't want to. She wanted him to travel to that place and unleash the beast upon her. She'd seen that side of him while he worked and knew that it lived beneath the surface, but she wanted to see it and feel it. And best of all, she wanted to know that the beast belonged to her and her alone.

When his tongue licked her pussy from the bottom of her slit to the top, pressing hard on her clit, she exploded with a sensual violence she'd never known, gasping for breath and looping her fingers through his curly hair. He hummed as he attacked her pussy again and again, coaxing her pearly cream onto his tongue. Her body vibrated in his arms, tensing with orgasms and after-shocks and he held onto her with a firm grip, refusing to stop until she'd reached the final one.


A huge climax was upon her, rendering her breathless and nearly senseless as she was swept aloft and quickly hurled to Earth. The two fingers that he'd buried in her and the third in her ass wriggled, impossibly heightening her pleasure and bringing on two smaller but just as powerful orgasms. Applause broke out from a group of people who had heard their noises and came up to watch and MacKenzie blushed in naked embarrassment. When Shana was finally able to draw a deep breath, she opened her eyes, looking up at him with a smile.

"I thought I was supposed to be making love to you."

"Couldn't help myself." He whispered, covering her mouth with his. "You bring out the beast in me."

She smiled and let him help her sit up, glancing around at the enlarging crowd, then back at him. Suddenly, she didn't want to share this moment with anyone but him. "Let's go home. I have an idea."

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