The Sex Genie


Tony Blair's package finally arrived. It was an old genie style lamp he had bid for on eBay. After a few days he had won the bidding - at an amazingly low price. The seller had seemed a bit shady, but it had arrived as promised. When he unpacked it, the lamp was about like the picture - dusty and in need of a little cleaning; it was also surprisingly heavy. But, it had potential. He tried to open the lid but it was stuck shut. Tony set the lamp aside, intending to clean it later that evening.

Much later that evening Tony decided to clean the lamp. He brushed most of the dust and what appeared to be caked-on mud off of the lamp. It looked like there might be some sort of inscription on the side, though it was hard to make out. He rubbed it with a soft cloth to see if there was an inscription or just a decoration.

Now, to his complete surprise, there was a bit of a low pitched rumbling noise inside the lamp and an odorless thick blue-grey smoke started spewing out of the spout. Tony quickly set the lamp on the kitchen counter and stepped back to see what would happen. A few seconds later, out of the smoke cloud, appeared a genie. A real genie! A soft "Wow!" was all Tony managed to utter.

"Ah…good to be out of there for a little while anyway," the genie said looking around. "I needed a little fresh air. Nice place you have here. Not quite like my place in Baghdad, but this is nice."

"Holy shit!" Tony exclaimed. "A real genie!" It didn't take him long to figure out what that meant. "Hot damn! Your being here means I get three wishes…right?" He didn't know what wish two and three were going to be, but number one on the hit parade was something like a ton of money - tax free of course.

"Oh no, no, no," said the genie. "I'm a sexual genie. You only get one wish."

"Just one?" he asked rather disappointed. "What happened to the three wishes thing? And, what's a sexual genie?"

"First of all, that three wish thing was abused. Second, I specialized and specialists only grant one wish; therefore you only get one wish. And, it has to be a sex wish. I can't grant you a truck-load of twenty dollar bills or anything like that. Just sex. I deal with... well, fucking."

Tony gave the genie an odd look. "Are you sure you're a real genie? What's your name anyway?"

"Absolutely, I triple guarantee you. Uh, not that anyone has ever asked that before, but I go by Ali, which is short for Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf - and no jokes about that other guy, who ISN'T a genie, Comical Ali, the information minister in Iraq. Now, back to business, what's the sex wish?"

"Fine Ali, no jokes, but I dunno, what exactly am I supposed to wish for? I thought I got three wishes. I thought that was a standard thing."

"Nope, just one. Now, as to what to ask for, may I suggest that it be in a generic form? If you wish for a sexual tryst with a certain woman, you get that woman and everything about her. If she's an actress and hot as hell on the big screen, but a screaming bitch in real life, then you get the screaming bitch in bed. But, if you just say you want a hot super model type, then I can give you one hot looking woman who's a nympho and will screw your brains out - not to leave out that she's real eye candy to boot. Now that's a deal if I ever heard one; I triple guarantee you!"

With only one wish, Tony wanted to make sure he was going to get something worthwhile, triple guarantees of otherwise. "So, asking for a specific person isn't a good thing?"

"Can be, but it's your fuck. Centuries of experience in these matters compels me to suggest the generic form of say a super model? However, it's your wish, so go for it!"

"That's okay Ali; I think I'll go for the generic one. I take it super models are real popular?"

"Or porn queens."

"Porn queens?" He had to admit, he hadn't thought about them. Now there was a possibility. He had seen more than a few porn movies, and there were some pretty talented babes in them!

"Oh yea babe, they have some moves that you never heard of when it comes to sex."

Then reality hit home. "Yea, including whips, chains, and handcuffs."

"Or the odd cattle prod."

That pretty much cinched it; porn queens were out. Now Tony was curious. "Ali, have you ever had anyone killed fulfilling their wish?"

"Just a few. It happens, but not often. Usually it's older guys who have a coronary: fucked to death if you will. As we say in the biz, 'they rubbed their last lamp.'"

"I think porn queens are out."

"How about just a queen?" Ali offered with a wink.

"Nah, I think I'll stick to women thanks."

"Okay, so what'll it be?"

Tony thought about it for a few seconds. "I think I'll go with a really good looking super model type that's just horny as all hell. I dunno if I should get in to specifics about what she'd look like. Maybe I just ought to leave that alone. If she shaved, that would be nice, but otherwise, just a really great looking and very horny woman - no wannabe women - a real one.

"Yea, fine. Okay. Let's see if I got this straight. You want a generic super model type woman that shaves and is really horny. Is that about it?"

"Uh…" Tony thought for a moment. "Yea, that's about it. That should do just fine." At this point he figured just getting a good lay would be fine.

"Okay, I can do that. Done deal. Have fun!"

With that, there was a sucking sound and the genie became so much smoke and was sucked back into the little lamp. For a few seconds nothing happened, then there was a very bright flash, no noise at all, and the lamp simply vanished. There was nothing left on the counter but some dust where the lamp had been. Now what? Tony wondered. With the lamp gone, it was going to be a little hard to ask the genie just when this super model sex pot was supposed to show up. It also occurred to him that while he had asked for a super model that shaved, he never said what she should shave; he could get one that shaved her legs and had the bush from hell! Too late to elaborate on that now. He used one hand to brush the dust into a small pile and then herded it off the edge of the counter and into the other hand. He looked at the little pile of dust in his palm for a few seconds. It was all that remained of his eBay purchase. He slowly poured the dust into the trash bin.

Nothing happened: no super model showed up in his kitchen. He thought it was silly, but he checked his bedroom to be sure that some hot sexy chick wasn't lounging around on his bed waiting for him - nope - nothing. The bed was empty. Tony decided that he might as well catch a little sports on television since it was now obvious that there wasn't going to be any hot sex tonight. And, he thought, he might as well have a beer while watching it. Just as he was about to open the refrigerator door, the front door bell rang.

Tony abandoned the idea of the beer and answered the door. Swinging it open, he was facing one hot, yes, super model like woman standing there wearing a very slinky red dress.

"Tony honey," she said as she pushed past him, "you wouldn't believe how horny I am tonight and how much I really want you to fuck my brains out! Let's go!" she said grabbing his hand on the way by.

In total disbelief, Tony kicked the door shut and stumbled after her. Amazingly, she even knew the way to his bedroom. He was too dumbfounded to say anything.

"Needs a woman's touch," she said looking around, "but I'm not here for that tonight. Let me help you out of your clothes," she said turning to him and yanking his shirt out of his pants. The zipper on his jeans went down next.

"Uh…what's your name?" he finally managed to ask.

"Laura - Laura Bush, and no I'm not related to "them." And, right now, it's Really Horny Laura."

"I think I can help with this!" he said finally recovering enough to start helping her get his clothes off. So this was the genie's horny super model - she was certainly horny all right. Nice going genie, he thought.

Very soon Tony was down to just his briefs and socks. It was clearly evident that he was more than a little aroused - his briefs were straining to contain his bulging erection.

"Oh yea," Laura exclaimed looking at his not-exactly-hidden hard-on. "This will be just fine." She reached behind her back and there was a faint sound of a zipper as she quickly pulled the zipper down on the back of her dress. As tight fitting as it had been, it fell to the floor with just a shrug of her shoulders.

Tony's eyes nearly bugged out as he saw her near-perfect tits. She didn't have a bra on, and she didn't need one. Her nipples were hard and just begging for attention. Now the only thing she had on was the tinniest of thongs.

He lost the socks and briefs very quickly. He stood there staring at her, his erect cock pointing at her. That teeny thong she had on really got his attention too. It matched the red color of her dress and was so skimpy as to just about not be there. Obviously she shaved. That genie had really been paying attention.

"Now," Laura said as she bent over and slid the thong came down her legs, "let's get into bed and get me off! By the way, I like to be on top. Uh, how do you feel about eating me a little first? I'd just love to come all over your face."

"Sure," he managed to get out before she gave him a firm shove that landed him on his back on the bed.

"Yup, figured you wouldn't mind - great. Just lay there and I'll sit right on your face and let your hot tongue do its thing." Saying that, she climbed onto the bed and promptly placed her completely hairless wet pussy right over Tony's mouth. "Eat me lover," she cooed. "Make me come all over your face. I'm gonna get you sooooo wet!"

Tony reached up and began to fondle her perky breasts and very hard nipples as his tongue went to work. She had a nice sized clit: nothing small or hidden about this clit! She was also very wet. He licked and gently sucked on her clit and then moved his tongue down to her sex opening and let his tongue probe deeply into her. She smelled fresh and tasted great. Now she really started to moan and groan.

"Oh yea, that's it, right there," she said loudly as his tongue returned to her clit. "Oh, I forgot to mention that I squirt when I come, so you're going to get really wet when I get off, and the way you're going, that won't be long now!"

Tony had heard of squirts, thought it was a very sexy idea, and now he was about to experience one. He licked and sucked with abandon, trying to get her off and finally have a woman squirt for him. Maybe that genie had read his mind.

"OH YEA!" Laura screamed. "I'm…coming! I'M COMING ALL OVER YOUR FACE!"

And come she did. Tony's chin and neck were getting a soaking by her hot juices as he licked her throbbing clit. As she got off, she pressed harder down on his face, making it somewhat difficult to actually work on her clit, but that didn't seem to bother her.

"Oh that was great," she said finally collapsing next to him on the bed. "Really great. You really know how to do that well."

"You ready for a something else?" he asked after giving her a minute to recover.

"Yea," she said still breathing hard.

Now Tony rolled over on top of Laura and got between her sexy long legs. Those legs came up and wrapped around him and he entered her, sliding all the way into her in one slow sexy motion. She was very wet and tight - much tighter than any other woman he ever had sex with. Now for the first time in this little tryst things didn't go well. For some reason, he just couldn't quite match her rhythm.

"This isn't working well," she said finally. "Tell you what; I really like being on top anyway. How about we switch places?"

She actually liked being on top? Tony thought he had died and gone to heaven. His girlfriends of the past, the ones he got into the sack with anyway, would be on top now and then but they were never that fond of it and certainly never suggested it. Now this woman like it - wanted to be there!

They quickly traded placed. He got on his back, and before he could do much, she was over him, had a hand on his cock aiming it straight up, and had guided it straight into her hot body.

"Oh yea, much better," she groaned as he sank fully into her. After a few seconds of having Tony inside her as far as she could get him, she leaned forward. Her beautiful tits were right over his face as she began to move up and down on his hard cock. "This is nice!" she said before giving him a big wet kiss.

It was nice all right; Tony loved every second of it. He put his hands on her hips and lifted his head and sucked on a nipple as it bounced around in front of his face. She let out a soft moan as he took that sexy nipple in his mouth. As soon as he let go of that one, she had the other one over his mouth.

"This one too," she whispered.

He was only too happy to give this nipple a little attention too as she bounced up and down on his hard cock. Now his hands went to her sexy hips and he matched per pace, and immediately got her rhythm this time. Now they were really…fucking.

They had a rhythm going now! As he pushed up, she came down - hard. As she changed the pace, he followed perfectly. She brought them both near the point of getting off and then slowed down to make this last several times. Finally, neither wanted it to last; they wanted to come.

"Mmmm…getting close again," she said softly. "This feels so good! It's just what the doctor ordered tonight. I love getting off on a nice hard cock."

Tony was getting to the point of no stopping himself. He could tell this was going to be a great come. It was building fast now.

"I'm gonna come," she groaned as she now started to really pound away on him. "Give it to me nice and hard - really hard. Make me come all over you. I'm going to get you so wet!"

Tony now thrust up as hard as he could as she came down on him, sinking himself into her as deep as he could. In seconds there was no stopping, he started to come. "Aaaaahh…YES!" he shouted as the first heavy spurt of his sperm started deep inside him, shot up his hard cock, and sprayed into her waiting pussy. Spurt after heavy spurt followed that first one.

"I'm coming, I'm coming … I'M COMING TOO," she screamed.

Now her pussy really took hold of him. It was as tight as if she were giving him a hand-job. Adding to his pleasure, she was really fucking him hard, going up and down on him very quickly - pounding away at him - slamming her body against his on the down stroke. It was almost too good if there was such a thing. He was having a come that lasted and was stronger than any he had ever experienced before. It just went on and on, squirt after squirt of his thick sperm shot into her throbbing climaxing pussy. When he thought it might have ended, it didn't. He was having multiple orgasms: one come right after the other! And, like before, she was squirting herself, absolutely soaking his crotch with her sex juices. Well, her sex juices and a lot of the come that he had pumped into her that was now leaking out. With him still deep inside her and keeping who knows how much come inside her, there was a wet spot building under him that was starting to resemble a small lake.

Finally they were done. She collapsed on top on him for a few sweet seconds, pressing those beautiful tits and hard nipples into his chest, before her heavenly body rolled off to lie beside him. Neither spoke for several minutes. They just lie there breathing hard.

"Satisfied?" she finally asked softly.

"Oh yea, that was great; the best ever. Sounded like you had a good time too."

"I don't remember when I got off like THAT before! I sure messed up the bed."

"Who cares," he sighed. "This was worth it."


There was silence for a few seconds. Tony started to turn his head to look at her, but there was a very bright flash, and like the genie's lamp before her, no noise and she had vanished. The only trace of her having been there were the two huge wet spots on the bed.

Now Laura was gone, the lamp was gone, and a day later he found that the e-Bay debit to his credit card was gone too.

Copyright by Art, July, 2003, all rights reserved.

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