tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sexual Prisoner Ch. 03

The Sexual Prisoner Ch. 03


Where I am is something I cannot tell. How long I have been here is getting harder to keep track of. What my prisoners want is information, a fact that I dare not give up. I am a sexual prisoner in Sex City and if you are reading this, please help!

I gaze upon the beach as dumb blondes and dumb jocks walk hand and hand. Perhaps before admitting as to why they pulled out of doing pornographic films I might have been able to engage them in a conversation, but those days are long gone.

Loneliness sets in. I can have sex whenever I want but it's just not the same anymore. In the past I longed to have sex and afterwards share a pleasantry or two. Now that I find myself surrounded by former porn stars that have had their brains zapped, I have noticed a change in myself. We are more than people of the flesh.

The seagulls chase a few crumbs upon the beach. I hear them each morning rapping outside my window. They are free to fly while I am a prisoner.

As I stare across the beach, my eyes fall upon someone new, a female, attempting to make conversation with one of the couples. She seems odd.

A slender hand with a bottle of suntan lotion stops by my towel.

"Isn't it a beautiful day number 69?" comes a voice to my side.

"Another day of captivity is just that" I respond as I get a look at her button with the number 2 pressed upon it.

She sits down upon a towel to my side and gives me the gaze over. "I have heard much of you number 69. I am so happy that they've assigned me to you."

"Well, you have a rather short lived profession my dear. Others have come. Others have gone." I say with a chuckle.

The new girl suddenly interrupts our conversation. She has no button on. "Will someone tell me where am I?"

"You are in "Sex City" my dear -- the place for former pornographic actors. It isn't wise to go without your button" number 2 says as she strokes my hair.

"Fuck you with this number shit. Where's my agent? I want off this island now!" the girl responds.

I smile and look over at number 2. "You got a feisty one on your hands. I think you better let her go"

Number 2 takes her hand away from me. 'Number 59, you are a prisoner. There can be no escape unless you give us what we want".

"And what the fuck can that be? And why the fuck do you call me a number?" the girl responds as I study her intensity.

"Well give us information as to why you left. Why did you quit porn? That's all we need to know. After that you may leave" number 2 says with a smile.

I feel the urge to speak up to this new inhabitant. "Tell her and you'll end up like those people". I point to all the glassy eyed couples.

"Well fuck you too number 69. Fuck you both. My reason for leaving has nothing to fuck to do with you two", she yells as she runs towards one end of the beach.

I go out to stop her but after 50 feet I turn around and see number 2 issuing some commands in a hand held device. A feeling of dread overcomes me.

I see a giant Spermicide filled white balloon surface and move through the ocean at a rapid pace. The new girls tries to escape but she's on an empty part of the beach and it's to no avail. The ball goes over her and back to the ocean from whence it came. A golf cart with several men picks her up and takes her to the infirmary or the morgue.

"I sense you liked the girl number 69. Pity!" says number 2 as she walks away.

A week passes and the agonizing days pass rather uneventful. I have learned that an art contest is taking place and even though I am hounded constantly to participate I decline.

I found myself drinking some coffee in the town's café when I notice the new girl from the beach walking by quite slowly. I can see she's been through a tremendous ordeal.

She comes over to me. "I am sorry I cursed at you the other day. I was mad. My name is Candy by the way"

"Pleased to meet you Candy. How are you feeling?" I asked her as I tried to see if she was broken or not.

She spoke sincerely. "They kept me up so many hours but I wouldn't break. I remembered what you said and I knew that if I confessed they would turn me into one of those dumb blondes, even though I am not blonde."

"I am sorry. They can be very persuasive." I added.

"Number 2 warned me about you. She said that you are a trouble maker", Candy said with a smile.

It felt very good to get such a compliment. "Look I know you are thinking of escape but I can tell you it's nearly impossible"

"Yeah for a man maybe it is, but besides making films I was a $5000/hour escort. I had a chip implanted in me by some wealthy jealous sheik. Knowing how possessive he is, I am sure that he's offshore now just waiting for me. If only there was some way to get beyond the city's defenses." Candy said as an idea went off in my head.

"Look. I think I can get us both off shore but it'll take some time. I told Candy as her face took on certain glow.

Candy smiled and reached over to hug me. I felt her breasts against my body. She reached down to my hand and made sure I touched her. She gave me a kiss upon the lips got up and left.

I felt for the first time in a long time like I just lost my virginity. When having sex in the movies it was all about the work. Having sex with someone who's mind had been violated is not the same no matter the physical attraction. Candy was the full package and I sensed it was mutual.

The bells went off at 8 pm as curfew began. News had spread about some super computer.

Candy came in 10 minutes afterwards and jumped into my arms. The sex was passionate imaginative and was the most satisfying I had had in a long time. We spoke that night about our carriers and movies and surprisingly had never met. I guessed me being in England and her in America answered that. We agreed that should we get away we should do one for our fans.

The world outside of Sex City, the village of the damn had disappeared. I was with a woman who shared my passion.

The next day my alarm on my watch woke me at 8 am. I kissed Candy and made my way to the supply shop. Number 2 making her rounds bumped into me.

"I hope you don't plan on murdering anyone with that axe?" number 2 asked.

"No. I am working on a special art project for the upcoming competition" I responded with a smile. I knew I would be followed on my way to the forest.

I put up blankets around a small area and began my project. Many passersby watched with curiosity. It took me a good many days and no one, not even Candy knew my secret.

At the main event I unveiled my project and the other participants stood in wonder - A large wooden 12-foot long penis. Number 2 lead the cheers and complimented me on my conformity to life on Sex City. I pressed a button when everyone was close and a dosage of cum shot out. Number 2 pointed to me and I conferred that it was the least I could do. Candy hugged me and by this time everyone in Sex City knew we were a couple.

I walked Candy back before curfew and told her to get ready for tonight we would be making our get away.

After 10 pm I retrieved my art project and wheeled it out secretly to the beach. Candy joined me as I opened up the penis into a large boat. Tonight we had a steady breeze and it was my hope we could make it far enough that someone would spot us.

The moon wasn't out yet as we rowed to the east to get as far away as we could. After sometime we saw a flashlight signaling us from some distance.

"It must be the sheik. We are almost free" Candy said as we rowed as fast as we could.

An alarm sounded and we saw bubbles emerge from the still ocean. A giant balloon had surfaced and was racing towards us. We saw several figures at the nearby beach and they were firing at the large menacing object. We decided to swim for it.

Just as we arrived at shore, the balloon retreated. We were free. At last!

The sheik was the most gracious of men. After thanking him I asked him where exactly are we. He told me we were off the coast of Morocco. Candy told him about the ordeal being captured and he assured me that we'd best go to the authorities and bring an end to this farce called Sex City.

Sometimes after dinner perhaps my adrenalin, or the wine, or the dancing girls caught up to me as I passed out in deep sleep. When I awoke I was on a sofa in the production studios in England where I did my movies. Candy was next to me.

"Finally, you wake up. I was beginning to worry." Candy said as Matthew, the producer of over 100 of my movies brought me a cup of coffee.

My head felt like I was still half a zombie as I sat up right. "Where's the sheik? I wanted to thank him."

"The sheik has already bankrolled a movie with you and Candy. That's the old Freddy charm", Matthew said as freedom was still a concept I was getting used too.

"Listen I think it would be wonderful to give our fans another movie and I would hate to disappoint the sheik for all he's done for us. Freddy my love, I'm going out to straighten out my apartment. You boys work out all the paperwork on the movie," Candy said as she kissed me and left.

"Quite a looker you got their Freddy dude" Matthew said as he looked at me with a puzzled look.

"Yeah. She's great. What time is it by the way?" I asked as I took down another swipe of the coffee.

"Morning time bro'. So tell me Freddy, Candy says you been gone someplace. What's this all about?" Matthew asked.

"I was kidnapped with a whole lot of ex-porno people. Sounds crazy, but I tell you it's the real deal", I tell him as I see his face start to break a smile of disbelief.

Matthew still not believing a word of my story added, "Kidnapped porn sounds like weird stuff. Hey I didn't get any ransom letter by the way. Not that I'd pay"

I appreciated Matthew's sense of humor but still it dawned upon me that I really had no evidence to support my theory besides my word, that didn't amount to much. Matthew saw I was a bit stressed out as he brought me some papers.

"Nothing like getting back to business. Isn't that right Freddy boy?" Matthew said as he had some papers in front of me.

My mind was drifting on what proof I had of Sex City. It was just my word and Candy's...

"Hey why did you leave anyways?" Matthew asked as he went to the fridge.

"Well Matthew you see..." suddenly I stopped. Did I just hear those seagulls? No one, not even Matthew wakes up early in the porn industry. Did Candy just say she was going to HER apartment? Isn't she American?

"Freddy what's wrong?" Matthew asked as I rose to my feet still a bit groggy.

I walked to the door and opened it. I was still in Sex City. In fact I had never left. A serious looking Candy wearing a button with the number 2 on it slaps me and leaves. I had survived my ordeal but just barely.

To be continued...

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