tagLoving WivesThe Sex Machine

The Sex Machine


First let me explain how the sex machine came to be... When Rob and I first met I was only just nineteen and he was already thirty-six, nearly thirty-seven. People used to look at us and think he was my father because I am quite small and slim I look even younger than I am.

I found this quite amusing, especially when we kissed in public and I saw the looks on their faces! By the time we married he was nearly forty. In the early stages of us getting together we would make love all the time but as things settled down it became less and less frequent.

I know that I was more highly sexed than he was and I started to get frustrated and resentful when he wasn't in the mood. The more I wanted it the less he seemed to. He then started to suffer from impotence which made the problem even worse.

This was a huge blow to both of us; I think Rob especially felt useless and inadequate. We were eventually able to talk about the problems we were having and Rob told me of his fear that I would leave him because of it. I tried to reassure him and we were able to have sex on some occasions, even if he couldn't manage to get an erection.

But what I needed was a good hard fuck sometimes. Previously, one of my favourite things was Bondage; I loved having Rob tie me down and fuck the hell out of me, imagining he was some kind of brutal rapist while I struggled and squirmed helplessly.

One day I told Rob that I would like to try a dildo. I didn't know how he would react, part of me was afraid he'd feel really offended but he actually seemed really cool with it. He said he would buy me one from the internet and we visited several sites before opting for a Doc Johnson 8 inch dildo with vibrator inside.

It took a few days for it to arrive but I was shocked when it did...it was quite a bit bigger than I expected, longer and thicker than Rob is. Rob just laughed and said "If you're choosing your own cock you might as well have a nice big one!"

We used it for several months and I realised I liked the extra girth of it although it was rare I could manage the whole eight inches. Rob would use it on my clit for a while with the vibrator tuned on then when I was ready he would insert it and fuck me till I came.

One day I asked him to tie me down again and fuck me with it and it was wonderful, struggling and moaning like I was being raped by some guy with a big cock! I came several times on that occasion!

Our sex life improved a lot for a time but gradually Rob found it hard to keep satisfying me while frequently not being able to come himself.

One day he told me he had something to show me and took me down to our basement. There he had constructed an apparatus that he called 'The sex machine'. It appeared, at first, to be a small wooden box bolted to the floor, about two feet long, two feet high and one foot wide.

Lifting up the rug in front of the machine Rob revealed what appeared to be a trapdoor in the floor. Upon opening it he revealed a padded area about three feet by four. Bolted to this was a wooden frame, laid flat and hinged at one end.

Part of the frame was padded and had straps attached to it. The padded area in the floor also had straps attached at various points. Upon raising the frame into a vertical position and slotting the wooden braces into place it became obvious how it was to be used.

Rob turned a dial on the machine and encouraged me to try it out. "Go on, have a go on it, see what it feels like to be strapped down helpless and fucked by a machine!"

Excited at the prospect I quickly undressed and got into position, kneeling with my thighs against the padded parts of the frame my legs were consequently very wide apart.

Rob showed me how to do the straps up. It was made easy because they were done up with Velcro. There were one each around my ankles, another set just below my knees and another two holding my upper thighs tight against the frame.

Leaning forward my arms were strapped at the wrist and elbow one side but one the other there was a loop for my forearm to pass through and an open padded metal bracelet for my the wrist.

Once my arm was in position Rob told me to push down with my wrist and the metal bracelet closed around it with a soft 'click'. It was immediately apparent that I was held fast, absolutely helpless with my pussy spread wide open and completely exposed.

The apparatus had the effect of holding me firmly in this position on hands and knees with my cunt level with the small trapdoor in the front of the wooden box.

The moment the wristlet clicked shut around my arm I heard a quiet whirring sound and looking down between my legs I watched as the trapdoor slowly opened and the well greased head of our dildo slowly began to emerge.

It very slowly advanced and began to penetrate me; he had managed to align it just right. It kept penetrating me till it was fully home then the whirring changed note and it began to thrust, backwards and forwards, in and out of my pussy, steadily fucking me for a couple of minutes until I started to get ragged up.

Suddenly there was another click and the dildo stopped thrusting and began retracting back out of me into the box. As the final in the sequence the wristlet unclipped itself and the machine fell silent.

"Wow, that's quite something!" I said, extricating myself from the straps. "Whatever made you think of that?"

"Oh I don't know, I guess I figured you might like to use it when I'm not in the mood sometimes... I know you love it when you are fucked and helpless to resist it. I just thought this might do the trick!"

He was right about that. Whenever I used it I was very easy to indulge my fantasies of being taken against my will, once strapped into it I was completely powerless to stop it. I could struggle in vain and moan to my hearts content, the only way to stop it was to let it run its course. That could be anything up to an hour depending on the setting of the dial!

Rob sometimes goes away on business and I usually wouldn't use it while he wasn't around but in the spring he had to go to Birmingham for the weekend and while he was gone I was feeling so randy I just had to have a go on it! I spent the whole day in a constant state of arousal!

On the Saturday evening I prepared myself for my fantasy, I showered and even completely waxed my pussy so I could put a mirror between my legs and have an uninterrupted view of the dildo fucking me. I love to watch it going in and out, imagining some big black guy has captured me and is pumping his big black cock into me against my will! I have a nice slim body with small firm tits, a pretty face and I'm told I look really sexy, especially when I'm getting fucked with a nice big cock!

I made my way to the basement, erected the frame and set the timer for an hour, the longest it could go. I placed a mirror beneath my belly and strapped myself tightly to the frame.

Just before I put my right arm into the wristlet I reached between my legs and peeled open my pussy lips, feeling how wet I was and exposing my hairless pussy to the dildos assault!

God I was horny, I was desperate for a bloody good fucking, my pussy was sopping wet and I was trembling with excitement! I quickly placed my arm through the loop and pressed my wrist down on the wristlet.

It gave that 'click' that told me I was going to get fucked, no going back, I could struggle all I liked but now I was going to get it...for a whole hour! The machine began to whirr...

I had not bothered to check the dildo because I always clean it after each use. To my horror when the trapdoor in the box opened I had the shock of my life! Instead of the normal dildo, in its place was an absolutely gigantic dildo, not overly long but enormously thick and exaggeratedly knobbly!

Rob! The stupid bastard had replaced my dildo with this awful monstrosity! It was so thick I was certain it was going to tear me apart. What the fuck was he thinking? No woman could take that thing!

This grotesque penis slowly began to advance toward my gaping vagina... This I was not prepared for...the penis was as large as a pint milk bottle! It couldn't possibly fit inside me... yet it had to, I was powerless to stop it. I was going to be fucked by this monster dildo whether I liked it or not!

I was terrified yet strangely incredibly excited by the thought of it. It seemed to take an age before it reached my vagina and then I felt the huge blunt head touch my outer lips and slowly forced them apart.

Gradually it began to stretch my vagina open wider and wider until I cried out in pain.

"AAaaaaaghhh! Ohhhgodd!..."

Still it advanced. I started to panic, struggling in terror against the restraints. It was no use; there was absolutely nothing I could do...

"AAAAAAAgggghhhh... Ohhhh God, help, somebody help me, please!" I cried in vain. I knew nobody could hear me...

Just when I thought I could stand it no more I realised the gigantic head of it was almost in. Somehow I knew it would be easier once that awful girth was inside of me. That would be the worst of it.

I strained to widen my entrance, to accept it...to take this impossibly thick thing inside me...

"Oh God, Oh God, AAAAAAAAaaaaghhhhhhhhhh!" I cried out in agony, again struggling desperately as I felt it open me completely, impossibly wide!

My cunt was on fire, the burning sensation in the ring of muscles was awful but the dildo dispassionately continued to impale me with its rubbery thickness...

"Oh Fuck Rob you bastard, I'm going to kill you for this!" I moaned.

It continued grating into me, the massive shaft wedged in my flinching vagina. I could feel my stomach and pussy muscles going into spasm, trying to push the dildo out.

I was panting and moaning, the pain in my pussy made me feel numb and faint. The vastness of the thing stretched me so much that's all I could feel, this terrible stretching, burning in my pussy.

Finally it penetrated me completely and immediately my fucking began... it felt like my insides were being dragged out as it retracted back out of me and it took my breath away as it quickly pummelled back inside!

My cunt was stretched so much but after a minute or two the pain started to fade and all I could feel was the hard knobbly shaft rubbing against my tightly stretched vagina. Despite the discomfort I found myself getting becoming increasingly excited very quickly.

Looking down between my legs at the reflection in the mirror it became apparent why; the giant shaft was being forced in and out of my hole but because of its incredible girth the lips of my pussy were stretched so tight around it that it was forcing my clitoris hard against the rubbery shaft!

The sight of this vast organ penetrating my tortured cunt excited me still further and within a few minutes I was moaning and panting with pleasure, getting ever more turned on by that huge cock!

After another ten minutes of being fucked by it I was in a complete frenzy...I was so excited I was almost delirious... that cock was driving me out of my mind!

As time went on increasingly it dawned on me...I should have come by now. Despite the fact that I was so worked up, long past the point I would usually come I couldn't seem to reach it. It was like there was some kind of blockage...

I was getting ever more excited and yet couldn't come, like the threshold for my orgasm was raised , the incredible stretching sensation I was feeling in my pussy was delaying it, letting me get ever more turned on than I thought possible...it was like having one long continuous orgasm it was so intense!

I began to get scared, the feelings kept on building... 'What would it be like when I did come?' I could feel my orgasm coming and it was going to be massive...

I was crying out, oblivious to everything but this massive cock, pumping and pumping in and out, forcing me to such heights of pleasure I'd never known when I fell over the edge into an overwhelming abyss of pleasure!

I was crying out in ecstasy, my body racked with the most excruciatingly intense orgasm of my life, the pleasure was so intense it was almost unbearable!

The machine continued to rapidly force the huge shaft in and out of my saturated hole and within a few minutes I came again on it, equally intense, my poor pussy clenching down hard on that thrusting rubber monster in repeated spasms of ecstasy...

After another four or five similarly mind blowing orgasms it dawned on me that the machine had been fucking me for well over an hour!

'My God...the machine must have developed a fault and isn't going to stop!' I thought. I began to panic... 'How long could I stand being fucked like this? How many orgasms can I take?'

I heard myself moan aloud again as I reached yet another peak and cried out over and over again, delirious with pleasure! My mind started playing tricks on me over the next couple of hours... bizarre fantasies of being captured, tied down in this position and serviced by donkeys and stallions came into my head.

I imagined I was being raped by a lesbian with an equally large dildo as the one that was fucking me...then a man raping me and when he'd done with me himself, using a milk bottle after opening me up with his fist!

Each of these images spurred me on to further heights until I thought I was going to pass out with sheer pleasure and exhaustion when the dildo ground to a halt inside me and the lights went out.

The last thing I remembered that day was thinking how sore my vagina felt once the fucking had ceased.

I woke some time later, stiff and sore. Chinks of light filtering through from upstairs made me realise I'd been there all night. I guessed there must have been a power cut and I shuddered when I realised that I could have easily been fucked all night long! As it was my cunt was still feeling pretty stretched by the giant dildo which had been inside me for many hours...

I had resigned myself to having to wait until Rob returned before I could be released when suddenly the machine started up again and the lights came on.

Luckily my cunt was still pretty greasy from the previous night and after a few abrasive thrusts of the dildo it became easier again.

For the first couple of minutes I worried if I could stand another several hours of fucking by that dildo. I guessed I must have been fucked a good four hours yesterday and was looking at another six or eight hours before Rob was due home!

Soon I found myself getting more and more excited again and all such thoughts left my head completely. I again started to have the same bizarre fantasies that I'd had previously and pretty soon I was shuddering and moaning in anticipation of another orgasm when the machine ground to a halt and the dildo ever so slowly began to withdraw itself from me, disappearing back inside the wooden box.

The wristlet then unclipped and I was free... I groaned loudly in frustration but was still very relieved.

I unfastened the rest of the straps and stiffly got to my feet and made my way to the bathroom for a shower. I washed myself all over but was half afraid to touch my pussy for fear of what state it would be in...

Upon thrusting two fingers inside myself I was not surprised that I could barely feel them. Despite the fact that I was so tender there the soreness was making me feel randy and I was still wound up from being denied that orgasm at the last moment.

I went to get my vibrator and began to work myself up again. Of course when I tried to insert it into my pussy it felt as if it barely touched the sides!

I went in search of another tool I could use on myself and looking through the kitchen I found a lemon juice bottle that was about eight inches long and two and a half inches thick which looked as if it had been made for the job.

I inserted the bottle with ease and holding the tip of my vibrator to my clit I began pumping the bottle gently in and out.

My thoughts again turned to the fantasies I'd had the night before...in particular the one about the man raping me with a milk bottle... my mind raced –was the dildo really as large as a pint milk bottle? Would one really fit inside me?

The thought intrigued me so much I had to find out. I pulled the lemon juice bottle from my cunt and rushed downstairs to fetch a milk bottle.

I lay so I could see my cunt in a mirror, lubricated the bottle and slowly pushed it up inside myself until only an inch of the bottle still protruded from me. It was slightly painful but more from the tenderness of my pussy than being stretched too much.

I grasped the end and began to fuck myself slowly with it, imagining I was having this done by some cruel rapist because he thinks it will hurt me, using the huge bottle to torture me with its thickness.

It wasn't long before I came again, thrusting the bottle wildly into myself as I writhed and moaned with pleasure. I fell back on the bed, breathing heavily as I recovered. I opened my eyes and looked down into the mirror at the reflection of my hairless cunt, literally stretched to the limit by the massive girth of the bottle.

I bore down with my cunt muscles and watched as the huge bottle slowly slid out of my gaping hole and fell onto the bed. My poor vagina looked as if I'd been fucked by an elephant, gaping open unashamedly, red and rather inflamed looking.

I wondered if it would ever return to normal...up until then I'd always had a rather demure little slit! Fortunately for Rob things never did return to normal. After I told him that I'd used the sex machine while he was away he went very red and asked what had happened.

"Oh I loved it...especially when it developed a fault and fucked me for four or five hours solid! That huge dildo had me coming like I was never going to stop!" I said. "When my pussy has recovered I will have a go while you watch!"

Since then he is rarely ever troubled with impotence. I only have to get that machine to fuck me with its huge dick and he comes in afterwards and shoots his load easily!

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