tagMatureThe Sexy Adventures of Mary

The Sexy Adventures of Mary


"What do you think I should do about him?" I asked my slightly younger sister Tina.

"What do I think you should do?...... Get him in the house, fuck his young brains out and send him home until your ready for another go. That's what I'd do."

"Why do I even bother talking to you. Your incorrigible. Besides, I'm old enough to be his grandmother."

"So. He obviously doesn't mind. Nothing wrong with a 59 years old, good looking sex bomb, getting it on with a horny teenager. If that's what you both want, then do it."

"I haven't said that's what I want and I'm not a sex bomb."

Deep down my loins are churning. The thought that young Tommy has been at his window for the last three days watching my every move has me in a heated state. Saying that, it didn't always have this effect on me. When I first caught the glimpse of the sun reflecting off his telescope and realised what he was doing I became immediately angry. How dare he presume to watch me in my own garden. Who does he think he is? I went so far as to pick up the phone. I intentionally meant to phone the police, but instead called my sister.

She's a bit, I say a bit, in fact quite a bit more liberated than me. My name is Mary. I'm 59, married with two daughters. The eldest is Tracy. She's 35, married to Paul and lives a few hundred miles away with their son Phillip. My youngest daughter is Joanne. She's 31, a single mother of two daughters. She lives and works overseas. We don't see each other too often. My husband Edward works in the city. He does something in import and exports. He travels home every fortnight for a weekend visit. We don't have much of a marriage anymore. That's to say, not much of a sex life. I've never cheated on my husband. The thought has never entered my head. Until now.

I'm 5' 5". My black hair has now got flecks of grey in it. I have it permed once a month. At the moment it hangs past my shoulders. I suppose my most striking feature would be my bust. This, my sister and I inherited from our grandmother. I, unlike my sister, have not always been happy with these. You see, we're fortunate, or unfortunate, to have 'G' cup breasts. Tina uses these to her advantage every chance she gets. Unlike me, whose always tried to cover them up. I have tried many things to disguise them. Nothing works by the way, they're just too big.

Some of the stories that Tina has told me over the years would make a seasoned porn watchers hair curl. She's every mans fantasy. Even at her age of 57, she hasn't let up one bit. She says she loves to tease men. When I say men, I mean males. Young, old, married, single, ugly, handsome, it just doesn't matter to her. Every minute of her day, she dresses for sex. This is accompanied by the words 'You never know.'

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. I'd phoned Tina. As I said, I was angry. I don't even like to be ogled on when I'm in the street. But in my own home, it was intolerable. In hindsight, my sister was the last person I should of phoned. She was actually no help what-so-ever. She actually tried to encourage me to reveal certain parts of my body to him. I slammed the phone down on her. I didn't need to hear stuff like that from her or anybody.

I stayed inside the rest of that day. I didn't venture outside once. Later that evening, after I'd calmed down, I called Tina back to make my peace.

"I'm sorry Tina." I pleaded. "I shouldn't of hung up on you like that."

"That's ok, but you need to lighten up a bit honey." she said as I sat back in my leather wing backed armchair.

"It's about time you realised that your still an attractive woman, whose had two wonderful daughters and an arsehole for a husband."

"Now that's not fair Tina. He takes good care of me. He works hard and I don't want for anything."

"Humph.......... Except for a good shag."

She's right. We used to have a reasonably good sex life. I don't really know what happened. It started getting a bit scarce and before you knew it, it was non-existent. No-ones fault really. I have tried a few times to try and regain some sort of intimacy, but to no avail. I don't believe Edward's cheating on me. I know that for a fact. He just doesn't want sex. Nobody knows about this. To everyone, friends, neighbours and family, we're still the perfect couple. All except my sister Tina. We've always been close and we've always shared all our secrets. Well, I've never had too many to share. I was a good girl, a good student, a good mother and a good wife.

I'm listening to Tina still babbling away about the enthusiasm of young cocks when I catch a reflection through my patio doors.

"Tina....... Tina!!!" I all but shout. "I think he's back again........... He's watching me in my own house. In my own living room. What nerve."

"Can you see him? What's he like anyway this Tommy?" " Tina asked quickly,

"No. I just saw a reflection from his lens as a car drove past.......... There it is again. He's definitely looking in at me.......... This is weird." I say and I meant it.

"No darling this is great. You lucky thing. You've got the perfect opportunity to tease him senseless without having to let him know you know he's there." said Tina breathlessly.

"Why on earth would I do that?" I asked like the prude I am.

"Because silly, it's fun. Not just for him , but for you too. What are you wearing? Nothing sexy by any chance." I can hear Tina getting excited on the other end of the phone. I think myself lucky she'd have quite a bit of a drive if she wanted to visit.

"No, nothing sexy. I'm here on my own for gods sake, why on earth would I be dressed sexy for?" I asked. I can feel anger building up in me again.

"So you'd give your admirer something nice to look at silly. Sometimes Mary, I wonder about you."

"Well don't. Listen, I've got to go. Someone's coming up the driveway. I'll ring tomorrow ok?"

"Hang on a minute Mary. I'm going to come over tomorrow. We'll have some fun. Alright? See you then."

I don't want to hear this. Not now. I know what she's up to.

"No Tina. I'm busy tomorrow. Tina...... Tina?" I'm talking to white noise. She's already gone. I put the phone down. I can actually feel the lens on me from across the two gardens. It's quite eerie having somebody spying on you. My thoughts turn to Tommy. I've known him for 11 years. Ever since he and his parents moved in. He was 9 then. At twenty he's grown into a handsome, strapping young man. He's quite often come round to do odd jobs for me. Things like mow the lawn, cut hedges, even did some decorating for me. For pay obviously. In all the times he's been here, he's behaved like a perfect gentleman. As for me. I've never looked at him in any way but as a young friendly neighbour. Mind you, I do know a handsome man when I see one. And he definitely that.

It's getting dark outside and I stand up to close the curtains. I put lights on and pull the drapes on the three windows. I make my way over to the patio door and for some reason I hesitate. Something's making pause in front of the doors. I look down at myself. I'm dressed in such plain clothes I wonder what he sees in me. I take a deep breath, my bust presses against my blouse. My heart is pounding. I know he's watching. For the first time ever, deep down, I wish I was more like Tina.

I turn away from the doors and head for the kitchen. I need a drink. I have wine in the fridge. A nice glass of wine will do me good. I lean against the sink sipping my drink. It amazes me that I'm not frightened at all in any way. In fact, I realise, I'm quite taken with the fact that this young man seems to fancy me. Who'd of thought. I look down at my breasts. These are what he wants. I know that. Most men that see them want to touch them. I can see it in their eyes. When they talk to me their eyes don't reach my face. It's been like this all my life. Tina took advantage of them. Used them in any way she could. She discovered at an early age her sexuality and never looked back. I remember when we were teenagers. She had a lover who was enamoured by her and her breasts. She'd let it be known that her sister was built just the same. He, of course, being a man wanted me to join them. My sister tried everything in her power to try and make this happen. Even then she had no shame. I, of course, refused and it marred things between us for a little while.

Thoughts of Tina brought back my predicament about tomorrow. I know my sister. Just knowing that young Tommy is across the way with his telescope, watching us, will be enough for her to keep her promise and I know in my heart that she will be here in time for breakfast.

I give a mental shrug. There's nothing I can do about this now. It's going to happen. I find myself smiling. It'll be good to spend some time alone with Tina. Although she doesn't live to far from me, we're so different that it keeps us apart. Her lifestyle is too hectic for me, while mine is much too homely and quiet for her. As she say's, she could never fit it in with my life of committees and coffee mornings. So to spend a day with her in the confines of my home should be fun. I hope.

I head back into the front room. I stand in the middle of the room, staring at the TV. I haven't got a clue what's on, my mind is in turmoil. I feel him watching me. I stay put for about 5 minutes and walk straight to the doors. I reach to my right and pull the curtain. I move to my left and just before I pull I look up intentionally to his window. I stand like this for long seconds. My heart is pounding behind my chest and I feel him looking into my eyes before I finally pull the drape closed.

It's only been three days since I discovered him spying on me. And yet I'm feeling things I've never felt before. If I'm to be completely honest, I feel incredibly turned on. My nipples are hard beneath my bra and I can feel my vaginal juices flowing into my knickers. I need to go to bed. Thank heavens my bedroom's at the front of the house. Maybe when I wake up, I'll make sense of all this. And of course, I'll sort Tina out when she gets here.

I'm woken rudely the next morning. I force open my eyes and look at the alarm clock. It's only 7.30am. "Who on earth could be knocking this time of the morning?" I ask myself. Then it hits me with a resounding bang, Tina. Only she would be so rude that she could wake me this early.

I struggle from the bed and cover my nudity with a white towelling dressing gown.

"Hold on........ I'm coming." I shout. I don't think that she can hear me. She is still ringing and knocking. I haven't even had time to think about Tina and today. I'd taken another glass of wine to bed with me and fell asleep halfway through it. It made for a deep sleep. No wonder I felt as groggy as I did. A quick look through the peep hole and I let her in.

"Well, it's about time you got up. ... I was beginning to think you really did have to go out.... Whoa... heavy night darling?"

"Good morning to you too Tina. And no, it wasn't a heavy night. I just had a couple of wines. You know I don't drink much." I replied. I could already feel her getting under my skin. "Well, come on in. I didn't expect you this early."

Tina stepped into the hallway and I closed the door behind her. I followed her as she made her way into the kitchen, listening to her waffle on about how heavy the traffic was even at that time of the morning. I don't know what she expected. This time of year, a Saturday, brilliant weather forecast, people are going to be doing things. Family things. And here I am, going to spend the day with my younger sister, terrified at what she's going to get up to.

An hour later, we're sat talking. Nursing our third cup of coffee and catching up on things. Mostly, I just listened. As I did, I looked at my sister. Her hair is longer than mine. There is no sign of grey. 'She must dye it' I reasoned. Her eyes sparkling blue grey, like my own. She has, it's been said a cute button nose and full lips. Her face is still remarkably smooth, except crows feet around her eyes. It used to be said when we were younger that we looked more like twins. I suppose we did. Do we now. I suppose we do. We definitely look like the sisters we are. Both fortunate to look 10 years younger than we should. The name Tommy brought me out of my musing.

"I'm sorry Tina. What?" I asked her she sat there waiting for an answer.

"Tch...... I said, so tell me about Tommy. Everything."

"What do you mean everything. There's nothing to tell. He's the young lad that decorated the study for me last year, and helps out with the lawn and anything else that Edward can't be bothered with. He's 19 and he lives alone with his mother ever since his father left 4 years ago."

"HIM!!!!!!!!!.... I met him before didn't I? He was just about finished decorating when I called round one time. Big lad, short cropped hair, very good looking if I remember right and very shy, at least he was then."

Oh god. She actually did remember. This made things worse, I wasn't sure how it would, I just knew it would. Tina's silence was enough to convince me that the gears of her brain were in overdrive. I suddenly was very afraid for young Tommy.

"Well...... is it the same lad?" I didn't want to answer, but I know Tina well enough to know that she is not going to leave this alone.

"Yes...... yes it is. But Tina, it doesn't matter. I don't want you to get involved in anything. He's just a young lad. He probably doesn't even realise what he's doing. It's his hormones." I finished lamely. I knew it was falling on deaf ears.

I saw her looking at her watch. I glanced myself at the kitchen clock. It was fast approaching 10am and I wasn't even dressed yet. I mentioned this and Tina immediately took over.

"Good..... It's a lovely day. Lets find you something cool to wear." she said as she took my arm, pulling me upstairs towards my bedroom. My small protestations were doing no good at all.

"Listen Mary. I'm not totally insensitive. I can't make you do things you don't want to do, can I?.... All I want you to do is dress a little feminine, ok?"

I looked at her. Nothing is ever that simple with Tina. It's been that way all our life. The trouble was, I didn't think I possessed anything sexy. At least what Tina would call sexy. My wardrobe was full of conservative clothes that my Edward thought I looked good in. And we all know you don't have to dress sexy to look good.

It wasn't long before Tina came to the same conclusion. At least in part. Her opinion was more forthright than mine.

"I can't believe that he makes you wear this shit!!........ Doesn't he realise what a desirable woman you are, or is it that he does and is afraid that other men will see it too." she stated as she pulled clothes from my wardrobe and threw them on the bed with disgust. I had to admit to myself, that she was right. My clothes were so plain. It wasn't all Edwards fault though. I spent enough time trying to cover up and I suppose he just helped me with that. In hindsight, it would have been nicer if he'd tried to encourage me to be just a little more relaxed and be more proud of my body.

"Well........ You won't be wearing any of this crap......... wait here."

I sat on the edge of the bed and waited. I had no idea where she was going. It wasn't until I heard the front door open that I began to wonder. A couple of minutes later I heard her coming up the stairs. She practically fell into the room, lugging behind her a fairly large suitcase. I stared open eyed. She just looked at me, shrugged, and said, "I'm always prepared. I knew you wouldn't possess anything raunchy so I brought my own, we're the same size, always have been since teens...... now... lets see."

Tina placed the case on the bed beside me. I looked aghast as the lid opened at what I saw. As far as I could tell, she had everything in there from heels all the way up to make up and jewellery. I looked from the case up to Tina. She was smiling at me. Not in a wicked evil way, but kind of tenderly.

"Come on honey. I'm going to make you so beautiful, everyone will want you." I kind of doubted that, but was willing to go along with her. Besides, we haven't played dress up since we were kids. I'm in my own house with locked doors, so nobody can see us. With nothing to lose, I took a deep breath and Tina began.

A half hour later I was dressed in what Tina called a spectacular outfit. I had on a white halter neck blouse, tied at the waist. My full breasts were threatening to burst the buttons off. I pulled and shoved them trying to make more room. It didn't help not having a bra on. It wasn't going to happen. I had never before worn a garment that showed so much cleavage and breast off before. I also wore a pair of black shorts that barely covered my arse. Bare legs that looked seriously long in 4" black stiletto heels. I stood staring at myself in the full length mirror. I can surprisingly say, I actually felt I looked good. I looked through the reflection of the mirror and could see Tina stepping into her heels. She had on a white capped sleeved blouse that accentuated her expansive bosom. A red mini skirt and red 4" in heels. She looked amazing. She put her arm around me and we stood there admiring each other.

"See Mary. You really are stunning and that prick of a husband of yours is the most wasted excuse for a man on the planet............ Now lets do some make up."

I didn't argue with her when she said that about Edward. I sort of knew she was right and besides, by now I was feeling more woman then I ever had in my life. Strange how a set of clothes can do that to you.

Twenty minutes later I didn't even recognise myself. My eyes had mascara and shadow on them for the first time in many years. My full lips were made even more fuller by the red gloss that she'd applied. I actually sat stunned as Tina leant over me and did her own. I really did look classy. I was surprised. I don't know why, I expected Tina to make us look like a pair of old tarts. But she hadn't, we really did look really good.

I sat and painted my long nails with red polish still looking in the mirror. I had no idea what to do next. A part of me wanted to be seen dressed like this. But the main part of my conscience was pulling me strongly towards the proper way to behave. Or, as I have always perceived it.

"Come on, I'm starving. Lets get some lunch. It's a glorious day Mary, we can eat outside on the patio."

For the first time in an hour, my thoughts turned to Tommy. Somehow in my mind, I'd turned this into a game. We were just dressing up like we did when we were kids. Now, reality kicked in with a bang. He'd be at his window, watching, waiting. A small tremor passed through me. What was he going to think when he saw me dressed this way. More to the point, what would he think when he saw the two of us dressed the way we were.

I stood up. A little unsteady on the 4" heels. These were the highest shoes I'd ever worn. My legs looked the best I'd ever seen them and I vowed I'd wear them again. Even if it was just in the house and on my own.

We entered the kitchen after a lot of giggling and laughter as Tina helped me down the stairs. Tina sat at the table, pulled the ashtray towards her and lit a cigarette. I went about pulling the makings of some salad sandwiches from the fridge. I happened to glance in her direction as she was talking to me. My first thought was, "WOW. She looks fantastic. No wonder she always has men at her beck and call." I wondered for the first time if men, or mainly Tommy would see me, like I was seeing Tina. A knot formed in my stomach as I felt a small panic. All the resolutions I made myself last night were coming to apart. My sister was here, had me dressed to kill and any moment now she will have me outside where Tommy and his telescope can have a real good long look. I felt my nipples harden as these thoughts passed through me and I blushed a deep red as I saw Tina noticed.

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