tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Short Sale

The Short Sale


"Elaine, how long have you been my agent?" Mr. Jacobs asked. What he'd meant to ask was, "What do you think of this property."

But that wasn't what came out. More and more things had been happening like that lately.} Ever since he started taking those pills.

"Nine years." This wasn't the question Elaine expected when Mr. Jacobs asked her to meet him at this house. She felt a hollow pit in her stomach that threatened to swallow her up. The housing market was the worst she'd ever seen. She had only had two sales all last year other than the commissions acting as Mr. Jacobs buying agent.

"And we've had a great run haven't we?" Mr. Jacobs said, and then he had that feeling again. And it was like felt a little mean. To be honest, he always had those feelings sometimes, but now it was as if he had no control over his mouth. "But I wanted you to be the first to know. I've decided to get another agent."

What the hell was he thinking. He'd been with Elaine for 9 years now. She was hardworking and organized. She was pretty and he'd enjoyed looking at her, even though she'd never given him the time of day.

"Who?" Elaine blurted. But she already suspected. Sara Micheal-Morgan. The most ruthless agent in the business. Somehow she'd gotten to him.

"Becky Sears." Mr. Jacobs replied. Once again, the words spilling from his mouth. Was there something wrong with him. He should say he was sorry. Shit, but the thought of the Sears girl. She was young and hot. And she used it to her advantage the way Elaine used to. His cock grew hard in his pants and he felt a surging in his balls. Not like blue balls. Like power.

Elaine was sure that Mr Jacobs had to be kidding. Becky Sears was a new agent. A nobody. But she was young. And pretty. Very pretty.

"I know this market," Elaine said. "And I've always worked hard for you."

"You've been great," Now Mr. Jacobs seemed to be in possession of his mouth once more, but so far Elaine hadn't said a word.

She'd taken it all quite meekly.

He felt emboldened.

"But let's face it. You aren't young anymore. You're married and have a kid now. You can't work as hard as you used to. You know how the market is. Things are sold on first impressions, and I need someone who can sell."

"I can sell."

"You still have the baby weight," Mr. Jacobs said. His cock grew even harder watching his real estate agent blush...saw the fire rise in her eyes briefly before she tapped it bck down. His cock felt bigger than normal. It had to be the pills. Go from wimp to monster or your money back they'd advertised, showing a tiny cock next to a monster cock. "And just look at you Elaine. You've let yourself go. Elaine felt her cheeks grow hot. She had let herself go. She'd been exercising and dieting on and off for 7 years.

"I'll do better," Elaine said. "Just give me a chance."

"Let's not make this harder than it has to be Elaine," Mr. Jacobs said, and patted her on the arm, while reaching down and surreptitiously adjusting his cock. God, it felt like his pants could barely contain him anymore.

Elaine blinked away her tears. Mr. Jacobs was being a total prick to her. The desire to tell him to 'Go fuck himself' was almost overwhelming. But she thought of her husband who was out of work. She'd only made 77 thousand last year before taxes. However, 69 thousand of that was from commissions from Mr. Jacobs. She had a nice house and a hefty mortgage payment. An expensive car. A membership at the country club. A daughter who needed tennis lessons and had a mouthful of braces. Three expensive cell plans.

She was sunk.

"Please," Elaine begged, holding his hand. "I promise. I'll do whatever you want. I'll take less commission. One half of a percent less since we do so much business together."

"How much do you weigh now anyway?" Mr. Jacobs couldn't believe the words when they left his mouth. He wished he could take them back. Who was he to talk? He knew he was overweight...After all, he weighed two-sixty.

But Elaine didn't respond. She just stood there and took it. Mr. Jacobs licked his lips. He could feel his pulse pound in his cock.

The real estate agent was in a daze. It was an unexpected question and it took her by surprise. She couldn't get traction in this conversation...she was trying to come to an agreement on money and he was still stuck on some very personal topics.

"135." She lied.

"Come with me," Mr. Jacobs said, as he led her down the hall. He stopped trying to fight the words that came out of his mouth of their own volition. He surrendered to the feelings that were overpowering him.

When he opened the door to the bathroom and pointed down to the floor, Elaine felt such a sense of panic, her knees began to shake.

"I tell you what I'll do." Mr. Jacobs said. "If you are under 140, we'll see if we can make some kind of deal to keep you on."

Elaine closed her eyes, and said a prayer, then stepped on the scale. It blinked for a moment and then flashed.


"Why don't you take off your heels and see if that helps." Mr. Jacobs volunteered helpfully. His tongue darting out and licking his lips, while he rubbed his fingers together.

Elaine took off her 3 inch heels. She was no longer quite so imposing a figure now. From 5-10, she was now down to 5-7.


"Your necklace?"

It was a large necklace of alternating gold and baby blue stones. But the scale didn't budge.

Her bracelet followed. Then earrings. Her jacket.



"The rest probably weigh 4 pounds Steven," Elaine said in a soft voice. A voice that usually got her what she wanted. "Surely our friendship counts for something."

Not this time.

Mr. Jacobs winced and shook his head. "I'd love to help. But you know what a stickler I am for details."

After a few hundred contract negotiations, indeed she did.

With her cheeks so hot, she though they might burn up, she took off her blouse.



Her hose were next.


She knew she was sunk. But she had to try. She took off her skirt. Her heart raced. Her pulse pounded like a gong in her ears.


"Can you please turn around?" Elaine said.

She looked at Mr. Jacobs. God, he was oogling her with his weaselly looking eyes. It made her skin crawl. Her blush had blossomed all the way to her chest.

"So you can tinker with the scale?" Mr. Jacobs said, with twinkling eyes. "I don't think so."

Elaine managed to get her bra off, while still protecting her modesty with her hand.


Goddamn it to hell. She could feel her nipples crinkle in the cold bathroom.

She knew better than ask. With no other recourse, she took off her panties, while trying her best to protect her modesty, but now that she was entirely nude, it made it nearly impossible.


She was sunk. God. Her knees were shaking. She had to pee. Then it hit her. Maybe if she peed, she'd be able to lighten the load a bit more.

"Can you at least turn ou back for a moment?" Elaine whispered as she looked over at the toilet.

"I don't think so," Mr. Jacobs said. "That's what I like about you Lainey. You always find a way to make a sale. Are you making number one or two Lainy-girl?"

"One sir." He'd called her Lainy-girl. He'd never called her Lainy before. and she'd never called him sir until now. He was ten years her elder and she'd never been attracted to him. He was a greedy fat slob.

Their relationship was strictly based on his money.

She sat down and began to tinkle.

"You better hope it's a lot," Mr. Jacobs said.

It wasn't. The stream died suddenly and she was quickly running out of options. She wondered if there was some sort of diuretic in the cabinet or some sort of digestive aid. She needed...she needed two more pounds and she was desperate.

"Maybe the scale isn't correct?" Elaine whispered.

Mr. Jacobs stepped in front of her and ran his meaty fingers through her hair. He rubbed them together with distaste.

"There's probably a pound of hairspray up here," Mr. Jacobs snickered. "Let's call it 140."

Elaine shivered. She'd always looked down on Steven Jacobs. He was fat and slovenly. He would sweat right through his clothes with just a little effort and you could smell it.

But now?

Now, it was as if their roles had reversed. It was humid today. Her hair was a bit frizzy. She'd needed the extra spray. Maybe next time, she wouldn't use quite so much.

God! What was she thinking. She didn't need to please this fat bastard.

"But there's still the matter of 1 more pound,"

Only she did. She needed to please him at least one pound's worth, but she hadn't a clue where to begin.

"A pound," Mr. Jacobs said, running a fat finger under his realtor's chin. "And so close too. You know, it would be a shame to end an nine year relationship over a pound. Especially with your daughter's new braces and all."

Elaine was trapped. He had her and from the look in his eyes, he knew it.

"Yes sir." she whispered.

"Sir, I like the sound of that," Mr. Jacobs said, he unzipped his pants with his free hand. "Now, maybe we can make a deal. If you could take a few ounces from me...I'll let that count towards your total."

"I..I don't understand..." Elaine stammered. She understood the principle. The fat bastard had taken out his cock and held it to her mouth. Goddamn, what a cock too. The fat pig was hung like a horse.

"I figure I got several ounces of jizz in my balls," Mr. Jacobs sneered. "When I deposit it into your stomach, we'll call it 139 on the dot."

Poor Elaine shook her head, never taking taking her eyes from the monster pointed at her nose like a homing missile. "I can't."

But Mr. Jacobs hadn't counted on the effectiveness from the pills he'd taken. As a matter of fact, he'd never in his wildest imagination predicted they would actually work and the extent in which they'd worked. His former cock was a bit above average in length but like him, it was a more than average in girth. But now he'd picked up nearly three inches in each direction.

Fuck. From wimp to monster. The label on those pills were right. But there was one big problem. The pills seemed too effective.

There didn't seem a way for her to suck him. At least not without a great deal of effort. He'd never had this problem before. But he quickly summed it up and came up with a solution.

"You can start by using your tongue," Mr. Jacobs said sarcastically. "You can do that can't you? Or should call Becky Sears?"

"No sir. I..I can do it." The humiliated agent replied, and hesitantly opened her mouth and began to lick. She couldn't help but grimace. He tasted stale and salty. It was awful.

"Lick it all over," Mr. Jacobs said, while he toyed with his new toy. His increased size was a small handicap, but it was well worth the enjoyment he took while using it to torment the woman on her knees at his feet. He slapped it against her cheek. He poked at her nose. He took her by the head and poked her mouth sideways so his head pushed up into her cheek, until he was finally satisfied that she'd lubed him up sufficiently.

"Get those tits ready Lainey girl." Mr. Jacobs sneered, as he sat down on the toilet. "You are going to give me a titty fuck."

"I've don't know how," Elaine said. She'd never done that for anyone before. She'd never even imagined something quite so crude.

"Forget it then," Mr. Jacobs said. "I bet a girl like Becky will know what to do."

The comment was more than enough to spur Elaine to action. "I'll try..." She put his cock between her breasts and tried to slide them up and down.

"I dare say she's a lot more endowed in this department anyway," Mr. Jacobs sneered. "You are going to have to do better than that Lainey. I can't even feel it. Hold them from the sides or something."

Blushing furiously, Elaine did as she was bid, until finally she was able to get the hang of it.

"That's better," Mr. Jacobs sighed. He'd never imagined a day like this. To have a woman....a pretty woman at that, down on her knees, giving him a titty fuck. It should have been enough, but all it did was make him want more.

"Faster," Mr. Jacobs ordered. "I want to see those titties bounce, even if aren't big like Becky's."

Elaine bobbed faster. Her breasts ached. She hated this. Oh how she hated hit.

"Those boobies are getting dry," Mr. Jacobs said. "Spit on them."

Disgusting pig! Yet, Elaine did as she was bid. Spitting wasn't as easy as she'd assumed. Her saliva made a long trail from his cock to her lips, until finally it dropped.

"I said spit," Mr. Jacobs ordered.

Elaine spat. Spat on his cock nestled between her pert ripe breasts like some sort of trailer park slut.

Spat again. Bobbing her breasts up and down, making wet squishing sounds as they moved up and down his massive member.

"Fuck yeah..that's the spirit." Mr. Jacobs panted. He sweat furiously. It has soaked through the back of his shirt and dripped down from his chin onto his cock. "Now,, put the head in your mouth..."

Poor Elaine was disgusted already. A drop of sweat dripped down from the fat pig's nose onto the head of his fat prick. She steeled her nerves and her stomach, and opened her perfectly made lips and placed the head of his cock in. It was a tight fit. The man was massive.

"Here it comes," Mr. Jacobs groaned. He took hold of Elaine's head and pushed her down on his cock as the pleasure surged up from his balls. "And you better fucking swallow."

Poor Elaine had given her husband head before. Not recently of course. But back when they were dating and when they were first married. She knew what to expect. At least she thought she did.

Her husband would give a quick spurt of bitter thick fluid, and then a few more small pumps of no importance. Less than a table spoon at the most.

The hapless real estate agent's blue eyes bulged when the first blast hit- shooting up against the back of her throat. A good three tablespoons of thick bitter splooge. She'd hold it in her mouth until she could spit it out in some tissue when the fat pig was finished.

However, his cock pulsed and shot again. Another 3 tablespoons. Her mouth was filled to the brim with his thick jizz. God. It was awful. It began to spill.

"Down the hatch," Mr. Jacobs warned.

Elaine closed her eyes. A lone tear dropped down her check. Somehow she managed to swallow, even with fat cock in her mouth. But Steven Jacobs wasn't done, not by a long shot. He spurted. And he spurted again. And even faster than before. She started to choke. She drew off and began to gag-coughing repeatedly.

Mr. Jacobs took matters in his own hand. Wrapping his thick fingers around his cock and jacking off. He'd come many a time in his life, but never like this. It went on and on. On and on. While Elaine coughed and gagged, he continued to spew. He made a gleeful and wicked game out of it oblivious to her distress, decorated his agent's face with his pearly goo. Her chin. Her nose. Her cheeks. Ahhh...her eyes were and even more inviting target. Her hair and breasts. His jizz was no longer thick and white, but watery and clear, but still his balls pumped. He put it back her her mouth now that she'd finished coughing and gave her the rest.

It was the single best day of his life. He chuckled as he looked down at the jizz covered face of his real estate agent. She looked like she'd been in one of them Japanese bukake films. He laughed again.

Maybe he had a career in show business.

Poor Elaine wasn't laughing. Her stomach rumbled a warning. She tried to open her eyes to survey the damage, but all she could see was white jizz. Worse, it stung. She tried wiping it out of her eyes, but it just smeared like thick glue.

Fumbling around blind as a bat, she made her way to the sink and managed to turn on the water and wash her face.

Shit. He was still touching her sex like he owned it.

"Are you on the pill Lainey?" Steven Jacobs asked.

"No..." Elaine said, praying it would keep him from having sex with her.

"Menopause huh?" Mr. Jacobs chuckled.

"No." Elaine was offended. "I'm 36. not 50."

"What are you and Mark using then, the rhythm method?" Steven said. "Or maybe he's got slow swimmers."

"He doesn't have slow swimmers.' Elaine said. Now that her eyes were finally free of sticky goo, she tried to straighten so that he couldn't molest her any longer.

Mr. Jacobs put a hand on her neck to prevent that from happening. He was enjoying himself far too much to stop. Besides, he'd noticed that little Lainey had begun to juice up. Perhaps she wasn't as reluctant a participant as she let on.

"You make him wear rubbers?" Mr. Jacobs laughed. "Like some sort of high school boy. Don't let him feel this tight hot puss? Is that why you are juicing up little Lainey? Is this the first time in a long time you've felt something other than latex?"

"He..he's had a vasectomy." Elaine hated that her body was betraying her. It was a natural reaction to stimulation, even unwanted stimulation. Still...it was getting to her. Worse, he kept asking her very private questions.

"You've had him neutered," Mr. Jacobs laughed. "How convenient. But that puts you in a pickle now, doesn't it. See, I'm gonna get me some of this pussy the next time I see you. And Lainey. I'm not neutered. As you can see, not even close. I ain't wearin' no fucking rubber like some high school boy neither."

"But..But.." Elaine stammered. She couldn't go on the pill. Mark could find out she was taking them. If he did, he'd know she was cheating. God, this bastard was getting to her. His fat grubby fingers slid in and out of her easily. Fingering her. It was getting hard to think.

"Next time I see you." Mr. Jacobs warned. "I'm gonna get me some of this juicy little puss. Do we understand each other."

"Yes..." Elaine squeaked. She felt breathless. It was hard to stand. She propped herself on her elbows.

"Yes sir." Mr. Jacobs said.

"Yes sir," It came out as a gasp. Her hips had begun to pump. Mr. Jacobs picked up Elaine's discarded jacket and wiped his hands clean, then left the bathroom. "Hurry and get cleaned up Lainey. I want you to come take a look at this property with me.

Don't think a blow job is going to get you out of you other job."

"Yes sir.." Elaine mumbled in reply. _____________

A week later, Elaine's heart was pounding when she saw Steven Jacobs pull up to the house in a white Suburban. Her pulse always raced when he pulled up. Would he buy? Would he pass? But now she had a new reason for her heart to pound. She knew he was going to have sex with her. But she didn't know how he was going to do it. If last time had been any indication, it would be very humiliating.

Maybe he wouldn't. Maybe the guilt over what he'd done to her last time would be enough to end it then and there. The Suburban rocked as he stepped out of it. God he was fat. He waved walked over to her. In one hand he carried his usual - a flashlight and notebook. In the other...Oh God. Poor Elaine felt a cold sweat begin to prickle. The bastard was carrying around a scale. An electronic scale. He meant to weigh her again.

"Hi Mr. Jacobs," Elaine managed. Doing her best not to stare at the white scale he carried in his hand.

"Hi Lainey," Steven Jacobs said as he grabbed the real estate agent's ass and pushed her inside the door. "Let's go in and get started."

"Yes sir." Elaine's voice was almost a whisper. She tried to steel herself for whatever ordeal she had to endure.

Mr. Jacobs set the scale down on the kitchen floor. He turned to the real estate agent with an affable smile, "Why don't you go to the bathroom and strip down and do whatever business you have to do by yourself. I'd rather not have to watch you piss this time."

Elaine's cheeks turned a brighter shade of red. She hadn't wanted to pee with him in the bathroom the last time. She hadn't wanted to have to do all the terrible things he made her do. But, now, like then, she didn't have a choice. She trotted off the the bathroom and began to disrobe. The house was a repo and the bathroom was filthy. She used toilet paper to line the top of the vanity and folded her clothes neatly on top. He hadn't told her to remove her underwear, and she wasn't about to volunteer, so she steeled her nerves and left the safety of the bathroom.

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