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The Shower


My wife travels a lot for work. She's a sexy woman full of class and travels all over the world. Often when she's gone I'll take the time to mow the yard, weed eat, and other manly tasks.

When I do this type of work on the weekends she usually gets pretty turned on by all the sweet and dirt. To be honest I think she just likes seeing me take care of things.

This last week I was working pretty hard under the house, splitting cables and stuff. I looked like I just crawled through a cave. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was pretty turned on and knew that I would be in for a real treat later that night.

When I was all finished up I told her that I was really looking forward to a shower. As I made my way to the bathroom I gave her a short kiss and kept my distance as to not get her dirty from my clothes.

I turned the shower on full heat and let it run while grabbing some fresh clothes and prepared to get in. By the time I got in the shower and got all soaped up the room was full of stem. I couldn't even see through the glass of the shower. If someone were in the room I wouldn't even know about it. When shampooing my hair I fear opening my eyes, so for a few minutes I can't see anything.

This particular day I was glad to be so blind to my surroundings. While I had my sudsy head and upper back under the shower I felt a hand lightly reach around the side of my waist. I gasped lightly at the surprise and by the time the hand got around to the front of my body my cock was at full attention. I could also feel a pair of voluptuous breasts touching my back. I of course knew that it was my beautiful wife.

It felt strange at first to have this ghost hand touching me so privately but I didn't fight it. The attention felt too good to be startled. As I finished rinsing my hair out she grabbed my cock and simply held the rock hard thing in her hand. I then turned toward her and passionately cupped the side of her gorgeous face in my hand as I place my lips on hers.

Under our kiss I could feel her smile with excitement. With her hand still griping my stiff member I pulled our bodies as close together as they could possibly get. Feeling her smooth wet tits on my body caused me to want to match up our sexes. Having our nipples touch together is one of my favorite forms of foreplay. To do this I have to bend slightly as my wife is shorter. Unfortunately when I did this she lost her grip on my penis.

It didn't matter much I was so wrapped up in the feeling of her body pressed up against mine that all I could think about was our bodies melting into one. I then started kissing her neck and slowly brought the attention back to her lips. As our tongues twisted together I felt a familiar hand grab at my prick again.

Taking my left hand I slowly ran it down the side of her face and then her neck only to arrive to her collar bone and then ultimately her left breast. Lightly rolling her nipple between my fingers sent an electrical shock through her body. As I did this she started to rub my penis with her hand. The wet soapy feeling was so soft and felt so good.

We then stopped kissing and I started to make a lower decent with my kisses. I lightly kissed her on her neck and made my way to her right breast. I took her nipple into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue. Lapping at her engorged nipples with my tongue sent shivers down her spine. My wife is so sensitive that I need to limit myself on how much time I spend on her nipples.

We went back to kissing as she took her hand off my penis and reached around to grab my butt. She grabbed my right cheek and pulled my body into hers. With the tug of her pull our bodies landed against the tile in our shower. With her body up against the shower wall and mine against hers I pulled her knee up and propped it up against my body so that her leg draped over my thigh. I then ran a light touch down her body conforming to her body. Once I got to her pussy I lightly rotated my middle finger between her lips in order to find her love button. As soon as I had her clit under my finger I lightly circled it a few times and eventually ran my fingers down between her lips so that I had one lip on each side of my middle finger. I then lightly rubbed her pussy with my hand.

I could tell that she was getting tired of standing on one foot so I lowered her leg back to the floor and knelt down between her legs. I opened my mouth and lapped my tongue at her pussy. I love pleasing my wife and look forward to eating her out whenever the opportunity arrises. I took my tongue and ran it over her clit and sometimes sucking in her lips and digging in deep. After licking and kissing at her warm sex for a while she finally had all she could take.

She then took that leg I had propped up earlier and put it on my shoulder. She then pushed me down on our shower floor and straddled my body. As she lowered her self on top of me with the shower raining down on top of us all I could think was how much I loved my wife and how beautiful she was. It was a sexy sight to see.

She lowered herself down on top of my body. She gently guided my cock into her pussy and slowly rocked back in forth with my penis deep inside of her. As we smashed our sexes together we both moved in perfect rotation building up to our climax. Just as she started to cum and her body convulsed into orgasmic spasms I hit my max and released a load of cum deep inside of my wife's vagina that it immediately started pouring back out and down my balls. We sat there for a short while with our sexes still connected letting the water hit us and then finished our shower.

Honestly the best wife ever.

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