The Sex Genie


My mother got to work pulling down my shorts. And normally, my eyes would pay full attention to any woman doing that. But this time, my eyes were drawn to the genie in the background. Isabelle had appeared on the couch behind my mother, and she was completely naked with her legs spread. The genie started to masturbate to this unholy mother/son coupling. It was as if seeing us together was her reward for all of her 'difficult' work.

"I never thought I'd ever say this in my entire life, but you've got a nice cock," mom said once it was freed.

"Thanks. And I'm pretty sure you know what to do with it," I teased.

She smiled and winked, "Your wish is my command."

As if nothing was out of the ordinary, my own mother leaned down to take my cock inside of her mouth. There was no foreplay or build-up, just a woman eager to suck her son's cock after years of desire and frustration.

It felt amazing. And it was even more amazing seeing Isabelle lean back and masturbate with even more enthusiasm. Her mouth opened as she fingered herself harder and let out small moans to the sight of my mother sucking me off. I couldn't tell if mom knew the genie was behind her or not. Maybe Isabelle appeared me only at that very moment. Or maybe my mother didn't care, or maybe she enjoyed having that one-woman audience. Whatever the case, all three of us were having a great time.

"Am I doing okay?" she asked after she took my saliva covered cock out of her mouth. "Is this how you like having it done to you?"

"You bet it is. And it's even better having this done by my own mom. Most guys have this fantasy you know."

She stroked my cock up and down. "I had an idea that was the case. I'm just glad that you're one of the guys who are open to this. Who would have guessed that all it took for this to happen was a genie?"

"You're right about that mom," I replied looking at Isabelle grinning in the background. "And if you keep stroking me like this, our first time together is going to be a short encounter. Your hands and mouth are really something else."

Mom pursed her lips and pressed them against the tip of my head and along the length of my shaft when she replied.

"Well, I wouldn't want our first time together to be only with my hands and mouth," she said, planting another kiss on my hard cock. "I have another fantasy which needs to be taken care of."

With that said, my mother stood back up and I once again marveled at her womanly body. She was completely unashamed being naked in front of me. But I didn't get to appreciate her figure for long as she planted her knees onto the couch with her legs open and used her fingers to guide the tip of my cock inside of her body.

"Jeez that feels tight," I groaned as she slid herself in.

"It's been a while since I've had something as big as a man's penis in me," she smiled back.

My mother pressed the weight of her naked body against me. She felt warm, wet, and inviting. And when she pressed her face against my chest to once again get used to the feeling of a man inside of her, I saw Isabelle masturbating with even more intensity than before. Her mouth was wide open and she was getting off on the fact that I was actually fucking my own mother.

I looked Isabelle in the eyes and squeezed my mother's ass checks to pull her closer to me and to get deeper inside.

"Ohh..." she moaned. "That feel so good. I can't believe it took this long for this to finally happen."

We kissed each other passionately and our tongues once again wrestled in each others mouth. Her hips clenched and she slowly started to rock her body back and forward. Her gyrating body picked up in speed and formed a rhythm which felt incredible. We had just broke the ultimate barrier and began to make love.

She leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "You have no idea how much I've wanted this. I've thought about this so many times in bed late at night. When I'm bored at work I would go to the bathroom and touch myself thinking about straddling you like this. And now it's finally happening..."

Those words sent a shiver down my spine. Her hands clenched my shoulder, and my hands squeezed her rear end even tighter, and we fucked harder.

"God, I love hearing you talk like that mom...I'm going to cum...I want to cum inside you so bad..."

She held on to my neck and she thrust her hips back and forth as hard as she could. She was like a woman possessed, and her eyes gave that impression. We never looked away from each other. Our breaths were getting heavy. The moment was powerful and passionate and she could tell I was on the verge of a huge orgasm.

"That's it...cum inside me...let's cum together..."

With one of her hands now furiously rubbing her clit, she brought herself to an orgasm at the same time as me. Both of our bodies climaxed and our backs arched in extreme pleasure. My mother moaned to the point where she was almost screaming and I flooded her vaginal walls with my cum. It was the same vagina where I was conceived all those years ago.

When our orgasms subsided, she leaned down and planted deep kisses on my lips in between our labored breathing.

"I love you so much," she said proudly. "I sincerely hope we can continue this."

"You bet we are," I boldly replied. "That was the best sex of my life. It was better than any one of the sluts or any of the straight-A honor roll students I've had in college. So you can expect me to put your mouth and vagina to good use from now on mom. That's the way it's going to be."

"Your wish is my command," she smiled before lovingly resting her head on my chest.

It was at that moment that I realized that Isabelle was no longer there. She had vanished. She was gone for good. And my wish for mom's happiness had been fulfilled.

The End

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by Anonymous11/03/16

nice, i liked it, wish there was a 3rd page

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by TSreader12/26/15


A very erotic tale!

Thank you!

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