tagGroup SexThe Shower Ch. 06

The Shower Ch. 06


Chapter 6 (The Last Night)

Once the guys had limited out on the fish, they immediately fired up the boat and headed back home, pulling into the dock about six p.m. The girls hurried inside and while Alicia showered, Jean worked on the salad and vegetables and they switched when Alicia finished her shower. Once the fish were cleaned, the guys did the same with Jason getting the fish on the grill and then heading up to shower as Bob came down to finish grilling the fish.

Like the night before the four of them had a pleasant meal, but carefully avoided any mention of the afternoon's activities. They seemed to have realized that what seemed incredibly sexy in the heat of the moment did have some longer lasting impact. When dinner was finished, the girls took care of dishes while the guys split up and wrapped the remaining fish so they could take them home the next day.

When these chores were complete the two couples moved into the living area in the lake house and shared some wine. There wasn't a lot of talking and between the short conversations there were long periods of uncomfortable silence. The four of them just sipped wine as they pondered what to say or what to do.

Finally, Alicia sat up and said, "Guys this is crazy, I mean Bob and Jason are best friends and Jean, I've gotten to know you pretty good, but we're sitting here like a bunch of strangers each one afraid to speak. We've got to talk about it."

"About it?" Jean asked.

"Yes it Jean, I mean yes I went down on you in the shower and when you did the same for me it was so sexy and felt so good. And Bob, did you know your cum is saltier than Jason's?"

"It's all those ribs and burgers you wolf down Bob," Jean said, jabbing her husband in the side.

"Well, you know it turned me on seeing Bob and you Alicia, but later on, thinking of how good he made you feel, well, I felt kind of sick to my stomach. I'm supposed to make you feel that way."

"And you do Jason, incredibly so," Alicia replied. "I enjoyed it with Bob, but I still want you. We got drunk and experimented, it doesn't mean were going to do this every night."

"Jean, seeing how Jason enjoyed you sucking his cock, I thought I might try something similar with him. Hell, I learned something. I mean, we had some sex with each other, but we are still the same people. I still love Jason, and Jean, you still love Bob don't you?"

"Yes of course, even with his salty cum," Jean replied

"So friends?" Alicia asked holding her hand out.

The other three placed their hands on top of Alicia's and they replied in unison, "Friends."

"Look, we have this house for one more night and we are here together for that one night so let's do something really kinky," Alicia said.

The three others looked at her doubtfully.

"We all go up to the master bedroom and climb on that big bed, and then Jason you do me while Bob does Jean. We'll watch each other fuck our spouses, perhaps share a caress or two between couples, but simply enjoy our lifelong lovers together."

All three of the others seemed to frown as they pondered what Alicia said, but, one by one they began smiling and nodding. "Do we all agree, it's a good idea?" Jason asked.

Jean and Bob nodded.

"Well everyone, I think it's bedtime," Alicia replied.

The four headed up to the master bedroom and quickly shed their clothes. It was still a bit awkward as they sat on the bed, not really sure how to get started. It was as if each couple was counting on the other couple to start first.

Once again, Alicia broke the ice by simply pushing her husband Jason onto his back and kneeling between his legs she took his cock in her mouth. Both Bob and Jean watched intently for a while and then they did the same. Jean watched Alicia's technique and tried to do the same for Bob. After a while, Jean changed back to her tried and true method rotating her head as she sucked his cock hard.

Alicia now mimicked what Jean was doing while both guys simply enjoyed their wives while watching their best friend's wife sucking her husband's cock. In a few minutes, Alicia pulled her mouth away from Jason's cock and climbed up over him, lowering herself onto his cock. Once she slid all the way down on him she paused as Jean climbed up on Bob.

The two women began moving up and down on their husband's cock when suddenly Jason reached over with his left hand and caressed Jean's left breast. Smiling, Jean continued moving up and down, but leaned back a little and reached her left hand behind Alicia and gently massaged Jason's balls. The four continued fucking and exchanging caresses between couples as Alicia began to moan loudly and then suddenly came, grinding herself onto her husband's cock.

Jean came next, breathing hard and then finally taking Bob as deep as she could, she tensed up and then suddenly released, collapsing down onto his chest. They remained motionless for a few moments as her orgasm subsided and then they began moving again.

By that time, it was Jason's turn as he began lifting his hips to meet Alicia, finally arching his back and lifting her up as he came, spurting his cum deep into her pussy. Alicia remained on top of Jason, his cock still in her pussy as they stopped moving and watched Bob and Jean as they began moving faster and faster. Alicia reached around and toyed with Bob's balls, pushing her thumb into the base of his shaft.

With that added stimulation, Bob moaned loudly and then came, slapping his cock up into his wife's pussy, filling her with his jism. Jason's cock had softened by then and slipped out of Alicia's pussy, but he continued watching as Alicia gently squeezed Bob's balls until his cock shrank too and slipped out of Jean's pussy.

The four of them slept together in the master bed that night, taking turns in the bathroom the next morning. After packing up they loaded into the car and headed back home. On the drive the women discussed their blow job techniques while the guys talked about fishing. They were two happy families again sharing the good times with their best friends.

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