tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Show Must Go On Ch. 05

The Show Must Go On Ch. 05


Please note: as before, this story will make much more sense if you read the earlier chapters!

Kate lay in bed until late in the morning. It was the day after her first professional performance in the Nick Brown magic show, appearing on stage in a tiny gold bikini and later topless. It had not been part of the script for her to reveal her breasts, and although Nick was supposed to appear naked as part of the finale, it certainly wasn't in the script that she should give him a blowjob through a little door in the magic cabinet when the door wouldn't open. She had loved every minute of it but was that the whole story?

Nick had seemed highly delighted with things - well, what man wouldn't be? - but hadn't specifically commented yet on the previous night's events. Kate suspected that his partner Lara didn't actually know exactly what had gone on and he was not in a rush to tell her. No surprise there, but Kate wondered if he would want the blowjob to be part of the show every time. And would Lara be happy with that? They were not married but Nick and Lara had been together several years and shared a bed, so while they had said nothing to Kate about their relationship, they were clearly a couple.

Which had made it a bit weird when they had to share a room for their time on this ship. Strange how three people who had been so intimate with each other - some of it in front of an appreciative audience - could be so awkward about sharing a bedroom.

So Kate had feigned sleep again this morning until the other two went out for breakfast. It gave her private space and time to gather her thoughts.

Her other thought was whether there would be any dissatisfaction from the cruise fleet's management about how far last night's performance had gone. They had requested a raunchier show after Kate's accidental nudity when she had been an unsuspecting, innocent (very innocent) member of the audience a few days earlier. Clearly most of last night's crowd seemed very happy with what they saw if the cheering was anything to go by. But, thought Kate, there's a difference between a flash of bare flesh and an explicit sexual act. And she had made it very explicit and she had enjoyed the whole thing. She could still remember the taste of Nick's semen. She remembered how she had held the audience spellbound and the thrill of being in control as she pushed the boundaries.

There was a knock at the door and Kate jumped. Odd that she could have done those things last night but still feel guilty about thinking about them. She wondered who was knocking. Their cabin wasn't due for a clean.

She was wearing a short plain cotton nightie and nothing else. She had no dressing gown - it hadn't seemed necessary when travelling with her husband Ed. She wasn't sure if she should open the door to a stranger and considered pretending to be out or asleep.

The visitor knocked again, more urgently. She jumped out of bed, undid the latch and edged the door open a couple of inches. A tall man, wearing a suit, looking important and somehow out of place on the cruise was there, alone. He was probably in his fifties but quite attractive, thought Kate.

"Er... miss... er.. Kate, is it?"


"Nick and Lara said I would find you here. I need a word with you."

Kate immediately thought he was here to complain about the show. "I'm sorry... I...."

"May I come in? I can explain...."

"Am I in trouble?" asked Kate.

"What? Oh, no, no not at all. But I want to make you an offer. It's a bit awkward out here I..."

She opened the door wide. "Please... come in."

The visitor looked around awkwardly, showing signs of nervousness. There were no chairs and he seemed unsure where to stand in the small cabin.

Kate found herself aware of that sense of control and power again. A few days ago she would have been shy and more nervous than her visitor but she was the host here and could direct things as she wanted. She sat on her bed and gestured towards Nick and Lara's double bed. "Please... have a seat."

The man sat opposite Kate and she became aware of the shortness of her nightie. She pulled on the hem, extending it a little further over her bare legs but at the same time realising that it streched tightly over her breasts and the outline of her nipples became visible.

The man was staring unconsciously but blinked and coughed. Kate smiled. "Sorry, I should have dressed - I was in bed when you called. I haven't got a gown with me."

"No, I'm sorry for coming unannounced. And I realise I haven't introduced myself. I'm Geoff Robbins. One of the directors of the company that runs this ship." He held out a hand and Kate shook it, aware that the movement caused her nightie to ride up her legs again. She saw Geoff glance down and secretly smiled within. She crossed her legs and they became a little more exposed. In the small cabin they were quite close together. She had no panties on so she would have to be careful. Maybe.

She took control again. "So what's this about? You said I'm not in trouble and you have an offer to make."

"Er, yes. I hope you won't be offended."

"Offended? Why?"

"Well let me explain. We thought you were sensational last nigh. The feedback has been amazing. People have been booking next year's cruise already."

"I'm not sure about that, I only agreed to two weeks."

"Yes, yes, that's okay. I'm not here about the show. But you really went down well...." Geoff realised his double-entendre and laughed out loud. "Sorry."

"It's okay." beamed Kate. She felt she should explain. "It wasn't planned, you know. The door got stuck and.." Her voice petered out. . " Well, what are you wanting to offer then?"

Kate sat back, arms beside and slightly behind her. Her nightie seemed incredibly short. She wondered what he could see. She remembered the scene in Basic Instinct where Sharon Stone flashed her pussy at the room full of policemen - a scene that had shocked her when she first saw it but also gave Kate her first thoughts of women having sexual power over men. Slowly and deliberately she crossed and uncrossed her legs. She watched Geoff make a slight movement forward and noticed his eyes glance towards her crotch.

Geoff seemed to swallow. "Miss.. I..."

"Call me Kate." she smiled.

"Kate, I have an offer..."

"You keep saying. Get to the point." With that, she sat further back and her nightshirt rode up even further. She knew it was no longer hiding her pubic area, although her legs were closed and she was totally shaven there. He probably couldn't see anything.

"Well, the thing is, we have this party arranged tonight. It's a 50th birthday party for one of the other board members. Lots of champagne and good food."

"I don't see.."

"You have to understand... all the directors are men. We hired a stripper for the entertainment. We do it every year, especially if we have an excuse like a 50th birthday.."

Kate's mind was racing ahead but she listened.

"The stripper got sick and pulled out, and we don't really know what to do. We're not in port so we can't get anyone else on board. The party's going to be pretty flat. Fifteen guys expecting a show standing round instead, discussing company accounts."

"So where do I come in?" asked Kate, anticipating with some excitement where this was going.

"Well we spoke to Nick and he doesn't want to do a private magic thing for us. He hasn't any tricks prepared, other than what we saw last night. But he said I could speak to you about.. well... replacing the stripper. You were so good last night we thought you might...."

"I might what? I'm not a stripper. I'm a magician's assistant. What I did last night was unplanned."

"But you would be great. All the guys saw you last night and it would make the party so special if you would do it. You would just strip. No blowjobs or anything. Just undress for us. No touching. You could do it."

Kate couldn't believe this. A stripper? The idea terrified her but a part of her - a big part of her - was secretly thrilled at the offer and wanted to do it.

"You are a sensational-looking lady." added Geoff.

There was still nervousness in his voice and she enjoyed the way he was in her power. She stretched out a hand and rubbed her knee, in the process spreading her legs a little. She knew he could see her pussy now.

He swallowed again. "Kate, I...er..."

"You like what you see, don't you?" She made it plain that she knew he was looking. - that her exposure was no accident. "That's why you think I will strip for a room full of men."

Geoff looked away, embarrassed. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Kate lifted a foot onto the bed and made a point of playing with her toes. The bottom of her nightshirt was at her waist. She was even more exposed now. "So what would be my fee?"

Geoff put a hand to his mouth and wiped away some saliva from the corner. "Well you would get the same as the stripper who cancelled."

He was openly staring at her crotch now. She moved her leg to obscure his view and get his attention for her next question.

"How much?"

"Five hundred dollars."

Kate was staggered. She had expected about fifty. She dropped her foot to the floor and closed her legs. But she was still thinking clearly. She wanted to grab the offer but she stalled. "I don't know. I'm a married woman. I'm only a magician's assistant...."

Geoff was clearly keen for her to accept. Desperate. "I can offer seven hundred. We don't want the party to flop. We'll be paying more than we would have paid the stripper. Please."

Kate loved this. He was pleading.

"A thousand." said Kate. "A thousand dollars. Up front. In cash. And no photography."

"I don't know... I will have to check... "

"That's my fee.,, or forget it."

"I will need to check with the guys. They will -"

"It will be worth it." interrupted Kate, and she squeezed both breasts through her nightshirt as if reminding him what was on offer.

"But you're not a pro. What if you are no good?"

Kate caressed one of her nipples through the thin cotton. "Oh, I won't be good. I will be very very bad."

Geoff scratched his head uncomfortably. "Okay. One thousand." He stood up and opened the door as if in a hurry to escape his unease. "I'll drop the money in at two o'clock this afternoon and tell you where the venue is. I'll bring some CDs so you can hear what music will be playing when you're on. We start at 9.30 but you will be on at 11."

"I won't disappoint you." said Kate.

This was amazing. One thousand dollars to strip? And she would even enjoy it! But when he was gone, a shiver of excitement and fear rippled through her. What was she going to do?

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