tagAnalThe Sex Rehab Diaries: Brooklyn

The Sex Rehab Diaries: Brooklyn


"I'm Brooklyn, and... whatever... I guess I'm a sex addict."

I glared at the group of pathetic faces in the circle surrounding me. This is so fucking lame. Why did I sign up for this? It was bad enough that I'd had to endure public humiliation when the scandal broke, but being away from the city in this touchy feely rehab centre set my nerves more on edge than they did to soothe them, which I'm sure was their original intention. From the moment I'd checked into The Belleview Retreat for Sexual Health, I'd been surrounded by over indulgent smiles and supportive pats on the back, as though I was in constant danger of having a meltdown or a tantrum. Maybe that's what actual sex addicts needed, like the slutty cheerleader who had read us her diary the day before, about fucking half of her wedding party in a drugged out gangbang. She'd practically creamed herself reading it during our group therapy session. Yeah, real remorse there, I thought with a grin.

As I looked around the circle of smiling faces in that day's therapy session, I was certain that there were legitimate sex addicts among them. Everyone had that air of edgy horniness, like they were teenagers who hadn't jerked off for more than 24 hours, therefore causing them all to be constantly on the verge of an erection or wet panties. I had pretty much laughed at the "no masturbation" clause in our orientation package. I had shook my head innocently at the counselor when she'd asked me if I'd packed any toys or masturbation aids.

"No, ma'am."

She did a cursory check of my luggage and purse and then left. Luckily I had managed to hold my laughter in until the door had closed. No masturbation? Fuck those rules. I dug into my purse and my fingers seized hold of my mini-vibrator that was discreetly shaped to look like an innocent tube of lip-gloss and plugged it in to charge up in the bathroom. There was no way I was going to go six weeks without any playtime. And besides that, they shouldn't be surprised. After all, I do own a sex shop.

"Well, Brooklyn, we look forward to hearing your story today," Dr Clark said in our group therapy session.

Dr Clark was supposedly a renowned psychotherapist, but she looked like a repressed Malibu Barbie. Her blonde hair was tight in a bun, and she wore black-rimmed glasses to make her appear to be an intellectual, even though by the looks of her face and body she had probably been a high-class stripper at one point. I was familiar with the look, as I had been one myself, to put myself through college, years earlier. Besides, it wasn't that hard to get a psychotherapy degree. She definitely must have had some kind of dark past. Who else would want to run a sex rehab treatment centre and listen to perverts complain about their sexual deviancies.

"So tell us about yourself, Brooklyn," she went on, her pen poised to make notes in her book.

I drew in my breath. "Well, I'm a 27 year old businesswoman first and foremost. I run what used to be a very successful erotic boutique in the downtown core, called Misdemeanors. We sell, oh, I guess your typical range of products... dildos, butt plugs, lubes, strap-ons, porn, vibrators, sex swings, plastic pussies, whips and chains, as well as a very luxe line of sex costumes and wigs. Nothing cheap. I wanted the store to be the utmost in sexual luxury and class. Anyway, it had been running perfectly for about a year and I had built a steady clientele but then the recession hit. And let's just say that when people aren't making cash, they aren't spending disposable income buying sex toys and porn. They're more than happy to make it work with their hands and fingers and just jerk off to the latest Sears catalogue."

I heard a murmur of laughter and I smiled, starting to warm up to the crowd.

"So, business was going under in a hurry, and you know... I live alone and it's not the easiest thing to float an expensive business in an urban centre. Real estate is at a premium and my monthly rent on the shop was astronomical. But still, you know... I was making things work, just barely. I guess you can say that some desperation and anxiety was starting to set in. I was anxious to make those sales... any sales really. I started wearing more provocative outfits to work. I mean, I had all these sex costumes that I was selling, so why not wear them and walk back and forth by the front windows while the streets were busy at the lunch hour. I thought I could attract a little attention, and hopefully get some new customers. My favourite was this French maid outfit that was backless. I used to wear it without a bra, and with long black stockings with the seaming up the back leg."

"Damn, that must have looked hot," the guy to my left exclaimed, almost as though he hadn't meant to say it out loud.

"Shane," Dr Clark said disapprovingly, looking down her black-rimmed spectacles at him. "I don't want Brooklyn to feel like she's on display during her introduction, thank you."

The guy was attractive and athletic, and I couldn't resist winking at him when Dr Clark turned back to making her notes. We shared a little smile.

"It's ok," I said finally, turning back to the class. "I'm not offended. I know I'm a hot piece. I guess I should mention that I used to be a stripper in college. But just to put myself through school. Like I said, I'm a businesswoman first and foremost."

In reality, I knew I was one very fine looking businesswoman. I had a curvy tight body with very perky small breasts and a rather luscious ass. It had always been my best feature. It was round and high and very firm, and I loved wearing low-slung jeans when I was out so that people could see just a hint of a brightly coloured thong or g-string peeking out the back. I had long, rich dark hair and bright blue eyes, and a full mouth. Blowjob lips, they used to call them back when I was a dancer. I guess you can say that I knew how to work my best assets. And walking back and forth in front of that store window day after day in skimpy sex costumes eventually attracted customers.

Luckily, I was in the financial district, right across from a large office building. I have no idea what they did there, but there were men and women in suits everywhere. And with those suits came the premise of bank accounts with money, and an openness to buying luxury non-necessities like sex toys and porn.

"Brooklyn, did you complete your diary entry exercise?" Dr Clark asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, yes, I did the diary entry."

I went to my seat to pick up the notebook I'd been writing in the night before, grinning at the little blonde cheerleader slut named Kylie who had been sharing her story with us the day before. "I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I went into lots of dirty details."

Kylie squirmed in her chair as though she was already getting turned on, and crossed her legs with a little embarrassed grin.

I went back to the front of the room, and hooked a thumb into one of the pockets of my tight jeans.

"Should I... just begin?" I asked, waiting for Dr Clark's cue.

"Please," she said encouragingly. "And remember class, we're not here to judge Brooklyn. We're here to support her on her path to recovery."

I sighed. Fucking psychobabble. Did anyone really take this seriously? The only reason I was there was because I had made that damned agreement with those jealous bitches. I would go to rehab to get 'help', and they would stop picketing in front of my shop with signs screaming "homewrecker" and "anal whore." Just thinking about them made my eyes narrow. If I could have gone back in time and done it all over again, I would have changed a lot. But as I came to realize, standing there that day at The Belleview Retreat for Sexual Health, the past can never completely be erased.

I began to read.

It all started that one Friday afternoon just before Valentine's Day. The lunch hour was just ending and I was doing inventory on a shipment of butt plugs, when I heard the bell ring as the door to the shop opened. A tall dark haired guy walked in, and seemed to get an appreciative eyeful of my exposed ass in the little French maid outfit I was wearing. I caught a peek at him over my shoulder, and took my time standing up, from where I was bent over, letting him get a nice look at my luscious ass in those French cut lace panties. It was customary for me to flirt with male customers. It always seemed to help with sales.

"Welcome to Misdemeanors," I said with a smile, finally turning around and giving him my sexiest smile. "Is there anything in particular that I can help you with?"

I had to admit that he was one good-looking man. He looked to be in his early thirties, and was wearing a dark expensive looking suit. I noticed his green eyes right away, they were intense and also a little bit mischievous. "Uhm, I'm hoping so."

He made his way over to me slowly, pretending to be looking at the collection of toys and accessories I had hanging on the walls and stocked on shelves. He seemed a little nervous, and he kind of won me over with his boyish smile.

"Are you looking for something for yourself, or for your..." I glanced at his left hand and felt my heart sink with disappointment once I saw the platinum band. Damn it! "...wife?"

"Something for both of us hopefully," he said as he finally approached the counter.

"Well, we specialize in erotic toys for couples," I assured him with a playful smile, unable to stop myself from flirting with him. "What did you have in mind?"

"Uhm... well, this is kind of embarrassing to discuss..."

"Don't worry," I said. "There's no need to be shy about it. We're all sexual creatures. Primal and lusty at the heart of it. And we all have our urges."

"Yes, we do," he said, his green eyes lingering as they traveled up and down my body. He was obviously appreciating what he was seeing, and I arched my back slightly to flaunt my curvy body to its best advantage.

"My wife wants to try anal sex," he said finally. "Or rather, I want to have anal sex with her, and she's just now coming around to the idea. And I was thinking... maybe some toys, or something to help get her in the mood might be helpful to, you know... loosen her up."

"I see, ok, well have you had experience with anal sex before?"

He laughed with obvious discomfort and averted his gaze. "Uhm, actually I've just never been lucky enough to have a girl that was open to it, I suppose." He leaned across the counter and winked at me. "I guess I've always dated the good girls, even though I've always had a hankering for the bad girls."

We shared a dirty smile. He was hitting all my weak spots. Corrupting guys like him in my youth had always been my specialty.

I spent the next hour with a spread of butt-plugs and slim vibrators on the countertop. I showed him everything we had in the store that might help ease his wife's nerves when it came to giving up her anal virginity to him.

He was appreciative of my enthusiasm in talking about the subject. After all, a detailed conversation about the joys of ass fucking with a tight-bodied girl in a French maid outfit would surely be enough to make anyone horny. And I'll admit I was feeling it too. It was just one of those kinds of days... the end of the week, raining outside with just a hint of thunder, and a darkened sex shop, surrounded by reminders of what we both wanted to be indulging in. I could feel the moisture and tingling between my legs as we talked.

"Do you have some kind of an instructional video that I could buy? You know, just to get a feel for what I'm supposed to do? I mean I don't want to end up hurting her or anything. Otherwise it'll be the first and only time I get a chance at her ass, if you know what I mean."

"Uhmm..." I stalled, looking around the store, but knowing ahead of time that we had no 'anal instructional videos' of any kind. I knew I was on the precipice of a great sale. He seemed to have agreed that a graduation of different sized sex toys, starting from a slim butt plug and working his way up to a larger dildo was a great idea. I mentally calculated the sale of high-end toys he seemed interested in, and bit my lower lip. It was going to be substantial. I certainly didn't want to give him the opportunity to just say he would think about it, and have him walk away empty handed.

"Well, if you want, I'm sure I can do the demo of toys for you," I said finally. I shrugged casually making it seem like it was no big deal.

"You mean... like a live demo?" his eyes were wide with surprise, as though not quite believing his good luck.

"Sure. I mean I have an ass, obviously," I said with a wry grin, "and I have some lube in the backroom. Why don't we go back there and I'll... just... demo any of the items that you're interested in."

I could feel my panties soaking, even as I made the offer. It was an invitation that no red-blooded man could refuse, and I knew it.

He followed me into the backroom of the store and I brought the collection of dildos with me, swishing my ass back and forth for his benefit as I walked in front of him. I might as well give him a good show, I thought. After all, he was totally hot, and very much my type, and he clearly had money to spend. I had a feeling there might be more sales in my near future.

"I'm Brooklyn, by the way," I said, as I pulled up a stool for him to sit on.

"I'm Alex," he said. I could feel his eyes on me as I arranged the dildos on a side table.

"Well, Alex, I should say up front that I'm not the type of girl to just spread her ass for random customers here, but I want to help you out. I guess I can sympathize with your situation. A lot of girls just don't understand or appreciate anal pleasure the way I do."

He took off his suit jacket, as though he was already getting a little warm, and loosened his tie.

"Well this is definitely... unorthodox for me as well," he laughed. "But I guess I trust you. You are the expert."

I grinned at him. "Well... I guess I should just step out of these panties, and we can get the demonstration started then."

I made a little show of taking off those black French cut panties. I put one hand on his shoulder to balance myself as I did it, and I could feel that he was muscular and had a great body under that shirt and tie. My panties were rather soaked already, and I'm not sure if he noticed how wet they were as I took them off, but I'm sure he felt the sexual tension between us.

"The most important thing before you start any anal session is a good lube. I'd recommend the water-based kind, that way there's no taste if you're inclined to rimming or ass licking as most people call it. I mean... is that... uhm... something that you're into?"

Fuck, it was definitely getting hot in that room.

He just stared at me. "Christ, I would love to get my tongue into your ass."

I don't know if he meant to say it like that, his eyes intense and hungry, just blurting it out that way. But it definitely foiled my attempts at being professional.

I just looked back at him for a moment, weighing my options. OK, maybe I wasn't exactly weighing my options. Maybe I'm just saying that so that you don't think I'm a complete skank. I mean, there is no way anyone would pass up an offer like that. When a sexy man offers to slide his tongue into your ass, you say 'Yes'. Simple.

I said something about that being the best way to relax and warm up the ass, before applying lube and a bunch of other things I can't remember because I was flushed with anticipation. As I continued to mumble incoherently, he put his hands on my hips and turned me around, pushing me forward on the table.

"Damn," I breathed, reaching my hands back to grip my ample ass cheeks. I slowly spread them apart, giving him a delicious view of my tight little hole. "Uhm, ok... just... do what you would normally do... if I was your wife."

I felt his hands stroking the insides of my thighs that were already glazed with pussy juices. He leaned forward and I felt his soft breath on my ass, before I felt his tongue slowly slide up my crack, lingering over the knot of my hole. He did long slow strokes with his tongue a few times, before settling his focus on my puckered rosebud. He encircled it with his tongue several times, swirling it around my tight little opening while I had to remind myself to keep breathing. It was so fucking hot! Finally I felt his tongue pushing against my opening at the same time as his fingers slid into my dripping pussy. He pushed them in as far as they would go until his thumb was left resting on my clit. He began to massage my g-spot and rub my clit and I felt myself relaxing as I exhaled a long series of moans. His warm tongue immediately pushed past my muscular ring and I felt it slide into my ass, wet and undulating in his attempts to further his entry.

For a man who had not enjoyed anal sex yet he had obviously perfected the art of trying to achieve it. He tongue fucked my ass with enthusiasm and skill, as I held my cheeks spread wide apart, letting his free hand work my wet pussy and clit at the same time.

"Mmm... fuck, Alex... you certainly are good at that."

"You have such a hot little ass," he gasped, "I'd have my tongue shoved up your ass all day, if I could." He wedged it back into my hole, and I creamed the front of the desk I was pressed against, moaning as he continued to slide his fingers in and out of my juicy snatch.

"Uhm, you know... it would probably helpful if I just have a good orgasm right now. I mean that'll really help relax me for when you fuck my ass... Uhm, I mean for when I demonstrate the dildos."

I knew my slip in words had urged him on and he began to lick my ass with renewed efforts as I writhed on the desk. He massaged my clit with building speed, paying close to attention to the way my body responded. On and on he went, while I wriggled on the desk, softly biting on my knuckles as he tongue fucked me. His enthusiasm was unrelenting. Finally, he shoved his tongue deeply inside me while hitting my g-spot in just the right way to trigger an intense whole bodied climax. I exploded in waves of pleasure, writhing helplessly in his grip. It was unbelievable. I felt a gush of pussy juices and I knew I had soaked his fingers. He waited patiently for me to recover from the intensity of my orgasm, rubbing his hands over my soft fleshy globes, and biting the cheeks of my ass softly as I panted and gasped for breath.

He slid his fingers down into the slippery folds of my pussy. "Maybe we don't even need lube," he said with a soft laugh. "You're pretty wet as it is."

"Mmm...I know. Just spread all those juices all over my asshole, Alex."

He obliged, by using his fingers to lubricate my ass, easily sliding a finger into my hole, and getting me relaxed and ready.

"Now I want you to take that red dildo called the Venus Probe, and I want you to try sliding it into my asshole. Make sure you go slow, just the way you would with your wife."

He took the slim rubber dildo, and carefully began to press the head of it against my asshole. I pushed out against it, until the tip push past my tight ring.

"Oh yeah, baby, just like that," I urged him.

"How does that feel?" he murmured.

"It feels soooo good...." I assured him, feeling it slide into my depths with ease.

"Now I want you to fuck me with it. Don't be afraid to go hard with it now that I'm all turned on and relaxed."

We both seemed to moan together as he slid the dildo into the confines of my asshole. The delicious tightness and heat flamed through me. It was a familiar sensation, and only served to make me feel dirtier and more uninhibited. We were both anticipating the inevitable. There were no further negotiations to make. As he fucked my ass with the rubber toy, I heard him unbuckling and unzipping his pants heard the swish of fabric as they hit the floor, along with his boxer shorts. And then I heard the unmistakable sound of his hand on his cock, stroking his shaft in rhythm to the way he was fucking me with the dildo.

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