The Sex Rehab Diaries: Brooklyn


"Are you ready for something a little bigger, Brooklyn?" he asked huskily.

I was still pressed against the cold metal table, and I turned my face to the side and saw his huge, hard dick, beautiful and glistening with pre-cum as he stroked it. God, no wonder his wife was scared of it. He was very well endowed. And yet somehow, it just made me hungrier at the idea of being able to take that cock inside my tight little hole.

"Will you let me fuck your ass?"

I smothered a moan, unable to help my sudden lust. "Oh god, yessss..."

I slid back towards him from my position on the table, pushing my round ass towards him eagerly. "Please fuck my ass," I begged. "I want to feel that cock sliding in nice and deep. Just pretend that I'm your wife, and fuck me the way you want to fuck her."

It felt so filthy and depraved to be saying those words. There had been no foreplay, no kissing, and no real focus on our intimacy other than my ass, and in some way it felt deliciously twisted and dirty.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," he sighed with amazement, holding his cock with one hand as he moved towards me. He still had his white shirt on, although his tie hung loosely around his neck. "I mean... do you want me to use a condom or something?"

I looked around the table and without seeing anything immediately available, I shook my head. "No, I want to feel your naked shaft in my ass. It'll feel so good that way, trust me. And besides, I want you to fill me with cum."

He moaned at my unabashed demands, still amazed that he was about to enjoy the pleasures of anal sex for the first time. The fact that it was with some slutty hot girl in a French maid uniform in the back room of a sex shop seemed to make it all the more thrilling.

I instructed him to pour some lube on his shaft and drip some down into my asshole. He obliged me, like an obedient student, and I began to anticipate what would come next. When I felt the slippery head of his cock begin to press against my asshole, I let out a long moan of excitement.

"Now ease that in nice and slow," I murmured, keeping my hands and cheek against the cool metal table. My ass was raised up high for him and I pushed back against his dick encouragingly, to alleviate any hesitations he might have had. Finally I could feel the spongy head of his cock slip into my ass, and I asked him to hold steady for a moment, feeling myself relax around his intrusion.

"Mmm... that feels so good Alex," I gasped. "Your wife is going to love this."

The dirtiness of my teasing made him groan, reminding us both of how elicit and dirty the moment was.

"Now slide that cock in... all the way."

Slowly, I could feel him sink into the depths of my ass until I could feel his balls pressing against my soaking wet pussy.

"Oh my god," he said with a tremulous sigh. "It's so tight. It feels fucking unbelievable."

"Yeah?" I teased. "I knew you'd like fucking my tight little ass. Now start sliding it in and out, nice and slow."

We began to build up a rhythm as I panted against the table, while he held my hips, thrusting in and out of my slippery, well-lubed hole, while I moaned. His cock was the perfect size and filled me up so deliciously. I could tell he was enjoying it from the way he began to pick up the pace an then simultaneously slowing down to prevent his orgasm. He wanted to make this dirty demo last as long as he could.

The pleasure was so exquisite that I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back from urging him on to fuck me harder and more roughly. He gladly obliged me, seizing my hips and slamming his cock into my ass in a series of hard thrusts while my pussy dripped juices down my legs. The room felt incredibly hot, and all of our lusty fucking had me slippery with sweat.

Encouraged by my filthy demands, he grabbed the back of my long dark hair, near my scalp and pulled my head back while he fucked me relentlessly, the loud slaps of his hips colliding with my ass with each thrust echoing in the room. My fists slammed the desk in ecstasy and I muttered obscenities as I rolled towards the peak of my own orgasm. With a series of well-timed thrusts, I came hard with his cock deep inside my ass, my pussy contracting violently, as my violated hole clamped down around his shaft. The intensity of it seemed to set off his own climax, which he'd been struggling to hold back, and he unloaded inside me, filling my hole with hot cum. It splashed against my insides, leaving him with a very slippery series of final strokes inside my cum-coated depths.

He leaned forward against me for a few moments as we both panted and tried to catch our breath. He was still grinding his hips against me, stirring all that creamy cum into my ass as we waited for his dick to soften before he finally slid out.

"That was one hell of an anal demo," he sighed, as he moved off of me, leaning back against the stool in a daze.

"Better than an instructional video, wasn't it," I said with a grin, turning around to face him. "I think you're going to have a hell of a Valentine's Day evening with your wife."

He just smiled at me, the pleasure of the moment still smeared across his face. "If it goes anything like this, then yeah, definitely. I'm still kind of speechless."

We shared a laugh, as he put his pants and jacket back on, while I slid my panties back up over my sore little ass. I could feel his cum just beginning to ooze into my panties as I walked him to the front of the store and cashed him out for the afternoon. As it turned out, it was a great sale. He bought everything that I had suggested, as well as a few extras.

To be honest, I thought that was going to be the end of it. I thought it had just been a hot fuck on a dark and rainy afternoon. So when he walked back into my shop a week later, I was a little stunned to see him.

"Alex," I said with surprise, looking up from the stack of porn videos I was placing onto the shelf. "I'm surprised to see you. How did the evening with your wife go."

He walked in, kind of sheepishly, his hands in his pockets. "Let's just say it didn't go nearly as well as our afternoon last week."

I tried to hide my little thrill of glee. I don't know why I felt happy about it. But I guess it had stroked my ego.

"You didn't get to fuck her ass, did you," I said sympathetically.

He shook his head. "Nope. And to tell you the truth. I haven't been able to stop thinking about fucking yours again."

"Oh yeah," I said teasingly. I could feel the little shorts of my cheerleader sex costume I was wearing start to dampen.

"Do you think... I mean... I know it was just a 'demo' last week, but... I'd love to get inside your ass one more time."

He was looking at me with hopeful eyes and that boyish grin, and he just looked so sexy standing there. I felt a rush of power. Wordlessly I walked to the front of the store and switched my 'open for business' sign to 'closed'. Then I took his hand and led him to the backroom again.

"You love fucking my ass, don't you," I kept teasing him.

"I've been thinking about it all week," he swore, eagerly running his lusty gaze over my body as he quickly took his pants and boxers off. I spun around for him in my cheerleader outfit, letting him catch a glimpse of my luscious plump cheeks in the little white boy-shorts under the red cheerleader skirt. I slid the tight cropped red sweater up over my braless tits, squeezing them and pulling on my rubber hard nipples.

"Damn, you are unbelievably sexy," he marveled.

I tossed my mane of long dark hair and winked at him, as I slowly turned and slid the white panties down my long legs, so that he could enjoy the sight of the firm ass that he would soon be fucking again.

Then I slid down onto my knees, and began sucking his beautiful cut cock, feeling it hard and pulsing in my mouth. He just stared down at me, watching me work my soft lips along his shaft until it was glistening wet. I ran my tongue along the sensitive underside and looked up at him submissively.

"You want me to be your dirty little ass whore?"

"Fuck yes!"

We teased each other, over and over, as he urgently slid my cheerleader skirt up and laid me back onto the table, this time on my back with my legs up in the air. I was furiously masturbating my clit as he lubed up his cock, before slowly sinking it deeply into my ass, as he looked down at me, half naked on the table, our eyes locked with a kind of lusty, primal passion. Over and over he fucked me that afternoon in every position we could think of. He was assertive and aggressive in his efforts, knowing exactly how he wanted to use me for his pleasure. He filled my hole with cum three times before we were both spent and laying against the cool metal of the table, side by side.

"You know... I talked to some of the guys at work about what happened last week."

"Oh yeah," I mumbled absently, still lost in the haze of our dirty anal sessions.

"It seems that ass fucking isn't often on the menu after you get married. They were damn jealous."

"Mmm hmm... they must have thought you were quite the stud, then."

He laughed softly. "Actually they were wondering if you would be open to... more lunchtime demonstrations, if they were to pass by the shop sometime."

I giggled, finding the entire situation hilarious at first. "Ah, you mean they all want to fuck my ass now."

"Haha... yeah, kind of..."

Always a businesswoman, my mind began immediately swimming with possibilities.

"Well if I did this, it would have to be considered an educational session. Not just a random fuck," I said finally. The idea began to crystallize in my mind very quickly. "I mean, I think we could maybe work something out for... let's say, an instructional fee..."

He turned his head to the side and smiled at me. "Of course. And maybe I could even set up these lunch hour appointments for you. That is, if I can keep fucking that tight little ass of yours every Friday afternoon."

"Mmm... I think we can arrange something that like that," I said with a devious grin.

"You are definitely one of the bad girls, Brooklyn. And I'm absolutely loving it."

After that afternoon, Alex became almost like my professional pimp on some level. He arranged lunchtime meetings for his yuppie friends and coworkers. I couldn't believe the number of men that were eager for my 'anal sessions' as we called them. Business was suddenly booming. It wasn't just the money I was making for the transactions. They shopped in my store too, and become fairly regular customers. Just walking in to buy a box of condoms or a porn DVD would give them an obvious hard on when they saw me, anticipating their next appointment. Not to mention the fact that traffic outside my store increased as I continued wearing skimpy little sex costumes and walking by the windows all day. I had no idea how many people Alex had told, but I felt like everyone was looking at me just a little bit differently.

And then it happened. That inevitable afternoon that I should have seen coming long before it actually happened.

It was just before the Christmas holidays, and Alex had sent up a few back-to-back appointments that day, since my clients would be away with their families the following week. Three guys that were friends had come in together, and they all wanted to watch each other. I tried to encourage the two I wasn't servicing to browse around the shop, but they weren't very interested in looking at toys and DVDs when there was a live porn show going on in the backroom. Because three of them had come in, I got distracted trying to arrange the dynamics of the appointment, and I had been careless. I forgot to lock the front door of the shop.

So, we were all in the backroom of the store. The guys were half naked, with their pants off, just standing there and stroking their dicks and watching their friend fuck me. I was wearing a tight little white tank top but it had been pushed up over my breasts. I had left my long black patent leather stiletto boots on and they were up over the shoulders of Rob, the guy that I was instructing during our anal session. He was gripping my thighs to hold me still and sliding his dick in and out of my ass with intense concentration. I could see the little beads of sweat on his brow as he continued to thrust into me.

I was propped up on my elbows with one hand rubbing my clit and the other twisting my hard nipples. My head fell back from time to time, my long dark hair swishing over the metal table. He was one of my steady clients, and a favourite, and he felt so good inside me. Rob was quickly becoming an expert at ass fucking under my careful guidance. I was urging him onward, and begging him to fuck me harder, completely unaware of the fact that there was someone else in my shop. My moans must have carried from the backroom of the store, along with the string of filthy profanities I often yelled during really rough and dirty anal sex.

Before I knew it, there was a commotion and my head lolled to the side to see what had just startled the other two guys. My face was still flushed with pleasure, completely not expecting the sight that greeted me. It was a woman, in her mid thirties in a winter coat and carrying a shopping bag. She just stood there, stunned and in obvious shock.

"Rob!" she shrieked. "What the hell is this?"

Rob, immediately pulled his dick out of my ass, and released his grip on me, making me almost fall off the table. The other guys were rushing to put their pants back on as all hell began to break loose. Rob was running after her, using his coat jacket to cover his still semi-erect cock. I realized at that point that the furious woman was his wife, Jackie. The one who apparently thought anal sex belonged only in the domain of gay men.

"It's not how it looks," Rob called after her, in the way that most people do when they are caught red-handed doing something that is very much how it looks. I pulled my skirt back on and made my way out to the front of the shop where they were arguing. Apparently she had been Christmas shopping in the area and had seen his car parked outside my store.

"You!" she shrieked at me, extending her finger to point at me accusingly. "You... anal whore! Who do you think you are? You'll pay for this!"

And pay for it, I did. The following week the melodrama continued, and I had three angry wives actually picketing outside my store window, carrying signs that had "Homewrecker" and "Anal Whore" scrawled on them in angry red paint. I actually would have commended their creative audacity if it hadn't annoyed me so much. By the time four of the other wives of the clients of my 'anal sessions ring' joined them, they had developed their own little chant.

"This is the store, of the anal whore."

Normally, I would have laughed off their ridicule. Jealous bitches don't get me down. Besides, I wasn't the one cheating on them. They should have been picketing outside their husband's office building, not my store. But needless to say, when they didn't go away and when their relentless slander continued, I realized I had to throw myself at their mercy.

"What can I do to get you to stop?" I cried finally, wrapping my winter coat around myself tightly as I stormed outside to confront them one afternoon. Part of me was amazed at their persistence.

"Admit that you're a slut, for one thing!" one of them shouted.

"Ok, I'm a slut," I shrugged. "Is that it?"

"Commit yourself to sex rehab," another one spat out. She handed me a brochure to The Belleview Retreat for Sexual Health. "If you sign up for and complete this program, then we'll stop picketing. But we're not going to leave until you deal with your issues. And until we're assured that you're not going to just start up these filthy anal sex sessions with our husbands again!"

I thought about it for a few days but I realized that I had no other choice, other than to sell my shop and relocate completely. And there was no way I was going to allow myself to be run out of town by them. I'm a tough determined girl, and as I said before, I don't give up easily. That was the moment that precipitated my decision to sign up for the sex rehab treatment program.

Back in my group therapy class at the Belleview Retreat, I stopped reading and looked up at the faces surrounding me. I had no idea what their reactions would be. I had hoped they would understand that I was obviously not a sex addict. I was just there to satisfy the blackmail demands of those vicious women.

"Well Brooklyn," Dr Clark said, "that's quite a story." She looked a little bit startled and a little turned on at the same time. "And do you have any remorse at all for this anal prostitution side-business that you were running?"

"It wasn't prostitution," I said quickly. "It was educational. Kind of like sex therapy. I was merely instructing them on good anal sex. You know... just helping them. You should know all about that, Dr Clark. Aren't you a kind of sex therapist in a way?"

There was muffled laughter from a few people in the class.

Dr Clark looked flustered and almost dropped her clipboard, pushing her glasses further up her nose. Her face flamed red. "It's hardly the same thing, Brooklyn...."

I grinned inwardly to myself, pleased that I had obviously rattled her.

"Actually, I think it was a great story!" the girl to my right interrupted, giving Dr Clark a chance to compose herself.

I turned to the girl who had intervened on my behalf. She was pretty and petite, with dark blonde hair, and a hint of a European accent that I couldn't quite place.

"Men need variety, all smart women know this. For me, instead of letting them go find it behind my back, I encourage them to enjoy it with me. And I enjoy a beautiful woman just as much as any man does."

The girl smiled and leaned back in her chair, and I could swear she was actually scoping my ass. Damn, these people were sex addicts.

"Regardless of your preferences Stacey, we frown on deception when it comes to good sexual health," Dr Clark stated, as though her opinion was the only one that mattered. "But we'll get into that after you've all had the chance to share your stories. You can sit down for now, Brooklyn."

I sighed and made my way back to my seat. The truly kinky ones in the room kept their eyes on me and were still smiling.

The little blonde cheerleader girl named Kylie looked like she'd practically creamed herself again, listening to me talk. Her cheeks and upper chest were flushed and she leaned in to whisper into my ear. "That was hot."

I nodded to her, not wanting to be overly friendly. I wasn't there to make friends. I just wanted to get the whole thing over with and get back to my store. Every day that I spent in sex rehab was just more lost business, I reminded myself with frustration.

I did, however take an instant liking to Shane, and I winked at him again, even as Dr Clark resumed her position at the front of the classroom. He was still watching me with obvious interest.

"Well," Dr Clark said, trying to look authoritarian and supportive at the same time. "That was an interesting session today. And I'm sure we'll all continue to... uhm... grow... through hearing each other's experiences.

"Actually, I feel like I'm growing right now," Shane said with a mischievous grin, setting his notebook down over his lap, as though he were hiding an enormous bulge.

The rest of the room laughed. Everyone except Dr Clark, who kept her lips pursed tightly together and waited patiently for the fits of giggles to subside.

Skeletons, I thought to myself. That woman has a closet full of them, for sure.

"Anyway... that's it for today's session. Thanks again to Brooklyn this time, for sharing her story with us. If you can all reflect upon her experiences this evening, we can end things for the day. Tomorrow, we'll have... oh, looks like it will be Stacey speaking to us about how she came to be with us here at The Belleview Retreat for Sexual Health."

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