tagFetishThe Shaved Slave Ch. 04

The Shaved Slave Ch. 04


Chapter 4

A lot of people in our bar group went out on Fridays, but Saturday was the night when everyone did. Given the fun that I was having at home, of course, I hadn't really even thought about anything else. I certainly wasn't planning to spend the night with watered down drinks and bad karaoke when I could spend it bringing Susan to the edge of orgasm and plastering her head with my cum. But after we ate dinner and she cleaned up under the urging of the spatula, she turned to me.

"Would you like to take a bath first, sir?" she innocently asked.

"First?" I replied.

"Before you go out? It's Saturday." I was taken back for a second, but it took only that time to decide what I wanted.

"Before we go out, you mean. And make it a shower."

Susan smiled and almost skipped to the bathroom. I waited until I heard the water running, and then I went into the guest bedroom and opened her suitcase. She had packed light - jeans, a few T-shirts, and what seemed like entirely too many pairs of panties for a single weekend - but I also found one of the modest dresses that she favored. I wished that it showed a little more cleavage, but that was Susan's style. And since I had absolutely no intention of allowing her a bra for the night, it would do fine. I wasn't going to add any panties to the outfit, either, but I did rummage through the case for shoes until my hand landed on hard plastic. I pulled whatever it was through the tangle of soft cloth, and I found myself holding a long massager with a cord hanging from the end. It was the sort that I suspected most people weren't really using for massage, and Susan's ability to hold an orgasm suddenly made a lot more sense. She was apparently used to the industrial-strength variety of stimulation.

Grinning, I carried the items back to my room, careful to avoid the view from the bathroom as I laid the dress neatly out on the bed and plugged the massager in. I placed it on one of my pillows where Susan was sure to see it, and she was waiting for me when I entered the bathroom, soap and towel in hand again. She pulled the door to the stall open as I strode to her, and I almost laughed as I imagined a naked Susan holding the front door for guests at some swanky hotel.

I climbed into the shower and then held out my hand. Confused, Susan dropped the bar of soap into it. I put the soap on a tray in the shower and then took the towel from her too, letting it fall to the floor before I grabbed Susan and pulled her into the stall with me. She reached up with her free hand to cover the dried cum on her head, but I pulled it away. I was sure that there would be a time when I would make her go out with semen stains on her sexy head, but it wouldn't be tonight. Tonight I was going to show her off in all of her glory.

My large corner tub came at the cost of space for the shower, and it was actually a little small even for one person. For two, it was barely manageable. The only real way to go about it was to take turns soaping each other, and our slick bodies crushing together made the job infinitely more enjoyable. We ended up facing each other, and the head of my hard dick slipped between her pussy lips and teased her protruding clit. She started to gasp, but I cut it short by pulling her even closer and forcing our mouths together.

The kiss - such a simple and common word hardly describes it - lasted forever. There was no hesitation, no tentative exploration by new lovers. It was deep and passionate, and when we finally broke, we were both breathless. There was no doubt from that point on as to where this was going. And in truth, there had never really been any before.

It took every ounce of will that I had not to take her right there, especially with my wet cock only a quick thrust away from Susan's even wetter cunt. But I had told her that she wasn't going to cum until Sunday, and I was going to keep that promise of it killed me, which I was reasonably certain that it wouldn't.


I was sure that just about everyone at the bar had seen Susan and I leave together the night before, just as I was sure that they were taking bets on whether we would show up together. I didn't care, of course. In fact, I would have been proud for us to be the topic of conversation, if we actually had been. As it turned out, there was no we about it. Susan was the only topic in the room - in the whole town for all I knew - as well she should have been. Metamorphosis seemed to be another of the talents that she had been keeping to herself, because she had never seemed so happy and confident in all the time that I had known her. She still got my drinks and stayed by my side, although she had a way of asking with her eyes when she needed permission to join another conversation or head to the ladies room, and she seemed to do the latter a lot. Otherwise, her submissive side was apparently only for me, which suited me fine. In fact, I came quickly to understand that really everything about Susan had just been waiting to come out, and I was the catalyst.

Of course, the bar was still the bar, and a room full of horny people living vicariously can only go so long before someone starts talking about sex. I've never been one to brag, but in the past I wasn't above a wry smile or a dropped hint. On that night, however, I didn't even go that far. I knew that there was probably no end to the things that Susan would let me do to her, and even going through her suitcase had seemed perfectly natural for our newly found roles. But she had clearly reserved parts of herself for me, and violating that would have ruined everything.

Ironically, I was thinking about that when an lanky and incredibly hot brunette dropped into a chair at my table as soon as Susan had gone for another drink. She was another regular, and I was one of the very few men at the bar who had never hit on her. But that was only because I was also one of the very few men who seemed to be able to pick up on the obvious message that anyone with a penis was wasting his time.

"Brad," she said in a mock tone of scolding. "Brad, Brad, Brad."

"Marie," I said. "You're looking annoying tonight." Marie was actually one of my closest friends, but we had a dynamic that would never let either of us admit it. She nodded to the bar where Susan was waiting to order."

"You know how long I've been after that?"

"You may have mentioned it once or twice."

"And you stole it..." Marie shook her head. "She likes the quiet ones, I guess."

"At least you see where you went wrong," I teased back.

"I can be the quiet type! Well, not in bed maybe. Hey, so what's that like?"

"What's what like," I asked. A conversation with Marie usually took footnotes to follow.

"The sex, asshole! I mean with..." she made a subtle gesture toward her head. "You know."

"Not really," I said. Marie let out an exaggerated sigh.

"You're not going to give me anything, are you?"

"I don't think I have anything you want, Marie."

"Well, not that," she said, nodding at my crotch, "but fuck yeah, you've got something I want." Marie had been relaxing back with a foot up on the chair next to her, but she dropped it and leaned forward.as she gave me her trademark flirting face. "So how 'bout it, quiet guy? Wanna share your toys?"

I opened my mouth to tell Marie to go fuck off, but Susan came back to the table at exactly the same time. She had barely sat down when, without asking, Marie reached over and sensually rubbed her head. The woman had no shame whatsoever, which usually was the reason that I liked her.

"That's nice," Marie cooed. "Razor?"

"Brad did it," Susan replied proudly. Marie laughed as she pulled her hand back.

"Did he?" she teased, as if she had just guessed that Susan and I were together and was just so very shocked by it. Playfully, she cocked an eyebrow at me. "So?" she asked.

Susan glanced toward me and instantly read the entire situation. Embarrassed, I started to look away. The truth was that I hadn't really known how to handle this. I certainly wouldn't have minded sharing my toys, as Marie so eloquently put it, but there was a big difference between subduing Susan in the way that she liked and forcing her into something that she didn't. A threesome less than twenty four hours into a new relationship seemed a little much, anyway. But then, this wouldn't technically be a threesome. I still wasn't going to let Susan cum and there was no way anything would happen between Marie and I even if I wanted it to, which I didn't. But then I saw Susan's reaction to the idea, and all of my indecision was suddenly academic. Hungry doesn't even begin to describe the look that she had on her face.

Really? I asked with my eyes.

Yes! She said back with hers.

Marie caught the whole thing, and when I turned to her, she was grinning like a lunatic.

"Don't worry, Brad," she said. "We might let you watch."


If Susan and I leaving together the night before had made for rumors, then the three of us all walking together would have made the TV news. Fortunately, Marie never stayed late at our bar. She preferred to end her Saturday nights at a lesser known establishment that, when I asked once, she had only described as having a strict dress code. Skirts only, it seemed. About ten minutes after Marie left - she had the luxury of not having to pay a tab; she had probably never in her life bought her own drinks - Susan and I walked out hand-in-hand. When we pulled into my building a few minutes later, Marie was leaning seductively against her car and smoking a cigarette. She bounced over as Susan and I got of my car and took Susan by the hand. I had a feeling that, having delivered Susan to her waiting hands, my job for the night was over. But I was too excited to care.

We were barely through the door before Marie was all over Susan, and I wondered if the slave personae would come out for her as well. Marie was pushy and greedy, but not exactly the dominating type in the same sense that I had discovered I was. Whatever she was must have worked, however, because Marie was already topless and roughly forcing Susan's mouth to her small tits when I returned from making a drink. I dropped down onto my couch to watch the show, and Marie lifted Susan's dress up to her shoulders to reveal the wonderfully naked body beneath it.

"Naughty girl," Marie laughed. "You forgot your underthings." She tried to reach down to Susan's pussy, but her hand was lightly shoved away.

"She not allowed to cum," I explained from my seat, and Marie laughed again.

"Good," she said. "More for me."

Marie fell back in a lounge chair and pulled Susan with her. When they landed, she shoved Susan's head down to her crotch. Susan quickly unbuttoned Marie's tight jeans and then started for the zipper, but Marie stopped her.

"Use your teeth," she said.

I watched, mesmerized, as Susan slowly gripped the tiny piece of metal in her mouth and pulled it down. When that was done, she helped Marie wiggle her slender legs out of the painted-on pants. Marie immediately threw her legs apart, giving a view of black lace panties that I assumed would match a bra already tossed across the room. She closed her eyes and leaned back, rubbing her hands all over Susan's bald head as she shoved it harder against her cunt. Susan shifted herself that I had a perfect of her ass as she tended to Marie, and I had to fight myself not to take my aching cock out of my pants.

After Marie came the first time with a scream that made me nervous for my glass, she pushed her legs together and pulled them to her chest. Her dark asshole came into view, and Susan didn't need to be told what to do.

"Lick it, baby," Marie said anyway, although Susan's tongue was already buried in the tight opening. Susan grabbed her cheeks to spread them apart, and Marie reached down and starting rubbing her own clit with one hand while the other harshly slapped the back of Susan's head.

"Deeper!" Marie was yelling. "Come on, more! More!"

Marie dug her fingers into Susan's scalp and convulsed on the couch. The second orgasm was even bigger than the first, and for the first time in my life, I came dangerously close to shooting a load in my pants.

When it was done, Marie leaned down and kissed Susan passionately, tasting her own juice in the process. Then she jumped up and started gathering her clothes. She was dressed before Susan or I had even knew what was happening, and she kissed Susan again and gave me a wink before skipping to the door.

"Thanks guys," she said over her shoulder. "Let's do it again sometime." And then she was gone.

Susan looked at me blankly, and I laughed.

"Marie isn't really the cuddling type," I said, and Susan laughed too before quickly collecting herself.

"Did I do good, sir?" she asked.

"Apparently," I said, and then I nodded toward a clock on the wall. "But that's not the good news."

Susan looked at the clock and then back again, not understanding.

"It's after twelve," I said, and when she still didn't get it, "It's Sunday."


We raced to the bedroom, and I was as naked as her before we were hallway there. I threw her on the bed, and she spread her legs wide open for me. I fell on top of her, barely having enough time to grab for a condom. I was only inside her for a minute, bucking and thrusting wildly, before she screamed in orgasm and dug her nails into my back. When she finally released me, I scrambled for the massager that I had left on the pillow. I leaned back with my hard rod still inside of her, and I placed the head of the wand over her pulsing clit. She took the handle and switched the device on, and I was instantly rewarded with a strong vibration running down my shaft and all the way to my balls. It was an unbelievable feeling, and I started thrusting again while Susan smashed the massager hard against her pussy.

We came together the second time, and I felt so much cum shoot out of my cock that I was afraid the condom might burst. I pulled out, ripping off the rubber and then dribbling the contents over Susan's stunning tits. Even flat on her back, they were still pointing firmly upward, and she rubbed my cum into her skin and licked her fingers. I fell back on the bed, exhausted, and Susan leaned over me to lick the rest of her reward off of my still stiff dick before slowly coaxing me another raging erection. It went on like that for hours, and when the sun came up, we were still licking and playing with other. Finally, too tired to continue, we both collapsed onto the bed. After a while, Susan started to get up and take a pillow to the floor. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Stay," I said softly.

"Thank you, sir," she said, and she fell to the pillow and started to close her eyes.

"No, Susan" I said, propping myself up on an elbow and looking straight in her eyes. "I mean stay."

Susan didn't seem to understand for a minute, but then a broad smile lit up her face.

"Really?" she asked.

"I mean, roaches?" I joked. "Doesn't sound like much of a place you've got now." Susan laughed.

"I hate it," she said. I touched her face gently.

"Then stay. Please." Tears welled in Susan's eyes, and she touched me back.

"I'd love to, Brad," she breathed. "I'd love to."

(Author's note: My humble and sincere appreciation to the fans of this series for your kind and useful feedback. While this part of Brad and Susan's story seems to have found a conclusion, I have enjoyed spending time with them too much to leave them for good. I'm sure that they will make their way back, at least in some part, in my future stories).

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