The Showman

byGlenn Beuhring©

Today was the luckiest day I've ever had. Today I got fired... What?... You don't think that's lucky? Well my day started just like any other.

I got up at 6:30am to be in work for 7:30. I work at a sewing factory, as a gofer. I move material from one end of the factory to the other. Pretty boring he? Well not when you consider I am one of three guys that work in the entire factory. Even the boss is a woman. Of course most of the women are older but about ten of the thirty or so are still pretty attractive.

Our day was like any other until lunch. Most of the older ladies sit in the lunchroom to eat, however myself and about seven of the women sit in the loading dock. We grab crates and talk about all kinds of things.

Today I got out there a little late. The ladies were laughing about something.

I looked at their faces as I entered the loading dock. They were looking strangely at me. I couldn't figure out what was going on so just sat down and opened my brown paper bag.

"Hi Barry."

Valerie was the prettiest of the girls. She was only about twenty with long black hair. She had very pretty eyes.

"Hi Valerie."

"How are you today?"

I paused. Even though it was just Valerie talking to me, all of the other women were looking at me... "I'm fine...How bout you?"

"I'm fine... The girls and I were talking Barry. We were thinking about going to see a male-strip show."

"...uh...ok... Have fun?"

"Well, we were talking about it but... it's awfully expensive."

"I can see that... why are you talking to me about it?"

"Well, Barry... You could be one of those guys."

I knew I was blushing. "Get outa here."

"Really, your very good looking Barry."

I couldn't even look at her... "Thanks."

"We think you should... strip for us."

I looked at Valerie for several minutes. I just knew she was joking. "Yeah, right."

"We took up a collection." My eyes just about popped out of my head when this girl pulled out a handful of money. I estimated it to be about fifty bucks. 'My god, I thought, they're serious.

"Are you nuts?" As I was getting ready to get up and leave, Valerie leaned over to me. Her eyes were so sexy as she gazed into mine. "It would please me if you would do this for us."

"I...I don't know..."

She leaned even closer. "Please."

" you want me to do?" I could see the other women grin at my agreement.

"Well, first stand up in front of us."

I could feel my knees shake as I stood up. All of the women were staring at me. It was a very odd feeling.

"Next, take your shirt off." I felt like a puppet on strings as I lifted the dirty t-shirt over my head.

"Yes!" cried one of the girls. Some giggled and some just stared. I had always worked out, so I knew that I was in good shape. It just never occurred to me that women would get so excited over just looking at me.

"We don't have much time for anything fancy," Valerie said. "Just drop everything at once."

My hands shook as I reached for the snap of my jeans. I couldn't look at them as it came undone.

"Show us what you got, Barry!"

In one quick motion, I pushed briefs and jeans to my knees. Though nervous I raised my sight to look at the women. They either stared with open jaw or smiled with a devilish grin. Both reactions was very exciting. I really began to blush as I realized that the excitement had caused my cock to fill with blood. It rose more quickly than I'd have liked, to point at my audience. I tried to grab the hem of my jeans.

"No, don't cover up Barry." I looked up to see Valerie staring at my rising prick. "Stroke it."

Though still slightly embarrassed, I found that I could not resist. I reached down and grasped it. I was so excited that I thought I would burst immediately. It seemed so simple and natural to stand in front of these women and begin to massage myself. I slowly rubbed up it's length, pulling the foreskin up over the purple head.

"Oh, my."

Precum seeped from the hole, lubricating it as I stroked down to it's base. I was so hard, that my cock touched my lower belly as I stopped for a moment. It looked like it would explode any second now.

"Faster Barry!"

As ordered, my strokes became hurried. Sweat beaded my forehead as I vigorously rubbed the length again and again.

"Yes Barry, shoot your load!"

As I felt the semen jettison from my prick, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her. Mrs. Farrell stood by two crates, just watching. She was dressed in a business suit, her arms folded in front of her.

My cum flew for what seemed forever. It splattered all over the concrete floor in thick slimy globs. It was the most intense sensation that I'd ever felt. If not for the crate behind me, I would have fallen on to my knees.

The girls disappeared as soon as they saw Mrs. Farrell. It took me several minutes to recuperate and pull up my jeans. I knew I was fired. She had no choice.

Not only did I leave with a pink slip, I also left with fifty bucks and Mrs. Farrell's phone number. She told me to call her this weekend, she might have some more work for me.

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