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The Show


"Where are we going?" asked Anne for the fifteenth time that evening. Her curiosity was killing her ever since Eric got back from his meeting.

"Why don't you dress nicely for a night on the town?" was all that he said as he sat down on the bed in the hotel room. Anne had no clue what they were going to do. She only had a few outfits with her on the trip, but was still having a difficult time deciding whether to wear jeans or a skirt, fancy or casual.

"It would really help if you just told me what kind of place we're going to," she said from the small hotel bathroom.

Popping his head into the room, Eric smiled and replied, "Who said we're going to a place?"

"Arrrggh!" said Anne as she playfully tapped him on the arm. While she was thrilled that he had planned anything, she was still torn as to what she should wear. Finally, she made a decision. Pants and a silk top. Definitely. But what color top? Damn!

As she sat in the cab in her skirt and cotton sweater, Anne couldn't help but smile. Eric was very good at keeping secrets. Like her Christmas present. She still couldn't believe that he got her that. Totally unexpected. Anne turned and looked at him. Could she love him any more? "So, where are we going?"

"You know," Eric said, "you can ask me like a zillion times, and I'm still not gonna tell you."

"Okay," said Anne. She paused for a second then grinned. "Then who'd you vote for?"

The minutes passed as they drove through the warm Florida evening. Anne was just happy to be spending time only with him. Kids are great, but some Eric-Anne time was definitely what was needed for both of them. She snuggled next to Eric and put her head on his shoulder.

"You're not going to sleep on me all ready are you?" laughed Eric. "It's only 8:00."

"No, not yet," said Anne, "but this is very nice." As she said this the cab turned into a parking lot. Eric paid the cab driver and they got out. Anne looked at the sign. 'The Platinum Pussycat.' "Is this place what I think it is?" asked Anne, turning to look at her slightly sheepish looking husband.

"Yep. You always said that you wanted to know what goes on in one of these places. Now here's you chance." Anne looked at the tacky purple building and began to imagine what went on inside.

"I can't go in there," said Anne.

"Why not," asked Eric, "no one knows us down here. Let's go have some fun. I promise, if you don't like it after ten minutes, we'll leave and go somewhere else."

"Well," said Anne, still eyeing the place nervously.

"C'mon, you're always telling me to try new things," laughed Eric as he pulled her towards the front door. Other men were walking in the doorway as the couple approached it. Several of the guys were eyeing Anne. Women were not usually known as guests here. The bouncer at the door also gave Anne a long look. They had trouble with feminists at times trying to get in to give people a hard time. After examining Anne's driver's license for a while, the bouncer gruffly said 'twenny dallahs.'

As they went into the darkened lobby, Anne whispered to Eric, "It was a ten dollar cover charge?"

"These places aren't exactly cheap," replied Eric. Anne looked around the darkened lobby. Pictures of future performers lined the walls. A small display counter showed t-shirts, mugs and other novelties that could only be bought at exorbitant prices. An entrance lined with a velvet curtain lay before them. Anne could hear the beat of music pounding on the other side, but couldn't see what was taking place.

"Ready?" asked Eric.

"I-I guess so," said Anne. Eric led them to the curtain and pushed it aside. On the other side was a dark room. The combination of the pounding of the music, cigarette smoke, and flickering light show hit Anne like a sledgehammer. As she got her bearings straight, she saw a bar directly in front of her. Scantily clad women walked around serving drinks to small tables scattered around the room. At the far end, Anne saw the stage. Through the fake smoke, Anne could barely make out the woman on the stage. All she knew for sure was that she was dancing and that she was quite naked.

A woman dressed in a tight corset and stocking outfit came up and spoke to Eric. He pointed to a table. Anne realized that you could choose where you were going to sit and then realized that most of the patrons were in the seats right up next to the stage. As the two were led to a table, Anne began to scan the room. Guys. Everywhere there were guys. And naked women on the stage. It was very surreal. Anne still couldn't believe that she was in a strip club. God, what would her mother think?!? They sat at the small table that faced the stage. Anne watched the woman on the stage dance. She was in a bra and panty set. Another woman off to the side was completely naked, and the woman on the other side was dancing fully clothed. Anne was confused.

"Think of it like a cycle," said Eric leaning over to Anne. "For each song, they introduce a new girl. The new one dances with her clothes on. For the next song, she strips down to her underwear. On the third song, she strips naked. Well, except for her garter." Anne noticed that the women would make eye contact with one of the guys sitting by the stage. The woman would dance over suggestively, and the guy would put money into the garter, or panty or bra. Whatever the woman happened to be wearing.

"What happens after the third song?" asked Anne.

"Then they leave the stage."

"Is that all that happens here?" asked Anne, wondering what was so special about these places.

"Just watch," said Eric. A scantily clad waitress came up. Eric said something to her and disappeared. Anne figured he ordered some drinks, so she turned back to the action going on in front of her eyes. Here were fully clothed men watching women dance naked in front of them. Part of her was disgusted, and yet, and yet part of her was excited too. The women were beautiful. At least, from what she could tell in the low lights and fog. They mostly had large breasts that jiggled as they moved. Most were very flexible and the twirled around a pole in the center of the stage. Women stretched their legs and thrust out their hips, hoping to get the men to pay them more money. Soon the waitress returned with a beer bottle for Eric and a drink for her. Anne took a drink and tasted a rather poorly made, but strong, whisky sour.

"Drink up," laughed Eric, "that just cost me seven bucks." Anne looked at the drink. Well, like he said, this place wasn't cheap. At that moment, the song ended. Some loud pounding disco beat song that Anne didn't recognize.

"Okay gentlemen, are you ready to really have some fun," boomed the announcer. "The ladies are coming out for some table dances right now. Buy a table dance and you'll also get one of our Pussy Cat t-shirts! So let's hear it for our LADIES." The music blared again and all of the women started making their way around the room, hawking their wares. They would approach a table and entice the gentlemen into buying a dance.

"Would you like a dance," said a voice next to Anne. Turning, Anne saw a beautiful blonde woman in a tight white bikini. Her large breasts were spilling out of the top, and the small piece of triangle between her legs did little to hide anything. Anne simply stared at her.

"Maybe later thanks," said Eric to the stripper.

"O.K.." she said and was off to another table.

"Th-thanks," said Anne."

"It's o.k.," smiled Eric, "it kind of freaked me out the first time too. Do you want to get a table dance?"

"I don't know," said Anne, "do you?"

"We'll see."

The dancing went on and the two nursed their drinks. Anne began to get buzzed from the alcohol and was beginning to get in to the dancing. At one point, the main headliner, Julie Juggs, did a dance on the center stage with some chocolate sauce and Frisbees. Anne couldn't see too well, and was content to watch some of the other women give table dances off to the sides. She began to watch the same blonde in particular. She was about five feet two inches tall. Short for a stripper it seemed; compared to all the other women. However, she was simply beautiful. It didn't take her long between dances before another group of guys were calling her over to dance on their table. She simply climbed on the table, took off her clothes and began to gyrate around. Anne watched the expressions on some of the guys - - pure lust. She noticed that several of them put their hands in their laps, readjusting themselves. The woman obviously knew her craft well. At the end of the dance, one of the guys would stuff some money into her garter; she would give him a peck on the cheek, and then casually begin putting her bikini back on, laughing and talking with the group.

"Pretty, isn't she," said Eric in Anne's ear.

"Um, yeah, I guess so," replied Anne, quickly taking another sip of her drink. She realized that Eric had ordered her another one. She was really flying. Anne suddenly realized that the blonde was walking over to them. 'Oh my god,' she thought as her pulse quickened. She turned and looked at Eric as she noticed his hand coming back down. He had called her over!

"You ready for that dance now," said the woman sweetly. Anne simply stared again.

"You bet," said Eric. The woman sat down in the third chair at the small table.

"I'll wait for this song to end and then start." She looked at Anne. "So where are you from?"

"D-dayton," croaked Anne, amazed that she was able to say anything. Her heart was racing and she was beginning to get a familiar warmth in her groin.

"Really?" said the woman, "I'm originally from Tipp City. I'm Cheri."


"So what brings you down to sunny Miami in February Anne? Vacation?"


"First time in a club?"

"Is it that obvious," said Eric.

Cheri laughed and looked at Anne. "She's got that deer in the headlights look that I see a lot on the women who come in," said Cheri. "Are you sorry that you came?"

"N-no," replied Anne.

"Ooops, song's over. Time to get to work. Would you help me up Anne?" Cheri held out her hand for Anne. Anne grabbed it and Cheri climbed up on the chair and onto their table. Eric grabbed the drinks and moved them over to the side. The music began and Cheri quickly stripped off her top. Her breasts swung free. Her hands went to her bottom. A conveniently placed hook allowed her to peel it off quickly. While holding her small outfit, Cheri began to move and dance to the beat. Anne simply stared. Moments ago, the woman had been making small talk at their table. Now she was dancing naked in front of Anne's eyes. Anne didn't know whether she should look or not. She tried glancing around the room. To look at the bar or the stage or even the other patrons. However, she was drawn back to Cheri. She glanced at her smooth legs. Her eyes traveled up. Cheri's small tight ass swayed in front of her. Then she turned and Anne was staring closely at the other woman's pussy. She was shaved with only a small patch of hair at the top near her belly button. Glancing up farther, Anne saw the large round breast with their small nipples. While large, Anne believed that her own breasts, with her own quickly hardening nipples, were larger. Unconsciously, Anne moved her hand down to her own crotch. Under her skirt was her small thong. She brushed her hand against her skirt and pressed against her own pussy. She was on fire. And soaking wet. Anne stole a quick glance at Eric. He was also staring intently at Cheri, watching the beautiful woman bump and grind on the small table. He turned to Anne and handed her a twenty-dollar bill. Anne took it without knowing what it might be for. The song soon ended and Cheri turned to look at Anne. She reached out her hand again. Anne grabbed it, and Cheri stepped back down onto the chair and onto the floor. She stood in front of Anne. Anne tried to find Cheri's eyes but was lost in Cheri's chest and legs.

"I hope you enjoyed it," said Cheri. She stood and waited.

"Um yeah." said Anne. Suddenly she realized what the money was for. "Oh, sorry!" Anne smiled weakly. "This is for you." She held out the money for Cheri to take. Instead of taking it in her hand, Cheri put her leg up on the side of Anne's chair. The garter was next to Anne's head, and the other woman's exposed pussy was directly in Anne's face. Anne fumbled a bit to get the bill into the garter with her shaking hands. After a few tries, she was able to get the money to stay.

Taking her leg down and leaning in close, Cheri whispered to Anne, "Thanks." She then proceeded to kiss Anne lightly on the lips. An electric jolt hit Anne as Cheri kissed her and Anne closed her eyes. After opening them, she saw Cheri walking away and again putting her skimpy costume back on - - searching for her next victim.

"Are you o.k.?" asked Eric. He smiled as he said it.

"Wow," was all Anne could say. She didn't know if it was the alcohol that was affecting her so much, but she was so horny she couldn't believe it. She quickly took another drink to try and cool down and calm herself. The women continued to dance and men came in and out of the club at a fairly regular pace. New girls were introduced, and more table dances were done. Serving women with large breasts came around, trying to get the patrons to buy shots of some mixed drink in a 'Platinum Pussycat' glass beaker.

"Hey fellas," boomed the announcer once again, "don't forget that the Platinum backroom is open for your enjoyment as well. Just find a lady and tell her you'd like a little backroom treatment!" Anne had noticed some of the men going back into another room with a dancer every now and then. She had no idea what they were doing, and had thought little about it.

"Where are they going," asked Anne. She hoped that she wasn't slurring her words too much. She really had to stop drinking. She looked at her glass, it was almost empty again! How many had she had?

"Don't worry, that was just juice. I told the waitress you were driving. They're going for lap dances."

"Really?" said Anne. She had seen those on TV, but a part of her really didn't believe that they went on in real life. "They have those here?"

"Yep," said Eric. As he said this, Anne again saw Cheri dancing on someone else's table. While there were lots of pretty women here, Anne couldn't help but think that she was by far the hottest of all the women. Anne watched her climb down from the table and again slip into her outfit. As she came by, Anne again saw Eric put up his hand and call her over. 'What is he doing now?' she thought. The two spoke and Cheri turned and looked at Anne. She walked over and leaned down.

"C'mon, let's go have some fun," said Cheri. Anne looked at Eric with panic in her eyes.

"Do you want him to come with us," said Cheri?

"Yes," yelped Anne, as she rose from the chair she had been sitting in for quite some time. Cheri had her arm wrapped with Anne's, and Anne used her other hand to find Eric's and give it a hard squeeze.

"Don't worry," Eric said, "just have a good time." The three walked into a back room area that had several smaller 'curtained' rooms in it. In each curtained room was a large couch.

"Have a seat," said Cheri. As Eric and Anne sat down, Cheri turned and shut the curtain, creating some privacy for the three. Anne noticed it was much quieter in this back room. Cheri quickly turned on a small radio sitting by the couch and a slower, softer song began coming out of the speakers. Before Anne could say or do anything, Cheri was in her lap, with her bikini still on. She slowly rubbed her face in Anne's breasts and she moved up to come cheek to cheek with Anne. As she slowly rubbed her face and long hair against Anne she whispered, "I really dig giving other women lap dances." With that, she hopped off of Anne, back up, and began to sensually strip off her clothes again.

Anne was mesmerized. While Cheri was close during the table dance, she was still up on the table. Here in the back room, she was right next to Anne. And right on top of Anne. Cheri would slide up and down Anne's body, and then hop off. She would grind and shake one moment, and then simply drape herself on Anne with her cheek next to Anne's cheek. As she danced, Anne realized that Cheri was again naked. She turned and bent over; way over. As Cheri touched her toes, Anne stared into the other woman's ass and pussy. Anne noticed that Cheri's pussy was wet. Was she excited? Anne knew that she was. She kept shifting on the couch, her thong rubbing deliciously against her clit. A quick glance over found Eric rubbing his crotch. He was totally into the scene before him. Anne looked back at Cheri's ass. Cheri backed herself into Anne's face. She has never been this close to another woman's sex before. The musky smell was intoxicating. Without really thinking about it, Anne slipped her tongue out and licked the other woman. Was that o.k.? Would they get kicked out? All Anne knew was that she was so horny she thought that she was gonna explode. As soon as the dance ended, she was going to tell Eric to take her back to the hotel and fuck her hard.

Cheri turned and climbed onto Anne's lap. Her pussy was grinding into Anne's own. Cheri leaned over next to Anne's ear. "I'm soo horny right now." Anne stared at her. "I want you," whispered Cheri. She took Anne's hand and placed it under her pussy. Anne felt the wetness as she rubbed. Cheri moaned. "See. You make me so wet." Anne didn't think that this was part of the regular dance. Anne's finger slipped into Cheri's cunt. One then two fingers disappeared into the warm wetness. Cheri moaned softly as she began to grind her hips in rhythm with Anne's fingers. Cheri then hopped off of Anne's lap and leaned over next to her head.

"Taste me on your fingers." Anne quickly stuck both fingers into her mouth and began sucking on the juices. She found that she really liked the flavor and wanted more! "I get off work in about 20 minutes," whispered Cheri in Anne's ear. "I want to fuck you, tonight, o.k.?" Anne could only nod silently as the thought of having sex with the other woman played deliciously through her mind. To have Cheri licking her pussy; to be sticking her own tongue deep into Cheri's ass. Anne couldn't help herself as she began rubbing her own pussy furiously and had a small orgasm right then.

Anne moaned and and Cheri smiled mischieviously. "Save some of that for later," laughed Cheri as she began to put her skimpy little outfit back on. As both girls tried to cool back down, they turned to look at Eric. He obviously was uncomfortable as his cock bulged in his pants. The two girls exchanged some information quietly, as Eric wondered what they were talking about. Cheri went over to him and smiled seductively. She wiggled her hips and caressed her breasts. Eric smiled and Cheri bent down and thrust her jugs right in his face. "And as for you, mister. . ."

"Yes?" croaked Eric.

"That'll be fifty dollars for the dance."

"Oh right, right," said Eric as he fumbled for his wallet. Eric's cock rapidly deflated as he thought he was not going to see anything else tonight. Cheri took the money and leaned down again, resting her hand squarely on his now semi-hard cock.

"Don't worry sweetie," she purred, "once I'm done with your wife, I'm gonna ride you till you pass out." And with that Cheri pranced back into the main room to find more lonely souls and cash.

Eric and Anne simply sat for a while to recollect themselves. Finally, Eric spoke. "So did you have a good time sweetie?"

"Oh yeah," said Anne. "Definitely."

"Would you do this again?"

Anne smiled a big grin, "I don't know, ask Cheri tomorrow morning over breakfast!" They two both smiled and quickly left the club. They needed to get back to the hotel and freshen up before their guest arrived and the "real entertainment" of the evening began.

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