tagGroup SexThe Sexy SIL Ch. 03

The Sexy SIL Ch. 03


Almost a fortnight had gone by and I hadn't had the chance to meet up with my amazing sister in law. Of course, we did keep up with the sexy banter by way of messages on the cell, or when we had the chance, whispers by way of a short call on phone.

And then one day, I received a message that sent a chill through my body: U LOST THE BET. HAVE BROKEN DOWN SWATI N MEETING HER AT MINA'S FARMHOUSE FOR CONTINUING SEDUCTION 2DAY.

I hurriedly deleted the message (we had agreed not to keep these messages on the cell) and thought about what she had done with Swati.

I was at home this day, with nothing specific to do. That's one of the advantages of being a free lancer. You can choose your time: when you want to get away for a while, all you have to inform the customer is that the particular point in question needs to be studied minutely and hey presto! You are free.

I lay back on the bed (I had been reading a paperback) and wild images flashed through my mind. Radha and Swati, both buck-naked! Radha had told me that she could perhaps tell Swati about 'artificial' methods of self-gratification. I wondered how she expected to do that. Would she really use a cucumber on Swati? Or did she have in her possession some sort of a dildo? A vibrator?

Such toys are not available in India. But then, Radha's best friend Mina often went abroad with her husband and it wouldn't be difficult for her to get hold of such toys. Whatever it was, it sure sent the familiar signal to my prick. Hell, I was only human and the sudden rush of blood to that important extension of flesh in a man's body was only natural.

I also thought about Mina. The biggish woman with her pageboy cut, naked and sweating, panting with desire as Radha ate her out. Mina, lying on her back, legs up in the air and spread far apart to allow her friend to suck and lick at the pouting lips between them...

I broke into a sweat as the image shifted and to a screaming Swati, tossing her head from one side to the other while Radha pushed a large cucumber inside her pussy and began to imitate the in and out movements. The cucumber went away and was replaced by my shaft.

I had to rush to the bathroom to release myself and when I was back, I found that Radha had sent another message on the cell: CAN U LEND US THE CD? SHE STILL DOESN'T KNOW THAT THE SECRET MAN IS U.

My hands shook as I sent her my reply:


It took a little while for her to reply.


My wife, who returned from her school late afternoon, never knew what hit her. Straight after lunch, with the kids away, I simply pulled her to the bedroom even before she could clear away the dishes.

She protested, though weakly, (she needed it too) and even before we were on the bed, I had undressed her. I wanted to try a new position with her, but she wasn't having anything with that.

"I like it like this," she whispered, turning to her side.

Now, you can understand why Radha was amazing and why I suddenly found myself eager for the next day to come.


Radha met me the next evening at her office. I mean, I went to the office; I simply had to. Images of her and Swati at the farmhouse filled my mind and I found that I just couldn't concentrate on anything.

I called up ahead of the visit and of course, Dilip was at the office as well. So, okay, I thought. If I couldn't do anything with Radha, at least, I could assuage myself by getting her to tell me what exactly transpired between the two women of my fantasies.

At six in the evening, I sauntered over to the office. Dilip was seated on his chair behind the desk, and I kept thinking, oh my god, I had done it to your wife right there on the chair that you are sitting on!

Radha just said "Hi!" from her cabin and continued to work with a thick file she had spread out on her desk, though I did see that mischievous glint in her sparkling eyes. The assistants were busy with their work as well.

"Hey, May," Dilip called out, pushing the drawing away from the desk. "Okay, Nisha," he told his secretary gesturing for me to take the chair opposite his. "We will finish this tomorrow, okay?"

Nisha cleared the desk. She was a tall and lithe girl, barely nineteen or so, and very sensuous. I wondered how the hell he managed to get girls like that to work for him. Me, I tried as hell to get one such for myself, only as part time secretary who could type a bit and do some accounts. But the girls who turned out for the interview were...oh well; some guys have all the luck. Like, I thought, glancing at Radha casually, me.

"Been quite a while since you dropped in here," Dilip said, leaning back on his chair and grinning at me.

You really don't want to know the truth, I thought. Aloud, I said, "Oh well, I was around the neighborhood and thought I could just drop in to say hi. I've been over to the house a couple of times and you weren't there. Too busy, I guess."

He smiled ruefully. "Yeah, I guess so too. The project at that goddamn place is on the verge of completion and the usual last minute hassles are already creeping up. I'm lucky to be here for whatever time I get. The next month is going to see me more out of town."

"Oh. That heavy, huh?"

"You gotta do what you gotta do," he laughed. "Hey," he snapped his fingers and the office boy materialized.

"Coffee as usual?"

I nodded.

The boy disappeared and I watched Radha get out of her cabin and make her way towards us.

"What a surprise!" she exclaimed, pulling back the chair next to mine and lowering her voluptuous frame onto it. "I think we should be honored by his visit, Dilip. May never gets the time to make it to our humble office."

They laughed and I grinned. I could smell that exotic perfume she always wore and there! The tightening inside my trousers began!

We chatted away and he described his project to me. The coffee arrived and we sipped it. I nodded and shook my head as he prattled on and on. I pretended to be excited as much as he was.

The guy who was doing the drawings on the computer called out to Dilip.

"Boss, I think this is finished."

"Yeah? Wait a sec. let me check it before you mail it."

He rose from his chair and made his way to the junior architect, his coffee in his hand.

That gave me the time to whisper, "Jeeze, I'm bursting up! Just tell me what happened."

She smiled sultrily and leaned her head towards mine so that she could drop her voice.

"I cracked her, May," she chortled. "It was way too easy just like I had told you. Within two hours at the first meeting and she was all mushy and gone and urging me to go faster and deeper!"

I felt a jolt go through me. "Go where? With what?" I croaked.

She giggled. "We spoke for a long time about her husband's inability to please her and I kept telling her that it was important for women to get their pleasure since we don't get any younger and one day it would be too late. She told me she was desperate for some good loving and as we spoke, I began to caress her shoulders and her knees.

"I think she got the hint because she kept closing the gap between us and soon, I had my hands inside her blouse and had reduced her to a blathering wreck!"

The pain in my groin kept increasing.

"And then I began dropping the hint that I wasn't in too good a condition and naturally, I was seeing a reliable and very good lover on the side!"

My heart almost stopped. "You what?"

"Relax. She was pretty stunned, I should say," she said, casually glancing at her husband who was now sitting on beside the junior guy and editing (obviously) the drawing or whatever there was on the monitor.

"Wasn't she curious?"

She giggled. "You bet she was. But the things I was doing to her made her hornier than curious. But she does keep on asking me who it is that I was fucking"

She dropped her voice to a very low octave indeed when she used that word. "And when I described, in very graphic detail indeed what and how I was getting off with this sexy lover of mine, she got so hot, she almost bit my tongue off. She kept begging me to tell her the details."

"And," I muttered hoarsely, "of course you did."

"Oh yes, I did. There was no way she could have let me get away without that. And tell you what, I too began to get hornier when I was telling what we had done at our apartment."

"You mentioned that we did it there?" I asked sharply.

"Keep your voice down, stud. Well, I did have to. That made it all the more sexier, you see."

I looked around the office guiltily.

"Didn't that arouse her suspicions?"

"C'mon, May. You know how many people keep popping at the apartment."

That was true, I guess.

"Well, you got the CD?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Well then, why don't you hand it over to me?"

"Here? Now?" I was nervous.

"A CD's a small thing and can be hidden very conveniently in the folds of a sari," she informed me.

I slipped out the CD that I had wrapped in a brown envelope from my leather pouch and furtively passed it to her. She grabbed it and slid it within the folds of the border of the sari she was wearing.

"Tell you what," she whispered, leaning sideways and pretending to adjust the border of her sari over her shoulder and succeeding in exposing the enticing cleavage. "Can you find the farmhouse if I gave you the address?"


"Take the bypass for the expressway and drive past the Fast Food Junction. Keep going for a couple of kilometers till you find the Silver Motel to the left."

"I know where that is," I interrupted.

"Good. Park your car in the parking lot. Pay double charges to the attendant there and you can keep your car there for more than twenty-four hours, no questions asked. You have to walk in the same direction as you had been driving so far, perhaps half a kilometer or so. Don't worry about the watchman at the farmhouse; I'm giving him time off till late at night."

"Why do you want me to come to Mina's farmhouse when you are with Swati?"

She batted her eyelids and flashed a smile. "That's the purpose, isn't it?" She continued, "You will find a wooden board nailed to a huge tree to the left marked 'The Mimi's'. That's the acronym they have used to name their place. A fusion of their names," she giggled.

I noticed that Dilip was pushing back the chair, ready to walk back to us.

"You have to walk a further half a kilometer; that's how long their driveway is. You will come to the farmhouse. Walk around it to the back. I'll keep the spare key under the mat at the back door. Don't make any noise. From there," she noticed her husband walking towards us and quickly ended up saying, "you play it by the nose. Get there around three, okay?"

It was just as well that she said that quickly because Dilip was almost at the desk.

"Oh, excuse me May," she said, changing the tone of her voice effortlessly. "I'll go and get my bag."

As Dilip slipped back into his chair, she rose and walked languidly back to her cabin.

"You going for the meeting, honey?" he asked her, lighting up a cigarette and pushing the pack to me.

"I can't miss it," she replied. "You go on and finish up your work. I've kept the lunch box in my cabin. I figure I should be back at about seven, Maybe eight."

"Yeah, right," he grinned at me. "See what I mean? Times like these and I got to have the grub here. Want to share it?"

I shook my head. "Would have loved to, but I guess I got to scram. I've an appointment at the Industrial Complex and you know what it is like driving through the traffic at this hour."

"Tough," he agreed.

I stole a glance at Radha who was walking out of the office, waving a casual goodbye at us.

"You bet," I told him. "Not just tough, it's like hell."

"Another coffee?" he asked me.

I glanced at the wall clock. "Nope. It's eleven already. Tell you what, lets go down to the hotel and have some orange juice, okay?"

I don't know why, but I suddenly felt that I would need that extra large orange juice.


The farmhouse was set way back off the highway. In fact, you wouldn't notice it from the road, surrounded as it was by the thick foliage and those large mango trees.

I was fifteen minutes early; it was just 2.45 pm. But, I figured, what the hell. I might as well get in earlier than be late. Having got to know Radha, I was certain that she wouldn't take a long time to get down to business as soon as possible.

Her car was parked in the porch. The farmhouse was a one-storied affair. Apart from the large closed-door bang in the middle of the front façade, I could see large windows, completely covered by curtains.

Above, I could see a balcony hanging out right on top of the porch. There were floor to ceiling windows (also covered by curtains) leading from the balcony to what I presumed was a bedroom.

I made my way furtively around the porch to the rear of the farmhouse. I could hear soft music obviously coming form a TV set.

I had given her a CD, which featured a redhead and a blonde in the opening scene. I was pretty sure that they had it going because I could identify the music. (See what I mean about confessing that I see these flicks so many times?) After about fifteen minutes of tongues and fingers and hands, a big black guy joins them. Nothing very unique about that, you see!

I found the key under the mat and with trembling hands I quietly unlocked the back door.

It took some time for my eyes to adjust to the relative darkness: a stark contrast to the bright sunshine outside the farmhouse.

I found myself in a small rectangular room, a sort of a storage area. I locked the door behind me, listening to the moans and groans emanating from the TV.

Past this room, the small door opened into a large living room, perhaps about forty by forty. I stepped quietly over the two steps and found myself looking directly into a huge plasma-screen monitor.

To the right was a door that led to a small sitting room, which in turn opened to the front porch. Seated on a large couch, side-by-side were the two of them. In fact, they were seated very close to each other. I could see their backs since they were facing the TV. The space between the back of the couch and the door from where I had stepped in branched to another door: the kitchen-cum-dining area. Towards my right, was the staircase that wound up to the first floor and tucked away beyond that was a large door leading to the bedrooms / bathrooms.

I stole a quick glance upwards and noticed a large ceiling to first floor curtain draped there, hiding the area behind it.

Cool, I thought, real cool. Just right for that typical love-nest, though a larger version.

Larger? It was a goddamned mansion!

I watched the back of their heads, so close together that I knew they had to be doing something very intimate to themselves. They were about ten minutes into the film already. The redhead with those amazing breasts, now cupping them in her hands was rubbing the nipples over the blonde's face. The two girls on the screen were down to their stockings and while the redhead had nothing else on, the blonde had her top pushed down to expose her taut breasts.

In addition to the noise of the moaning and sharp cries of pleasure coming from the screen, I could hear Radha and Swati murmuring and because they had their backs to me, I couldn't see what they were up to. So I did the best thing I could do under the circumstances. I crept up the stairs to the first floor.

Stepping past the door I entered a long passage. The curtain was now to my left. There were two doors (both closed) to the left, another one facing the door and just where the curtain ended. Finally, the fourth door was at the end of the passage. That was the one, I guessed, which led to the balcony atop the porch.

I parted the curtains and glanced below.

I had a complete aerial view of the living room. The monitor suspended on the wall facing the large couch, the rows of three overstuffed chairs on either side of the couch, the low divan pushed to one side, a center table and the now partially open door that led to the sitting room and from there to the front door.

I gasped. Radha and Swati were partially undressed and while Swati had looped an arm over Radha's shoulder to fondle her large breast hanging outside the open bra, Radha had the fingers of one hand, thrust past the waistband of Swati's pajama and groping between Swati's legs, presumably caressing her there judging by the billowing movements while with her other hand she stroked one of Swati's breast that was also exposed.

The two women wore the traditional Punjabi suits. This consists of a form-fitting shirt, called the kurta, which reaches to about knee length. Below is the pajama, which hugs the legs beneath the knees like a second skin, is pretty loose around the hips and is held at the waist by a drawstring.

In contrast to Radha's all-black churidar (as the combination of the kurta and pajama is called), Swati's churidar was a light green.

The kurta can have a row of buttons at the front or hooks at the back. Sometimes, they have a few hasps at the side or a zip. I couldn't make out these details because at that moment, Swati's kurta was pushed down off her shoulders and bunched up below her chest and the bra was pulled up around her neck.

Swati had medium sized breasts, not large like Radha's. I noticed that the areolas were larger in diameter though and they were deep pink in color. The nipples seemed to be quite large in comparison with the size of her breasts. I figured that her breasts were more or less like those that my wife has: soft, spongy and comfortably large enough.

On the other hand, Radha's kurta was completely off. As I had said before: knowing her like I now did, she wouldn't take too long to get down to the thick of the action. I recalled the urgency with which we had begun at the office and earlier on at the apartment with our ma-in-law watching the TV soap in the hall.

I had to strain to hear what they were saying. I was pretty sure that neither of them had any idea of my presence, not even Radha.

"My god, I never saw anything like this," breathed Swati, her voice quivering and switching over from fondling Radha's breast to kneading and pinching them. Her legs opened further as she allowed Radha to have more access there.

"Been there, done that," Radha giggled.

When the black man appeared on the screen, Swati drew in her breath sharply. "My god!" she exclaimed, tightening her palms around Radha's breasts. "Look at his thing!"

I heard Radha laugh, rather shrilly. "Oh Swati, c'mon now," she said. "I mean we have been through all that and I don't see why you can't call a spade a spade. I mean that's his cock, not his thing!"

I swear I could detect the beginning of a faint flush on Swati's face.

Radha was tugging at Swati's pajama and the latter unconsciously and eagerly as well, lifted her buttocks off the couch. Radha pulled down the pajama and I was delighted to see that Swati was wearing a rather sexy and flimsy pair of bright red panties. The way I saw it, Swati came across as one who would rather be the sort who wears those sensible white cotton panties.

Swati had her eyes fixed on the screen where the black stud had pushed his huge dick between the two girls' lips, and therefore, even as they kissed each other, they had to do that with his shaft between their lips.

So it seemed that Swati raised her buttocks again, almost unconsciously, focused as she was on the screen and perhaps wasn't even aware that Radha had slipped the red panties down those smooth creamy thighs and delectable hips to the floor.

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