The Sex Show


I studied my face in the mirror while I tried to calm my nerves. I could not believe that Melanie talked me into going to the strip club with her. I finished putting my makeup on as I heard the soft knock on the door.

My eyes just about popped out of my head as I opened the door and saw Melanie in a very short, body-hugging black sheath dress.

"Wow." I looked down at my dark jeans and the sweater I thought made me look sexy in a casual way. "You put me to shame."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me back to my bedroom. "I know you have something sexier than that in your closet."

"I don't want to be confused with the dancers." I replied as I reluctantly followed her into my room, where she was already looking through my closet.

Ignoring my last statement, she found what she was looking for and pressed them into my arms. "Change," she commanded. I looked down at what I was holding, and gasped.

"Mel, I can't wear these!" I protested. "I'll be the laughing stock of the place."

"Honey, you're stacked. Show it off." Melanie replied then softened her tone. "I wouldn't let you walk out of here looking bad. Just try it, ok?"

I sighed, and pulled off my sweater and bra. Pulling the corset top against me, I turned my back to her and asked her to help "do up" the back. After I was snugly in the corset, I adjusted my breasts, took one look in the mirror, and burst out laughing.

"Melanie! I can't go out in public like this! If I sneeze, I'll fall out!" I stated, staring at how my cups definitely runneth over. I turned to her to see her staring at my cleavage.

She blinked, and looked up at me. "Wow. Damn, girl. You have great breasts."

"I can't..." I started to protest again.

"Please. Let loose. Have fun. You look great." Melanie headed back to my closet to look at shoes. "Put on the skirt."

I shook my head, shimmied out of my jeans, and slid the short dark denim skirt up my legs. When I saw the boots Melanie pulled out for me to pull on, I didn't even offer a protest this time. Pulling on and zipping up the tall boots, I finished getting ready, and turned to face her.

"Isn't this a little much for a strip club?" I asked as a last ditch attempt to return to my comfortable coverage of the clothes I had just removed.

Melanie smiled slyly, "This is a really special sort of club. It's kind of high end."

"High end club and my tits are practically falling out. Great." I replied.

"You're perfect." Melanie replied, squeezing my hand. "Let's go. We don't want to be late."

I sat nervously in the passenger seat, watching Mel drive competently with one perfectly manicured hand on the wheel and her right hand resting on the gear shift. It was hard not to notice how her dress rode up even higher on her thigh. I fought the urge to reach over and caress her bare skin on her thigh.

Mel was my best friend in the world, and while I told her about almost everything in my life, I had never told her that I was attracted to women, and in particular, her. Even mentioning to her that I wanted to check out a strip club was difficult because I was so afraid she'd figure out I preferred women, and it would scare her off. I fantasized about touching her skin, kissing her lips, feeling her naked body pressed against mine. I kept trying to tear my eyes away from her legs, only to find them moving back on their own to watch the dress slowly move up her legs even more. I was so into the fantasy of running my tongue up that smooth skin of her thighs to explore what the dress was still barely covering that I vaguely heard her say something and had to ask her to repeat it.

"I said, don't be nervous." Mel replied, laughing and glancing over at me. "You're so nervous you can't even have a conversation."

I forced a laugh. "Yeah, you know me." I replied, shifting my gaze to look out the window at the (safe) scenery we were speeding past.

Before I knew it, we were pulling up to the valet parking station of a rather non-descript building. The very handsome valet, opened my door as another opened the door for Mel. I smiled nervously as Mel smiled flirtatiously and handed the keys over, grabbing my hand to drag me to the door. We paid the money, showed our IDs, and found ourselves being shown to a table near the stage.

I glanced at Mel, surprised. "I'm surprised we're being shown to our table." I murmured to her.

She smiled. "I told you this was a high end place."

"Ladies," our host addressed us as he gestured to the table, "Can I bring you something to drink?"

Melanie gently pushed me toward one of the plush chairs as she turned to answer him, "Yes. We'll both have Bellinis." I raised an eyebrow to her in question as she settled in next to me.

"We should have champagne," She replied, "The peach just makes it more palatable."

I looked around the large room and noticed that there were five stages around the room, however the one we were seated at appeared to be the main stage, and was definitely the largest. The lighting was dim and the sounds were muted by the plush carpet. Despite the size of the room, it felt very cozy and intimate, and I watched as other couples (mostly of the male-female variety) settled into tables scattered around the room.

I turned my attention back to Melanie as our drinks were placed in front of us, and she raised hers in a toast. I mirrored her, and she smiled. "To having unbelievable amounts of fun tonight," she toasted.

I smiled, intrigued by her toast, and tapped my glass against hers lightly before taking a sip. I watched her as she settled back into her chair, crossing her legs and forcing her dress to move up her thighs.

"So," I began, trying to attempt to behave like a normal person. "Who's performing tonight?"

Melanie shrugged. "I'm not sure."

"You mentioned that this was a special night with special performers." I reminded her about our phone conversation last week when we set this up.

She sipped her drink and nodded. "It is. But I don't know who they are."

I nodded, slowly. "What aren't you telling me about this?"

Again I received a sly smile as a response. I was cut short from making another statement by seductive music playing over the sound system as the lights dimmed even lower, and as I turned to the stage, I saw this beautiful woman walking slowly out onto the stage. She had long, wild black hair that flowed down her back and over her shoulders. She wore a slinky dark red dress, slit high to the thigh. Reaching for the pole in the middle of the stage, she slowly moved her hips to the music as she walked around it. As she moved in front of the pole, she made eye contact with me, and using the pole as a support for her back, she slid down keeping eye contact with me the whole time. I felt myself getting warm, but to my surprise, I didn't look away. She smiled at me as she stood back up, and turning suddenly, she began to slide the dress down her torso.

It was so sexy, watching her back come into view. She continued to sway those curvy hips until the dress was pooled at her feet, and she was left in her bra, panties, and heels. Turning back to the audience, she kicked the dress out of the way, and swung herself around the pole.

Again, she made eye contact with me, and slid to the floor. This time, though, she didn't slide back up, but crawled toward me on the stage. My breath caught in my throat when she reached the edge of the stage, reached out, and caressed my face. Her eyes were a vibrant green, and she playfully blew me a kiss before standing and removing her bra. She knew the art of the tease, though, and didn't let it drop off. She continued to sway and move to the music, holding the bra over her breasts with one hand while tossing her hair around and running her other hand down her body.

When she finally removed her bra, my mouth went dry. Her nipples were hard, and I had the urge to run my tongue over them, tease them with my teeth, suck on her areola with my lips and mouth. I found myself biting my lip in an effort to hide my desire.

She began to tease her audience by playing with the strings of her thong. Suddenly the one thing in the world most important to me was seeing the treasure hidden underneath that fabric. I was so intent upon seeing this woman completely naked that I didn't notice that she was not alone on the stage.

A nicely built, dark haired muscular man joined her. He was wearing a pair of silky boxers, but that was it, and had moved a chair to the stage in front of the pole, where he now sat watching the beautiful lady dance. As she worked her way to him, and leaned down and kissed him, I shot a questioning glance at Melanie, but her eyes were glued to the scene unfolding in front of us.

As the couple on stage kissed, I saw his hands move to her hips, and slowly pull the thong to the ground. She stepped out of it, giving the audience a glimpse of her pussy as she moved her legs. The kissing onstage became more intense and insistent, and he stood, removing his boxers, and revealing his hard erection.

Now my glance at Melanie was shock. She seemed to anticipate that I would look over, and was grinning at me. I leaned over to whisper to her, "Is this legal?"

"Just relax and enjoy it." She replied, patting my leg. I was concerned about if we could get into trouble for being present as a sex show, but when I turned back to the stage and quickly forgot to be worried.

He was sitting in the chair, and she was sitting on top of him, with her legs spread wide open. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy, and they were moving against each other, with him deep inside of her. As hot as that was, what drew my attention in was her pussy.

She was clean shaven and glistening with her juices. I had never gone down on a woman, and while I was curious, I had never felt the feeling I felt now. I craved the feeling of running my tongue over her smooth lips and clit. I craved tasting her and smelling her. I wanted to replace his cock with my fingers and tongue and suck on her clit until she came.

I could feel my own clit throbbing and shifted to try to alleviate the desire I was feeling.

I felt Melanie lean toward me, and looked at her. "Hot, isn't it?" She asked, smiling, keeping her face close to mine.

I didn't respond immediately, studying her face, and letting my gaze lower to her painted lips before returning to her eyes. Without thinking, I reached up, touched her face, and drew her in for a kiss.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I expected her to pull away, but she didn't, and soon the gentle kiss turned into slow, long, deep kisses that left us both lightheaded. I wasn't sure how long we kissed for, but when I turned my attention back to the stage, the couple had been joined by another absolutely stunning woman who was doing what I wanted to be doing.

Because of the angle, I couldn't see the beautiful woman's pussy or the other woman licking it, but I had a view of the beautiful black haired woman's head thrown back while the other's head moved up and down. The other woman was on her knees, leaning forward, and giving the audience a view of her incredible pussy and ass. Her large breasts swung around as she was eating her friend out.

I again shifted to try to give myself some relief of some kind to this throbbing. Mel reached over and placed her hand on my bare thigh, rubbing it gently. I looked at her, and she leaned into me. "Look around you," she whispered.

I turned to view the other tables and found that couples were engaged in various activities and were in various stages of dress. The man at the table next to us was receiving head from his female partner while another male-female couple was slowly fucking with her bent over the table. The two women at the table a little behind us were kissing and appeared to be fingering each other. Almost everyone else in the room was engaged in some sort of sexual activity. I returned my gaze to Melanie, and was shocked to see her, with one leg thrown over the arm of the chair, her hand stroking her bare pussy while her other hand massaged her breast through her dress.

A smile playing on her lips, she was watching me for a reaction, and there was only one thing I could do.

I leaned forward and kissed her again, cradling her face in my hands, letting my tongue explore her mouth and tongue. As I was kissing her, I moved my hands to her shoulders, and slipped the straps of her dress down to bare her breasts, feeling them fill my hands as I moved to play with her nipples. I felt her gasp, and took the opportunity to move my lips to her neck, kissing, licking, and nibbling my way down her neck to her breasts. I slid my tongue over her nipple while rolling the other one through my fingers before sucking on it, and gently nibbling with my teeth. I felt her hands in my hair, holding me against her. I could smell her desire, and the smell was intoxicating.

I kissed down her body until I moved her dress out of the way to reach her pussy. Kneeling on the floor in front of her, I looked up and met her gaze as I ran my tongue from her knee, up her thigh, to just tease her soft, smooth lips a little before moving to the other leg to do the same. She moaned in frustration and thrust her hips up, but I just smiled and continued to move slowly up her leg until I reached her lips the second time. Then I traced her lips with the tip of my tongue, giving a little bit more pressure with each pass until I dipped my tongue in between her lips, tasting her fully for the first time. I found her clit easily, and licked it with broad strokes of my tongue before taking it between my lips and sucking on it, flicking it with my tongue while I did. Melanie was so wet, and my fingers found their way easily inside of her. I felt her pull my head into her, her fingers tangling in my hair, as I smoothly moved my fingers in and out of her and sucked her clit.

It didn't take long before I felt her cum, but I didn't want to stop. Reluctantly, as she pushed against me, I backed up and looked at her. It was her turn to cradle my face and kiss me gently.

"My turn," she whispered, pulling me to my feet and pushing me toward my chair. I glanced at the stage as I sat back down and noticed that the two women were now 69ing each other on state while the man was fucking the one on top from behind. It was hot, but not as hot as this woman who was running her hands down my body, kissing the exposed skin of my breasts, kneeling between my legs. She pushed my skirt up, and I scooted down in the chair, bunching the skirt up around my waist.

Melanie ran her fingers over my panty-covered pussy and looked up at me, "Someone's wet."

I was breathing hard, and all I could do was nod.

She pulled them to the side and ran her fingers up the smooth skin of my bare lips. I don't know what it was that made me shave today, but I was glad that I did as her touch on the sensitive skin was heavenly. She dipped a finger into the wetness, and I moaned as I felt it slip inside me. I watched Melanie as she removed it, and put it in her mouth, sucking the juices off of it. She smiled.


I didn't have time to respond before she reached up and slid the panties down my legs. I was finding it hard to catch my breath as I still couldn't believe that my fantasy was playing out like this. I was about to be with a woman I'd wanted for years, and the fact that we were in a public place with sex going on all around us just made the whole experience more exciting. She spread my legs, running her fingers up my thighs to my lips to spread them open.

Before I could even take a breath, she had her tongue buried inside of me, fucking me, and her thumb was rubbing my clit furiously. I was so turned on that I almost came too quickly. She must have sensed this because she backed off, and slowly licked me from the bottom of my lips to my clit and back, occasionally dipping inside of me.

I pulled my breasts out of the corset so that I could play with them while she was eating me, and felt one of her hands snake up my body to play with my nipple. She took a similar approach to what I did to her, and slid two fingers inside of me, twisting, sliding, moving in and out while she sucked and licked my clit.

I knew I was turned on beyond belief, but the orgasm still caught me by surprise, and was so intense that I'm fairly sure I blacked out for a moment. Like she had to do to me, I had to gently push her away as it became too intense for me. Leaning down, I drew her face to mine, and kissed her deeply, tasting me on her lips and tongue.

"Let's get dressed and go back to your place," Melanie murmured against my mouth, "I want to make love to you in a bed. I've waited long enough to do that."

She stood, and I looked up at her in surprise, as she straightened her clothing.

"You didn't think you were the only one who wanted this, did you?" She smiled, kissing me softly before taking my hand and leading me home.

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