tagMatureThe Shower Of My Dreams

The Shower Of My Dreams


Jim and Tracy arrive home after having dinner at Jim's parents house. They both collapse on the couch. Jim grabs the remote and turns on the tv. Tracy looks at Jim and decides she isn't too tired yet and wants to have some fun. She tells Jim she is going to shower. Jim turns his head and looks at her questioningly and raises one eyebrow.

Tracy stands up and walks to the bathroom. She starts the shower water and comes back out to the living room. She grabs Jim by the shirt and drags him into the bathroom with her. She shuts and locks the bathroom door. Tracy stares Jim straight in the eyes as she undress, dropping all her clothes to the floor and begins to undress Jim. Planting little kisses and nips everywhere she exposes flesh. Starting with his chest, stomach, down his left thigh, knee, toes, back up his right shin, knee, thigh and around the base of his cock. Then she turns away from Jim and walks into the shower.

Tracy turns and curls her finger giving Jim the come hither sign and he follows her into the shower. She grabs the soap and starts to get a good lather in her hands. Tracy runs her hands across his chest, standing close enough for her hard nipples to rub Jims chest as she reaches around and runs her hands over his back. As she drags her nails down Jims back he grabs the soap and starts to wash Tracy's chest. Circling his fingers around her nipples and making lines between her breasts, down her stomach to her thighs. Tracy tips her head backwards and lets the water run over her face and down her chest, washing the soap away.

Jim leans closer to Tracy and starts to lick the water from her neck, down to her delicate collar bone, and then her bountiful breasts. Tracy lathers her hands again and slowly bends lower to wash Jim's legs, flicking her tongue over his engorged cock, rubbing it on her face, and taking just the head into her mouth. In and out over and over again as her hands run up and down his legs, inside his thighs and up to Jim's ass. Jim grabs the back of Tracy's head with his hands and tries to push his cock deeper into her mouth only to have Tracy resist him.

Jim grabs a handful of her hair and urges her to suck him. She licks the water from Jim's cock and runs her tongue thru the slit before taking him in her mouth and sucking him. Tracy moves her head back and forth, gently scraping her teeth on his swollen cock as Jim's head tilts back and he tightens the hold on her hair. She takes one hand off Jim's ass and starts to massage his balls as she sucks him. Just before Jim cums he stops Tracy and pulls her up to her feet. Jim lathers his hands and runs them down her legs.

Tracy props her left foot up on the tub wall as Jim runs his hands up and down her legs and starts to lick around her pussy. Licking closer and closer each time until he finally spreads her pussy lips with his tongue and finds her clit. Tracy throws her head back as she moans and grabs the back of Jim's head. The water drips down her body and mixes with her juices as Jim licks, sucks and nips at Tracy's clit. Jim reaches up and grabs Tracy's ass with his hands as he slides his tongue into her pussy, shoving her hips towards his face.

As Jim's tongue moves in and out of Tracy's swollen, wet pussy he slaps her ass with one hand. As she comes to the brink he stops and rises to his feet. Jim turns her around and bends Tracy over. She places her hands on the tub walls and props her right foot on the edge of the tub to allow Jim better and deeper access to her waiting pussy. Jim moves closer to Tracy and puts just the head of his cock in her pussy.

She inhales sharply at the pleasure of it. Jim reaches up and grabs her shoulder with one hand and a breast in the other, pulling on Tracy to drive her backwards onto his cock. She moans and gasps as she feels every glorious inch of his huge cock slide inside her. Jim tilts his head back in pleasure at the way Tracy's wet warm pussy hugs his cock like a warm blanket on a cold winter day, fitting perfectly around him.

As Jim begins moving in and out of Tracy he squeezes her breast harder and harder and pulls on her shoulder driving himself further and further into her tight warm pussy. The water runs down her back and over Jim's cock as he moves within her, ticking their skin. As Jim gets closer to cuming he drives himself harder and harder into Tracy taking his hand off her shoulder and grabbing her other breast.

As Jim pulls on Tracy's breast and circles her nipples with his finger tips, Tracy pushes on the shower wall helping Jim get deeper inside her. As Jim cums in her pussy he leans forward and blankets her body with his squeezing her to him as the water runs down his back, over his ass and down his legs. Jim reaches forward and shuts off the water. As he slides out of Tracy she stands up and turns to face him.

They share a deep kiss before stepping out of the tub to dry off, dress, and cuddle on the couch to watch a movie.

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