tagLesbian SexThe Sex Doctor Ch. 02

The Sex Doctor Ch. 02


This was the way it always was with Dr. Whitmore: she turned her patient on, got her warmed up, and let her experience ecstasy at least once before making the patient service her in return. Madame White was the persona she donned to escape from normality and indulge her darkest, most sadistic tendencies. Sometimes, though, you just need a head in your lap. This was one of those times, and Luann had shown herself worthy of such an honor several times. While she wasn't the most talented of patients, she was learning quickly what turned her on and what did not. It helped that Luann also attended her club, the VIP Room (aka dungeon) of the locally famous Pink Diamond Lounge & Sports Bar. Oh, if only the public knew what they were really paying for...

But enough talk. As she laid her firm ass upon the table, Tamara quickly undressed the rest of the way. She smiled down at the good doctor as she straddled her, receiving a smile in return; this was her favorite part. Not only did get she get her own tits orally massaged, the patient's hair was rather titillating between her legs as she ate Dr. Whitmore out. Dr. Whitmore started dove right in, sucking on Tamara's left nipple as she fondled the nurse's right breast. Luann, meanwhile, was mimicking her doctor. She planted numerous soft, sensuous kisses upon the older woman's tender flesh and brushed her fingers up Chelsea's thighs just lightly enough to tickle her. Most women would have fidgeted at least a little - some slight jump or twitch - but Chelsea had incredible self-control. She didn't even breathe abnormally as her body heated up, her nipples grew harder than rocks, and her legs instinctively parted to allow for greater freedom.

Tamara, on the other hand, had her eyes closed and was biting her lower lip hard as her nipples were stimulated. It was like electricity flowing through her, making her want to jump - but she did not. She only tensed a little and ran her fingers through her lover's hair. She couldn't help but let out a little moan as the feel of hair upon her ass and pussy made her tingle. She went home to this beautiful doctor every evening, and the pair shared a body pillow and satin sheets. This right here, however, was the reason they never had sex at home; they didn't have to.

And then there was Luann...sweet, tender, juicy, delicious, sexy, and occasionally wild - but that's just the way redheads were. They weren't sexually infamous for nothing. Luann's lips clung greedily to Chelsea's pussy as her tongue slowly delved into the doctor's pussy. She flicked her tongue around lightly before gyrating it like a slick ball rolling around inside a slicker pipe. She suckled that pussy like there was no tomorrow, and she let her tongue do its job. Even Chelsea couldn't handle this forever - no woman could, no matter how much more they could endure than a man - a fact that began to show after ten minutes of lesbian lovin'.

Slowly, but surely, Dr. Whitmore's self-control began to ebb. Her gorgeous tits started to heave with deeper breathing; her legs began to squirm a bit, as though restless; and Tamara, who had begun to moan at the sensations Chelsea was giving her, noticed that Dr. Whitmore's sucking of her dark-pink nipples was growing ever more frantic. Mere moments after this mental observation, Tamara gasped as Chelsea bit into her left nipple and simultaneously pinched her right. She kept it up, too, clearly trying to devour her assistant.

Luann was speeding things up as well. She was tongue-fucking Chelsea's pussy now with reckless abandon. She started sucking up all the juices the doctor's pussy was spouting. The doctor was starting to moan now, and Tamara was holding the sexually cannibalistic doctor's head more firmly. Tamara's nipples were begging to be let go now but Tamara knew that wouldn't happen. She was crying out, half in pain and half in ecstasy, but it was nothing to the pleasure that was prompting the doctor to start moaning into the nurse's tits.

Finally, Chelsea could take it no more. Her body started tensing up rapidly, her muscles contracting as her head came away from the nurse's nipple. Tamara felt relief as Chelsea started massaging her tits, and Chelsea started crying out.

"Don't stop. Come on, Lu, don't stop...don't...don't sto...don...uh...uhhhh...uh...uh...yeah...yes..."

She was rocking herself a little now, and her knees clamped suddenly around the redhead's skull as she licked the doctor's pussy. Luann slurped and sucked and kissed and moaned as she devoured her doctor to the sound of her name. Then, finally, she felt a warm rush of liquid splattering her lips. As the doctor began to scream Luann's name, her pussy juice ran down Luann's chin and sprayed her nose. Luann drank some of it, the sweetest and stickiest of wines running down her throat as she continued to lick and suck and tongue-fuck the doctor, but much of it found its way above and below her lips regardless.

When Chelsea's orgasm finally began to subside, she pulled Tamara's nipples down to her mouth once more and gave them a gentle oral massage. But Luann, curious and hornier than she'd been all day (and that was saying something), took advantage of the distraction to kiss Tamara's nice, round rump. She gave it a little nibble and started circling her ass hole with a finger, and Tamara didn't seem to mind a bit. She minded even less when that finger slid into that hole and started moving in and out. Luann finger-fucked the nurse's ass slowly and gently as she nibbled on her butt cheeks. It was definitely a new experience, for her other fingers were now massaging the doctor's still-tender pussy.

Prompted by the affection and the doctor's now-fulfilled immediate need, Tamara brought out what Luann had been waiting to see: an eight-inch-long, inch-thick dildo of translucent, hot-pink rubber - and it was like that on both ends. It was an extremely rare (and new, to Luann) thing to see Chelsea in the role of a sub, yet she took one end of that dildo into her mouth as Tamara sat upon it. Her ass was quickly filled, and Luann was assigned a dual task: finger-fuck her doctor and lick her nurse into oblivion. She started doing just that, rubbing her fingers tenderly upon her doctor's pussy as her tongue played Whack-A-Mole with her nurse's. Tamara was slowly riding that eight-inch cock like it was a new thing but she handled it like she'd done it for years. She probably had.

As Chelsea's hands wandered, one massaging Tamara's breast and the other roaming across her stomach, her throat tried to gag. She resisted - not easily - and Tamara slid up and down on the dildo. Luann's own hand was playing with Tamara's other breast, rolling the nipples between her fingers and pinching it occasionally. Her other hand was making Chelsea use the last of her willpower not to jump, and as her fingers slowly slid in, Chelsea realized now just how much her subs had to go through in order to get off. It didn't matter, though; her lover would be fulfilled soon enough, and she would soon be fulfilled a second time. In fact, as Luann's fingers found her g-spot, she wondered if she would be able to keep her cool for as long as she did before. She was already grunting, and Tamara's heavy breathing was only making her hotter.

As the pressure mounted, the nurse rode the double-dildo faster and deeper. This forced Luann to speed up her head-bobbing as she tried to keep pace with the nurse. After a few moments, she made the nurse cry out by sinking her teeth into the woman's pussy lips. It wasn't long before both women were squirming, and this only made that dildo inside the nurse's ass move around so much that it egged her on even more. By the time Tamara's moans became an almost constant sound, both women were squirming under the nude college student's fingers and tongue.

With a crescendo like that of Beethoven's most furious pieces, the doctor began crying out as her whole body began to wriggle and squirm with a second orgasm; her pussy exploded, drenching Luann's hand in girl cum - and a moment later, the nurse's pussy exploded as well. Screaming her head off, Tamara forced herself to bounce harder and faster than ever on the dildo as her hand clasped Luann's head to her pussy. Luann's face was getting drenched again, and the stench of two pussies was making her desperate for another orgasm.

After several moments, Tamara had to clamber off the bed and collapse into one of the guest's chairs. Lying herself down atop the doctor, Luann allowed her to breathlessly begin kissing her on the lips. Chelsea started licking and sucking up the juices of her and Tamara's pussies from Luann's face. When she was done, Luann and Tamara both rose. The doctor's and nurse's joyous grins clearly showed their appeasement, and Tamara couldn't help but start cleaning up what the doctor had missed. Finally, the doctor spoke from her position on the bed.

"I think it's time we show Miss Kendrick what threesomes are all about."

Matching the doctor's grin with one of her own, she readily agreed...

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