tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sex Shop Diaries Ch. 01

The Sex Shop Diaries Ch. 01


He came in every Friday, always at 9 o'clock in the evening. He never said a word when he came in. Tall, long hair, very ordinary actually. But he had a pair of the most vivid amber eyes I had ever seen!

His name was Joe. Quiet Joe as I called him. Oh he'd laugh at the jokes I told and would smile sweetly. Not those cheap; I'm being nice smiles. No his smiles always made it fully to his eyes. Real smiles as my mom used to call them.

Joe always smelled good too. Like Cool Water or Hugo Boss. I could never tell which one. He dressed nice too. I'd catch myself sometimes; watching his round ass while he quietly browsed through the movies. I'd think to myself how nice it would be to wrap my hands around those sweet cheeks of his.

A couple of times he's caught me staring at him. I'd blush like a first time hooker and flee to the video room to fetch the latest movies for the closest customer.

It was a long Friday night, and I was dead tired. Joe came in as usual. I just nodded to him as he came in through the door, instead of popping off with the latest joke.

I went about my nightly clean up and listened to the door chime as all the regulars came and went. Attending the counter once or twice to sell the latest pocket pussy or the new jumbo wumbo vibrator. I forgot all about Joe being there.

It was time to close finely hollered at an already empty store that it was closing time just to make sure everyone was gone, then turned off the open sign and locked the door.

I went back to the jerk off booths in the back to see what kind of mess I had to deal with tonight.

Hopefully they took mercy on me tonight and actually jizzed in the trashcans instead of the floor. To my relief it wasn't near as messy as it usually was. That meant less work so I could go home earlier.

As I was mopping up the floors with some very strong bleach, I felt someone come up behind me and wrap their arms around me. Pulling me close to them.

Crap! Was all I could think. Time to make use of those self defense classes I was taking. Just as I was about to do an elbow dig I heard Joe's voice

softly whisper in to my neck " Shhh, now it's only me. I've seen how you look at me! Do you know how much it turns me on?" he asked

His hands were caressing my body, as he whispered in to my ear, Cupping my breasts, and flowing down my tummy to the tops of my thighs.

I couldn't fight him for some reason. After hearing who it was I just stood there, and let him touch me. The feel of him pressing in to me was so intoxicating. I couldn't help myself I leaned back into him, pressing my body into his.

This seemed to have been the cue he was waiting for. The ok to move on.

He grabbed my skirt and pulled it down off me to puddle on the floor I had just moped. Thank god!

I could feel the warmth of his hands as he moved them slowly up my exposed legs. His lips pressed against my neck delivering soft little kisses that just made my juices flow, were incredible!

I could feel his hardness pressing into my ass.

I moved my hand behind me to cup his swollen cock; it was nice and fat; hard as a rock! I could feel a bit of precum wetting his pants. I wanted him so bad just then!

There I stood, skirt lying around my feet shirt bunched up over my breasts, as Joe played with my sensitive nipples. All I could think of was how much I wanted this quiet stranger to bury his dick deep inside of me!

I turned slowly around, and Joe pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it on the ground to join my skirt. He bent his head down and took my nipple deep in to his mouth, sucking firmly on its tight flesh. He started flicking his tongue over my nipple. Teasing it to hardness and successfully driving me insane with lust! I held his head to my breast telling him to suck harder. I felt like such a wanton slut!

I couldn't believe this was happening. Joe, so quiet and demure, was seducing me in the back of the porn store! I was like a fantasy come true!

He must have sensed my need, for he slipped two fingers deep in to my core. Stroking them in and out just a few times. That was all it took.

It was like fireworks going off. The intensity of my orgasm, as I came all over his fingers!

"Joe, please, I need you now" I begged.

He didn't need to be told twice. In an instant he had me on my side, spooning against my back. He held one leg up while he slowly entered into me.

I was very glad he took it slow. I have had my share of large men, but they all had been long and kind of thin. Joe was not thin nor was he too long. His massive prod was thick! At least 2 inches wide and 7 inches long!

Joe pressed his dick into me, spreading my lips wider then they had ever been. Inch by slow inch he filled me. Never had I felt so full! Just the though alone of how much meat was filling me, and how it was happening was making me so wet and so wanton. I damn near came again on that first push in! He felt so wonderful, as if every part of my pussy was being carresd. Liquid fire shot from my center straight to my nipples as he pulled out. I tried not to moan, but each thrust he made into me tore a louder and louder moan from my lips.

Joe's massive cock was sliding in and out of me now. Hard and deep. Exquisitely wet-slurping sounds came from his efforts. His body slapping against mine in a rhythmic motion as he pawed my breasts was just too much for me.

My pussy muscles griped his huge rode and I rode it! I came so hard I was sure that the motel behind the shop would call the cops from my screaming!

Joe came seconds after me. I could fell his eruption coating my insides. The smell of our combined juices flowing out of me to puddle on the floor was so gratifyingly erotic, I wanted to do it again!

But as Joe pulled himself out of me, a satisfied sigh escaped his lips. I knew he was done.

He leaned over and kissed me, then got up and helped dress himself and me. He gave me one last kiss, flashed me one of his great smiles and out the door he went. All with out saying one word.

It's been a week since Joe has had his way with me. Tonight's Friday night. I'm hoping Joe will be in tonight. I have a surprise for him this time...

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