tagErotic HorrorThe Sexorcist

The Sexorcist


NOTE: All characters in this story are 18 and above.


Sally extended her arms as wide as possible and fell back on her bed. It had been so long. It seemed just yesterday she left home and now... it was as familiar as an old shoe. The drive down had been long, and even now, she could hear her little sister, giggling downstairs as her mom pulled out plates for dinner.

She wanted to nap. Outside it had become dusk, the sky a pale blue as the sun dipped underneath the horizon. First things first, she thought. She looked to her suitcase. Strangely, she felt extra motivated to unzip it. Perhaps her new work ethic was paying off after all. She popped the thing open and gasped.

Even underneath all her shirts, she knew what it was. Every woman knew what it was. Immediately her mind went into detective mode, wondering which roommate pranked her this time. Her fingers traced around the dildo's outline and the more she did it, the more she found she couldn't stop it. Through the cotton shirts on top of it, she could feel its power, slowly seeping in through her fingers, streaming up into the rest of her body.

She heard more sounds downstairs. They would be calling her soon... but she couldn't go. Just a little more time was needed. She stroked the thing like a favored pet and heard her breath become more labored as her heart fluttered. Delicate hands peeled back the pink shirt. When her eyes settled on the naughty toy, she could not help herself from letting out a husky moan. It was ornate and finely wrought, and was possessed of a deep, rich crimson shine.

She noticed the engravings that ran along its side. The first line of text was written in exotic, indecipherable runes. The second line was written in elegant script, reading 'The key to pleasure is the key to the universe'. The third set of carvings looked hastily written, with crude technique and possibly dried blood within the etchings themselves. It read 'FUCKING SHIT FUK RAPE FUUUUUUUU' until the writer ran out of room in the end.

She picked the thing up and held it across her hands. Immediately she felt her breasts tingle as an erotic heat pulsed down to her thighs and melted into her flesh. It felt like a warm glow had washed over her soul. Pleasure throbbed in spine tingling waves from her hand, and she felt her body stiffen, as if suffering some sort of erotic shock. The longer it stayed the more she wanted it. And then she knew she had to have it inside her at least once.

If it felt this good outside her body... she had some testing to do.

The thought of putting it alone had made her breath quicken, her skin heat up. Now that the thought had been made, some flexibility had been restored to her body, and she saw her hand slowly inch the vicious looking dildo down into her pants. She gasped and writhed, feeling the heat of the thing skim against her lower belly. She pushed her panties up just a little and slid the phallus further down.

Curiously, the closer it got to her pussy, the hotter and more veiny the thing seemed to feel... almost like a real cock. Before she could even consider it she realized the dildo was broaching her pussy lips, sending sensuous prickles of desire deep into her womanhood. She had a sense she was on the cusp of something, a feeling that things were never going to be the same and that once it happened... there was no turning back.

At once the dildo slithered up inside her, filling her sopping cunt with its considerable girth. Sally inhaled sharply.

In one heartbeat, it ignited with ancient, forbidden power.

The infernal tool soaked her slick inner walls with its seething, pent-up energy. When she exhaled she fell to her knees and opened her mouth to scream, though no sound came out. Like lightning she saw within her mind's eye, bright flashes of carnal pleasure lash her soul, cowing its good nature while elevating its perverseness.

It throbbed and thrust deep inside her. Wet arousal ran from her slit and soaked her quivering thighs. She shivered while prickling heat raced down her body, her orgasm making her stomach shudder while she slumped further to the ground.

It is time... for Change... whispered a voice in her head, and another flash of pleasure struck before her soul. Within the flash she saw faces... some elongated and pale... others compact and ruddy... all their eyes like burning red dwarf stars.

She arched her back and moaned softly as the feel of invisible hands swept up her belly and groped her breasts. She licked her lips and kept her eyes close, paralyzed with sensation. Deeper inside, fear mingled with rapture, just as the shadows in her room deepened, the whispers ever louder by her ears...

"Saaally! Dinner!" her mom called.

"Coming!" she gasped and steadied her hands on the floor. She noticed runnels of sweat run down her arms and felt hazy, her head light as if in a dream. She had the vague sense that everything would be alright, so long as she kept her secret. The mere thought sent a wave of euphoria through her being. She breathed in deeply and a drunken smile dawned on her face.

As she stood up, she thought she felt a throbbing in her chest, as if her pink bra had become... tighter.

She ignored it and steadied herself against her doorway, trying to rein in the ceaseless rushes of pleasure that thrummed from within her pussy. She took a deep breath, and walked down the stairs. The lamps on the walls created blurry trails of light when she walked past them. Her mother and sister on the other hand seemed floaty and drifting before her eyes.

She closed her eyes when she got to the foot of the stairs, willing her vision problems away.

The two college girls sat at the table, with only the sister, Tara, speaking excitedly. Sally couldn't offer much, only able to pick at her food and offer one word responses as the dildo had its way with her, a strange and constant smirk on her face.

Her eyes dilated when she watched her mother lean back and take a sip from her wine glass, exposing her gracile neck, her light sprinkling of freckles hinting at the large and mature breasts below. She felt her core temperature intensify when she turned to her sister and found her eyes drinking in the pert mounds of her cupcake-like breasts, straining against her light green shirt.

She felt ashamed and confused that they should excite her so. She put her sweaty hands on the table, steadying herself as she became acutely aware of her dildo. Arousal mounted in her body as the sex toy began to spasm and vibrate at even higher speeds, and she felt a spike of fear race up her nerves at how well the thing was thrusting into her. It felt so organic and... real. Her supple thighs clenched together, trying to hold off what could not be denied.

She closed her eyes and held her breath. What was seconds in the real world was an eternity in the mind. Deprived of her sight, she could focus her attention on the feeling. How the dildo lengthened within her wet passage, its swollen girth against her pink inner walls, at the command of some invisible force as it thrust inside her in a merciless frenzy.

Her legs twitched. A trio of voices tickled her ear, as subtle as smoke against silk, worming their way into her soul, urging her most lustful surrender. Somehow they were able to make her body still, even as her pussy twitched and flowed. The stillness made it all the more intolerable.

We can put an end to it child... said one voice, the greatest pain in the world does not compare to the suffering eternal pleasure can bring.

Another voice chimed in, choking on its rage. YOU BITCH! You give us the soul or we TAKE the soul!

Sally shivered at the third one, whose sibilant tongue drove slow rapture down her spine. Ahh... se krezzel vas l'en fras! Xivin shilde, Ira mazzes ir sress...

Sally thought she was going to boil over from the feminine voice, how it made her soul glow and her body spasm. Her calm breaths did much to take the edge off the arousal, fearing if she tipped over into ecstasy... it would not be a fall she could climb out of.

An excited moan was all she could let loose, her fight against fate on a razor's edge. She elicited strange looks all the same from her mother and sister. "What was that about?" inquired her mom, not sure what was going on with her perspiration streaked daughter.

Sally scrambled for a reason and became frightened at how quickly one came to her. "Oh the food... it's so good!" She smiled nervously, her dazed eyes not matching with the rest of her face. The more she tried to suppress her erotic movements, the more the dildo plowed into her, delivering not only the delight of its penetration, but a deeper, more ethereal sensation.

It touched her in ways the dildo never could, like invisible chords of pleasure, plucked all along her body to play a tune that could only inflame helpless Sally with more desire.

Tara looked at her sister's plate and giggled. "Oh my god, you're such a liar! You've barely eaten anything!"

Taken off-guard, Sally gave the infernal artifact all it needed to finish the job. A whimper of need and terror peeped through her lips. She knew then... she had lost.

Her body stiffened as dark elation rose through her flesh. Her next words were choked off in her throat as she threw her head back, her mouth slack. Her pussy rippled with inner contractions and the dildo swelled, tensed... and exploded.

Strands of red etheric essence boiled from the tip and shot straight into her plush womb, twisting flesh and soul both with its corruptive nature. She cried out, arching her back and lifting her hips off from her seat, her eyes shining like dark rubies but for a moment.

Sally could no more ponder her lapse in defense than she could the sudden onrush of ecstasy. At once her conscious mind was obliterated under a deluge of pleasure and darkness. She spasmed in her chair, each malevolent spurt from the toy sending her into new lustful convulsions. Husky and strained moans rushed out of her gaping mouth, the final songs of struggle over her mortal soul.

The black cross nestled against the swells of her milky cleavage began to smoke. Her breasts too, expanded before her family's eyes, ripening into a rounder shape, jiggling to her paroxysms, nipples hard and tingling with excitement.

At once the bizarre show came to an end and she slammed back down into her chair, her heavy breasts heaving while errant strands of saliva fell down the soft cleft of her cleavage.

She shuddered... and let out a satiated sigh that seemed to breathe out longer than possible.

Her sister and mother watched in stunned silence. Sally brought her head back down, her eyes bereft of their joyful glint.

"Wow you're soooo weird! And what's wrong with your boobs!?" said Tara.

What was once Sally spun her head to her giggling sister, her face a mask of fury. "SHUT UP! Eat your vegetables, bitch!" Her voice was inhumanly deep, but tinged with arousal.

She watched as her mother scooted away from the table in fright while Tara screamed. Sally dropped all pretense of calmness and let out sonorous moans of ecstasy as her transformation continued apace.

Her body writhed within her chair and her pussy juices flowed freely, soaking through her panties and shorts and onto the chair's cushion. Her gyrating only had the effect of urging the dildo to more wildly thrust and vibrate within her love tunnel, throwing her into a chain of orgasms.

"Oh! Oh! FUCK!" she shouted. "Her soul is ours!"

"Mom! What's happening!?" screamed Tara, finally have the presence of mind to leap away from her sister. Sally's hips bucked so hard that they soon collided against the table, knocking the thing over and sending plates, half-finished food and drinks scattering.

Louisa watched the impossible, not quite believing her own eyes, even as her daughter bucked and thrashed in carnal bliss. She thought she saw her precious little Sally's blonde locks begin to shimmer and lengthen, shifting from a healthy straw color to something unnaturally resplendent. They turned impossibly golden yet white, glowing like some beautiful morning star.

"Oh my god..." she said, taking a further step back as she watched her daughter's sweet, wholesome face become more refined, with a degenerate and crueler kind of beauty. Lips widened into voluptuous petals, eyelashes turned thick and smoky, while her eyes gleamed blood red. "My baby needs the Lord!"

Sally finally jumped out of her chair and pinned herself back against the wall, while spittle inducing vitriol leaked from her foul mouth. "Fuck him! I need a fuckin' cock... and some pussy!" She tried turning around when she heard her sister scream shrilly at her nonsense, but staggered as another climax rocked her body. She felt her breast flesh still flowing with unnatural vitality, expanding her chest into two soft and juicy globes.

She tore her blue shirt from the sides and snapped the pink bra underneath, letting the creamy swells of her bosom spill over bright cotton as the threads parted like some ancient sea before her femininity. "I'M FREEEE!" Her huge tits jutted out proudly, sitting high on her chest like a sculpture that was an ode to all that was feminine. And from the turgid nipples that rested atop her soft, alabaster mountains of flesh, leaked streams of a velvety black fluid.

Sally turned to her sister, pushing her chest out and letting her large, puffy breasts fill up her vision. "Drink siss, drink it all!" Another voice spewed out of Sally's mouth right after, one that was less vehement but just as sinister, "Oh this is such a delight. Sisters! The Fallen One smiles on us ton-" The original, aggressive voice exploded back into being.

"Ff-fuck! Do NOT interrupt me, slave!" She looked down to her sister again, sporting a maniacal grin. She wobbled her massive tits from side to side, sending sloshes of her demonic nectar all over the tile floor. "Drink, bitch!"

Tara backed up to the edge of the kitchen and felt herself cornered against the screendoor. "No... please, no..." She looked in the back and saw her mother punching in a phone number before murmuring quietly into the receiver while keeping her eyes on Sally.

A look of sympathy washed over Sally's face and the more refined voice crept back to her lush lips. "Come little one, bring thyself to mine bosom and partake in the blessings of Baal." Tara found herself mellowed by her gentler words and transfixed by the ample, jiggling orbs of her sister's chest. She was so relaxed she didn't even notice her sister reach behind her head. Slowly her face was brought into the luscious slopes of her sister's demonic tits. Her lips slipped around a nipple, and the dark nectar flowed...

"Nooooo!" she heard her mother scream, sounding like some distant storm cloud. Tara was in her own cloud, reveling in the sheer warmth that flowed down her throat. It tasted vaguely sweet ... and something else. Something she couldn't place. She felt her nose and the rest of her face pressed into her sister's smooth and plump breast and thought she was going to drown in softness. In pleasure.

But before she could, she felt herself fall back against the floor and watched through dazed eyes as her mother smacked her sister's head with her heavy purse, knocking her out. Black fluids stained Tara's lips, and despite how warm the tainted nectar was, she was thankful she could already feel the pleasure fading away.

"Is my baby ok!?" said her mother. Tara took a hand up and smiled.

"Yeah... yeah I think so." She looked her mother in the eyes with genuine gratitude. "Thanks for getting her off me. I don't know what got into her but... it felt good." She shivered at the remembrance of the taste and eyed the liquid streaming down her sister's big ivory melons with envy.

"That's because your sister has turned to sin. But it's ok, because we can save her. I've called a man that can help."


"The Exorcist."


Father Bill stepped into Sally's room quietly, with her mother and sister behind him. She was sleeping. She was also tied to the bed posts. Her face was so serene it was hard for him to believe this was the very same girl he had heard such vile things about.

His eyes widened when she tossed and turned in her sleep and unsettled the bed sheet laying on top of her. The sheet slid down, and what he thought were multiple sheets and blankets piled up turned out to be none other than her prominent chest. Great creamy mounds of unnatural femininity stretched her form fitting baby blue t-shirt to the limit.

He gulped when he saw the luscious swells of her cleavage pressed so tightly together. They reminded him of his darker days, back when he gleefully snorted coke off the peachy ass of some barely legal stripper before titfucking her stoned sister. But those days were behind him.


"Well then... hooooly shit..." he said absentmindedly. Louisa frowned and looked at him, not sure if a man of the cloth actually just said what she thought he did.

"Father, we don't use that kinda language 'round here."

"Ah yes, sorry ma'am, my apologies." He looked back to her daughter. Her face almost seemed to glow with heavenly light. More than that, her very features had changed, if the portraits laid out throughout the house were anything to go by.

Enviable, modelesque cheek bones had risen to sleek prominence on her visage, her nose refined like a sculptor's dream and her lips... Father Bill felt ashamed that the first thing he noticed about her lips was not their perfect shape, but how well they could suck his cock. Plush and voluptuous, like the rest of her body, her mouth seemed caught in a state of constant poise, ready for something to suck.

"Father?" Again her mother interrupted his daydream. "What can you do for her?"

He turned back to her, grabbed her by her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes. "I'm gonna save her. But first we're gonna need some candles... lots of candles."


When Father Bill had finally gotten to work, the room was bright in the amber cast of candle flame. Laid out in concentric circles around her Sally's bed and set up on every desk, the room was at last a veritable fire hazard.

He sat down by her side, and this close to the beauty he could feel the sheer presence of her evil. From a distance, he was amazed by her full and heavy bosom, but up close... he felt enslaved by it. Even from the curve of her hip, he could tell she sported an equally succulent backside.

How he wanted nothing more than to just reach forward and squeeze, to grope her large, unbelievably soft melons and fondle the taut, pale hemispheres of her ass cheeks. Feast on those supple lips as he ran his hands through her smooth golden hair... then he remembered her mother was watching.

Thank God she's here, he thought. He couldn't trust himself before such supernatural allure. He cleared his throat and got a hold of himself.

"Sally... Sally..." he said gently, and ran his finger down her forehead and across her cheek, checking her temperature. "Sally... I've got something for you..."

She opened her eyes with delicate slowness. They flicked without her eyelids closing, like a reptile. Her irises had filled with a bright shade of scarlet, her pupil's catlike. He wanted nothing more than to leap out of his chair and run as far as he could at that moment. Her gaze bore into his and a hungry smile widened her face.

This was nothing like he had dealt with before. Most exorcisms involved a little bit of shouting, an enraged psycho, spouting a few noble sounding platitudes and a fair amount of slapping. But with that body, and those eyes, he was convinced.

This was real.

"Fadra Villzo? Plezizetzen tine'a mar kuu. Ira Sashari int se ir jer kuuor a'nima." Her tongue dangled out of her mouth and made insectoid clicking sounds as she spoke. Her voice was far more feminine that the two that manifested the day before. It was the epitome of sensual. Though the good Father hadn't the faintest idea of what she said.

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