The Shower


I turn in my bed, waking up from the sound of the door. You have finally come. After your call this afternoon I stayed up to wait on you like I always do, but as 2 am rolled around I had fallen asleep. It was the first time that I had fallen asleep before you got to me. The door to the bedroom is always open a little so that the cats can come in whenever they want and so I see a strip of light as you turn the lights on in the hallway. I feel my heart beating faster. I look at the door waiting for the moment that you open it and come to my arms.

I think of the hard and fast sex that we had earlier today before you had left me. It seems that we are insatiable for each other and I love the way you make love to me. The first thing you always do when you get here is come to me and capture my lips. It is very rare that our heat is not flamed by that first kiss.

A few minutes pass and I start wondering what you are doing. Normally you come to my bed straight away. I get up, slip into a t-shirt and walk to the door. I open it slowly and look down the lit hallway. I see the door to the bathroom closed and make my way there. As I step closer I can hear the shower running. It must have been a very hard day for you.

Softly I open the door to the bathroom and step in. You have only turned on the farthest light and so little light falls into the room. You must have turned on the shower a while ago, because a steamy fog fills the room. I close the door to stop it from escaping. I see your outlines under the hot water. My eyes focus on your figure and I see that you are standing with your back towards me. Your outline is hunched forward with your head under the water and one hand supporting you on the shower wall. It looks as if your body is shivering.

It must be cold outside if you are that cold and need the hot shower. I take another step forward towards you and the fog clears abit more. My eyes widen as I see that you are not shivering, but you are masturbating. Your right hand is firmly wrapped around your hard cock, stroking up and down in a steady movement. Your breathing is fast and your body is shaking. A few tears fill my eyes. You have never needed to masturbate before, as I was always willing to fulfil your sexual wishes. Did this mean that I wasn’t satisfying you!?! A little sob escapes my lips and you turn to me with a look of a kid caught with it’s hand in the cookie jar.

“Don’t I satisfy you enough?” I ask quietly. Your eyes widen as you realize what I must be thinking and then your hand reaches out to grab me. You pull me into your arms. Hot water starts covering my body and I feel your body crushed against mine. You hardness pressing against my tummy. Your head dips down and your lips capture mine in a needy way. I can feel the desire in your kiss.

“Don’t you dare ever think something like that again lover,” you say to me. Your lips wander to my jaw line. Licking and teasing me. I can feel how my mind fogs over with passion. I manage to stumble a few words but nothing that would make much sense.

“I didn’t want to wake you lover, because I thought you were tired after the round this afternoon. I was hard for you the moment I walked through the door and smelled you. I knew that if I had gotten into bed with you I would have woken you up and ravished you and I did not want that,” I hear you mumble from my neck.

I smile at your words and my mind blanks. Only our desire matters right now. Your hands come up to cup my full breasts through the wet t-shirt. My hands go to your sides, feeling the hot skin. You stand back and look at me. Your eyes burn into my soul. I know what you are waiting for. I grab the hem of my t-shirt and pull it over my head. I drop it out side the shower and the moment I do you have me enclosed in your arms again.

You press me back against the cool shower wall and start kissing me fiercely. I know that the beast in you has now awakened. With soft bites you travel down my jaw, along my neck, down to my full breasts. You cup them in your hands and press them up for your tongue. I feel you lick over my hard nipple and I moan softly, pressing my back through. You suck first one hard nipple and then the other into your mouth, teasing them again and again. The heat between my legs starts spreading through my whole body.

After making sure that my nipples were left tingling and hard you kissed lower. Soft kisses over my tummy. Your tongue teasing my bellybutton. A gentle bite just above my shaved sweet centre. I shiver in anticipation. You take hold of my right leg and drape it over your shoulder. My centre opens up for you. With a slow long lick you slide your tongue all the way up my wet pussy, stopping at my clit and sucking it into your mouth. I let out a low moan.

My hands go down to claw into your hair. I press my hips forward and one of your hands goes around to hold my butt, making sure I do not move back, taking my sweetness from your lips. Your second hand goes to my pussy and you part it open. Taking a deep breath you smell my desire and you move forward licking and teasing. My hands claw into you more, showing you how much I am enjoying what you are doing.

Your fingers start teasing over my clit whilst you are licking my wetness. Your tongue enters me deeper each time. I feel my knees buckling. You stop licking and place a kiss on my clit. Then you get up and kiss me so I can taste myself on your lips. You turn of the water and take my hand, pulling me after you. The bathroom is still steamy and warm. You don’t bother drying us off, but instead just pull open the door to the hallway. The steam escapes and the cold air from outside hits my body.

I shiver and my nipples ache with hardness. Your hand is firmly wrapped around mine and you pull me to the bedroom. Wet footprints are left on the carpet. The bedroom door is still open and the moment we enter it you grab me and push me onto the bed. I feel the sheets sticking to my wet body as I try to move up the bed. You grab my ankles though and pull me back down until my ass is on the edge of the bed. You are standing in front of the bed and I know what you need and want. I sit up and look up at you.

“Please lover,” you say softly. I smile and lean forward to enclose your hard cock in my warm mouth. You sigh as I suck the head in. I spread my legs and you step in-between. I suck your cock in just once and then all the way back out. I grab it at the base and start licking. The stud in my tongue teases over your sensitive skin. I look up at you again and see the plead in your eyes. I lean back abit and you place a knee on the bed beside me, coming down with your body. I move back into you and wrap my big boobs around your hard cock.

A low growl escapes your throat and slowly you start moving between my wet breasts. I dip my head down and lick across your cockhead every time you push up. My hands press my boobs together tightly. Your breathing speeds up and I hear your sweet moans of pleasure. I open my mouth and let you slide your cockhead into it with every push you make. Your hand goes to my head and you grab a handful of my hair. With a painful yank you pull my head back. I look up at you whilst you continue fucking my boobs. Your stare is needy.

“Fuck me lover,” you growl. I let go of my breasts and you move back of the bed. I stand up and kiss you.

“Sit down, “ I purr and you do. I turn and lower myself into your lap. I can feel your hard cock under my ass as I wriggle in your lap. My legs are in-between yours and your hands come up to my breasts. I lean forward abit and my hand goes down to your cock. I lift my ass up and guide your cock to my wet pussy. I slide it through my slit and you feel my wetness running along your length.

Your hands go to my hips and hold me tightly. I know that you love dominating me and taking control and so I let you take over. You slowly lower me onto your hard cock. I purr as your cock spreads my pussy open. Inch by inch you slide in. You get impatient and needy and slam up into me from below. I moan your name in please.

My bed is in front of my cupboard, which has a large mirror on it and as you are taller than me you can watch me perfectly in the image over my shoulder. Your hands go to my legs and your push them over yours. I am now spread wide open in your lap. You right hand goes up and cups my breast and your left hand goes down to start rubbing my clit. I purr and drop my head back against your shoulder.

“Look at me lover!!!” you growl, “look into my eyes in the mirror and don’t you dare look away!” I obey your wish. My head moves up and I look at the reflection of your eyes in the mirror. You start fucking up into me. Your fingers on my clit are driving me crazy. I start moving my hips, riding you like a cowboy would ride a wild stallion. Sweat forms between our bodies and our movements get faster. My eyes never leave yours.

Your hands go up to cup both of my breasts and play with my hard nipples. I let my own hand go down to rub my needy clit. My whole body tingles and I want to cum. You open your legs and spread mine even further. Your fucking gets faster and harder.

“I need to cum lover,” you moan out. I slide off your cock and kneel in front of you. My mouth opens and your hand goes around your wet and hard cock. You start stroking up and down it fast and I hear the first low growl. I look up into your eyes and you stare down into mine. I see you explode in them and then your cum hits my face and boobs. You keep stroking and more cum shoots up.

I lean forward and take your cock into my mouth, sucking it in and licking the cum of it. I clean it off until every last drop is gone. Then I let you slide out of my mouth.

“Hmmmmmm,” you say, “I think we need another shower.” I giggle softly and get up.

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