tagMatureThe Sexual Contract

The Sexual Contract


I don't know why I never thought of this before. It's really just so obvious.

I'm a very successful lawyer. My work is all involved with corporate litigation. I've made literally hundreds of millions of dollars. One reason that I've been so successful is that my work is my life. I enjoy it, I'm extremely diligent. I've remained a bachelor, on purpose. I truly love sex with females but I have no interest in giving my life over to someone else. It has always been relatively easy for me to find female companionship. It has sometimes been difficult in getting rid of female companionship when she decides that she's more important to me than I think she is.

But, I've slowly begun to realize that I'm not finding female companionship quite as often as I used to or that I would like to. So far, I've avoided paying for it. Well, in fact, I probably do pay for it in that it costs noticeable amounts of money to wine and dine and entertain females. But I haven't hired professional prostitutes. I'm now fifty five years old. I go to a gym regularly and am in decent shape although nothing extraordinary. The days of being young and single and cohabiting with young and single females are long gone. I'm now dating divorcees or widows and they're less fun loving and more conniving about their sex lives. Usually more demanding than I really care for.

The result is, I'm having less sex than I would prefer. Although I am managing to live my life as I want to without someone else trying to control me.

Every week day morning, I leave my apartment and on my way to the office I stop in at a small coffee shop for a light, healthful breakfast. Coffee, fruit, toast or perhaps a muffin. For the past few weeks, I've ended up with the same waitress. She's very young, perhaps in her early twenties, perhaps not quite even there yet. She's not a raving beauty but she's got a healthy joie de vivre and supple body that makes her attractive. She's perhaps five foot six tall,with a slim, fit looking body. I can see breasts behind her proper blouses but can't tell much because she doesn't flaunt them. She has medium brown hair cut slightly short, perhaps to keep it under control easily. She's not a beauty but has a nice, even face. Her real plus point is that she's always pleasant, smiling, seems to have a positive outlook. In my own withdrawn way, I've actually become fond of her although I doubt if she's aware of it. Her name is Josie.

I never intended to become interested but I can't help but over hear her talking to another, much older, waitress. Apparently she's a student at some local college and she has money problems. She shares an apartment with several other girls to lower her rent and she gets mostly free food at the coffee shop (although I'm not sure management is aware they're feeding her). But school costs are higher than she can afford and she needs to occasionally purchase clothes and cosmetics and is afraid she may have to drop out of school which might mean she'll end up in a dead end job like she has for the rest of her life.

Of course she's telling all this to someone who is in that identical dead end job permanently. I gather that the older waitress is married but her husband is not much in the way of support so she must work. Which, if anything, helps make the younger girl realize that's not the way she wants to end up.

So, one morning, after paying and leaving a decent tip, I give the girl my business card. I say to her, "I have a business proposition to make to you so I would appreciate if we could arrange a time for a brief meeting." Later that morning, I receive a call at work from her and arrange to meet her mid-afternoon at a different restaurant than where she works.

It's interesting to see her somewhere else than at work and dressed differently. Although I'm not impressed with the blue jeans and blouse that she's wearing, she's actually even more physically attractive than I'm used to at breakfast. Perhaps it's the make up. I wait until we've both eaten. "I want to suggest something to you," I say to her. " I expect you'll not appreciate it immediately, may even be angry but please hear me out. I have over heard you talking about your financial problems. I have a suggestion as to how I can help you solve those. But it may involve something you will not find to your liking."

"I have more money than I need, by far. I suggest that, on the one hand, I become like a doting father and pay your college costs, provide room and board and even supply spending money as you need it. On the other hand, you live with me. You sleep with me. You probably feel like slapping me but please think about it. You have my business card so you can contact me." I get up and leave. I'll never forget the shocked expression on her face.

The next morning I stop in at the same coffee shop and she waits on me as usual. She takes my order and delivers it to me. Later she asks me if I need anything else and when I say I don't she puts the bill on the table. She then says, "Your proposition must have just been an opening statement. It leaves a lot undecided. How much of my life do I need to give up? What are the rules?" She then walks away.

Well, I think, she didn't say no. It also makes me think, what are the rules? So, as I pay her at the cash register, I say to her, "I don't know what the rules might be. I guess they're open to discussion." She looks me up and down and grins and turns away and moves to wait on another customer. So I leave. But I think about it all day. I also think that maybe she knows it's going to make me think about it. It makes me smile.

The next morning I see her again as she serves me breakfast. Have you ever figured out how much money would be involved in what you're suggesting?" She asks.

"Yes," I reply." I'm not sure where you're going to school but let's guess that the tuition and books could be $55,000 a year. Add another, oh, perhaps $10,000 in spending money and maybe that much again in food costs. Perhaps something like $75,000. If we manage to have sex 150 times that would mean it cost me roughly $500 each time, which is a bargain compared to what high priced prostitutes charge. However, I need to add that I've never hired a prostitute."

She just looks at me a minute, me sitting there with my muffin and coffee, her holding a coffee pot. "There are 365 days in a year. If we sleep together 365 times, why would we only have sex 150 times? Do you have some problem that you're not mentioning?" Before I can answer, she's gone off to other customers.

When I go to the cash register to pay the bill, I say, "No, I don't have a problem. I just didn't choose a good example."

As she gives me change and takes my tip, she thanks me, then adds, "I have perhaps three years of school left. Would this cover me all the way to complete my degree?"

Well, at least we're getting to specifics. "That would be my intent, yes. I realize I'm a lot older than you and wouldn't expect you to stay with me longer than you needed me for but provided there are no problems, I would expect to commit to helping you get your degree and a good job." She just grins at me and walks away to another customer. I go to the office.

I get a phone call from her mid afternoon. "I've been thinking about your offer," she says. "I think we should spend a night with each other first to see if either of us really want to commit to a longer relationship. Your suggesting having a lot less sex than I would expect makes me wonder a little." So, we arrange to meet for dinner, after which we'll go back to my apartment. It's Friday and she doesn't have to be at the coffee shop early on Saturday.

She's in a dress and looks even better than I expected. I didn't say it but felt like telling her she cleans up really well. We're in a very nice restaurant and she fits in fine. "I've never considered myself promiscuous," she tells me, "but every girl who's been with two or three guys has had an unsatisfying sexual experience. Some guys will probably just never learn how. Even for everything you're offering, I couldn't commit myself to several years of bad sex. I don't want to put you on the spot exactly but I want to be honest."

"That doesn't bother me. I'll do all right, I'm sure. But your having more experience than I expected is a surprise. How old are you?"


"Just twenty and you've been with several men? "

"The pill," she answers with a grin. "I wasn't around years ago but I suspect women stayed virgins because they didn't want an unexpected baby. That's all gone now. We're free to do whatever we feel like. I've felt horny and acted on it. If you need a number, I've been with three up to now. Each more than once, one a number of times."

"I'm assuming you have no disease," I say to her. " I don't and am not interested in getting any. If you agree to my offer, you'll have to limit yourself to just me. I don't want you bringing home anything from anyone else."

"I assumed that would be the case. It makes sense. That's exactly why I've asked for a trial run. I'll be committing myself to you as much as you'll be committing yourself to me."

"Fair enough. I have to admit something. I've lived alone almost all my life. I'm not at all sure that I'm going to like living with someone else. Putting up with the daily events that someone else will likely provide to intrude on my life. On the other hand, perhaps those events will add to my life rather than intrude. That's my hope. I'm assuming that our time in bed will be a plus. Enough of a plus to make up for you messing up the bathroom or playing music I don't like or any of a number of other things. I may be wrong. If I am and I discover that I can't continue on for as long as we discussed, I agree to make you a cash payment large enough to let you get resettled elsewhere although I truly hope that will not be the case."

"Well, if we both finally agree to do this, we'll have to establish all the rules and procedures, all in writing and agreed to and signed by both of us. I know you're a lawyer and I know that such an agreement of payment for sexual services is probably illegal but it would likely prevail with a good jury. But all that is for later. We've finished here, haven't we? Let's get to your bedroom. I've been looking forward to this."

We get to my condo. "Wow," she says, this is a really nice place." I've never thought of it a lot before. I guess to her it is something special. It's fairly large and I find it very comfortable. It cost a lot to acquire and a lot to furnish but to me, it's been home for quite a few years and I've become accustomed to it. In the bedroom, she suggests that we just go ahead and get naked. She doesn't seem to have any qualms about showing me her naked body. Her clothes come off in order, each folded and placed carefully to the side. Naked, she is much more attractive than i expected.

"Josie, you're gorgeous, you have a really great body. Very sexy," I say to her as I get the last of my things off. I'm not exaggerating. She has all the curves a woman is supposed to have. Very lovely breasts, a little larger than I expected but nothing over done. A very slim waist, nice, round, firm looking butt, shapely legs. A thatch of hair between her legs, noticeably darker than her head hair. She even has attractive feet. She still has that same happy countenance.

She grins at me, looking at my cock. "You've got a great looking cock, Carl," she says, stepping to me and reaching down and wrapping a hand around it and squeezing just a little. "I'd like to get to know it a lot better," she says as she starts to lower herself down onto her knees. I've had a number of blow jobs in my life. some much better than others. Hers is superb. She seems to really like my cock, enjoy everything she's doing with it. She keeps stopping and just looking at it as she holds it, smiling and looking up at me and grinning, then getting her mouth back around it and working on it some more. It makes me realize that I better do her as well as she's doing me.

I finally cum and she swallows, then milks me with her mouth, seeming to relish everything about my cock and sperm. I help lift her up and kiss her and get her sitting on the side of the bed so I can kneel on the floor and treat her as well as she's just treated me. Her breasts are well shaped, full and firm and yet with a softness. I manipulate them, play with them, caress them, lick and suck on her nipples. She's very free with her moans and "yes" and caressing my head and hair.

I work down over her very firm stomach. She must work out to have such a flat and hard stomach. Then I pull her hair out of the way, spreading her open a little, and get my tongue into her. Her legs are spread wider than I thought legs could spread. Her hands are on my head. The moans change into gasps and small screams. I've eaten lots of pussies in my life and I can't honestly claim that hers is all that much greater than anything I've ever tasted before but it's certainly up there with the top few. Her insides are firmer than some although they soften up as they get more engorged. She's also clean, has a clean taste. And she goes absolutely bonkers over getting her pussy treated so well. I lick and slide a finger into her, suck on her clit, finger fuck her, move my tongue and fingers as quick as I can. Her screams get louder and she cums. Really cums. Lots of fluids, a really juicy pussy. A very tasty pussy. I tell her so as I pull back some.

Her comment is, "Fuck me. Shove that into me and fuck me and fuck me and fuck me." So that's what I do. In the process, I push her back further onto the bed so we're in standard missionary position. She cums again. I pull out and she jumps around and climbs on me and rides me and rides me. I get to see that young, lively body bouncing on me. It's as big an aphrodisiac as possible. I tell her how gorgeous she is. She cums again and almost falls to the side. I move around and grab her butt to lift her some and she understands and moves onto all fours so I can push into her from behind. I reach around and hold her breasts and pound into her. She cums some more and so do I. We both end up laying next to one another, well fucked and temporarily exhausted.

"That was really good Carl," she says. "I'll take more of that any time I can get it."

"I agree, Josie. I have a lot more experience than you and yes, that was great. I knew it would be. From the first time you waited on me at the coffee shop I was struck by your joy. You love living, you see the positive side of things. I hope you never change. It sure seemed to me that you enjoyed every bit of this."

She rolls over, about half onto me and kisses me. I can feel her breast against me, can feel her leaking a little bit onto my hip. "You have a really nice cock. It's very sexy. It fills me, stretches me a little. And it just seems to, I don't know, fit. "

"I can say the same about your pussy. I love it. It's nice and firm, feels good against my lips and tongue, even tastes terrific. Over the next years I'll have my face between your thighs a lot, I think. I wonder, would you mind if we shaved your pubic hair? Leave it all clean and bare, ready for me to savor."

She rubs her pussy against my hip and kisses me again. "I hope you do taste me a lot, Carl, I love it. Sure, if that's what you want, we can shave me whenever you want. But I don't want to shave you. Your hair seems sort of sexy to me and isn't in the way at all. And I plan on tasting you a lot, too." She kisses me again and runs her hands over my body, ending up grasping my cock and playing with it a little.

"I can feel you leaking a little. Perhaps we should clean up some ," I suggest to her.

She almost leaps off me and slides over to get off the bed. "Good idea. We'll be ready then to start over. That must be the bathroom," she says as she points.

"Yep, that's it," I reply. I then watch her naked body, that lovely round butt and shapely legs head into the bathroom. I realize that as much as I am turned on by her body, I'm also aware that I'm not her age. I can't hop up and follow her and shove my erection back into her right away because I don't have an erection. I will. But the cleaning up is as much a delaying tactic on my part as a hygiene concern and I know it. Can I really manage a continuous affair with her? Do this every day? Whatever, I get up and follow her. She's sitting on the toilet and wipes herself right after I get into the room. I stand up to the sink and use my hands and water to rinse my cock and down onto my hip.

"Let me," she says, grabbing a bar of soap and lathering her hands and grabbing my cock and sliding her hands back and forth on it, washing me while urging me up again.

"Can I shave you now?" I ask.

She just grins, rinses her hands and my cock and turns around, puts her hands on the counter and boosts herself up onto it. She's sitting there facing me and spreads her legs, opening her thighs and pussy to me. I open a drawer and get out some scissors. They're actually cuticle scissors, sort of small for the job but blunted on the end so they won't cut her by accident. I start snipping away. I have to grasp clumps of hair and snip them off, moving around getting to all parts of her pubic hair. She's not the hairiest female I've seen by any means, some of them have a forest. Hers is just a thatch. When I get it all relatively short, I face a quandary. My mind says to use a blade razor but I don't have one, I use an electric razor.

"I've never done this," I tell her. "I use an electric razor so I'll try that. If it bothers you, let me know. I can always put this off until later." I turn on the razor and start from the top down, from her abdomen down towards her actual labia. It seems to work. She shivers a little but doesn't say anything. I get it down on one side of her labia. Most of her hair is above but some runs down each side.

She giggles. "The vibration is actually very sexy," she says. "I've never used a vibrator but this must be a little like that." I realize the giggle isn't a laugh giggle it's a sexy, aroused giggle. I pull the razor back and do the other side. She makes that same noise. I'm sure there's a little hair running on down toward her anus but I can't see it and besides this is as arousing to me as it is to her.

I turn of the shaver and set it aside. "I should probably do a test, to see how this has turned out," I say as I scrunch down and get my face to her pussy so I can start licking her. Her legs spread even wider and her hand comes on to the back of my head. She leans back some, holding herself up with her other hand. She's every bit as sexy and delicious as she was the first time I did this. I get my tongue to her clit and flick it back and forth while I get a hand up under my chin and push a finger into her. She slides her hips forward slightly, getting her pussy pretty much out into the open and giving me all the room I can possible need to do her properly.

So I do. I really love doing this, always have. She obviously loves it too, reacts with lots of moans and noises and getting more and more engorged and juicy. I pull my finger out and slide three into her. I work them almost as fast as I do my tongue on her clit. She cums. She holds my head, pushes my head into her more tightly. Her legs wave around, grabbing my head occasionally. I just continue working on her as she almost screams. She lets go of my head, grabs my hair to pull my head away from her and says, "Fuck me, fuck me. Get it in me."

So I do. She's extremely ready and so am I by then. I push it all the way in, in one continuous motion. She's still tight and it take some pushing to force my way into her but I'm in. She wraps her legs around me, pulling me into her, holding me there. Her butt is almost off the counter so I push and push, both moving in her and keeping her body up there. I have both hands on the counter, one on either side. She's going "Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes" and I push into her over and over and over. She has both arms around me, her breasts pressed against me. "When you're going to cum, pull out," she says, "I want it in my mouth." Then she's back to screaming a little and giving an ugh with each of my thrusts into her. I can feel that it's building in me and I pull out, try and step back. She gives me a big grin and unwraps her legs, sliding forward on the counter and almost falling in front of me, onto her knees. She grabs my cock and swallows it. She gets one hand to my balls and holds the base of my cock with the other hand as she slides her mouth back and forth on me. I can hear the slurps as she licks and sucks and moves her mouth and then I'm cumming. It's not the largest load in my life but she gets some.

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