tagErotic CouplingsThe Sexiest Woman I Ever Met Ch. 02

The Sexiest Woman I Ever Met Ch. 02


The next morning I left early and pulled up to D's house around 7:15AM. She wasn't standing in the doorway like she always did before. When I rang the bell she answered it and I saw she had on a robe. She wasn't dressed for work. I felt my cock twitched a little with excitement wondering what was up. I closed the door and she melted in my arms. She kissed me for a few seconds and then pulled away telling me: "My husband is upstairs he's staying home today he's sick."

My heart sank I knew she wouldn't be going in with me today. I told her: "Get dressed and we'll go to the hill. I have to see what's under that robe and between your legs."

I moved my hand under her robe and grabbed her cunt with my hand. I squeezed and held it tight. Her heat was coming through her robe. She said: "Let me check on my husband. If he doesn't need me, I'll dress quickly and we'll go."

Twenty minutes later, she came down and we left. We parked the car in the same place we did the night before. Both of us moved to the backseat this time. We started by me pulling her on top of me. Her knees straddled my hips and she sat on my lap facing me. She bent down and as we kissed and made gentle love with out mouths and tongues. I laid down on the seat and she moved on top of me. I slowly ran one hand down the back of her skirt over her ass and up under the it. I move my hand over the back of her legs and between her thighs. She opened them automatically for me.

I slid my other hand under the skirt's hem from the front and slowly moved my hand up the inside of her thighs. I felt her shiver as I moved higher up over her warm thighs. She opened her legs wider almost immediately for me. As my hand went down in-between those beautiful legs, my cock got hard fast! I rubbed my hand slowly all over her panties, touching her ass cheeks, and top of her thighs and finally down between her ass cheeks. Moving my hands further down between her legs, I could feel the heat and dampness on that part of her cotton panties. You know! Dampness on that extra soft patch of material that most panties have that covers a woman under her ass and pussy holes.

As I rubbed her ass at the bottom of her pussy slit, my other hand had moved under her in the front now and I pulled her skirt up in the front too! My hand moved up the front of her thighs and then between them until I cupped her pussy. I could feel the indention her pussy made in the front of the material! I heard her moan as I squeezed her pussy. I felt her softness and the puffiness of her cunt even on the outside of her panties. Her cunt was swollen.

Both my hands met between her thighs and I began to stroke her back and forth over her entire pussy and ass hole with both hands. She stretched her legs open as wide as she could get them allowing me all the room to work on her body as she could. With each stroke I could feel her wetness begin leak out her panties and on my hands, and fingers. The material between her legs was soaked. She was getting wetter, and my hands merged on her pussy from the back and front. That's all I did for a few minutes. Then, she began to push her pussy against them harder. She moaned saying: "Oh yes bud! God you make me feel so good! Mummmmm your touch drives me crazy!"

She began to pump her body and rock back and forth on my hands. Then all of a sudden she moaned out her husband's name: "Oh J Oh god J!"

That woke us both up. Then she told me she was sorry! I smiled and said: "No problem. I have been called worst! How am I doing? Isn't this touching better than working with slacks on?"

She told me:" Your hand fills my entire body with desire baby! God you work me up so fast!"

I felt her hands on my cock now. She was rubbing the front of my slacks. I told her: "Take it out baby! Take it out!"

She moaned as she unzipped my slacks and pulled my cock out. It was huge, hard as a rock and jumping with excitement. As she circled the hard long shaft with her small hands it jumped again harder this time! I was worked up really bad! I said: "Let me see what's under those panties!"

We moved around and I lifted her dress up higher, up around her stomach. I told her: "Now baby! Now I am going to put my hand under your panty leg and touch your pussy directly! Like I did last night!"

She kissed me as she felt my fingers pulled her panty leg up. But instead of one or two fingers, I slid my entire hand under the panty line! She moaned out: "Oh yes! Mummmm! Bud that feels so good! Oh yes baby rub my pussy and get me off!! Oh yes!! I need you so bad!!"

I slid her down on the seat and we lay on our sides with my fingers slowly and very softly rotating around her pussy and she touched and stroked my cock. God she was so soft. so wet and so swollen. As I stroked, her pussy lips opened out for me like a flower! I inserted two fingers very slowly all the way up into her hole! As I moved them in and out that tight wet cunt hole, she moaned in my ear saying: "Oh Bud! Oh yes babe! Oh yes baby! You were so right!. Touch my pussy, rub it Bud, love my pussy. It feels so good. Oh god I think I'm going to cum!"

I told her to lift her left leg up and put it on top of the seat back. I lifted her leg under the thigh and she put it on top of the back seat. With her other leg opened as wide as she could get it in the car, my hand now held her panties to the side as my other hand was capable of stroking and finger fucking her wide-open pussy!! I looked between her thighs and God she was so beautiful! I can't begin to explain how it felt to have this sexy woman lying there in front of me, legs wide open, panties pulled all the way to the side, her pussy shinning up at me as my fingers pumped in and out of it!

In and out, in and out of her hole I slowly fingered her pussy seeing it get wetter and wetter. She opened her blouse and pulled her bra open too. Her breasts were now out and free for my pleasure. Her hard nipples sticking up in the air like they were looking at me. I smiled down at her now and began to really work on her body. In just a few minutes, she began to arch up against my fingers pumping into them. Easy at first but as I continued to make love to her pussy, she increased her speed. Moving faster and faster, as she pushed her hips hardened against my hand soft moans were coming out of her mouth!

After putting the third fingers into her hole, and working it in and out, she cried out and began to hump on them reaching her first orgasm! She moaned and sighed, with her head rolled from side to side. She grunted loudly as she reached the peek of her climaxed! Her juices flowed over my hand and the car seat getting them wet! I held her for a few minutes as she recovered a little bit. But, as she kept slowly stroking my extremely hard cock, I told her: I needed to kiss your pussy. Now D. I need to taste it! I want to lick your pussy! Let me show you how good it feels to have your pussy licked all the way baby! If you think my hand and fingers felt good, wait until you feel my lips and tongue!"

She lay there smiled at me and told me:" Oh Bud! Oh yes baby eat my pussy!"

She watched as I kissed down her body and over her thighs and then between her legs! As I moved down and slowly pulled her panties to the side exposing her beautiful pussy. I smiled up at her and bent in to kissed it! She jumped and grabbed my head as she felt my lips on her pussy lips! As I licked up and down her wet slit, she pushed my head into her swollen pussy hole. I figured she had me where she wanted me and began to lick and suck on he sweetness! She was arching already! God this woman was so hot and now she was so willing!

We had to move around so I could kneel on the floor of the car, which made it easier to get between her open legs! Now as she lay on the seat in front of me, with her skirt up around her waist, I have one of her legs up on the seat back and the other one opened as wide as she could get it! I pulled her pink panties to the side again ripping them off of her. I lowered my head back into her beautiful, wet cunt and I began licking up and down the length of her wet hot pussy slit. I used my fingers and opened her cunt lips more so my tongue could dance inside her.

When she felt my tongue slide into her cunt hole, she thrust her hips up to meet my invasion. As I fucked her now with my tongue, she cried out and told me in a very husky voice: "OH MY GOD!!! Oh Yes! Oh yes!! Oh YES!! OH god yes BUD!! That feels incredible!"

As I continued she rolled her head from side to side and moaned: "So good! So good! Oh yes Bud!! Suck it! Suck my pussy baby!!"

I licked and sucked and played with her pussy like that for over 20 minutes. I made love to that pussy giving her everything and anything I could with my mouth sucking, lips kissing and tongue licking and fucking! When I began to vibrate my lips on her crack, she screamed out: "Oh my god!!!! Oh my god! Ohhhhhh!!! I'm cumming! Cumming again! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!! OHHHH YES!!! OH GOD!! OH GOD!! YESS! BUDDY!!!!!!! It's so good! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!"

And, she got off again and then again with two orgasms in a row. She told me later that it was a record for her! She had never had back to back orgasms before. Never with her husband who was the only man she had ever been with. Never.

But, I wasn't done with her yet! I had her and I knew I had her. Once she had experienced oral sex to its fullness, she would want more. More and more oral sex I knew she was hooked from the way she got off and screamed out with passion as she climaxed. But I wanted her to have at least one more orgasm. And this time I would make her scream. I wanted her to want me so bad she would do anything to see me, to have me eat her pussy. I wanted her pussy to ache for my mouth. And then I would insist we fuck. I would have her body, willing to do most anything as long as I ate her pussy and made her cum. This beautiful, unappreciated woman needed sex so bad, she would be happy to fuck me as long as I got her off and sucked her pussy.

So I started in again. Licking around her pussy and over it and finally with the guidance of her two hands she moved my face exactly where she wanted me to lick. I could see her huge swollen lips and that swollen red clit shinning out at me. That was just what I was looking for her clit! I took that clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue over and over and over its hardness. She arched her ass up to meet my licking. Fucking wildly on my mouth, half of her body was up in the air fucking my face. She rotated her hips and fucked on my tongue as I continued to eat her as best I could in a back seat of a car. I licked her slit up and down and then pulled it open and licked her pink insides. She was going crazy using her body to thrust against my face hard. For a few minutes she hung in the air rocking her hips in little circles as I held her wonderful ass up with my hands. She called my name now as her pussy sucked on my tongue and two fingers under the tongue deep inside her cunt . Then, when I sucked her entire cunt into my mouth, she cried out loudly and climaxed for the third time. She rocked and humped and pumped her beautiful body on my mouth as I continued to suck her pussy as I held her ass up off the seat. She hissed out at me saying: "Eat it! Oh fuck! Eat me pussy! Eat me baby! Oh yes! Like that! Oh fuck!! Oh just like that! Yes!! There! Right there!!! Oh Yes! Faster! Faster!! Lick me faster Bud!! OH! YES!! OH YES! OH YES!!! OH GOD YES! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! SSSSooooo!!! Soooo!! GGG!oooddd!! Soooooooo!!! Gggggggoooododdddd"

She pumped against my lips holding her clit and having it licked by my tongue, for a long, long time! Finally her hips and ass went back to the seat. She was drained! She lay there, legs wide open, skirt up around her waist, arms at her sides, her blouse wide open and her eyes closed! I continued to stroke her open pussy very softly and very, very slowly. I rubbed up her thighs and over her wet cunt just enough to keep her highly stimulated.

I unzipped my slacks with my other hand and holding my cock, I moved up between her legs. I was within inches of having the cock head in her cunt when she realized what I was about to do and cried out: "STOP!"

I looked at her and she started to cry! She told me: "I can't!! Not like this! Oh god Bud! I'm so sorry! I just can't do it in the backseat of a car! I just can't!"

I said: Just let me put the head in PLEASE!"

She tried to close her legs and sit up. She said: "Oh Bud! No I'm so sorry! I know you're so hard and want to fuck! God I do too baby! But not here I just can't bring myself to do it in a car. I do I really do want us to do it. But. . but. . .not in a . . car!! Not here! Not in the back sat of a car!"

I was really pissed and she knew it. I said: "OK! OK D! But you have got to help me here. I'm in pain! You see how fucking hard my cock is? I have been like that for 3 days now! I need to cum and cum as bad as you did! You got of a bunch of times but I haven't got off one dam time!! If you can't fuck me you ARE going to have to help me cum!! I want you to jerk and suck me off! And, I want you to pump my cock until it cums I want you to suck my cock until it gets soft! Now D! I need it now!"

She told me she would. I lay back against the car door with my cock sticking straight up in the air. She moved around and straightened her skirt. She took her small hands and wrapped them around my huge pulsing shaft. She began to jerk me off. After about 5 minutes of this I knew I was close but wouldn't cum unless she worked harder!! She was like she was in a spell. Her eyes never left my cock! She watched it jump and jerk with excitement. I told her how to beat me off. I told her: "Rub the head with your fingernails. Squeeze the shaft! Run the palm of your hand over the head as you pump it with your other hand. Now, touch the part just under the cock head, the most sensitive parts of my cock, with your fingernails. Now, cup and softly rub my balls."

She did exactly what I told her. Finally, I said: "That's good baby! Now kiss the head! Kiss it baby! Kiss my cock!"

She looked at me and I said it again: "Kiss the head with your lips! She bent down and began to kiss all around the head. I said: "OK! Now lick it with your tongue. No don't stop jerking it off. Yes, like that baby. Lick it and jerk it at the same time D. Yea that's it. Oh yea!! That feels good. Really good."

She looked up at me with those big blue/green eyes and smiled. Her hair fell in her face and I moved it away. As she worked hard on my cock sticking straight up in the air she began to suck it. I was as hard as I had ever been. My cock was like a rock. I knew she liked what she saw and felt. As she worked on my cock with her hands and mouth I could feel my balls tighten. I told her: "Feel my balls now, D. Feel how tight they are. That means I'm about ready to cum. Kiss it! Kiss it and put your lips and mouth over the head."

She did! She put her beautiful mouth over the big purple cock head and sucked it hard when I told her to . She kept stroking it up and down with her hands faster now. I told her: "Now suck it harder! Suck on it as hard as you can. Good baby!! Good!! Really good! Mummm yea!!! Now take as much of my cock in your mouth and down your throat. As you stroke it, suck hard on the head. I'm almost there baby. Suck it. Suck harder! Yes!! That's it just like that. Mumm! YES! Keep going. Oh yes. Almost there!! OH YES BABY!"

She worked on me following my every direction and then it happened. I shot my first load of cum deep into her mouth. She started to choke on it and tried to pull her head back but I held it with my hands. My cum began to spew out and fill her mouth. I said: "Swallow it. Drink it baby. Drink it all, D. Just like I did you."

And I held her head on my cock as my hips pumped her face now. I fucked her mouth wishing it was her pussy. She sucked it hard feeling the cum flow, shooting load after load into her mouth. For her first time, she wasn't bad at sucking cock at all. Finally, after what seemed to be a gallon of cum that shot out my cock, I let her head go. She kept her mouth on my cock until she was sure it was OK to take it off. As it shrunk in her mouth, she slowly pulled her mouth off my cum-covered cock.

Her face was full of cum as I pulled her up to me. Using my index finger, I wiped the drops of cum from the sides of her mouth and off her face! I put my cum covered finger to her mouth and she sucked on it like she sucked my cock a minute ago. I kissed her and shoved my tongue into her mouth tasting my own cum. She then put her tongue into my mouth and I sucked it hard.

Her hand was still jerking off my softening cock. As my cock began to deflate, she looked at her hand. It was covered with my cum! I put her index finger in her mouth telling her to suck it! She did, taking the first little bit of cum off of it. I moved her hand over her full breasts and rubbed my cum into them. I held her other hand covered with my cum up to her mouth and she sucked all of her fingers clean. I put her hand on her beautiful breasts and rubbed the last part of the cum into them. We held each other kissing and touching the other's sex. But, it was now just about time to go and so we drove and picked up the other guy. On the way, she continued to play with my cock.

I think she was in a trance, a sexual trance! She told me: "My husband always does it in the dark. So I actually have never seen my husband's cock up close. Or, any man's cock for that matter."

I told her: "As beautiful as you are D, I would want every light in the room lit as bright as I could get it! I love looking at your body baby! You can look at my cock whenever you want babe! How about kissing it again before we stop at Bob's house?"

She took my semi-hard cock and bending down she kissed it, licked it and sucked it hard before I pulled her up. We adjusted ourselves, kissed and then turned down Bob's street to pick him up. I said: "So what are we going to do tonight on the way home? Want to rent a room and do it for real?"

She sighed and told me: "Oh Bud! I would love to do that! But, I have to get home. He's sick remember? He'll be waiting there when we get there. We have to be on time."

I said: "Well think about it! I have a plan I'm working on so we can have at least a ½ day together! And not in the backseat of a car. I want to lay you out on a bed and make love to you over and over again! I want to kiss and lick and fuck you until I can't do it any longer!"

She moaned in my ear: "Yes! I want that too. You get a room and I'll tell my husband I have two work over time. We can spend a few hours later on this week. And yes Bud! You can fuck me. I want that big cock deep inside me giving me what I know you can give me. I promise."

We left to go into work.

When work was over, we waited for the other guy to finish his job. D sat on the stool in front of the long work desk. I walked up next to her and whispered: "I have something I want you to feel. Put your hand under the desk and on my leg."

She slowly lowered her hand and touched my knee. I said: "Higher!"

She ran her hand up the inside of my leg until she felt the huge hard on I had in my slacks. She squeezed it and put her head down on the counter and moaned! She kept her hand on it squeezing it for as long as she could. Then Stan walked up to us and D pulled her hand up slowly as to not cause anyone to think she had it on my cock. She looked at me and licked one of her fingers in a very sexy way. I put my head on the counter and moaned this time.

Finally, the other guy finished and we left. It was raining so I ran to get the car, with my hard on! D and the other guy were waiting at the door when I picked them up. We all got in the car and headed to the first stop. He got dropped off first, then once he was out of the car and we pulled away, D slid close to me and immediately unzipped my fly. As her hand went into my slacks I began to get hard. She said: "Let me see that big cock I felt in the office a few minutes ago!"

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