The Shower


She flew into Seattle, Washington and caught a cab to her hotel. She was attending a weeklong conference for her job. She enters the plush hotel, checks into her room and realizes the company has splurged for this trip. She smiles to herself knowing she has the most luxurious room in the hotel. A knock at the door, the bell-hop with her bags. She thanks him and gives him a tip as he leaves. She opens her handbag and pulls her cyber lover’s number from her wallet. Reaching him, she lets him know there is a key waiting at the desk for him.

The thought of such a sexy woman in her hotel room alone, wanting him, waiting for him, was enough for his blood to rush to his penis causing it swell with anticipation. He dresses and drives to the hotel. He approaches the desk and retrieves the key left in his name. He heads to the elevator wondering what she looks like, knowing only what she has revealed in their chats on the net. He arrives at her door and pauses to take a deep breath before unlocking it. He opens the door and hears the sound of water from the bathroom, a trail of panties, stockings and a bra lead to where he finds her taking a long hot shower. He lays his wallet and pocket items on the dressing table and enters the bathroom area. He watches her for a few moments.

The shower door is a clear glass one and he can see she is already lathered. She notices his presence and presses her soapy nipples and her wet soapy pussy against the glass door and undulates in a fucking motion against the glass. He finds this terribly exciting and opens the glass door to feast on her beautiful soapy body.

She reaches out and pulls him into the shower but he manages to get out of his shoes. She begins unbuttoning his shirt and unbuckles his belt as his pants fall to the floor. She grabs the soap and begins to massage his already thick and hard cock. She lathers and admires it covered with soap.

He grabs her by the hair near her ears and gently draws her lips to his deeply kissing her full lips, the ones he has fantasized about kissing over and over for so long. As their tongues dance and explore one another’s hot mouth, she continues to stroke his cock with her soapy hands. While continuing the kiss, he takes the bar of soap and begins to massage her breasts, feeling her nipples harden as he moves the bar over first one breast then the other. He then begins to knead each of them paying equal attention to both and lots of attention to her wet soapy nipples. He slowly moves downward to her already wet pussy with the soap. He strokes her from front to back, from her pubic hair to her asshole and back until she is bouncing up and down from the intense feelings of the bar of soap on her clit.

He drops the soap and inserts a finger into her steaming vagina, exploring her not unlike exploring a dark wet cave. He finds her pussy so wet and welcoming; it easily accommodates two, even three fingers while they are still kissing deeply. While he finger fucks her hot pussy she continues to massage his thick, hard cock until he is ready to explode in her hands. They separate for enough time to look hungrily into each other’s eyes.

They take time to thoroughly rinse off while continuing to fondle one another. He leans down to suck hungrily on her soap free tits while he uses two hands on her pussy, one hand rubbing her from the front and the other from the rear. She is so wet that he slips fingers of the front hand into her pussy and the fingers from his other hand into her asshole. She feels the intensity from his hands going wild; she seeks out his cock and continues to stroke it. His fingers working expertly on her two holes and his mouth continues to make love to hers. Her kisses are so hot; so exciting their mouths lock together as each explores the other.

He pulls back before he explodes in her hands, they open the clear glass shower door and without toweling off they stumble to the king sized bed. He places her on her hands and knees with her full breasts hanging down and he begins to lick her from behind. He starts at her knees and slowly moves up her inner thigh and back to the other leg to slowly lick up that one. He licks the crease of her lips where they join at the thighs, teasing her, licking both sides, never touching her slit with his tongue. He reaches up to fondle her swaying breasts and licks the inner lips of her wet pussy, tasting her sweet juices as they flow freely for him to drink.

He moves his tongue over her clit flicking it fast and furious then moves back to her squeaky clean asshole. He licks and probes with his tongue, pausing briefly to insert his tongue into her pussy with darting, fuck like motions. Her knees are bouncing up and down uncontrollably with the need for him to fuck her as he continues to slowly lick her and knead her sensitive breasts and nipples.

Seeing and feeling her in such a hot state causes his cock to swell with such desire it swells longer and harder than ever. He positions himself and mounts her from behind, easily burying his eight inch cock in her until his full balls rest heavily against her hot wet pussy. He reaches under the two of them and begins to stroke her swollen wet clit with two fingers, one on each side rhythmically until she bucks her hips around him with excitement. Gently but firmly grabbing her hair and pulling her back toward him, he begins to stroke her with long, slow and deep strokes, pulling out to where his cock head is just outside the lips of her pussy and slowly slipping back in to the root. He feels every bit of her hot pussy engulf his cock as he continuously moves in and out of her. His cock swelling even more, he feels the inevitable rush of cum begin to make his balls tingle and he begins to pound into her hot cauldron of love, she has experienced several small orgasms by now, and he senses the explosive one coming, he pumps harder and harder deep inside her, he feels her pussy cinch down on his engorged cock causing him to explode deep inside her as she screams out her orgasm at the same time.

They collapse onto the bed with his body covering her. She pulls her legs up tightly in order to keep his cock lodged within her. He holds her tenderly and softly kisses her face and neck, whispering how great she feels to him and how much he has enjoyed fucking her this way. They finally roll over, she places her head on his chest as he strokes her hair and her back, and they revel in the after glow of a fantastic fuck, anticipating the next one.

He can hardly believe that she will be here an entire week. He reflects on the talks they shared on line, her fantasies she shared with him and the fuck they just experienced. He knows he is in for an exciting sexually filled week.

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