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The Shy Wife


The young wife came downstairs and paraded herself shyly in front of her husband.

"What do you think?" she asked him coyly.

"You look very sexy," he answered. "You don't usually dress like that."

The shy wife, Linda, looked embarrassed and apologised.

"Sorry! Have I gone too far? Do you want me to change into something else?"

They had been married just over 18 months and it was the first time Linda had been invited out without him. They didn't get out much anyway and both were as reserved and shy as each other. Linda knew her husband Paul was apprehensive and a little worried that she would be pestered all night by men trying to get off with her.

He looked his wife up and down and felt a pang of jealousy at the same time as he felt a stirring in his groin. Linda was only 5' 3" but with the heels she was wearing, an extra 3" made her look totally different to what he was used to. Not only her height but the way they shaped her calf muscles and how they made her skirt seem even shorter. It was a good 6" above her knee with a little slit in the side that made it look very sexy indeed. The white blouse was ordinary enough but Linda had left just one button too many open and showed quite a bit of cleavage. Paul noticed that in the right light her blouse was semi transparent and he was surprised to realise she wore a half-cup bra, much flimsier than the ones she normally wore.

There was something Paul didn't want to ask but had to know. He stood and walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek. At the same time his hand rested on her thigh and he looked for the telltale bulge. His heart thumped louder when he discovered he had been right – she was wearing stockings. He was uneasy and jittery through jealousy and slightly angry. Why did she find it necessary to dress like this just for a drink with the girls?

She was the stay at home sort and a friend, knowing how shy and reticent she was with people had decided she needed to get out. After a lot of persuading and discussion with her husband here she was invited to a birthday celebration with a group of women.

"Is the skirt too short – I'll go and change it?" she offered.

It was quite a few seconds before Paul answered. He didn't want his wife to attract the attention of other men but at the same time there was something in him that found it a thrill to think his shy wife would be admired by other men. If only he could be a fly on the wall. Even though he was scared of what might happen he reluctantly shook his head and said, "No, it's OK - I'm just being silly."

"I've got my key, I'll try not to wake you when I come in," Linda said.

"What? How late will you be?" asked Paul.

"Didn't I tell you we are going to a club after the pubs close? That's where the party really is."

"No you didn't," he said slowly. His mind raced – she would be dancing with other men and flirting with them. They would want to take her home and touch her.

"You'll be dancing then?" he asked rather stupidly.

"Well – I suppose so," Linda answered.

"With men?" he said.

"If they ask, yes. Is that OK? I expect most of the time we will be talking or dancing around our handbags!" she said laughing.

Paul wasn't sure how he felt – his wife dancing and laughing with other men – what would happen later. His penis was now very hard in spite of his trepidation. Looking at his wife he could make out her nipples showing through her blouse.

"Have a good time," he said, "But don't forget you're married."

"I think if I had to misbehave – someone would tell you," she assured him.

"Is that the only thing stopping you?" he snapped at her.

Linda laughed nervously but didn't bother answering. It was then that the doorbell rang and Linda rushed to kiss her husband goodbye and ran out for the mini-bus. Paul watched her arse beneath her tight skirt as she climbed into the vehicle. As he stroked his cock he thought of his shy innocent wife – but who knows if she'll stay that way when there would be men ready to tempt her?

After visiting a few establishments Linda decided to slow down on the drink. She wasn't a seasoned drinker and had no intentions of becoming drunk or making her-self ill. The party of women settled down and sat quietly in a lounge quietly talking. It was then that Linda noticed how a certain man kept eyeing her up. He was older than her, about 35yrs. against her 23 and although he unsettled her she found his attentions a little exciting. She noticed he was quite good-looking, in fact the group of men he was with were all, in her opinion quite dishy. Soon it was time to move on and as they made their way out to go on to a club the man winked at her and smiled. She was almost sorry to be leaving the bar.

Throughout the evening Linda had a good time. Even though noisy clubs weren't really her scene she enjoyed the change and with the help of the drink managed to let her hair down. Her husband Paul hardly came into her thoughts. Men asked her to dance, and after awhile the women became more split up as they either danced or they went off with a man to chat or get some air. Linda was increasingly becoming aware that she was being left on her own. It was then that she spotted the man from the bar – and he was still eyeing her up.

A slob of a man came and put his hand around her waist and asked her to dance. Linda refused and asked him to not to touch her but the man persisted. As she looked round for her friends she spotted her admirer walking toward her. She would ask for his help, she thought. It wasn't necessary, suddenly the slob seemed to levitate from the ground and the next time he was able to focus he was on the floor looking at the ceiling.

The admirer, who was now her hero, took her arm and guided her away as two of his friends removed the man and deposited him in the hands of two very big doormen. Linda, a little scared was very impressed at the quiet efficiency of how the man was dealt with. She felt safe now and allowed herself to be guided away. Friends were forgotten as she spent the best part of the next hour chatting with her companion and getting to know all about him. He learnt all about her too and her glass was filled more times than one. She felt happy, carefree and very attracted to Carl, her new man friend.

What brought her back to earth was the voice of the woman she had come out with.

"Are you OK to get a taxi when you're ready to go?"

"What do you mean – I'll come home with you if you're leaving?" said Linda.

"Look – I'm not going home yet but I'm leaving," she told Linda. "With a man I've met," she added, looking as though that should explain everything.

Linda was a bit taken aback at being deserted by her friend and asked, "Where are the others?"

"Who knows?" said the woman, "Some have already left – I've been busy!"

As Linda was about to protest at her friends attitude she was cut short by the fact that the woman rushed off to join her boyfriend. This was totally unexpected and Linda thought it was quite a nasty thing to do to ask someone out and then leave them. What would her husband say if he knew they had all been picked up by men and gone off with them? He would wonder why she was returning alone.

"I'd better leave and find a taxi," she told Carl.

"Don't worry, one of the guys doesn't drink and he's driven us here. We'll see you get home you don't live far away. It's not too late yet."

Another drink, another half-hour and Linda found herself sat on a small sofa in a corner with Carl.

"These seats are here for couples to get romantic," he said. "Let's make use of them."

With that he pulled Linda toward him and as one hand went round her waist the other stopped her hand from resisting and he kissed her full on the lips.

"You shouldn't have done that!" she uttered a minute later, "I'm married."

"No one knows – and no one 's taking any notice. Just relax and enjoy a bit of fun. It's so busy in here and everyone's into their own thing by now – nobody's worried what we do. In any case – all my friends are stood round blocking the view."

He kissed her again and although she was shocked she felt a thrill shoot through her. It had been a while since any other man had touched her. He was almost covering her as his hands started to wander and crept to her breasts. Her own hand, the other being trapped between them came up to ward off the assault. It was grabbed firmly and pulled down to her side where he could restrain her with the arm he had round her.

"It's OK!" he whispered to her. "I know you are a bit scared because you're married but you like the feel of this really don't you? Relax and enjoy it – it might be a while before you get a taste of freedom again. You're nipples are erect – you're aroused."

His hands worked on her breasts as he kissed her neck and earlobe that sent shivers of pleasure down her spine. This sort of stuff she had only ever read about. As his fingers slipped inside her blouse she opened her eyes wide shocked that as they were in a public place people would surely be looking. Her eyes darted round checking that they didn't have an audience. No one seemed too interested, except she noted two of his friend who leered down at her. In spite of their lewd looks she couldn't help but think how good looking they also were.

She became embarrassed as while as the other two were watching Carl undid another button and let his fingers slip inside her bra to play with her nipples.

"Does that feel nice?" he asked her.

"Please!" begged Linda, "You're going too far, stop it now."

"Don't worry, we'll take you home now. Just let's have a couple of more minutes tasting that lovely mouth of yours," persuaded Carl.

He turned her head and kissed her hard on the lips forcing his tongue into her mouth. Still holding her down his spare hand returned to her tits and he began to knead and squeeze them. It was impossible for Linda not to respond and become even more aroused. Even though the man was taking liberties with her and scaring her a little she nevertheless found him exciting and attractive. Her eyes peeped open to see the two others drooling over the sight of her almost naked right breast that their friend was massaging. Shifting her glance she realised that the other men in the group were now paying close attention to them.

Her head spun, never before had she been the desire of so many men. Never before had she been so daring. She was very aroused and told herself that it would probably never happen again and she should make the most of it. Carl was right, no one would find out – it was only a bit of flirting and sexy fun. She would let him carry on playing with her tits and kissing her – she liked it – especially when he kissed the nape of her neck. It sent a thrill down her spine – and she was able to see how his friends ogled her tits – and look at the bulges of their hard cocks through their trousers. She was proud that she had been the cause of their titillation. Anyway, she told herself, they were going to take her home soon so it would all be coming to an end shortly.

A few more minutes passed and Linda was lost in the pleasure of the moment. Now her hands began to explore his body as she responded more and more to his touch. What a pity they hadn't started this sooner. She became aware of another button on her blouse being undone.

"No!" she hissed, "You can't do that!"

"Why not?" he asked as though he was a naughty child.

"You can't! I've already gone too far – I'm a married woman remember. Besides," she added knowing this was the real reason, "There are too many people about."

"You're right – come on we'll leave now."

As he rose and signalled to his friends that he wanted to leave Linda felt that she had annoyed him and she was a little mad at herself. She refastened the buttons on her blouse under the gaze of two of his most lecherous looking companions. This was about as wanton as she had ever been – letting a man feel her breasts and kiss her in front of others.

They made their way to the car park and as they all piled into the large people-carrier Linda found it strange that all of them wanted to leave at the same time and accompany her home too. Didn't they give each other a bit of space when it was obvious the one with the woman would want a goodnight kiss?

As soon as the vehicle started to move Carl wasted no time in holding Linda close to him and quickly undid her first three buttons.

"Now – where were we?" he said.

Linda was shocked, she was sandwiched in the back with Carl and four of his buddy's and hadn't even had time to adjust her skirt that had ridden up as she slid across the seat.

"Stop it!" she said quietly and coyly, aware of the close proximity of the others.

"It's OK," he whispered back in her ear, "It's dark in here, they can't see anything."

Linda knew she should stop him but instead half-turned her body toward him in an attempt to hide her body from the others. She permitted yet another button to be unfastened.

As Carl kissed her and played with her nipples he whispered, "You like this don't you?"

Linda could only mutter an honest, "Yes!"

"Let me make you feel even better," he said. His hand crept to the inside of her thigh and rose to the hem of her panties. Pushing two fingers inside her pants he traced a line to her vagina and found her slit. Linda, for a second or two was too shocked to move and just made a little noise that caused his friends to laugh in a lewd lascivious way.

"Please! Don't go any further," she sobbed. "I can't be unfaithful to my husband."

Linda found that her coat had been slipped from her shoulders thereby preventing her from using her arms. To all intents and purposes she was helpless. Carl ignored her pleas and carried on playing with her pussy.

"Relax," he told her, "That's what makes it more exciting- when you shouldn't be doing it – isn't that right guy's?"

The other men echoed in agreement as Linda realised that they had heard every word she had said and that all of them except the driver were watching. Carl's head dropped and he took her nipple into his mouth through her bra and sucked. As his fingers and tongue worked away Linda's sobs disappeared and became just heavy breathing. Still turned away from the others she was glad it was a dark night and they couldn't see much. She thought that the sound of the radio would cover the erotic wet slurping of Carl's efforts.

He found just the right spot and the feeling for Linda was electric. Now her groin was pushing back against his fingers and all thoughts of wanting to stop him left her head. Without giving it a thought Linda obeyed his instruction to sit back in her seat. Without opening her eyes she turned square on to the front and sank back – as she did she let her legs open just that little bit more. A smile, the smile of sexual arousal came over her face. She licked her lips as she felt her orgasm building up. Her hips were swaying forward as though she was being gently fucked. Then she opened her eyes.

All were watching, looking at her. Her tits were almost out of her bra; her blouse was unfastened and her legs spread wide showing how she was being masturbated by their mate Carl. Sensing that something had changed he lifted his head up.

"See – I told you – the more dirtier and forbidden – the more exciting it is. Don't tell me you're not loving it!"

His fingers still worked away and as she watched the men almost salivating at the sight of her body she knew she was still helpless to stop it, her arms being trapped by her sides. Somehow it added to her arousal. The car stopped – Linda wondered why. There in a dark secluded lay-by the light was switched on so that they could all get the best view of this woman in a dilemma. Linda, overwhelmed, just closed her eyes and let her head fall back. Another mouth closed over hers and different hands pulled her blouse more apart and played with her other tit. She didn't struggle.

"Come on, open your eyes!" she heard Carl's voice whisper in her ear, coaxing her. "Don't be shy – it's more of a turn on if you watch what's happening."

The man kissing her stopped and moved his head back but still played with her nipples. She felt Carl's fingers flicking rapidly on her clitoris, which made her open her eyes with a start.

"That's right," he said, "Isn't that erotic – watching us watching you being pleasured?"

Linda drew her breath in sharply as two of the men unzipped their pants and pulled out throbbing cocks. She felt her face blush red and butterflies filled her stomach as they both began to masturbate very purposely and slowly as though it was for her enjoyment.

"Doesn't that make you feel even more aroused? I think it does – I can feel how much wetter you are!"

Carl's comment reminded Linda of just how exposed her own body was and what the two men were doing to her. She glanced down at her crotch watching how the man's wrist pushed and rotated as his fingers disappeared inside her knickers and entered her vagina, while all looked on. She looked at how her nipples had become erect and swollen and how her breasts hung out over her bra. She could not help her eyes keep darting back to the stiff thick penises of the other men in the vehicle.

The men kept her on display while they spoke to her.

"Bet your friends aren't having as much fun! Is this the sexiest thing you've ever done? It makes it more erotic knowing you're a married woman. Enjoy being naughty while you can – you won't always get the chance!"

The voices sounded like the devil on her shoulder. She was a little scared but she was also aware of how wet she was and how fascinated she was with the sight of the two men masturbating in front of her. No attempt was made to bring anything to a conclusion; it was though they were happy just to enjoy the view. Linda didn't answer any questions and stayed almost totally silent. She was too shocked – shocked at herself as well as the men.

To her surprise the vehicle suddenly started up again moved off.

"We'll take you home now - but we pass my flat first – so we'll just pop in for the last drink". Carl's voice was calm but the suggestion sounded very ominous.

"I can't be late – can't you take me home first?" pleaded Linda.

"Don't worry – we'll have you home at a reasonable time. You can have a little drink with us and let us have the pleasure of your company for a bit longer. You might not get out again on your own for a long time – you won't get chance to have any more fun."

Carl moved his mouth to her ear and added in a whisper, "Let me spend a little more time playing with your lovely tits and feeling those sexy legs of yours. We can be more comfortable and have a proper goodnight kiss."

Before she could argue or reply the vehicle stopped and everyone piled out.

"Come on!" said Carl, "Smooth your skirt down and fasten your blouse – you can tell your husband you went back to a friends for coffee." He pulled her toward him and kissed her adding, "I know you liked what we've just done – it's more exciting having another man touch you – knowing that you shouldn't be doing it – come on, no one will find out!"

"What about your friends – it's not like there's just the two of us? Why can't we just have a goodnight kiss here then you can ask the driver to take me home? Maybe it'll be better if I get a taxi." Linda moved to leave the vehicle and as she stepped down her skirt rode up to the top of her thighs. Carl didn't miss the chance to stroke her between the legs.

"It's more comfortable inside," he said persuasively, "Come on!"

Against her better judgement she followed him into the flat and sat in an armchair in the corner of the room. A small drink was placed into her hand and Linda decided a drink was just what she needed. It tasted good and she quickly took a second long sip.

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