tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sexual Prisoner Ch. 02

The Sexual Prisoner Ch. 02


(c) GratefulFred

Picture a darkened room somewhere in a prison community known as Sex City - A place where one is sent for the crime of leaving the porno industry without explanation. The only way to escape is to confess which earns you a quick death if you are lucky or a brain operation if it suits the captor's whims. The controlling interest whomever they are will stop at nothing to break a person. I have been here but 1 week and have already escaped one of their weird experiments. I cling to the hope that I soon will be free from my captors.

Looks can be deceiving as I venture down to the beach on a beautiful sunny day. Judging by the sun's position I figure I am somewhere near the equator but where exactly I cannot tell. A female comes by to whom I need no introductions.

"The new number 2" I say as rise up to greet the new person in charge of this island. That is until I know who number 1 is.

"Number? It seems you have lost your button. Well at any rate perhaps a new number is more appropriate for you", number 2 responds as she sits on my beach towel. I notice her breasts and under other circumstances would love to take part in them.

We sit and make witty chat for a few minutes as an alarm goes off. Number 2 reassures me to sit as we watch some hundred feet away a woman run frantically to escape several guards. She runs into the ocean and swims into the empty calm sea.

"Jenny" I scream as I recognize my fellow actress of many wonderful movies. A boot lands in my back as two men hold me down. I am unable to run to rescue Jenny.

Suddenly a dreadful sound can be heard. A giant white balloon is bouncing and everyone stands still. My head forced in the sand by two thugs holding me down gives me the freedom to watch. The balloon heads out to Jenny as she lets out a death-curdling scream. I watch as Jenny's body is brought back to shore as the balloon drifts in the distance.

Several guards put her aboard a vehicle and drive her away. The thugs get off me, as I am alone once again with number 2.

"Is she alive?" I ask as I watch the golf cart taking her away.

"Oh I am sure you will be seeing her soon" number 2 responds in a chuckling fashion as she walks away leaving the thugs facing me.

A fight breaks out and I show my resilience in putting a few of them down. A few more guards come and I figure why not go down fighting to which I do. Sleep overtakes me.

That night I have one of my eerier paranoid dreams figuring people probing inside my head.

I awaken with a feeling I have never felt before. Something is different. I place my feet down and within no time a feeling of dread overcomes me. My toenails are painted. I suddenly take notice that I have breasts, larger breasts in fact. It is than that I reach down and discover that my penis is no longer part of my body. I let out a howl.

Running to the mirror I study my new female face over and over again seeking any resemblance to the man I used to be. I cannot find one. I begin to utter words and my voice is not my own. I am Jenny now.

The maid comes in and greets me as number 96. I am still in a state of shock as a stumble back onto a chair. She opens my closet as I see several long dresses. She cleans up the apartment as I sit perplexed speechless. She looks over at me and grabs my hand pulling me up with ease. She brushes my long flowing blonde hair as I am still in shock.

Number 2 comes in as the maid leaves. She bids me to come join her at the hair salon.

"Hair salon? I ask and yet as I look in the mirror I have to agree this is a priority.

As we ride over together I, now in Jenny's flawless body, cannot fathom escaping as this body is not my own. And what has become of my body? And what has become of Jenny's mind? Is she in my body now?

We arrive and sit down in those beauty salon chairs. My instincts alone guide my actions as my fingernails are manicured, my hair washed, blow dried and curled to perfection. Number 2 smiles at me, as I am too lost in thoughts to think.

"Tea?" number 2 suggests to which my gut tells me "why" and yet I have to agree that it's about that time of day.

We sit out at the café as several hunky guys walk by. Number 2 motions to them to join us. Both guys sit between us as number 2 begins to tell some story.

"Here I was" begins number 2, "at the height of my career in adult films. I was doing hundreds of guys at a time. Everything was going great. Until?"

Though number 2 was speaking I heard little of the conversation, as I was feeling a bit strange since two hands were on my thighs. Suddenly a very strong hand grabbed my hand and forced it onto his bulging pants. The other did the same.

I quickly got up and took my hands away. I walked back to my apartment with more thoughts in my head. Number 2 was smiling, as she knew I was beginning to crack.

I dropped my clothes off and went straight to the shower. I was totally wet and needed a quick masturbation session. I felt a rush of excitement as my fingers immediately found my tender spot. I did myself and felt a truly different but equally enjoyable sensation.

I passed the mirror to gaze at my beautiful body with thoughts of sex and yet when I looked at myself I didn't know who I was any longer.

It was "Maude Gras" night in Sex City as my thoughts went back in forth remembering all the times I had sex with Jenny and yet I had dreams of me being Jenny and having sex with my past self.

I got dressed in my sexiest outfit thinking of the guys I had met that afternoon. Number 2 greeted me at the door as we both entered the festive chamber. The two guys we had met earlier were dressed in Chippendale's style tuxedo's and they looked good. Number 2 was ordering drinks after drinks, even though I told them I couldn't control myself when I am drunk it was useless to resist. We four were getting smashed in no time. With ease the two guys carried us both up to number 2's apartment. A small dwarf of a man opened the door as we went in. Number 2 and I were dropped upon a large revolving bed giggling. The two guys were doing some type of striptease for us.

"Don't they look hot?" number 2 said as my mind was spinning.

"Yeah" I responded "But you sure do" I said as I pushed number 2 down.

Number 2 was startled as my mouth met hers as I held her hands down. I was way too drunk to know what I was doing and somehow this seemed to be right. I felt her breasts against me as an odd but pleasant sensation. My fingers found number 2's hot pleasure box as I wished to bring her to Nirvana. Sure I have screwed plenty of guys in my career, but I like a good lady as well. The guys sat back and watched as I drank number 2's sweet nectar. Her orgasms sent me over the edge as I shoved my pussy into her face. Seeing the guys wank off as number 2 had a mouthful of my pussy only gave me back more control.

Hours of hot sex went by as finally number 2 and I lay together with arms over each other. A phone was placed in number 2's hands as we cuddled.

"I been replaced" she said rather softly as I kissed her.

The next morning I awoke in my old body with my own mind. Though I never found Jenny again, part of her lives on in me.

The End of Chapter 2

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