tagLesbian SexThe Shapiro Slumber Party

The Shapiro Slumber Party


Authors Note - This story is mostly about lesbian sex, but it does include some incest, too. If you're not into that sort of thing, you might want to skip this one.

It was almost midnight on a Friday evening and all was dark on that tree-lined suburban avenue save for the periodic pools of light cast by the street lights.

It would be erroneous to say that all was quiet that evening, though.

From a certain ranch-style home standing behind a well groomed lawn, the throbbing beat of a rock 'n' roll song seemed to be dully reverberating up from underneath. It wasn't loud enough to inspire any of the neighbors who were still awake to hear it to call the cops and complain, but it would certainly bring the owner of the home a couple of cutting comments tomorrow if it kept playing for much longer.

And why was their loud music blaring from somewhere underneath this small home at such an ungodly hour in the first place?

The simple answer was that there was a slumber party taking place that night and the five girls who had gathered together in this home had taken the party downstairs to what had once been a dark, dank basement. Long ago remodeled into a comfortable family room, the teenagers had chosen this as the site of their party because it came equipped with a great big TV and video game system, a wet bar fully stocked with a variety of bottled water and soft drinks, a stereo system that was powerful enough to shatter glass if cranked up all the way, and some sofas with deep and soft cushions.

Gwen Shapiro happened to come downstairs just as the song was coming to an end to gather up some of the litter the girls were making and she had to smile as she listened to the teenagers enthusiastically debate the merits of the band. Hearing the passionate debate over this tune from a band she was confident would be forgotten by the end of the month really took her back to when she too had been young. This was exactly the sort of debate she and her own friends had gotten into once upon a time.

Still, she was glad that she had timed her arrival to come between songs. She had tried often enough to warn her daughter and her friends that they could damage their hearing by playing their music at such a high volume, but they didn't listen any better than she herself had when her own mother had tried to give her that same warning.

It seems that every generation of teenagers was utterly convinced that they were invincible and immortal.

Casting a glance around the room, Gwen reflected that any heterosexual man young or old would give his left arm to be in this room right now. It was just packed with nubile young ladies between eighteen and nineteen years old and not a single one of them was fully dressed.

Gwen's own daughter Becky was on the couch closest to the stereo and held a firm grip on it's remote control as she vigorously argued the merits of the band. At that moment, it looked like she was wearing only a nightshirt and a pair of panties and so her long, smooth legs were visible right from her bare feet almost up to her hip.

The girl sitting on the floor in front of the couch and insisting that the group was never going to make it was named Kelly Ferraro. She was dressed in a pair of awfully short shorts so that her legs too were on display, but it was kind of hard for most people to get their eyes farther down than her chest. The T-shirt she was wearing was stretched almost to the bursting point by a very healthy pair of breasts and so it was blatantly obvious that she was not wearing a bra.

The only girl on the other couch was named Anna Mondale and it looked to Gwen like she was trying to egg the argument on by being on one side for a little while and then shifting sides. She was wearing a pair of pajama bottoms and one of those little crop tops that ended just below her perky little breasts.

Over by the wet bar and doing her best to stay out of the whole argument no matter how hard Becky and Kelly were trying to enlist her to their side, was a girl named Mary Walsh. She had become a bit of a wallflower, convinced that she wasn't very attractive thanks to her braces and freckles, but here among just her very best friends she would relax enough to let her innate beauty shine through at long last. She was dressed the most conservatively of them all in a simple pajama top and bottom set.

The fifth and final girl was Sally Turner and at the moment she was busy looking through the rack of CD's, perhaps hinting at where she stood in the debate over that band. Like Gwen's daughter, she was dressed in a nightshirt, though her's was a little more modest and hung down almost to her knees.

Gwen couldn't help but let her eyes linger for just a moment on Sally, feasting on the beauty of the teen, but she then forced herself to look away hastily. She could only hope that no one was noticing how her eyes kept tending to wander over to that particular teenaged girl as it might bring a number of questions that she just did not want to have to answer.

Flushing warmly, she busied herself with the chore that had originally brought her here.

Sally looked back over her shoulder and just stared for a long, silent moment without even realizing that she was being so obvious about it. Biting her bottom lip contemplatively, she let her eyes roam freely over this woman who was old enough to be her mother, enjoying how snugly her jeans fit and how her top seemed to almost mold itself to her full breasts.

She felt a very familiar tingle ignite deep inside her and darted a quick look around at the other girls as she did some scheming.

Going by the wet bar on her way back towards the staircase, Gwen happened to notice that the girls had already wolfed down just about all of the food she had set out for them. They would need more, she decided. "I'll be right back with some more snacks, girls," she told them with a warm smile, "then I'll be out of your way."

A huge smile lit up Sally's face when she heard this. Her friend's mother had given her just the opening she had been looking for!

"Oh, why don't you let me help you with that, Mrs. Shapiro!"

Abandoning the CD rack she had once been examining so carefully, she hurried across the room and was up the stairs before anyone could react.

Even Gwen seemed a little nonplused, though she knew exactly what must be going through that girl's mind. This was just the kind of foolish, impulsive behavior that could get them both into a whole lot of trouble, she knew all too well, but as she headed upstairs after the young woman she also knew that she was not about to refuse what was being so eagerly and willingly offered to her.

"Thank you, dear! I appreciate it!" she called after Sally even as she charged up the stairs after her.

Behind them and unseen by either Gwen or Sally, the remaining four girls just shot knowing looks at each other and let out a few exasperated moans.

* * *

Gwen had hardly arrived in the kitchen before she was grabbed bodily and yanked across to the island that dominated it's center. In moments, she found herself leaning back against that island heavily as she received what may well have been the fiercest, most desperate kiss of her entire life.

As the girl threw her arms around her neck, Gwen slipped her's around the teenager's waist and pulled her in tight.

"This is crazy, Sally," the older woman muttered breathlessly when the pair finally came up for air. "Becky is just downstairs! So are all of your very best friends! We shouldn't be doing this now when any or all of them might come back upstairs at any moment and catch us!"

Sally wasn't about to listen to that sort of talk though and drew her lover's head down for another kiss. "I can't help it. I just can't resist you." She kept her firm young body pressed up against the older woman's, making sure that Gwen could feel every last inch of her. She brushed her tongue across the other woman's lips, begging for admission, and was rewarded.

As their kisses deepened and grew ever more passionate, Gwen was helpless to resist. She was putty in this girl's hands and had been since the very first day they started sleeping together. She had been so very worried that something just like this would happen that she had almost refused when her daughter asked if she could have this slumber party, but there just was no way to say no to Becky when she wanted something that badly.

Caressing the teenager's back with one hand, Gwen now sent the other probing downwards in search of the bottom edge of Sally's nightshirt.

When she found it and tugged it upwards, she was so surprised by what she felt that she had to send her other hand down there as well just to prove to herself that she had not been mistaken. All of their kissing came to an abrupt end as Gwen drew her head back in astonishment. Sally just smiled broadly at the look on her face, thoroughly enjoying having both of the older woman's hands on her ass.

"Sally!" Gwen gasped hoarsely. "Do you mean to say that you haven't been wearing any panties all this time?!"

"I certainly haven't," Sally answered promptly. "I knew that I'd be getting my hands on you at some point tonight. Underwear would have just gotten in the way."

"But what if one of the other girls noticed?"

"I haven't been flashing them, darling. Why do you think I chose such a long nightshirt?" A little smirk came to her face then. "Anyway, if they had noticed, I would have just told them the truth: that I am secretly screwing my best friend's mother and, since I can't keep my hands to myself when she is near, it's very important that I have to be ready at all times."

Gwen was stunned. If what was happening here were ever to become public knowledge, she didn't even want to think about how hurt Becky would be to find out her Mom was having sex with her best friend. Then there was the little matter of how poorly Mr. and Mrs. Turner would take it if they learned that their little daughter was regularly getting naked with the divorcee down the street.

"You wouldn't really have said that. Would you?"

Instead of answering with words, Sally responded with the kind of firm kiss that made those hands still holding onto her buttocks squeeze instinctively.

"Fuck me, baby," the girl demanded, gazing earnestly into her eyes. "I'm going to need a good, hard fucking if I'm going to survive spending a whole night in the same house as you without giving anything away."

Gwen was ready and willing to comply with that heartfelt plea.

* * *

"I swear to God, those two must be nymphomaniacs!" Kelly declared, leaning back onto her elbows so that she could look up the stairs after Gwen and Sally, coincidentally displaying those big boobs of her's even more prominently.

Anna might have answered, but found her breath taken away by the sight of her friend's big rack with such thin material covering them, the large and dark nipples standing up so very tall. She swallowed hard, certain that she was drooling but unable to tear her eyes from the feast Kelly was providing them.

Mary was quick to agree, though. "You can say that again!" She left the wet bar carrying plastic bottles of water, handing one to each of the girls. "I mean, those two are supposed to be carrying on a top secret love affair, aren't they? Well, how secret could it be if those two never stop staring at each other, or if they are running off hand-in-hand to fool around every other minute."

"Yeah," Kelly agreed. She may have turned her attention from the stairs to her friend, but she was still leaning well back and unintentionally thrusting her heavy breasts up into the air. "Those two are so obvious! I can't believe that they still think nobody knows about their little romance."

Still fixated on the teen, Anna's mouth was watering as she stared at her friend's bosom.

"What I can't believe," Mary added, "is how comfortable you are with all of this, Becky! I mean, Sally's supposed to be one of your best friends and yet she's always running off to fuck your Mom! I'm not sure I could be as calm about that as you seem to be."

Becky just shrugged with an easy smile. "Why should I get bent out of shape about it?" she wondered. "Sally has never, ever been anything but a good friend to me all of these years. It doesn't look like she's just playing games with my Mom either. They really seem to care a lot about each other. After the way Dad treated her before he left, I'm not going to complain about Mom spending time with someone who really cares about her."

Mary didn't seem convinced though. "But she's old enough to be Sally's mother! You don't think this relationship is kind of unhealthy for the both of them? Shouldn't they be looking for someone their own age? For that matter, shouldn't they be looking for guys?"

Becky actually laughed out loud at that. "Oh, come on, Mary! You should know that we can't pick who we fall for. I mean, if we could, Kelly wouldn't be chasing after boys like that ass Tommy Gillespie."

Kelly laughed, too. "Or Reggie Olsen. Or Henry Holden. I guess I do have a bit of a weakness for the bad boys."

Anna let out a soft, shuddering sigh as she watched Kelly's oversized breasts bounce and jiggle merrily as her friend laughed. "Yeah," she breathed softly, almost to herself. "You just can't help who . . . or what you might like."

"I guess so." Mary was silent for a long moment as she considered something. "So, what do you think it's like? I mean, we've all made out with guys, some of us have even gotten laid already. Do you think it's any different when your with a woman?"

"I don't know if it's any different," answered Becky, "but considering some of the sounds I've heard coming out of my Mom's bedroom when she's been entertaining Sally in there, it sure must be a lot of fun! For them both!"

That inspired a great deal of giggling from almost all of them.

Not from Anna though, whose eyes had been wandering all over those big breasts Kelly was showing off oh, so casually. There was a faraway look in her eyes now and a wide, dreamy smile on her lips when she happily murmured, "Boy, have you ever got that right! There's nothing in the world that's better than getting fucked by another woman."

A heavy, tense silence fell over the room as everything just seemed to stop at that moment. All three of her friends had frozen in place and were just staring at her in wide eyed astonishment, their mouths agape. It took some time for the weight of all of those stares to register with Anna and, when she finally snapped back to reality, the question she asked demonstrated that she did not even realize what a huge bombshell she had just dropped.

"What? What are you all looking at?"

Mary was the first to regain the power of speech. "Anna, do you mean to say that you've done it with another girl?!"

Anna actually gave her a startled look for a moment, as if wondering where she could have gotten that idea from. It took her a few excruciatingly long moments before she was able to think back enough to realize what had just slipped out. Her eyes instantly went even wider than her friends' had and she clapped a hand over her mouth.

That was more than enough of an answer to satisfy the others.

"You have!" Becky gasped. "You've actually been to bed with a girl!"

Kelly sat up at last, pointing up the stairs. "Was it Sally or . . ."

"NO!" the answer to that question came quickly and forcefully. "Of course I haven't been sleeping with Sally or Mrs. Shapiro!"

Mary also seemed to have a suspect in mind. "Is it our trigonometry teacher, Mrs. Windish? Is that why you're the only one in that class who's making a passing grade?"

Anna sighed in exasperation. "No, I'm passing trig because I study a lot. I've always kind of enjoyed mathematics - I seem to have a knack for figures."

The other girl gave her a doubtful look. She did plenty of studying too and yet she was still floundering desperately in that class.

"Well, who is it then? Who did you do?" Becky asked.

Unfortunately, there was just no way that Anna could tell them that, however. That was her deepest, darkest secret and had to be guarded jealously even from her very best friends. Considering how weird they all found the relationship between Sally and Mrs. Shapiro, there was absolutely no way that she could ever expect them to understand or accept her own little lesbian affair. Incest was kind of a big deal, after all . . .

Anna shook her head with a serene smile. "It's a secret. We don't want anybody to know that we are doing it and so I couldn't tell you unless she gave me her permission. I don't see that happening, either."

"But we're your best friends in the whole wide world!" Mary protested. "You know that we can keep a secret."

Anna didn't know any such thing. What she did now was that if the secret was hot enough and juicy enough, these girls would have it spread all over both the school and then the town before the day was out. Still, there seemed to be no point in debating that and maybe hurting someone's feelings. "I can't even tell my best friends in the whole wide world. This is a secret for just me and her."

"But . . ."

"Look, I can't tell you! Okay? I know you're all dying of curiosity now but I just can't tell you! You'll just have to take my word for it that doing a girl is way different from doing a guy and that lesbian sex is the hottest, most sensuous thing ever!"

That outburst finally put a stop to all of the questions the girls had been pestering her with and so once again a long, heavy silence fell over the family room. This one seemed to last even longer than the last and was starting to grow a little uncomfortable before it was finally broken by a soft, almost timid voice.

"I saw you looking at Kelly, Anna," Mary told her soberly. "Were you checking her out?"

Kelly looked quite startled to hear this. She looked to Mary and asked, "Was she?" Her eyes turned to Anna then and she asked, "Were you?"

Anna ducked her head in embarrassment. "Yes, I was."

Kelly's eyes drifted downwards to her own bosom. She knew that she owned a pair of breasts that drew long, drooling stares from every man she had ever met. And if they were enough to make fools of men, might they also be just the thing to attract women?

"Anna? Were you scoping out my big titties?"

Anna seemed a bit ashamed of herself for having been caught red-handed studying her friend's physique so closely. The last thing she wanted was for all of her friends to be so uncomfortable around her that they wouldn't spend any more time with her. "I'm sorry, Kelly, but I'm afraid I was."

"Do you really like them?"

Was it Anna's imagination, or was a throaty purr starting to make an appearance in the other girl's voice? Certainly, Becky and Mary seemed to be amazed at the direction that this conversation was starting to take. Anna decided to follow the old maxim that said that honesty was the best policy.

"Yes, I do. I like them very much."

Kelly just stared at her long-time friend for a very long time, biting her bottom lip nervously as she contemplated something. It took her a long time to make up her mind to ask the question she was considering and an even longer time to gather up enough courage to say it out loud, but finally she just blurted it out.

"Do you want to have sex with me?"

Anna and the other two girls gasped in surprise, amazed to hear their friend would ask such a question.

"I . . ."

"I'm sorry," Kelly said quickly, "I know this is awful sudden and everything, but I really want you to fuck me. You've just got me so curious about what it might be like to be with a girl that I simply have to see for myself. You know I think you're one of the prettiest girls in our school and apparently you are interested in me, so . . ."

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