tagLoving WivesThe Shoot

The Shoot


Two years ago I told my wife I wanted her to have sex with another man. Jenny's instant reaction was, "Yeah, that's not gonna happen."

I looked at her and said, "I understand, I do, but I thought I should tell you my fantasy –you know, in the sprit of openness."

She stared at me for just a moment, and then the corner of her mouth pulled into half a smirk. "Well, next time we have sex I'll take that under consideration."

For a couple of months, I let the thought sink in. I didn't want to push things too hard and ruin my fantasy, so the next time I brought it up, we were both a little tipsy. I had just enough courage to say something while we were playing in bed. We were kissing and both down to our underwear. I stopped kissing her and stared deep into her blue-green eyes.

"I want you to close your eyes."


"Just do it."


She closed her eyes, and I moved my hands over her body in a way that was different then ever. While stroking her body, I positioned a different pressure on her skin, a different rhythm of stroking her skin, and a different way of breathing around her. Everything about the way I handled my lustful wife was different.

"I want you to imagine I am someone else. I want you to imagine that I am that guy you saw at the gym on the treadmill today. Do you know which one I'm talking about?"

She smiled and opened her mouth, keeping her eyes closed.

"The man with the tight blue shorts on and thick brown hair?"

"Yes, him."

"Baby, I've told you that I only think he is cute. I would never do anything to hurt you."

"Shhhhh. Don't be ashamed. It's ok. This game is about you, not me. Just relax and enjoy this. I want you to imagine that he is here right now, and he is touching you. Can you do that for me?"

Quietly... and ever so sheepishly... she said, "Yesss..."

I moved my hand up her thigh in a much more forceful way than I had ever dreamed, and her thigh twitched apart as if to spread. Taking advantage of her parting thighs I grabbed at her underwear over the crotch, brushing her wetting pussy with my knuckles, and pulled her panties down about seven inches. I pulled her panties so hard, they slipped from under her weight. My hand found its way over her pussy, feeling the heat radiating from the landing strip above her clit to the bottom of her vulva.

"Do you want him inside of you?"

She kept her eyes closed, and after a pause, "Do you want his finger inside of you?"

With the slightest moan, she spread her legs as much as she could, stretching the fabric of her panties. "Yes. Please, touch me. I want to feel his finger in my body."

"Do you want his muscles working his finger – back and forth – inside of you?"

"Yes...do it."

I rubbed my hand forcefully over her mound and then curled my ring finger up and in, spreading her hot vaginal folds and entering into her wetness. Her body shivered with pleasure as I used my other hand to tear her already flimsy panties from her body. I whispered in her ear "Oh, my God, honey ... You really like the way he touches you. Do you want him to taste you?"

She moaned out a yes and with that I moved my face down to her hot slippery sex. My tongue and my mouth moved in a way she had never felt before. I licked her at different speeds. I entered two fingers forcefully inside her body, and when she moved her hand on to my head to control the speed of her pleasure, I grabbed her hand and in a tight grip held it down on the bed. She knew who was in control, and by the way she thrashed her hips while my tongue drank her sex, she absolutely loved it. Her mouth opened into a giggle and descended into heavy breathing and then a deep moan of pure ecstasy.

I looked up from her heated sex and said, "Tell me what he is doing to you, baby."

"... He is licking me and tasting me....he's making me feel good....oh so....good."

"Is he better than me? Its ok, you can tell me."

In the throes of passion, she opened up her mouth and said, "Yessssss," And with that, she burst into the throes of an orgasm that I had never seen. Her body shook; her pussy was drenched and out of her mouth purred the loveliest sound of lust. "Enter me...Enter me now."

I entered her cumming pussy, stroking in and out slowly, imagining her inner walls covered with another man's cum. I built up speed and thrust myself deeper and deeper into her body as she held me close. Her sizzling pussy felt incredible around my cock, and in no time at all I peaked and released my orgasm into her waiting walls.

When we finished, I looked at her and ask if she still felt hesitant to add another man.

She looked at me and with the mischievous grin said, "Maybe not..."

In the afterglow, we basked in the warmth of our desires.

"I want you to know how hot that was for me. I really enjoyed seeing you in a total state of lust while being removed from the situation. It's almost like watching you masturbate to the 100th degree. It's really hot to see you please yourself-but to see someone else do it would be mine blowing for me."

"You wouldn't get jealous or hurt by this?"

"Honestly, I don't know. I might a little, but I'm willing to take that chance."

"Why? Aren't you afraid of ruining what we have"

"Honey, I love you. You mean the world to me. I love you too much to ever want to leave you. Even if I didn't want this and you fooled around behind my back, I would stay with you because what we have is too important to me."

And with that, she looked me in the eyes, kissed me on the mouth and rolled me over onto my back. This time she took control, moving her legs over my waist and sliding down on my hard cock. My body arched up into her, aching to feel that wet pussy again. She bounced up and down on my cock, at one point grabbing my hand and placing it on her nipple. With her free hand, while sitting and moving on my cock, she started playing with her clit. Slow at first, moving her hand in circles, then quicker and quicker. As she gained speed, she looked me in the eyes and said "Imagine if I was on top of someone else right now. Hopping on another man's dick like a rabbit in heat. Can you imagine that for me?"

I could only moan as my imagination took off.

"He feels so good inside me honey," she said as her fingers moved faster on her clit. "I think his dick is going to make me cum. Oh honey, I can't stop fucking this man. I hope that he doesn't cum before me, because I can't stop fucking him, even if he looses his seed in my unprotected pussy. Oh my god...Oh my god...I'm CUMMING...I'M CUMMING." At that I groaned and released every ounce of cum in me that was left.

After this, we both fell asleep, but the next day I vowed to make this scenario happen. I started looking on Craigslist, all the while thinking of a way to make this fantasy a reality for us. CL was full of weirdoes and non committals, so finally I went on an escort site. I wanted to make sure the man I found for her was clean and had the papers to prove it. After a week or so of searching, I finally met the right guy: Sam, with whom we worked out the perfect arrangement. Sam was also a photographer in his spare time, and after seeing some pictures of my wife, he and I came up with a plan that, if anything would get her to have sex with another man, this would be it.

I told my wife that I hired someone to take some photos of us as an early anniversary gift. We had not gotten any professional pictures done since our wedding five years ago, so this made sense. I told her the photographer was someone I found online and we would meet at his place. We dressed up, and as we were dressing, I told Jenny to wear some sexy underwear.


"Because I think that we should look and feel our best, our sexiest, for these photos, and I think that putting on a pair sexy panties and bra can only help."

"OK, but only because I love you," she laughed, and left the bathroom to go change. She came out wearing a pair of black, see through panties and a black push up bra with red thread lining. "How's this? Sexy enough for you?"

"So sexy that I don't know if we are going to make it on time." I joked as I moved up to her and kissed her open mouth.

She pushed me away after thirty seconds and said, "Easy, Mr. Man. We are not going to be late for this guy. You're the one who wanted this, so let me get dressed. Maybe after we can have some fun, OK?"

I smiled and said ok, knowing exactly what was in store.

We got in the car and arrived at Sam's studio in about 15 minutes. When I saw him I got a rush of excitement in my stomach, both nervous and excited at the same time. He looked like his picture, about 6'2'', 160 lbs, longer dark hair, and just a shadow of a beard; he really appeared quite attractive. He had a nice studio for shooting, with white drapes and photography equipment set up all over the place. There was even a bed in the corner of the room! He smiled and welcomed us in.

Jenny instantly warmed to him. "Wow, what a nice space. Lots of lighting. Looks great!"

"Thanks," he replied. "Can I get you guys anything to drink? Maybe some water or wine?"

"I would love a white wine, if you have it," she answered.

"I'll take the same" I said, hoping that this would calm my nerves just a bit.

"Three white wines. Got it." And with that, he walked into the kitchen area.

"Do you live here as well?" Jenny said.

"No, but I do crash here when I am working late on a session. Did you notice the bed?" he said with a mischievous smile.

Jenny laughed and looked at him with a hint of flirtation. "It certainly looks comfortable. Maybe if I get tired during the shoot I can take a nap."

At this we all laughed.

Sam brought the wine glasses to us.

"Cheers," he said, as we clanked glasses. We each took a sip, and then he looked at us and said, "Well, shall we get started?"

Initially, he basically just worked as a normal photographer would; placing us in comfortable and typical posed positions, nothing dirty or anything, but he would make conversation with us while taking shots. During breaks, we sipped wine, and soon enough, our wine sat/stood empty.

"Can I get you two a refill?"

"Absolutely," I responded.

Jenny looked at me and said, "Are you sure? We are going to have to drive home you know."

"We'll be fine. Besides, I have purchased the long session so we can get some great shots!"

"OK. Well, if that's the case, I'll take one more."

Sam got the wine and brought it to her. As he handed it to her, their hands made contact and she looked him in the eyes, a little buzzed already, smiled and said, "Thank you, Sam. This is really a special experience."

His hand and hers stayed on the glass a moment, and he drank her in with his eyes, saying "It is my pleasure to photograph someone as beautiful as you."

We started again, but this time, Sam and I set our plan into motion. We began to work on her to be more open during the photo shoot. Sam acted very comfortable to make the situation fun and relaxed for her. He continued to compliment us both on our photogenic qualities, but he really became flirtatious with Jenny. He would say things like, "Make love to the camera" and "Give me your pouty lips, sexy lady, just like that beautiful." And she really warmed up to him! She would lower her gaze and giggle at everything he said. At one point, she even told him that he and I should switch places to make things more exciting. At that, Sam and I exchanged just a quick glance and knew that it was time for the real fun to begin.

"Will, I want you to kiss Jenny's Belly."

"OK." I obliged, bending down to my knees to kiss the soft fabric over her stomach.

Then he started asking us to get into some fun, "compromising positions," as a joke. We were both tipsy enough to agree and took all of his direction. He started by placing us in a position with me on top of her in missionary position. He moved in close and directed us to look like we were really in the moment and enjoying each other. Then he had Jenny ride me. She was really into it, actually. It was either the wine, the atmosphere or the combination, but when he said, "OK, sexy, show my what you look like getting off on your big man," her face curled up into an expression of pure orgasmic bliss. Finally, he had us get into a doggy style position. Even though we had all our clothes on, we both felt extremely close and sexual at this moment. She really played it up for the camera as he told her be dirty for him and camera. Sam looked at her and teased, "Porn star, baby, give me porn star!" She responded by staring and playing to the camera with every sexy expression she could muster.

Finally, as this position came to an end he looked at us. "You two are really hot together! Why don't we have some real fun. Jenny, would you like to do some topless photos with your arm covering her breasts?"

She was a little hesitant at this, and then she looked at me and said, "Are you ok with this?"

"Love, this has been so much fun! We never have to show anyone these pictures, but I am sure we won't regret doing this. We can stop whenever you want, ok? I promise."

"But I'm wearing a dress. If I go topless, I am just going to have to take the whole dress off. Are you sure you are ok with me just being here in my panties?"

"I know I'm fine with it," Sam interjected. "I actually do this more than you would expect, and I think you will photograph beautifully."

Jenny stared into my eyes, and the corners of her mouth turned up, and she purred, "Ok. But when I say stop, this stops ok?"


At this, she released the straps and pulled down her dress as Sam took shots. She really played it up for the camera, too, as if she was being shot by Playboy. When her dress completely dropped, Sam had me come behind her to unclasp her bra. Although my fingers shook with nervousness, I got the bra off and Jenny's arms covered her breasts. But as Sam continued to pose her, she took the initiative to drop her arms. She stood there with nothing but a black thong and then she dropped her crossed arms and willingly showed her breasts to him. There she stood, in front of another man with her 34 B size breast and hardened pink nipples there for him to see.

After a few shots, she looked at us and said, "I have an idea... let's do some nude photos with my legs positioned so that nothing is showing through the camera lens."

"Are you sure you want to take it to another level?" I asked.

"Don't worry, I can use props and position my body so that I don't actually show anything."

"Are you sure you feel comfortable enough to do that here? We just met Sam and you're already about to get naked in front of him."

"Honey, it's not like that. This is for us; for something to remember someday and have beautiful pictures of. I don't feel dirty, I feel beautiful, like art."

"Well," Sam added, "you look beautiful, I must say. And this camera will really capture your skin nicely. I'm game if you are."

Jenny smiled, turned around, hooked her thumbs in her panties and slowly pulled them down, bending over.

"No pictures," she said, as she showed the slit of her pussy from the back.

"Not till you give me the go," Sam replied with his finger on the camera.

Jenny turned her body three quarters to him and began to smile sometimes delightfully and sometimes mischievously. He kept taking pictures at her body, with each new pose getting closer to revealing a new and exciting look while still maintaining some privacy. Then Sam said he had an idea.

"How about you to pose together – her nude and you clothed?"

"Sounds fun," I said and stepped into the shot.

After some shots, Sam suggested we placed ourselves into some really sexy and fun positions. First I laid down and she crawled on me, reverse cowgirl style while covering her pussy. After a few clicks, she spun around, placing her heated body all around me. Then I got up and stood with her between me and the camera while she got onto her knees.

"Oh, no -- looks like you're giving him head," he cheered shooting pics left and right.

Eventually, due to the wine, atmosphere and just the sexiness of the situation, we started to kiss, making out a little while he kept shooting. Kissing led to petting, and petting led to me moving my mouth down and licking on her nipples. Her hand moved to my belt and snapped it wide open. Then just a quick release of clasp and a pull of a zipper, and my pants dropped to my ankles revealing my loose boxers. The kissing and touching become quicker and more passionate, and I finally took the biggest risk of the afternoon. I put my hands on the back of her head in a hope to guide her mouth to my hardening cock. I certainly craved her soft, warm mouth around my pulsing shaft, but more than that, I wanted my wife's bare ass and wet sex to be right in the line of vision with Sam. And she complied without a second of hesitation. Her head moved down to my waist, and she pulled my shorts down. I kneeled down so that she could work my cock while on all fours, and her hot mouth sucked over my cock and took me in; her tongue scraping the underside of my cock, and my cock head felt the back of her throat.

"Baby, Sam is looking hot and bothered over your position--your bare ass is just staring at him," I told her while she glided her soft mouth of my stiffened member. She raised her ass, like presenting herself to him. A rush of nervous excitement overtook me.

"Love, he can see your sweet pussy and he's rubbing his cock under his pants. Sucking me off, she moaned when I told her this and moved her hand to her pussy to rub herself.

I explained to her in more detail what he was doing to his cock. Sam dropped his pants and stroke his cock through his underwear.

"He just dropped his pants, and he is wearing these tight white briefs. His cock looks so big in them." She moaned deeper and stopped pleasing me as I described to her the size and crook of his cock growing and peeking up through his underwear. He stepped out of his clothes, put his camera down He has put the camera down and stroked his cock right in front of her pussy." She slurped on my cock—moaning more and more while playing with herself more furiously.

"Wow...his long and thick cock is bigger than mine, and it's just bulging and pulsating as he strokes it while staring intently at your wet slit.

In the last act of true acceptance, she arched her back to expose her hungry sex to him She was totally lost in the heat of the moment.

"You better be careful. That bare cock is only feet from your pussy." Sam just became more excited to hear her slobbering on my cock, sucking wildly with anticipation of a strangers cock inside her pussy. He walked up behind her, and the moment of truth arrived. He placed the head of his penis, with just a bit of wet pre-cum on it, to the hot, wet mouth of her pussy. She froze with her lips around my cock and looked up at me when she felt his hard cock at the opening of her wet slit. Her eyes pleaded for me to give her the little nod of approval. I hesitated for just a moment, knowing that my deepest fantasy was about to be fulfilled, but also not knowing how this would change my life But after the briefest of moments, I gave her just the tiniest nod. When I did, Sam stood still as she slowly backed up on his dick. I watched her pussy lips curve inside as she takes his larger girth and size. Then the unexpected happened. She let my cock fall out of her mouth. His cock felt so good she could no longer concentrate on giving me pleasure. He moved his hips and pushed completely inside her while she groaned with deep, pure, animal lust. They stayed that way, lost in the moment of their sexual connection, and then she began to fuck him. She shoved forward, and his dick glistened slick with her pussy juices. She leaned back again, faster this time, going back and forth on his dick about 4-5 more strokes as he met her body stroke for storke. Their rhythem picked up as he grabbed her hips and fucked her exactly how he wanted. They moved together as one, and I gently moved to the side to get a closer view. They ignored me but suddenly, my wife pushed his hands off her hips and stopped moving.

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