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The Shed


The truck arrived early. Dew was still clinging to the blades of grass, shimmering in the low angle of the barely risen sun. After months of fussing over size, style, details and location, our newly constructed shed was riding proudly on the back of a low, wide trailer being pulled by a severe looking black Ram dually pickup followed closely by a relatively tame looking one.

A group of 5 male specimens of varying age and physical condition emerged from the motorized workhorses. One of them approached the house while the other 4 went about the task of unloading and positioning the new shed.

My wife and I are not early risers on the weekend, but we knew they were coming so I had gotten up, threw on some gym shorts and a t-shirt, and made some fresh coffee while my wife snoozed the early morning away.

I headed off the guy approaching the door in hopes of intercepting him before he got a chance to ring the doorbell. I opened the door and startled him a bit. He laughed nervously and greeted me good morning. Dressed in clean dark tan jeans, a dark green collared polo shirt and well worn work boots, he appeared to be in his early 30's and in solid shape. Not a gym rat by any means, so a guy who likely takes decent care of himself, with some effort, but likes to have a beer now and then too. Kindred spirits maybe?

He introduced himself as Mark and we exchanged a nice firm hand shake. He presented himself as friendly and professional. He asked if we had any plans for the day that would require us to get our cars out of the driveway so he could plan on where to park his equipment and avoid any inconvenience to us. I told him that we didn't so he was fine to arrange his equipment in whatever way made his day easier. He seemed to appreciate that and we parted ways. He, out to the job site and I back to the kitchen, where I could get more coffee and observe their activity. The kitchen is situated just off to the right of the garage. There is a closed in front porch that resulted in my observation point being a relatively deep and sheltered position in the house and thereby mostly cloaked in shadow from the outside perspective.

About 4 hours later, I was leaning into the kitchen counter and looking out the window, checking on the progress. Anne came up behind me and softly slid her hands around my waist and nuzzled me from behind. I enveloped her hands in mine in front of me and turned my head to kiss her full, soft lips.

"Good morning, beautiful."

"Morning there yourself.", she smiled a little sleepily into the back of my shoulder. Standing on tip-toes, she peered over my shoulder and observed, "I see they're already hard at work. Did they show up on time?"

"A few minutes early actually."

"Good. That's nice for a change." We'd had a run of contractors come to the house over the course of the past few months since we'd bought the house. Most of them were late and we often wondered aloud how anyone stayed in business like that. She asked, "Who's running the show?"

"Well, shall we play a game?"

"A game? What KIND of game?"

"You sound unduly suspicious of my motives."

"Well, aren't you especially perceptive this morning?"

"It's the coffee. You game?"

"What are we talking about here?"

"Now you sound just plain chicken."

She poked me in the side, extracting a jump and a giggle that I'm ashamed to admit was girlish. "Ohhhh, child psychology now. That must be some pretty good coffee."

"It is. If you accept my challenge, I'll even make you a cup. No strings attached. Consider it a consolation prize if you lose."

"Is that so? Well I have no intention of losing."

"So you're in?" It was more a statement than a question. "Alright Miss Confidence, if you can correctly guess who's running the show, I'll..." I moved from in front of her and rotated around so that I was behind her and gently pressed her into the counter. I slid my hands up her arms and over the shoulders left bare by the spaghetti strap pajama top she was wearing. I enjoyed the sensation of her smooth, soft skin and continued up to softly move her hair off to the front of her right shoulder, exposing her pretty neck. I leaned in and planted several soft kisses there starting down by her shoulder and working my way up to just behind her ear.

She exhaled softly and a low, muted moan rumbled up her throat and reverberated inside her closed puffy pink lips. "Mmmmm...were you saying something?"

"Was I?"

"You were about to tell me what I'm going to win."

"Confidence is sexy." I lightly trailed my fingers back down her arms reaching slowly around to her front and let them ride down the gentle slope of her breasts, finally grazing my fingertips just to the outside of the stiffening nipples that were now protruding out through the soft pink cotton fabric. I hovered my lips near her ear and breathed softly on her neck. I let my fingers trace around the outer circumference of where I estimated her areolas were.

Her breathing now shallow and a little raspy, she leaned her head back into the crook of my neck and breathed, "What do I win?"

I whispered into her ear, "If you guess correctly..." I pressed my pelvis and my half-staff hard-on into her soft ass a little. She pushed back against me, reached behind her and slid a supple hand around to the back of my neck. I finally continued, "...I'll ask him if he wants to fuck you."

She gasped and pulled me in tighter.

I leaned in closer and lightly sucked her earlobe into my mouth through softly pursed lips while I firmly pinched her hard nipples through the soft top.

"If you deem him worthy, of course," I added.

She brought her hands back around to mine and pushed them harder into her breasts. She pulled them down to her waist and I slid my hands between her soft tummy and the elastic waistband of her lightweight grey flannel pajama bottoms. As I started venturing further down to where the silky mound I so wanted to explore, I think she realized, just before I did, that we were kinda on display. She lightly grabbed my forearms and I slowly retreated my hands back up and enveloped her in a hug from behind pressing my now full throttle boner into her delicious backside.

I'm sure we would have been difficult to see from the workers' point of view, but still...

She turned in my arms and faced me. Taking a long, slow, deep breath, she ran her warm hands up my chest and around the back of my neck until they met in the middle. She brought her face close to mine, tilted her head and leaned in. She closed her eyes. Her lips parted slightly. She stopped, opened her eyes and looked dead into mine. "You're such a perv. You know that?"

"Thank you, honey."

She slid her arms down my back, grabbed my butt, smacked it and twisted out of our embrace. She side-stepped, proclaimed that it was shower time and began to walk off toward the main level master bathroom. As she was walking away, she called over her shoulder, "It's the guy in the green shirt."

I smiled. "Is he worthy???"

Now almost into the bathroom doorway about 20 ft away, she responded, "He's the only guy wearing a collared shirt. Try not to be so obvious next time."

This is the problem with being married to a woman who's smarter than you are. I mean, yeah, it was a little obvious, but whatever. I got to touch her boobs and I was still hard.

Then the doorbell sounded and shook me from my pervy reverie. I about jumped out of my skin. I couldn't very well answer the door with a rager. So I quickly went to the bathroom door and knocked.

"What?!" Came her sharp response.

"I need you to answer the door."

I could hear her approaching the door. She opened it about 6 inches, just enough to poke her face out and said, with genuine intrigue, "Why???"

I looked down and gestured at the tent in my shorts. She giggled and said, "Well, you're all revved up aren't you? You really like that idea don't you?" She reached out to stroke me through the slippery fabric of the gym shorts.

I playfully swatted her hand away. "Not helping!"

The doorbell rang again.

"Come on!"

She laughed again. Then she sighed, seemingly in surrender, reached back behind the door and proffered...her robe. Her thick, fluffy, lavender robe. She giggled and then closed, and locked, the door.

I stood there for a second, cursed my lovely pain-in-the-ass wife, silently of course.

"Fuck it."

I donned the fluffy mockery of manhood and headed for the damn door.

I don't even remember what the hell Mark wanted. And for a second, I think he had lost track of the reason for his intrusion as well. His mouth opened partly and then locked in that position, whatever it was he had to say hopelessly stuck in his throat. I just held his stare, mustering my best alpha male stare down, thinking, "Yeah I'm wearing a purple robe, so what?"

He finally recovered, muttered something about the shed being almost in place and the guys leaving soon and turned to walk off. I swear I saw his lips curl into a smile as he turned. I sighed and closed the door. I was actually impressed that he maintained his professionalism as well as he did. I'm not sure I would have fared as well on the other side of the door.

My wife likes long, hot showers, but this one was one for the books. It was like an hour and a half. She finally emerged, steam swirling in the backdrop of the open doorway. Rays of sunshine cut through the foggy mist and silhouetted her beautiful body. She has lusciously curvy hips and thick legs and the image was stunning. She shook out her hair reached a hand up high in the doorway and stuck out a thick hip. She was moving in slow motion. Not really. But that's how it was playing out in my mind. She broke my sex-addled reverie by asking, "Comfy?"

"Huh?" was my clearly well thought out response.

"You look good in purple."

"It's lavender." I was still wearing the damn robe. Well, I thought...own it. "You have to be pretty secure in your masculinity to pull this off you know. As a matter of fact, it is comfy. Very comfy. In fact, if you want it back, you're going to have to come get it."

"Ohhhh, I see. Another challenge. You're feeling feisty today." She slinked over. She was dressed in a floral print cotton summer dress. I watched, still entranced after 15 yrs of marriage, as her form came closer. She has curves. I like curves. She's a total MILF, but doesn't know it. When she reached me, she leaned forward facing me while I was seated in the recliner, placed one hand on each of the armrests and leaned in for a kiss.

She smelled good. Not the kind of perfume and hairspray kind of good. The clean, shampoo and body wash, just out of the shower good. Letting my eyes run over her body, I saw that she had shaved her legs. Well that kind of explains the longer shower. Worth it!

She smiled and said, "You're fun. Life is never boring with you. Wanna fuck?"

Okay, so she didn't say that last part but I'm sure she wanted to.

"What did the shed guy want?"

"Mark. Something about almost being done, some guys leaving soon. He was jealous of my robe."

She looked out the kitchen windows and said, "I think they're gone. But there's still a truck here."

I got up, shed the robe (It was getting too warm for that anyway), and then walked over to the window next to her. I gently laid a hand on her hip and looked out. The regular pickup was still out there. The shed doors were opened up, but we couldn't see I side because the windows had some kind of brown translucent protective paper stuck to them. I could see a shadow moving around inside.

"I guess that's Mark inside."

"What's he doing?"

"I'm not sure.

We walked out and down the driveway together to find Mark inside. It had gotten pretty warm out and as we got closer, we could see that he had taken the polo shirt off, leaving him in the tan jeans and a white tank top undershirt. The intensified warmth inside the shed had brought beads of sweat to the surface of his well-toned arms. I glanced in Anne's direction just quickly enough to register her biting her lip. When we got to the open doors, we saw that he appeared to be kneeling on a pile of furniture moving blankets reaching under a bench he was installing.

Anne and I looked at each other questioningly. There wasn't supposed to be a workbench installed. We didn't design it with one.

I spoke up. "Hey Mark?"

He jerked his body up and nearly hit his head on the underside of the bench. He says, "Oh, hey! I'm just about done in here so I sent the crew home. The bench is done being installed. What can I do for you?"

We walked into the small space and really felt the difference in heat.

I introduced Anne and Mark. He reached a hand out to her and she shook it with a smile. "Nice to meet you, Mark.

Anne put a hand on my abdomen and addressed Mark. "Um...can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. Shoot."

"We weren't expecting a bench. Are you sure that's supposed to be there?"

"I think so. We had the materials for it. Let me check my work order. Excuse me a second."

He went off to his truck.

I stepped behind Anne and leaned back against the bench. We had initially wanted a bench but decided it would suck up too much storage space inside the shed. I reached down and lightly dragged my fingertips up her smooth leg, just lifting the hem of her sundress. She let out a guilty moan, as if she was enjoying the attention, but knew we shouldn't. She reached down to grab and squeeze my hand. "You're bad. Our friend is just down at the end of the driveway."

"Yeah, but he can't see us with that paper on the windows. In fact, nobody can see us." And with that, I decided to go for it. I lifted the back of her dress, hooked my thumbs into her panties and took them down in one smooth motion. She protested of course, but we heard the truck door slam close indicating that Mark was on his way back up the driveway. She knew we didn't have time to get those back on and get herself put back together before he came into view through the open doors of the shed. She squirmed and squealed a little and finally lifted her feet up so I could get them all the way off.

She hissed, "What do you think you're doing?"

I quickly put her panties in my pocket. "You won the game this morning, remember? You going to collect on your winnings?"

She didn't respond verbally. Instead, she smoothed out the skirt of her dress and shot me a look over her shoulder. It was a mixture of intrepidity, indecision and excitement. Before she had a chance to say anything he arrived.

"Um, well, Anne, it says here that you were right."

I interjected, "Get used to it. It's kinda her thing."

She giggled and swung a hand behind her to smack me.

Mark smiled, laughed nervously and said, "Yeah...well the thing is that it's not on the work order, but as you can see, the material to make and install the bench is here. So I was kind of on autopilot and installed it. I'm so sorry about this. If you don't want it, I'll be happy to take it out. Or you could keep it free of charge. You could try it out for a while if you'd like. If you decide you don't want it, I'd be glad to come back to you and take it out for you. Again, no charge at all. I'm very sorry about the mix-up."

We stood there in silence for a moment while we contemplated our options and he waited patiently.

He said, " Here, let me give you two some time to think it over. I need to remove this paper from the windows. It's on there pretty good so it'll take me a good 10 or 15 minutes."

He reached over to the window next to where we were standing and began to remove the paper. Anne suddenly reached up and put her hand on his to stop him. She then looked at me, smiled a devilish grin and I couldn't believe what was about to happen. She took his hand and placed it on her upper chest, slowly pulling it down to her breast. She had a vulnerable look in her eyes, but I could tell that she was excited.

She leaned back into me. Mark looked over her shoulder at me. A questioning look filled with surprise and anticipation. I smiled and nodded silently.

I brought my hands to her hips and then up her ribcage to her breasts. Feeling her warmth through the cotton fabric of the strappy summer dress. Her breathing got deep and ragged. She looked him in the eyes as my hands came up to the thin straps. I brushed my hands down over her shoulders and brought the straps down beneath them, exposing her bare, flushed chest to the handsome stranger. He brought his hands up and cupped one small breast in each of his rugged hands.

I let my hands fall down her sides and run down to her thick thighs. I curled my fingers and dragged them up her legs, bringing them, and the hem of her sundress, up over her ass and her hips. Dropping the hem, I slid my hands down the front of her thighs and ventured toward her precious pussy lips. She pressed her ass into my stiffening in dick. She reached up and grabbed Mark's head, pulling his mouth down to her heaving tits and hardening bright pink nipples.

He took the clear direction well and sucked her right nipple firmly into his mouth. He sucked it, swirled his tongue around it and sucked it some more. Anne's breathing got louder and faster. She pulled his head off of her right breast, resulting in a thin string of saliva bridging the growing distance between his mouth to my wife's hard, wet nipple. She pulled his head down to the other side.

Making my way down and across her upper thighs, my hands rendezvousing in the middle, I reached her pubic mound. I was surprised to find it shaved clean with the exception of a thin, trimmed strip above her clit. Probing further, I reached her entrance. Finding her incredibly slick, I easily slid one finger deeply inside her eliciting a sharp intake of breath and a low growl.

Mark came up for air. He started to say, "I can't believe..."

She cut him off by pushing him down to a kneeling position in front of her finger filled pussy.

He gently lifted the drape of cotton material and placed his palms on her smooth firm thighs and brought his face closer to her sweet, fresh pussy. I withdrew my fingers just enough to bring them out and spread her lips to give Mark's tongue access to her clit. When the tip of his tongue touched the bottom of her lips. He applied more gentle pressure and flattened out his tongue. Her knees buckled a little and then began to shake as he dragged his tongue, wide and flat, up the center of her honey pot. I moved my hands to her inner thighs to both support her and spread her just a little. She followed my lead and opened herself up, leaning back into me. Long, wide, slow lapping licks sent her into orbit. She put a shaking hand on top of his shoulder, put the other behind her to grab on to me and raised a leg up to put a foot on his shoulder. He got down to business and got his tongue deep into her steamy cunt. I slid over one of my hands and began making light little circles over her clit with my index and middle finger tips. After a few minutes of this she took the hand off his shoulder, put it on top of mine and pressed hard. Urging me down and deep into her sopping sex. I curled a finger up and pulled up, putting pressure on her g-spot. She let out three sharp, quick screams and her whole body shuddered with an intense orgasm.

She pushed Mark's head away to ratchet down the intensity for a minute. She reached a hand under his chin, cupped it and pulled upward, urging him to stand in front of her again. She pulled me out from behind her and leaned back against the bench. We flanked her on each side. She reached out to both of our diamond hard dicks and began to caress us through our clothes. She took the opportunity to catch her breath.

After a minute, she tugged at each of our waistbands and panted, "Off. Get em off"

We both obeyed. I yanked down my gym shorts and my cock sprung up, bouncing with turgidity. Anne wrapped a soft, warm hand around my hot cock.

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