tagLoving WivesThe Sex Party Ch. 01

The Sex Party Ch. 01


This is the first installment in a series of true stories. Every detail is reported exactly as it happened. This is not a work of fiction, it all really happened. For obvious reasons the names have been changed.


Carol and I had always fantasized about watching each other making it with other people. The idea really turned us on so as time went on we decided to take the plunge, to go to a swinger's party to get a "feel" for what went on. We had spent a lot of time discussing the possibility of sharing each other. We made the decision only after much soul searching and confronting all of our fears. We were sure we could handle it and that it would enrich our private sex life.

We became determined to really live out our fantasies but decided to do it incrementally. First the swinger's party and then, if that worked out, we would attempt to find a couple to swing with on a regular basis. Our first priority, though, was to get her laid so I could watch. I could get laid later.

Being an internet freak I immediately Googled swinger's parties in our area, there were many. I had no idea there were that many people who had the same desires we did. Because of the multitude of parties and no real way of determining their quality, I figuratively threw a dart at a map and landed on one that was in another city a few miles away. It was a Friday and Saturday night party and while they could not legally charge admission there was a suggested gratuity of $30 a couple.

All week we talked about the coming weekend and what we would do. We were not sure if we should just scope out the party on Friday and then go back on Saturday for some action if we liked what we saw. The big decision though revolved around what Carol would wear. We agreed that it should be revealing without being slutty. You see, Carol is the woman every man desires. She is exceptionally sexy, 5'7" 130 lbs, long shapely legs 34C breasts, shoulder length light brown hair and killer blue/green eyes. Men stare at her all the time and that's with her clothes on. With them off in the privacy of our bedroom she is totally uninhibited and could drive grown men to do anything just to smell her sweet pussy.

But I digress. Carol chose a dress that covered her from just below the shoulders to the ankles but had a long slit up the right side. The top reached just over her breasts and was held in place by a band of elastic, her nipples were not very well hidden under the form fitting material. Her shoes were simple slip ons. As a final touch we chose to go sans underwear. I selected some tight khakis that showed all the "bulges" and a T-shirt with easily removable loafers. Neither of us wore anything that would impede our getting naked very quickly.

Finally it was Friday night. The party was to start at 9. We left the house about 8:45 so we could be a tad late but everyone else had the same idea and we were almost the first ones there. We paid our $30 and entered the 70's style rambler home. Our first stop was the bar where Carol decided to loosen up with some dry red wine. We sat on stools and after a couple of glasses of wine the slit on Carol's dress had moved up and was now exposing almost her entire right leg stopping just short of her pantyless bottom. There were some young guys at the bar with their dates but while they stole some glances at Carol's shapely leg I think they were afraid to look too much for fear of upsetting there scantily clad companions. It was obvious that we would be wasting our time by staying in the bar so we decided to explore the house. We passed through a living room that was slowly filling with all sorts of people, walked down a hall and entered another rather large room, perhaps a den. There were several couples sitting around but doing nothing, and hardly even talking, they were probably waiting for someone else to make the first move, to get the show started so to speak.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable we sat for awhile before Carol decided to liven up the party all by herself. She got up facing me, dropped to her knees, undid my belt, pulled down my zipper, tugged my pants to the floor and commenced to suck my cock in front of everyone. She licked my balls slowly then ran her tongue up my shaft till it met the opening at the end --- I thought I might explode and having an audience made it even more erotic. In ecstasy, with an audience taking in her every slurp, I reached over and pulled down the elastic from the top of her dress to expose her breasts. I tweaked her nipples and while our audience couldn't get a good view of her luscious tits they were well aware of what was happening. Carol had me move over so she could move to the side so everyone could see what she was doing and also see her topless form. Slowly other women fell to their knees in front of their men and emulated Carol's action. That loud sucking sound you hear was just that, there was a lot of cock sucking going on in the room. After a while I came in Carol's mouth and with cum dripping down her chin she got up and sat on the sofa with me, breasts still exposed as was my now limp, cock. Nonetheless, she kept stroking it in an attempt to bring it back to attention.

Shortly, a rather attractive man who said his name was Erik sat down beside us and watched as I fondled Carol's breasts gently pinching her large nipples. He reached over to touch one and we let him, in an instant he was sucking on her left nipple as I slipped my hand under her dress and fingered her wet pussy. He stopped for a moment and asked if he could come home with us but we answered, "We aren't quite ready for that but if you are here tomorrow night, who knows?"

Covering Carol's breasts we left the room and walked into a bedroom where a young, short man was doing an older woman doggy style. There were people all around them watching, several of the men were fondling themselves and the women were in various stages of undress. The Fuckee was so engrossed in getting laid; I don't think she knew anyone else was there. We walked out of the bedroom, down another hall and into a room almost totally taken up by a steaming hot tub full of naked people. God only knows what went on under the water. We thought about getting in but there was no room for us so we kept on going.

We wound up back in the living room where an intoxicated man said to us, "My wife is here and she likes showing her pussy, just ask her and she'll show you." Carol asked what his wife looked like and ran to find her. In a couple of minutes she returned with the very attractive brunette in hand. Carol had her sit and asked her to show us her pussy. With absolutely no hesitation the woman lifted her skirt to expose her sweet, wet triangle of hair. At the same moment our old friend Erik entered the room, dropped to his knees and buried his face in her crotch. She threw her head back, groaned and spread her legs wider as he buried his tongue even deeper in the neatly trimmed mound.

We, along with several others, watched without blinking as he drank her juices like a dehydrated man in the Gobi desert. I'm sure his tongue and lips must have been aching when he finally quit, got up and sat next to us, wiping his mouth with a tissue. The woman's husband said, "Who's next?" Carol hardly let him finish his sentence when she crawled over to the woman and picked up where Erik left off. She was drinking in his juices and hers at the same time and again the unnamed woman threw her head back and groaned. Carol was obviously enjoying the experience so I reached over and lifted the back of her dress exposing her butt and pussy. I rubbed my fingers into the moist hole and Carol became even more aggressive with the attractive brunette in the chair. After about ten minutes the woman again arched her back, screamed and her whole body shuddered. Carol turned around with a smile on her face and returned to the sofa, it wasn't the first time she had made a woman cum. She loved eating pussy, but I'll reserve her lesbian love story for another time.

Finally it was getting late and we decided to leave but not before Carol said, "I think I'd like to come back tomorrow and lay Erik, I really liked him and for just a moment I felt his cock, it's not too big and that's just right for the first time." Can we come back?' I immediately agreed as visions of Carol getting soundly fucked by a total stranger ran through my sex intoxicated mind. Nothing turns me on more than the thought of watching her fuck, I don't know why but it makes me absolutely crazy and it arouses her knowing I'm watching and I like it.

Saturday night came very quickly and Carol chose a very short skirt this time exposing most of her lovely, long legs and barely covering her naked bottom. She also selected a sheer top that clearly showed her nipples but had the same type of elastic band just above her breasts as the dress she wore the night before. And, again, neither of us wore any underwear. When we arrived and paid another $30 we found a different atmosphere, there were more people there than the night before and they seemed a little wilder. One woman approached us wearing nothing but a white shirt that fell just below her pussy, and wanted to know if Carol was Bi, Carol answered that she was and the woman copped a quick feel of her tit, winked, smiled and slowly sashayed away.

As we entered the living room we noticed Erik was there again but he was engaged in talking with several other people so we kept going back to the den where it all began the night before. Carol and I sat on the same sofa and began to neck, again I lowered her top so her breasts were exposed and began sucking on her nipples as I lifted her skirt over her pussy so everyone in the room could see it. I began rubbing her clit as she pulled my throbbing hard-on from my pants and began to stroke it. My fingers found their way into her cunt and I slowly masturbated her as she closed her eyes and let her head fall back on the sofa.

And then it happened. Erik entered the room. He sat down next to Carol and replaced my lips with his on her nipples. I moved my hand from her pussy as his hand replaced it while he slowly slipped his fingers into where mine had been. Carol sensed something had changed and opened her eyes to see Erik licking her breasts. Remember I said she was uninhibited? As he licked she reached down and rubbed his cock through his jeans, then she unzipped them and his cock sprang upward, hard and throbbing. He dropped his pants, took off his shirt and stood there naked as I pulled Carol's top over her head and her skirt down and off. It was then I asked, "Would the two of you like to fuck?" Both said yes simultaneously and we walked across the hall to the bedroom. It was dark but enough light existed so I could see Carol's hand on Eric's hard cock. He handed her a condom which she quickly slipped on him. "Fuck me from behind," she begged and bent over the end of the bed. Erik complied by getting behind her. She grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy and I came, boy did I come, this was the moment I had dreamed of. It was, after all, the culmination of our fantasies. I was actually seeing her put another man's cock into her cunt. Never have I felt so stimulated. I got behind her on my knees and watched the lips of her pussy part as his cock slid in and out at an ever increasing pace. Unable to resist, I reached out and rubbed her clit, feeling the heat their friction was generating

By now there were several men in the room watching and fondling themselves as Carol got a lusty fucking. As Erik pounded her, her tits jiggled and unidentifiable sounds of pleasure erupted from the bottom of her soul as I slipped naked under her bobbing head. Her eyes opened and I held my hardened cock up to her face. She lowered her head and took it in her mouth as Erik continued to fuck her from behind. I couldn't handle it anymore and released a huge load into her mouth, she not only swallowed it, she licked her lips to get the rest. Finally, as the tempo increased and Carol began to cum, Erik pulled out and Carol rolled onto her back. Erik quickly removed the condom, rapidly stroked his cock and then came all over her lower tummy and pussy. He stood there for a moment with his cock still dripping cum. After awhile she crawled up to the head of the bed, turned over and lay panting on her back. A sheen of perspiration covered her body, and cum was dripping from between her lovely legs and dribbling down the side of her mouth. Her swollen clit was twice its normal size as she gently rubbed it. But the night wasn't over, not by a long shot and that's the subject of the next installment. Stay tuned folks and bring plenty of tissue to soak up the cum you generate as you read it.

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