tagLesbian SexThe Sex Doctor Ch. 01

The Sex Doctor Ch. 01



"Leandra Luann Kendrick."

"Who are you here to see?"

"Dr. Whitmore."

"Chelsea or Vanessa?"


"Have a seat, please."

That's how it always started, wasn't it? You took a seat, waited forever, and then the nurse came to see you. The difference here was that there were three Kendricks and two of them were named Luann. On the plus side, it was a private college - not a public clinic - with a more personal feel to it. Rose Academy only had about five hundred people and most of what the doctors here saw people about were regular check-ups, the occasional aspirin, and morning-after pills or tampons. Every once in a while, though, Doctor Chelsea Whitmore saw her students for much more personal business than she or her patients were willing to tell anyone about. After all, it wasn't exactly prudent to advertise that you were fucking every gorgeous red-haired girl with a nice rack and a cute ass.

Luann definitely had both of those.

Vanessa, Chelsea's older sister, was one of the only two people other than Chelsea's patients who knew about Chelsea's activities. She wasn't about to rat out her sister, no matter how much she disagreed with Chelsea's brand of academic morality (or lack thereof). Fortunately, the medical offices were soundproofed to prevent everyone knowing everything about everyone else's medical (or not so medical) issues. It was also fortunate that Monday afternoons weren't as busy for Chelsea. Luann wasn't in the mood to wait for very long today; she had an itch and she wanted it scratched, dammit.

True to form, she was seen in by one of the nurses - a sexy brunette named Tamara - within twenty minutes. The nurse was the other person who knew about Chelsea's activities; she'd even participated in several sessions, though Luann had never had the pleasure. Today, though, she apparently would. Tamara closed the door and asked her to undress as she grabbed a patient gown, but she stayed in the room as Luann obeyed. Tamara couldn't help but stare at Luann's nicely formed ass as it wiggled out of a pair of dark-wash jeans. Despite the cold weather of early November, Luann had only flip-flops on her feet; she hated shoes, being sort of a female Tom Sawyer of the modern world, and had kicked off the flops the moment she'd stepped into the examination room. She knew what was expected; she'd done this before. She just hadn't expected an audience.

"Are you..."

Tamara offered Luann a knowing smile before the girl could finish asking her question. Her fire-engine-red blunt bob hid the slight surprise on her face as Luann undressed; she was a little nervous, as she'd never been in a threesome before. What was the French term? Ménage a trios or something like that? Whatever it was, it might be fun; Luann certainly hoped so. She was getting chills just thinking about it - or maybe it was the forty degrees of the room as she slid out of her pearl-white panties.

Facing away from Tamara, her shaved pussy wasn't visible to the brunette - but her bubble butt was more than enough to harden Tamara's dark-red nipples beneath her blouse and bra. The nurse also saw Luann's lack of a bra when she pulled off her solid black turtleneck. Though everything below the waist was hidden from view even as Luann turned around, the bed obscuring Tamara's favorite body part, it was immediately apparent why Luann was number two on Dr. Whitmore's list of her all-time favorites; Luann's tits were the size of cantaloupes and her hot-pink nipples were vaguely reminiscent of freshly spun cotton candy. Tamara would have a lot of fun assisting Dr. Whitmore with this procedure.

It was a shame that the gown had to obscure such a beautiful rack once more, but the doctor's office couldn't afford a lawsuit because some idiot saw a patient naked when the door was open. As the gown went on, Tamara found herself releasing a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding; Luann was the finest patient she'd had the pleasure of laying eyes on while working for Dr. Whitmore. As she left the room, she couldn't help but clear her throat and give herself a little shake. This was going to be her hottest session yet; she just knew it.

Tamara had half a mind to go play with herself in the ladies' room before she got Dr. Whitmore, but she would have all the fun she could handle soon enough. Besides, she wasn't on her break yet. She thus alerted Dr. Whitmore to the girl's presence and checked on a couple more patients in the interim; when she was done with that, she headed back to Exam Room 8. She saw Dr. Whitmore on the way and was informed that Chelsea would see Luann in just a moment; Chelsea told Tamara to wait with the patient and to begin the preparations for the procedure. She nodded and sped off, excited by the prospect of what she was about to be a part of. She could hardly wait to dive into that white-hot little vixen.

When Tamara came back into the room, the cold air had hardened the patient's nipples beneath her gown. She was sitting there on the end of the bed with her smooth back and perfect ass revealed to whomever might walk in; she probably didn't realize it, or maybe she did, but it was making the nurse horny regardless. Tamara was enjoying the idea that the patient most definitely did not realize it and that she most definitely had not done this before; she was also toying with a fantasy that she had a feeling was very soon to be fulfilled. Shaking her head slightly, she cleared the door for when the doctor came in. She didn't have long to wait.

When Dr. Whitmore came in, it was the standard medical fare at first; that's the way it always was: make 'em healthy, and then make 'em scream in ecstasy. Chelsea told Tamara to do the physical this time; Tamara couldn't believe it. She was gonna get the first crack at this amazing creature before her? It took her a moment to realize that it wasn't just a dream. Thinking she looked nervous, Luann gave Tamara a war smile. Luann knew exactly what was about to happen and what it would lead to; it was, after all, the whole reason Luann had come.

Luann couldn't help but shiver a little as she sat there, especially when warm fingers starting feeling her back and buttocks. The nurse asked Luann to stand and she complied. When she was told to turn around, Luann knew that the foreplay was about to begin; she was a bit surprised that the nurse had been brought in this time and that the doctor wasn't getting to her first, but that was okay. Luann liked new experiences...and the finger she suddenly felt sliding its way between her cheeks. The nurse felt around in there as was typical of medical practice, but then that finger was joined by a second and Tamara bit her lip excitedly as she started to play. Luann just smiled and enjoyed it.

Being horny enough to come here after class with her gorgeous (but woefully straight) HTML instructor, it didn't take much for Luann's juices to start flowing; after just a few moments of being slowly fucked by Tamara's two fingers, the nurse's other hand gently massaging her left ass cheek, Luann was more than ready to be fucked. The dildos would come out later, though; right now, it was all about fingers and tongues. That was just the doctor's (and apparently the nurse's) way. Regrettably, Tamara did finally pull out of Luann and asked her to turn back around; at the nurse's request, Luann slowly removed her gown and daintily dropped it on the chair against the wall.

Once more, Tamara felt herself drawing in a short, sharp breath at the site of the redhead's tits. She started feeling them up immediately, checking for medical flaws, but quickly moved on to playing with the nipples. She checked Luann's heart; it was beating a little faster than normal, but it was nothing to be concerned about. She took the girl's blood pressure and then started feeling up the rest of Luann. When she got to the girl's groin, Luann sat down and spread her legs. Luann leaned back a little to give the nurse a better view of her lovely pink womanhood; no matter how many times it had felt the power of a fat dildo forcefully thrust into it, Luann's pussy had somehow managed to remain relatively tight. Chelsea always mentioned it and always called her well-adapted; Tamara just didn't have words to describe how wonderful it looked.

Sliding one finger in was all that was needed to determine whether treatment for something was necessary; to the medical pair's delight, the young woman was completely healthy. Of course, that didn't mean the "examination" had to stop there - and it most certainly didn't. Luann was in a weird mood as Tamara's finger slid as deep as the nurse could push it into her pussy: on the one hand, she just wanted to be fucked RIGHT NOW and didn't care if there was foreplay or not; on the other hand, she knew full well how explosive her orgasms were when she was here and didn't want to ruin the whole session just because she was a little impatient. She also couldn't stop picturing Mrs. Eaton naked - and neither the teacher's DDs nor her last name helped matters much.

Though she'd started breathing heavier as the nurse played with her pussy, a second finger actually drew a slight moan from Luann. She watched as Tamara's index and middle fingers went inside her to the knuckle and then came back, only to slide in once more. She threw her ponytail back to get it out of the way, never taking her eyes off of the nurse until the doctor came into view from behind Tamara. She had taken her shirt and bra off, but she'd put the lab coat back on; that was kinda her thing and it made the whole sessions even hotter. She smiled at the Chelsea, who smiled back, but then returned her eyes to the pussy her nurse was finger-fucking. She moaned again, almost a squeal, as a surge of pleasure went through her. Then she started the pressure building up; she was going to have an orgasm pretty soon - or would if the doctor didn't do what she usually did.

Unfortunately, she did.

Tamara was almost as disappointed as Luann when Chelsea told her that it was time to stop, but she stopped and stepped aside; the doctor didn't tell the nurse she couldn't lick liquid Luann from her fingers, though, and she closed her eyes as she savored the taste. It was succulent and delicious, a sweet nectar that had no rival. As Tamara sampled Luann's pussy juices, Chelsea told Luann to lie back; having propped herself up, she found it painful to lie back with an orgasm begging to erupt. She groaned as it started to subside a bit, but she loved her sessions with Chelsea as much as she hated the anticipation on days like this.

"Do me good, Dr. Whitmore."

"I'll do you grand, honey."

Luann knew she would. Dr. Whitmore started by making sure Luann's beautiful ass was easily accessible. Then she put those nice legs of hers on either side of the bed and kissed her patient along the inside of her right thigh. She made her way up and down that sweet, tender flesh before switching thighs, and then she kissed around the groin itself. She hated making it too easy on her patients; then again, she moonlighted as a dominatrix, so those that really knew her - like Luann, a regular sub at her club as well as in her office - would not have been the least bit surprised. Even when she finally got to Luann's pussy, all she did was kiss it and stroke it a little. Luann couldn't help but squirm, mentally struggling against forcing the good doctor to just fuck her and get it over with. Because of her double clientele with Chelsea, the pair knew each other's bodies very well; it was only Tamara that was the new-comer here.

The nurse was had taken off shirt and bra as well by the time Dr. Whitmore started running her tongue along the outside of Luann's pussy; she was touching herself now, rubbing her own pussy through the fabric of her scrubs and panties as she watched the spectacle before her. Luann was doing whatever she could not to squirm too much and biting her lip to keep from moaning too loudly, a common practice for subs in Dr. Whitmore's dungeon. Of course, in the dungeon, she called her Madame White - but she simply called her Chelsea in this setting. Right now, though, she wasn't calling her anything.

Pausing only momentarily, Dr. Whitmore motioned for the nurse to join her in lavishing Luann with carnal gifts. Tamara was overjoyed and went immediately to work on Luann's amazing tits while Dr. Whitmore resumed her work on Luann's pussy. It was pure ecstasy wrapped in almost sisterly love and tenderness, and when Dr. Whitmore's tongue slipped inside Luann, she knew that the foreplay was officially over and the real fun had begun. With a hand on the back of the head between her legs and another hand massaging the tits of the nurse playing with her own, Luann couldn't control herself forever; after several minutes of constant attention, it was all she could do not to moan. It was as much agony as it was ecstasy, and she handled with the skill of a professional submissive - until she didn't.

Once more, the pressure had started to build up between Luann's luscious legs. Once again, she was moaning and gasping; she dug her nails into the nurse's right breast, eliciting a small squeal from the younger brunette, and took hold of the forty-something doctor's dark-brown curls with her other hand. Luann's legs clamped tight the bed they straddled. Her nails pinched the nipple of the nurse, drawing another squeal from her, and the nurse retaliated by biting into Luann's left nipple. Luann grunted and Tamara did it again; Luann was a sub - she liked things rough. It was like that Lady Gaga line, "...when it comes to love, if it ain't rough, it isn't fun". That was the whole-hearted truth and one of the reasons she kept coming back to Dr. Whitmore at both of her places of work; unbeknownst to Luann, it was also the reason Dr. Whitmore had accepted Tamara's application to work for her so readily.

When the pressure finally started to become too much for the redhead's stamina, her moans turned into a series of short half-gasp, half-scream emissions. After a moment, her cries of ecstasy grew longer and louder...until her whole body started shaking with the force of her first orgasm of the afternoon (not of the day - she'd had one that morning by her own fingers). She started bucking against Dr. Whitmore's thrusting tongue and her nails dug even deeper into the nurse's right breast. When she was done, she had one or two more spasms before she collapsed against the noisy paper atop the bed and pillow, gasping complimenting the pair; she massaged the nurse's breast in apology for digging in so deep.

"Thank you...that was...you're so good, doctor...you really need a raise."

Pun fully intended. Of course, the fun was far from over; now it was time for a "shift change"...

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