The Shared Ride


After I paid the toll to the toll taker I stepped on it and speed away (his jaw is still on the floor).

Pt reached over and grabbed my right hand and placed it palm down on her silky smooth stomach. I rubbed in tiny circles around her stomach and she began to arch her back and thrust her hips the vibrator was still working and had not lost a beat as I worked my way down past her navel toward the bald cleft I slowly stroked the outer lips of her pussy and she was dripping wet, Myself was about ready to explode, this is hard trying to drive, get Pt off and get myself off at the same time.

Pt grabbed my finger and inserted 1 at first and I could feel the strength of that mini vibrator on the palm of my hand which was stoking up and down on her mound, then she reached down and pushed a second finger in and I could hear a sucking sound and with every stoke I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers, As she started cumming she let out a scream and mashed her pussy to my hand with the vibrator still on. It was so strong it tingled my hand and she wither and squirmed and pumped my hand for all it was worth until she could not take it anymore and pulled my hand away and quickly pulled the clips off of her rings.

As she lay in the seat for a few moments panting and twitching she kind of drifted off as she came to she had an impish look on her face.

She leaned over and said push your seat back

I did as far as it would go and I also tilted it up in the front. (Love this car)

Pt reached over and undid my belt and zipper. She said lift up so I can get you shorts down I lifted up and she was like an expert she pulled them down along with my pants I could feel her nipple rings and breast drawing a line down my thigh.

There I sat with my pants to m ankles and a raging hardon.

At first she stroked it a little bit and seemed to be awed by 9 1/2 inches

Pt turned in the seat on got up on her knees and began to devour my cock

She would lick the head and stroke the balls and then she got serious she worked her tongue on the slit until I started to drip and she lapped that up and then as if she were using that for lubrication swallowed my cock right to my balls I could feel her breath on my balls as she sucked she took my hand and placed it on her ass as if to tell me to play with her, I moved my hand over the swell of her ass and down to the crack in her ass I lowered it down to her pussy and she reacted right away by thrusting back to let my finger slide in and out of her wet pussy.

As if she was eating shrimp she was popping the head of my Dick in and out of her mouth.

I could feel my balls building up to a super climax I tried holding back but she was good she was suck licking popping all almost at once and she new I was very close and pulled her head up I begged her not to stop she said she would be right back.

Pt reached in her bag and produced a pair of gold rings and slipped them on the head of my cock and asked if I was ready?

For what I said?

Pt said for climax of your life.

She attached the clips to the metal ring and away the vibrator went as I was getting ready to cum Pt took the head of my cock into her mouth and began to suckle only the head it seemed as though the vibrator was attached to her jaw

The head my cock swelled and my Dick started to pulse and throb at the same time.

She milked it for all it was worth as my cum shot out the end of my Dick

She swallowed all she could what she could not she lapped up with her tongue.

She pulled the clips off of the rings as I was still pumping I was slightly weaving in traffic.

As we went down the road Pt said good timing we are about 5 miles for the station but made no effort to get dressed she just sat there naked and smiled.

As we made our way toward the station she said could I get my clothes now I said yeah that would be a good idea if her husband would be at the station

Pt said don’t worry about him I already told him I wanted you and he agreed I should have you.

As we pulled into the station I could see his car, Pt had put on her shoes, Jacket and Skirt

And nothing else.

As we pulled up next to his caddy it was rocking slightly I thought he was getting ready for her and maybe jerkin it a little.

As we got out of the car both doors on his car opened and there stood Phil and Tia

Tia was trying to get her shirt back on.

Pt said I would like to introduce mine and your wife's Jeweler and piercer and also inventor of the hummer

We both shared a ride.

To Be Continued…

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