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The Shave


I have been shaving my cock and balls for some years now since I have found that I am much more sensitive when a lover's tongue or any other part of his body is in contact with me. In fact, it is my preference that my male lovers also be clean-shaven.

When I first met my new lover Dave, he was more than a little hirsute but I made allowances since the lovemaking was so spectacular. I had been hinting, first subtly then more openly, that I would like to shave him. After months of cajoling, he finally gave in.

After we both stripped, shared a hot shower during which I scrubbed him thoroughly and spent some time making out – just kissing and stroking each other – I pushed him back on the bed with instructions to just lay there and let me prepare. Dave had a goodly sized bush covering his balls and running almost to his belly button and back to circle his anus. Many a time, I ended up with some of his hair between my teeth whilst I sucked him or rimmed him and this was somewhat off-putting.

I went into the bathroom and prepared to accumulate what I needed; a pair of hand clippers, small scissors, a large bowl of steaming water, a couple of wash clothes, some shaving cream and a sharp safety razor (actually 2 – one normal size and one very small one). To finish off, I took the bottle of soothing lotion that I used each time I shaved myself.

Returning to the bedroom, I laid out my tools on the bedside table and then returned to the linen closet in the hall to fetch a couple of fluffy bath sheets. I brought these back into the bedroom and had Dave roll to the side away from me so I could place one of the large towels under his lower body.

I first asked him if he trusted me and was answered in the affirmative but with some trepidation; I think that after all these years, he had started equating hairiness with manliness even though I had shown otherwise when we made love. He was a magnificent lover who almost turned me inside out with he took me in his mouth or drove that beautiful cock deep inside me to fill my ass with his steaming cum! God, just thinking about it makes me hard!

I took the barber's hand clippers in hand and carefully proceeded to cut away the top layers of dark curly hair from the base of his cock up to his navel. For a man with so much lower hair, his chest was relatively hairless. I then tackled the hair surrounding his cock and balls until there remained only thick stubble. I then used the small scissors on a few stray long hairs.

Setting aside the clippers and scissors, I soaked a cloth in the hot water and wrapped it gently around Dave's cock and balls; the second heated scrap covered his lower stomach. I explained this was to soften the stubble so I could shave it closer and with less discomfort. He just smiled at me as I leaned in for a kiss of support.

I removed the cloths and laid them aside for later. I then shook the can of shaving cream and filled my hand with the foam. Taking his cock in one hand, I started to lather by hand from the balls to the tip of his cock and up his abs. As the heat of the form soaked in, he started to grow in my hand and some precum seeped out and mixed with the foam covering his cock.

"You like this, eh?" I grinned.

The response was only a deep rumble in his throat as his cock was really oozing now. With deft but careful swipes with the razor, I cleaned a swath of clear skin across his belly until it was totally bare and glistening. Next came the shaft that trembled in my hand; here I started from the bottom and slowly stroked the covered blade to the tip, removing foam and precum together. I exercised extreme caution here since his veins were pulsating as his blood flowed to grow his erection to its full 7".

As I wiped the excess foam from his jerking shaft, it looked so clean and succulent, I just wanted to fall upon it and devour every delectable inch. But I had much work ahead of me before I was finished. Pulling on his shaft to stretch his balls taut, I carefully removed every last vestige of hair from those cum filled sacs. After wiping them clean with another warm cloth, I instructed my lover to turn over and get on all fours. When he did I pressed his head down onto the pillow and forced his legs wide so his ass was high in the air.

I shook out some more foam into my hand and this time, I spread it over his perineum and around his puckered anus. A little further up the middle of his back and I had thoughally covered him with thick rich shaving cream. Taking the small razor, I told Dave to reach back with his hands and to spread his cheeks as far as possible. As soon as he did so, I quickly shaved all the hair off the perinea between his balls and anus. Then, with infinite care, I used the same small razor to completely bare the entrance to that hot asshole of his. After a little clean up, I wiped all the soap away and then applied some of the edible soothing lotion to cover his now shining pucker and his balls and shaft by reaching through his wide spread legs.

It was time for his reward! I placed his hands – which were still holding those hot globes apart – by his head and I spread his ass myself. Leaning down, I ran my tongue around the now clean and musky entrance to his ass and, as the star literally winked at me, I forced the tip of my tongue into the warmth of his ass! He had never felt anything like this and his groans became louder as I forced my tongue as deeply as I could. In our earlier shower, I knew my intentions and had soaped his butt well so that he tasted slightly of the soap we used and also of his own masculine musk. It was heavenly.

I pulled my tongue out and thrust it in again and again as he met me with backwards humping of his hips.

"Oh my God! That feels so great! Fuck my ass some more!"

I kept it up until my tongue was getting sore and as I pulled it out, he almost cried from the feeling of emptiness. However, that wasn't to last for long as I picked up our stainless steel anal probe – long, thin and vibrating – and I slid all 9" slowly into his ass as he forced relaxed himself to take it all in. It reached and then bypassed his prostate to reach the end of his bowel as I turned it on low speed. As he clenched his sphincter tightly to hold it in, I lay down and worked my head between his knees until his dripping cock was striking my chin.

Opening my mouth wide, I took all of his cock into the back of my throat by wrapping my arms around his strong hips and pulling myself up and lowering myself repeatedly. Holding on with one arm as I sucked his cum leaking cock into my mouth, I reached back to his ass for the protruding inch of the probe and turned the speed control to high. I could hear the humming from inside his bowels as I sucked his cock deep and hard.

Dave screamed out so loud, I was afraid the neighbours three houses down could hear him, "I'm cumming! Oh my God, I'm cumming!" as he started to erupt in unbelievable force into my mouth and down my throat. It was all I could do to hold on to his bucking hips!

My own cock was so hard, it was painful; I was streaming precum like crazy and I needed to cum but wanted it my way. As I swallowed the last of his sweet juices, I gripped Dave's strong thighs and pulled myself from under him. He started to roll over since he was aching to take my cock in his mouth to give me satisfaction and because he loved my cum as much as I loved his. But I pushed him back down and slowly withdrew the still vibrating probe for his well-fucked ass.

I was so wet with my own precum that I was sure that I could slide into him with ease but just to be sure, I leaned down and forced my tongue back inside him with a coating of his own cum. With his rear so well lubed, when I directed the tip of my throbbing cock at the star of his anal ring, he quite literally sucked me in. With no effort at all, I had buried my own 7" until I stopped at his spongy prostate. We quickly settled into a rhythm with me pulling his hips onto my cock as I drove with a pistoning motion in and out, in and out!

I was so on the edge and so ready, and his anal muscles were milking me as he yelled at me to fill him with my cum, I quickly started to empty my full balls deep into his hot ass until I was completely drained.

Falling on top of him as he flattened out on the bed, I waited until my cock slid out of its own accord five minutes later and then, gathering him in my arms, proceeded to kiss him as I told him how much I cared for him. Also, I told him I couldn't wait to rub our naked cocks together until we came all over each other. However, for now, a rest and later a shower before we have any more fun.

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I have been shaving since I was 18 - I am now 52 - women and men I have sex with love it , I am much more sensitive to being touched and always cum easily

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