tagLoving WivesThe Shame & The Ecstasy

The Shame & The Ecstasy


My wife and I are both in our mid thirties and have enjoyed a normal, as I thought love life over the ten years of our marriage. But things were to change. We had been through a bit of a bad patch some months back over my suggestions about improving our sex life with a bit of variety and adventure I had suggested swinging and swapping with other couples. This my wife took as a criticism, so I dropped the subject and things seemed to be getting back to normal.

My wife soon after took up aerobics and other exercise classes going out three nights a week for a couple of hours, and once every couple of weeks, with new friends she had met at classes for a girls evening out. Yes I did have my suspicions about it all. The new girlfriends I never actually met, the late nights coming home and sneaking into bed but I trusted her.

It was a Saturday night in the summer when having had to work that day I came home in the early evening. The house was quiet and nobody seemed to be in, but my wife’s car was in the drive. As I entered the lounge I felt a presence behind me but before I could turn a blindfold was lowered over my eyes. I breathed a sigh of relief and laughed as I smelt my wife’s perfume. “What you up to babe?” “A naughty treat my love” she replied. Undoing my shirt and trousers she quickly undressed me until I stood naked and very aroused in front of her. Taking my hands behind my back she tied them tight with what felt like soft latex handcuffs. I was lead up stairs and sat on a chair that felt like it was in the corner of the room. My hands behind me were fastened to the chair back and my ankles tied to the legs. “This is unlike you my love very kinky.” Shhhh came the reply.

Then it all changed my world turned upside down as the blind fold was lifted and before me was my wife beautiful in her bra and thong with hold up stockings clinging to her lovely long slender legs. Her breasts pushing out of the top of her bra and best of all she wore bright red lipstick. Blow job lips I would call them. As stunned by her beauty as I was there was something else. As my eyes focused past her there stood in my bedroom were two young men. Fit athletic grinning twenty something year old men.

“What… What’s going on” I stammered.

My wife walked over to the first man a tall blond surfer looking type wrapped her arms around him and said “This is Craig. I have been seeing him for the last two months. He fucks me and he fucks me real good and this” she strolled over to the second man who was equally well built but dark haired. “This is his friend Mike. I haven’t had him yet, he is a friend of Craig’s but tonight they will both get to fuck me and use me in any which way they wish.”

I sat stunned into silence by her words, her language, body actions and fluid stroking of the men. I tried to speak but no words would come. This could not be my wife surely; her sexual confidence was something I had never seen before. What had this new lover done to her? “And you my love will watch and learn.” She whispered in my ear before kissing me lightly and then biting down on my lip.

Turning she walked back to the two men. Grabbing Craig roughly round the neck she kissed him her tongue probing his mouth. Her hands reached down to his jeans and pulled open the buttoned fly. Roughly she yanked down his jeans so that his rigid cock sprung forward slapping into her exposed stomach it was long and slender. At the same time he pulled the white T-shirt he was wearing over his head. His body was very good with rippling six pack and pecs. He was obviously a very fit man. I could see my wife’s or indeed any woman’s attraction to him. Mike was wasting no time either as he stripped down his cock sprung forward a thick heavy rod of meat.

My wife dropped to her knees and took both tools in her hands and rubbed them slowly turning them over in her hands and admiring them, then in turn she took each one and sucked them first Craig. I watched closely as her red lipstick lips parted and the tip of his cock slide into her mouth. Slowly she lowered her mouth inch by inch down his shaft until she had taken almost all of his cock into her throat. I had never seen her do this and certainly never experienced her do it to me. This must be one of her newly learnt tricks one of many as I was soon to find out. Then she took Mikes cock and stretching her mouth wider to accommodate his considerable girth. She did the same finishing by rimming her tongue around the tip of his tool. Both men where stood with their eyes shut loving the attention. Their cocks jutted out from their bodies gleaming with moist saliva. Craig then shifted to lay under my wife his head under her hovering pussy as she knelt over him Mike’s tool bouncing in front of her face. She looked down between her legs smiled and lowered her pussy onto the waiting lips and tongue. Craig pulled her thong to the side and slide his tongue over the length of her partially shaved mound. She then took Mikes tool into her mouth again and sucked hungrily on it. I looked down to see my cock aching and rigid in front of me. How could I be enjoying this seeing my wife get gang fucked by two men? My balls ached to empty and a drop of precum had leaked from my cock.

My wife was receiving her pleasure from the probing tongue inside her as it slide over her clit and dipped into her pussy her pussy lips had swollen and separated opening up to the probing tongue glistening and red her pussy leaked moisture onto the face of Craig he pulled her thong down over her legs to leave her naked but for stokings and bra. Mike was in ecstasy as my wife swallowed down his cock alternating between deep throating him and teasing his cock head with her tongue. Then suddenly she released the cock from her mouth and groaned out load “Oh god yes” She cried pushing her pussy hard down onto Craig’s face and grinding herself against him. Returning to the awaiting cock she sucked it in with a renewed aggressive vigour and wanked him hard with one hand pumping his cock with her hand and mouth faster and faster Mike undid her bra and let it fall to the ground as he then kneed and fondled her b cup breasts with those perfect round tight nipples that I knew where just so so sensitive. A muffled scream came from her mouth as her legs started to tremble and twitch. Craig pushed two fingers into her gapping pussy and pumped them hard as she went over the top to her first climax. Her body shook violently as she orgasmed on to the pentrating fingers and lapping tongue around her clit. Her muffled scream on Mikes cock must have been just the trick as I watched him arch his back and cum in my wife’s mouth. Her throat contracted as she swallowed load after load. Cum ran from the corners of her mouth in thick bubbling gobs as she struggled to cope with the heavy load he had unleashed down her throat. As her jerking spasms subsided she fell onto Craig’s body letting the still dribbling cock fall from her mouth. Cum ran from her gasping mouth down her chin dripping onto Craig’s balls.

Craig was ready for his action now and without any pause for rest he turned my wife onto her back and opening her legs guided his long length of cock at her soaking wet swollen pussy that was still twitching with the residuals of her orgasm. Placing his cock head at her opening he eased it into her folds of wet flesh slowly his whole length slide into her and she lifted her hips to meet his single long thrust and accommodate him until his balls rested against her arse. She mouthed the word ohhhh! silently, as he entered her.

From where I was sat tied to the chair I could see everything in detail. The way her pussy lips wrapped around the shaft of Craig’s cock stroking it as he pulled back and gripping him as he entered her again. With long slow deliberate stokes he started to fuck my beautiful wife her body damp now with perspiration. Mike had dropped down next to my wife and licked her breasts and nipples. She rose to meet his tongue arching her back and pushing down on the invading cock inside her. Craig increased his pace as my wife lifted her legs and wrapped them around him. “Come on cowboy fuck me good and hard.” she egged him on. “Do me like you know I like it hard and deep.” Craig gripped her arse and pulled her into him increasing his pace he ploughed into her pussy hard and deep. “God yeeeessssss fuck me fuck me.” My wife begged him. The air was filled with the scent of cum and sex. The sounds of heavy breathing and the slapping of Craig’s thighs as they slammed into my wife’s arse. Craig pumped my wife’s swollen hot pussy for all his worth every stroke penetrating her to its fullest depth. “Yes yes” My wife cried grabbing at Mikes face she pulled him to her and kissed him deeply Craig cried out “Here it is baby” As his pace became jerky and tight “God fuck yes take it bitch” He cried out as his buttocks clenched tight and he emptied his tight balls into my wife’s hot wet pussy. “Oh god yes fill me fill me up babe” My wife cried out. She was laughing and crying out at the same time as her lover pumped load after load in to her hot pussy splashing up inside her filling her with warmth.

Mike was returned to full action his thick cock now at full mast again. As Craig fell limp from her pussy as he moved aside I watched as thick white cum poured from her gapping abused opening down her arse and pooling on our bedroom carpet. Her pussy remained open and gapping as it run freely from her slowly her insides twitching and spasming closed and squeezed the cum from her.

Mike was kneeling in front of her as she climbed from the floor and roughly pushed him down onto his back. “I need more cock.” She exclaimed as she positioned herself over his rigid tool grabbing it and smearing the cum that still ran from her over his tip and rubbing it against her clit. “Now you fuck me, fuck me with that big thick cock of yours.” She said as she lowered herself onto him. From behind I could see her pussy stretch to accommodate his thick tool as it slide into her. A ring of cum surrounded her pussy that squelched and leaked as she began to fuck Mikes enormous girth.

Craig positioned himself in front of my wife and fed her his dripping tool. She licked and sucked on the cum soaked cock cleaning him and rapidly bringing him back to rigidness. Mike and my wife built into a rhythm of him pushing into her and her pushing back on each stroke so that their thighs met with a heavy slap on each penetrating stroke. Violently Mike fucked my wife as she beat her thighs back against his every invading stroke.

Sweat covered her back as I could only watch on. My cock was now leaking cum readily and ached so much I craved to be able to grab it in my fist and shoot my load over the threesome in front of me but all I could do was watch and ache.

Craig pulled his cock from my wife’s mouth to her protestation and moved behind her sliding a finger into her cock filled pussy he gathered a finger load of cum and pussy juice. Then gripping her arse cheeks and separating them he slid the finger in to her arse hole. “Oh god yes please fuck my arse lover.” My wife called out. I was stunned. She had never let me fuck her arse despite many attempts and persuasions. Yet here she was impaled on a strangers cock begging this new lover to penetrate her tight hole.

Craig needing no further encouragement and took his cock in his hand and fed the tip to her puckered arse hole. With a smooth single stroke the head of his cock eased into her arse hole with a pop. Resting a moment Craig waited until my wife eased back onto his tool pushing him into her arse. Mike had slowed his fucking pace as Craig and my wife accommodated each other. Inch by inch my wife slid further onto his cock. Her heads hung low and she groaned in a low animal tone. Finally almost all the stud’s entire long shaft was inside her.

Mike resumed a faster pace and Craig joined him the two men unified in their movements as one entered the other withdrew. I watched as they worked my wife’s tremouring body like a pistoned engine. My wife’s voice was different now her groans were low and distant her head still hung low. The two men continued fucking her like this slowly building in pace for some time. I could only watch transfixed by the beautiful sight before me. My wifes pussy filled to capacity with the thick tool of Mike and her arse hole stretch garishly around the invading cock of Craig. The sound of my wife’s groaning and the unison slapping of thighs was all I could hear in my head.

Then without warning my wife let out a long drawn out cry. Her body began to tremor her back arched and pushed back on the cocks. The two men took the hint and ploughed her body harder and faster. My wife began to cry out over and over again simply “Yes, Yes, Yes,” Then her orgasm took her and she bucked wildly on the impaling cocks. The two men pumped and gripped her hard until Mike screamed out “God Fuck yes take it baby” And jerked his hips in one last penetrating movement into my wife’s pussy. He came in torrents inside her pussy bubbling at the edges with fresh cum. At the same time Craig gripped his fingers into my wife’s arse cheeks so hard and I watched as he buried himself into her and his ball sack constricted tight. He emptied his big long cock into her arse as she wailed and screamed beneath him her orgasm going on for a lifetime.

The three of them collapsed into a heap on the floor, the cocks falling from her body.

As they did so they were followed by a stream of cum leaking from her gapping holes her arse still open pumped cum out, it ran down and joined the stream of thick cum that poured from her open abused pussy.

All I could think of was how much a wanted to place my mouth over her pussy right at that moment and catch the stream of combined juices in my mouth as they poured from her.

They lay there breathless for some time. Then the two men kissed my wife deeply in turn. They then simply picked up their clothes and left the room only stoping briefly to look at me and smile laughingly.

It was just the two of us. Here before me lay my beautiful wife whom I thought was mine and mine only. Laying in a pool of strangers cum as it leaked from her body. As my eyes run over her body her lips were wet with the cum she had swallowed, her arse still gently spasmed and pumped white cum and her pussy, her beautiful pussy was swollen red and open still thick with white sticky cum.

Slowly she raised herself up and stood, as she did so the stream of juices ran down her inner thighs.

She walked over to me. I had tears rolling down my cheeks yet I did not know why. She smiled at me and looked down at my cock. It stood glistening with precum swollen hot and an angry red. Reaching between her legs she pushed two fingers into her pussy then placed the cum soaked fingers to my lips. I opened my mouth as she pushed them into my mouth. I sucked the salty warm fluid into my mouth and swallowed, the taste was nectar.

Again she reached between her legs but from behind this time. The same fingers pushed into her arse hole. She withdrew them freshly coated in thick white sticky cum and smeared them over the tip of my cock. Her touch was like a bolt of lightening through my body. I cried out in agony and ecstasy. She rubbed the mixture over my cock then straddled me “I love you darling.” She whispered in my ear as she lowered her pussy onto my aching cock. The heat of her burnt at my tender cock flesh. My cock slid so easily into her soaking pussy. Gently she rode my cock in slow strokes squeezing her internal pussy muscle around my shaft. Within seconds I cried out and unleashed a tidal wave of pent up orgasm into her. She simply sat down hard on my cock as I twitched and shot load after load into her. Grinding her pussy into me she smiled and kissed me deeply her salty tongue probing my mouth.

“Thank you darling.” I whispered “Thank you, I love you.”

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