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The Shower


It was a long, boring day at work. I had never wanted to get home quite so badly as I did that day. Luckily, dinner was in the slow cooker so at least I could go home and unwind and not have to worry about cooking a meal, first. The kids were also not going till be home till late, between babysitting & practice, so we’d actually have some time alone. Nice.

I beat Fred home, but I wasn’t surprised - he normally didn’t make it home until an hour after me. Longer day, longer commute. He left before me each morning, too. The hard worker that he was, I don’t think he even minded the longer workdays. I would have.

I came home, and stripped. I didn’t normally have the luxury, but when the family is away, the wife will play. I checked the food in the slow cooker and shut it off, and jumped into the shower. As soon as the hard water hit my tired, achy body I decided what I really wanted was a soak. I shut off the overhead flow of water and began to fill the bathtub. I climbed out of the tub, dripping water all over the floor, and bent over the sink to try to find some bubble bath. It wasn’t anything I normally kept around the house, but I bet my daughter had some. She always soaked before going out on a date. Ah, to be 16 again.

I found the bubbles and the scent of raspberries began to fill the room. I dug out a bath pillow and lit a few Yankee Candles and climbed back into the tub. The water was steaming hot and I started to sweat from all of the moisture in the room. God, it felt good to be alone.

I found an old radio in the closet and dragged it into the bathroom, right inside the entrance and plugged it in, far away from the tub. Classical music began to sound in the room.

I slowly, very careful starting inching my way into the water. I turned the water down a bit and slowed down the rate of water filling in the tub. It was still too hot to climb in all the way. I grabbed a wash cloth, and dipped it into the water before squeezing some body wash onto it, breathing deep the soapy scent that lingered in the air.

I started soaping myself off, still standing up in the tub. I shut off the water completely then. Soap ran off my body into water. I lifted up each arm in turn and soaped. I lifted up each breast and began to wash them too, and smiled. I was still pretty darn good looking considered I had given birth to three children. Thank you, Mom. I got her brains and her body, and not the heavy-set genes on my father’s side.

I finally slipped into the tub and closed my eyes. I just laid in the tub and let the water lap around my body. Our cat began meowing and peaked over the tub to look at me. He didn’t like me being in the water, away from him one bit. Wasn’t used to me taking the time to do such a thing. I normally took a 5-minute shower with the kids pounding on the door, yelling for their turn. And usually a cold shower, at that, to save the really hot water for them.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. God, it was nice to be alone.

I absent mindedly started playing with myself. I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing at first. I slipped one wet finger inside my pussy, and smiled. I hadn’t masturbated in years, and what would Fred say if he caught me? Then again, I never had the privacy to do this, either. I smiled again and slipped another finger inside myself, and my other hand found my breast. No one would be home for hours. I could enjoy myself. And maybe I’d even tell Fred tonight when he got home. It felt so nice to just touch myself, play with myself, and be alone.

“AHEM”. I jumped out of my skin, startled, and shrieked!!! I looked in the doorway, and speak of the devil, there he was.

“Hi, honey” I shakily said. I was embarrassed and could feel my face flaming hot. What had he seen? How long had he been staring at me? Would he say something? Would he be mad?

Fred didn’t say a word. He just stood in the doorway, leaning over, watching me. It made me even more self conscious, and even more ready for him to yell at me for masturbating. God, what a nightmare. My nice, relaxing afternoon shot to hell. That’s what I get for relaxing, instead of doing housework or the dishes or laundry or running errands or paying bills or... Sigh. I wasn’t going to apologize. I had every right.

“Honey?” I asked. No apology coming from these lips.

He smiled at me, my Fred, and turned away from me. I realized that he was unbuttoning his shirt. He walked away, and I sat up in the tub a little bit more, waiting. He came back into the room, naked. My husband, that I had always thought was a bit of a prude, was actually going to join me! And not only that, he was harder than I had ever seen him before!

He still didn’t say a word, but he walked to the tub. He sat right on the edge, patted our cat, picked him up and pushed him out of the way. He motioned for me to move over and to make room for him, and I scooted forward, and he climbed in the tub and sat down behind me.

I leaned into him, and he reached around me and held me tight. It felt so nice just to be together. We lay in the tub a few moments, not saying anything, and then I twisted enough so I could see his face and still be held in his arms. I leaned forward the rest of the way, and began to kiss him. His arms tightened around me even more, and he moaned ever so softly against my mouth. We began touching each other everywhere, the water coursing over our bodies. As we moved, some of the water overflowed the tub and onto the floor. Normally, I would have screamed bloody murder at however was making a mess in MY bathroom, but this time I had other things on my mind.

I reached for him, and I began stroking Fred, with smooth, slow strokes, the way I knew he liked it. He nibbled on my neck, in just the right spot, the way he knew I liked it. The world fell away from us, and it was only he, and I, and our rising passions. It was good to be home alone.

After just a few minutes of touching each him, he began to shudder. I couldn’t see him, but I could see the look in his eyes as he began to shake ever so little and come. He grabbed my ass and dug his nails into me just enough that I knew it would leave bruises. I bruised rather easily these days.

After a few quite moments (Fred still hadn’t said one word to me) we climbed out of the tub. Hand in hand, we walked into our bedroom, and I locked the door - just habit I guess, as I knew the kids weren’t going to be home for hours still.

I lay down on the bed, right in the middle, on top of all of the blankets, soaking wet, and I didn’t care. All I could see was the look in Fred’s eye and his manhood hanging from him, ready to slide into me. I was dripping wet, from more than just water, and I was ready for him and he knew it. He lay down on top of me, holding himself above me on his arms, and smiled and spoke for the first time.

“I hope I catch you naked more often. Boy, you surprised me good tonight!”

I laughed softly then, my embarrassment completely gone. “Oh honey,” I said, as I grabbed his hard, long penis and gently slipped him inside of me. I lifted up enough to meet him, and we began to love each other. We grinded against each other hard, and held onto each other hard, and stared deep into each other’s eyes. Or at least, that’s what I wanted to happen - instead I caught myself laughing.

“We are acting like a couple of teenagers grabbing a quickie before our parents come home!” I explained to Fred staring at me strangely. HE wasn’t amused by my laughter. I guess I wouldn’t be amused either, if he was the one laughing instead of me. Oh well, live and learn.

We still held onto each other, and we could still feel the passion burning hot between us. We began to make love to each other again, and this time we didn’t need any words. We clung to each other, as we both came, grinding our hips against each other. We lay there panting afterwards, happy to be with each other.

Happy to be alone.

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