tagChain StoriesThe Sibling Diaries Ch. 06

The Sibling Diaries Ch. 06


Full chain & introduction can be found at this link.

Chapter Six: Let the Games Begin

After arguing with the cab company about the address, paying the jerks too much to get me home at midnight, and realizing that I would still have to deal with Tommy because he worked where I did, I made it back to my apartment -- still pissed off. I shut the door, leaned back against it and looked around in the darkness.

God, I felt like an idiot. I went to my room and pulled my clothes off quickly. I wanted a shower like nobody's business. As I walked to the closet, I saw the mirror by my bed. I put the clothes down, pushed the mirror back and looked down. My body wasn't that bad. What was wrong with me? Was this my fault? Why didn't Tommy want this?

Goddamnit! Only one week at my new job and I had hell-to-pay already. That jerk-off Tommy will probably blab our whole pointless little scenario to every guy south of Market and my dating life will be over. Check her out, she's the one Tommy blew his load on. Shit! Naked, I sat down on the bed and tried not to let my tears flow.

In the middle of beginning to feel sorry for myself, I heard a strange noise -- just a little sound, like a muffled cry. I stood still and listened. It kind of came and went, sometimes strong, sometimes quiet. It was David. He was crying!

I flew out of my room and ran down the hall to his door and listened. Yes, it was definitely David. I wondered what could be making him cry. Was it Sandy? Did she break up with him? What was going on? I turned the door handle slowly as I thought about all of this and pushed open the door slightly. "David?"

But David didn't hear me. In fact, neither of them heard me. Sandy was crouched naked over David's shiny, hard cock, fucking the life out of it. She had her hands on his chest, one leg bent over him and one leg on the floor next to the bed, supporting her pussy as it rolled down, engulfing David's erection with savage, sudden thrusts. In the dark room, they were lit brightly by David's desklamp at the top of the bed. Sandy had a wetdream banter going.

"C'mon, David, you can do it this time. C'mon, baby, hold it. Hold back just a little longer."

Her hips started moving faster and faster. I couldn't take my eyes off of the hot pink mouth swallowing my brother's cock. As her hips rose back up, I caught little glimpses of David's face beneath her -- his eyes screwed tight and concentrating.

"Almost there, David. C'mon. Build it. That's good. Yeah, okay, here we go."

Sandy was almost jumping on David now. His little whimpers grew into loud grunts. That's when I noticed that he had a tight ring at the base of his cock. My mouth dropped open.

Their smells permeated the air. I could almost taste their musky sexual pheromones in the bedroom. Sandy began to caress her boobs as she bounced on top of my brother.

"Oh, yeah, David. You've got the best cock. I love it inside of me -- fucking my pussy. Oh yeah. Fuck my pussy, baby. Fuck me."

I felt moisture dribble down my thigh. Reaching down to catch it, I touched myself. I jumped. My clit throbbed. I was soaking wet. My earlier evening's escapades with Tommy had only served to fill me to bursting with nasty intentions, but no relief.

I looked down at my fingers shining in the slit of light coming through the doorway. Looking back up, David's hard cock was all I could see -- stiff and thick, shiny with Sandy's cum. My mouth dropped open and I moaned. I covered my mouth quickly, but it was inconsequential, they never heard me.

As David's cock spread open his girlfriend, my knees started to squeeze together in time with their dance. I needed to cum badly. I licked my fingers and pressed them to my pussy, rubbing in time to Sandy's thrusts. I watched David's penis slide into Sandy and pushed two fingers inside my pussy, scissoring my insides around. Oh yeah, that felt good. Tingling nibbles leapt up and down the walls of my insides as I teased my G-spot and watched David's cock. I closed my eyes for a second and started panting as I leaned against the wall, watching them fuck.

Little waves of sensation started creeping up my body. My own hips started rocking in time with Sandy's. Then Sandy screamed.

"Oh yeah! Oooo, fuck me, David! C'mon, here we go, baby!"

I opened my eyes in time to watch Sandy jump off David. He grabbed at the ring on his cock, trying to get it off. Sandy leaned down and pushed his hands away. "I'll get it. There we go." She pulled the ring away from David's erect prick and licking her palms, started jacking him off with both hands.

After four pulls, David started moaning breathlessly and then continuously. His cock sprayed the first shot of cum about four feet in the air. The second was much higher than that, almost hitting the ceiling. By the time he was finished cumming, Sandy, David's chest, the wall, the nightstand, almost everything had sperm splattered on it.

I'd stopped masturbating -- too afraid to make noise and too shocked to care.

David held his balls and rolled to the side, panting.

Sandy snuggled close to him. "That was incredible. Did you see? You shot five feet, nine inches! That has to be a record." Sandy pointed at the bedroom wall. That's when I noticed the tape measure tacked up there.

Tape measure? I rolled away from the door, my back against the wall. What the fuck? Is she like preparing for the Sexual Olympics or something?

"The swelling will go down by morning, David. Let me get some ice."

I heard this and ran for my room, just shutting the door as I heard Sandy walk out. I sat down on the edge of my bed and waited as I heard her rummaging through the kitchen and her walk back. As she passed my door, she slowed and stopped. I could see her shadow underneath the door in the carpet. Was she listening? Was she going to come in? I reached for my blankets and pulled them back, ready to dive.

Then, Sandy walked away and I heard David's door click shut.

I thought about what I'd seen for a minute longer, then shook my head. They're fucking nuts! Too freaked out to know what to do, I climbed under the covers and lay there, thinking. When did Sandy get here? Well, obviously, today, stupid. Oh, shut up! I pulled a pillow over my head and screamed into it.

I couldn't get my mind off of what I'd just witnessed next door. My heart was still beating too fast. I tried deep breathing and that helped a little. But the unnatural took its course and I heard David's bed start to squeak through the wall.

I listened for a moment and then heard Sandy start to moan and squeal.

I was so frustrated, I felt like crying. I pulled the covers over me, put a pillow over my head and curled up into a ball. Sometime later, I fell asleep.


Walking down a dark street, I tried to see the houses, but none of their lights were on. I turned the corner at the end of the street and still no lights. No moon out. I could barely see my feet. Oh my God! I'm naked! Naked in public, I try to cover my breasts and crotch with my hands, looking around frantically at all the houses.

Behind me, I heard footsteps scraping on the sidewalk. I turned and saw a giant snake, shining and grinning, slithering up the sidewalk, right for me. Panicked, I started to run, but I couldn't. I'd forgotten how to move my legs. I pushed harder and harder, but got no where. Finally, I fell and the snake slithered on top of me, between my legs. I tried to push it away, but it just smiled, hissing, hissing, hissing…

I woke up breathing hard, soaked in sweat. My room was dark, lit only by the city glow coming softly through the curtains. I sat up and threw my legs over the side of the bed. Puzzled that I'm naked, I remembered -- Sandy and David. I pressed my palms to my face and rubbed. I was thirsty. Getting up, I pulled my silk robe around me and tied the sash.

Trying to be quiet, I turned the handle to my door slowly and gently pushed it open. I peeked down the hall. David's door was dark and shut. Biting my lip, I took a step in the hall and saw a light coming out from under the bathroom door. A noise, hiss, hiss, hiss… David's electric toothbrush. David's brushing his teeth. I leaned back in my door and squinted at the alarm clock -- four? Four AM?

I wanted to talk with David. Make sure he was okay. What was his girlfriend doing anyway? I knocked gently on the bathroom door. "David? David, can I speak with you?"

The door pulled away from me, opening. Light flooded my eyes. Sandy stood there -- her mouth foamy with paste and an electric toothbrush protruding from it. She was naked. Smiling as best she could, she beckoned me inside.

Entering, I closed the door and sat on the edge of the bathtub behind her. She held up a finger in the mirror, telling me she'd just be a second. She spit once in the sink and started brushing again. As she did, her breasts rocked side-to-side, her nipples making little circles. I looked down her body at the flaring hips, her butt, her legs. She worked out, obviously. I could easily see why my brother felt like he was in love with her.

As she leaned forward to spit again and rinse her mouth, her pussy was practically in my face, wet and pink. My eyebrows shot up and I looked up in the mirror. She was watching me.

She smiled, shut the water off and wiped her mouth with a facecloth. "You up early, or up late?"

"Oh, uhm, I had a bad dream and woke up. Heard a noise in here, I thought you were…"

"David. Yeah, I could tell." She brushed the cloth around her neck. "A bad dream, huh? What kind of dream? I'm pretty good with dream interpretation."

I looked at her half-lidded eyes watching me. I thought about the dream -- naked, the snake, hissing. I couldn't tell her that. "Oh, it was nothing really. Just a dream."

"But bad enough to wake you." She lifted her right breast and brushed the cloth underneath it, then switched to her other breast, doing the same. I looked back up at her face.

"Did you have a nice date tonight?"

My eyes must have given me away. Sandy smiled. "David told me you were going out with a guy from work. Tommy, was it?"

Oh God. I rolled my eyes and put my face in my hands.

"That good, huh?"

I stood up. "No, no, it… wasn't at all. Look, I'm going back to bed…" I opened the door and started down the hall. The light went out behind me.

I turned into my room.

"He didn't hurt you, did he?"

I whipped around. Sandy stood in my doorway.

"Cause if he did, he's going to be one sorry son-of-a-bitch."

I sat down on my bed. "No, it… It wasn't like that." I sighed and looked down at my hands.

Sandy walked over to the bed and sat beside me, then took my hands.

"Look, if you need to talk, feel free. I'm a good listener."

I looked up at her face, then her eyes. She looked concerned and worried for me.

I started to talk, but didn't know what to say. I sighed heavily. "It's probably my fault. I'm really attracted to this guy."

"And he dumped you?"

"No, not at all. Quite the contrary, he wanted me."

Sandy looked puzzled.

"I've been really… uh, really…"


"Yeah, really horny lately, you know? We went out for this nice dinner and I was all over him. By the time, we got to his apartment… Well, he got too excited when I…" I thought of Tommy's hard cock in my hands again. The taste of it. The feel of it. My nipples started to ache.

"He had a hair trigger?"


"He came too soon?"

"Yeah, exactly, then the bastard just rolled over and fell asleep. I got really pissed and left."

"Men. Most of them aren't worth a damn when it comes to doing what we need."

"Yeah." Pictures of David's hard cock pumping into Sandy's vagina flashed into my mind.

"You need someone like your brother."

What did she say? "What… What do you mean?"

Sandy grinned, and leaned back on her elbows. Her breasts slid sideways on her ribcage. "Your brother is amazing. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. He's one-in-a-million." She pumped her hips, emphasizing the words.

"You mean at sex?"

Sandy put one foot up on the edge of the bed, opening her thighs a little. I could see her labia, pink and puffy. "Ho yeah -- sex. Sex is almost too small a word for what David brings with him to bed. He's a dynamo and so thoughtful of his partner. I don't think he's satisfied, really, until I cum three or four times before he does. That's rare, let me tell you."

"Three or four times?"

She lay down and put her hands on her tummy. "Yeah, at least. I mean, his… Ah, equipment alone would probably be enough. After all, that's what first attracted me to him, but…" She licked her index finger and started teasing her left nipple with it in little circles.

I couldn't take my eyes off her finger. I flushed with warmth. Tingles ran over my thighs. I crossed my arms, gently rubbing my aching nipples. "Yeah, but…?"

Sandy looked at me and smiled. Her finger traced a line down to her pussy, and rubbed it once. "But what he does with his tongue is pure talent." She moaned.

My mouth opened as I watched her. I swallowed and panted, then licked my lips.

"Earlier tonight, David really surprised me." Her finger continued to rub her pussy. "We'd just fucked earlier. I don't mean a simple fuck either. He had every hole I had to give and then some. I thought for sure he was down for the count."

I brought my thumb to my mouth and chewed the nail, squeezing my forearm against my nipple. Tingles shot straight to my clit and I rocked my hips forward, squeezing my pussy tight.

Sandy closed her eyes and started rubbing her clit with two fingers. Her nipples were sticking straight up. "But David was anything but done. I went to the kitchen and got some ice. When I returned, he was waiting for me. He pushed me down on the bed, got between my legs and started licking me to Heaven."

She brought her other heel up to the edge of the bed and let her legs fall open. She was a very sexy woman, full-breasted with these perfect silver-dollar nipples. Her hips started rocking to meet her fingers. I was creamy and getting really excited again. I wasn't sure whether this would be okay, but I snuck my hand beneath my robe and touched my pussy. As soon as I did, a little wave of electricity shot through me.

"He has this way of heightening the energy. That's the only way I know how to say it. David just takes everything up a notch. I mean I've had lots of guys lick me before, but your brother… Oh my God, it's like what he was meant to do, or something. I got so excited that I was afraid we would wake you. I had to cover my face with a pillow, so I could scream." Sandy moaned. She had two fingers sunk inside her now, wriggling and worming their way deeper.

I was panting as my finger traced my lips gently. I could smell Sandy's scent, the sweet smell of a pussy in heat. I licked my lips and watched her fingers dip their way in and out.

"Let me see you, baby."

My eyes shot up to hers. She was looking at my hand under my robe, watching it move. I froze and chewed my lip.

"Don't stop now, Gretta. Let me see you. Please?"

My fingers pressed into me once again. Breath hotly whooshed out of my mouth. Oh, what the hell.

With my other hand, I untied the sash on my robe and watching her, pulled it open, exposing my very wet pussy to Sandy. Her eyebrows shot up and a little grin appeared at the corner of her mouth.

She sat up on one elbow, looking right into me. "Pret-ty. Not only are you beautiful, Gretta, but you're very sexy, and so… Wet."

I pushed a finger inside, twirling it around and sinking deeper. Goosebumps danced up and down my tummy as Sandy watched me. I raised one leg onto the bed, opening my legs for her.

"And that's one very beautiful pussy you've got, baby. That's it, sweetie. Rub it."

My one finger rubbed up and down my open, wet outer lips now, right across my clit on each pass. My hips were rocking in time with the motion. Sandy was steadily fucking her pussy with two fingers. Her inner lips dripping with dew in the cool light of my bedroom.

She pushed up with one hand, sitting up a little taller. "You smell so sweet, Gretta. Have you ever shown your pussy to David?"

What? To David? "No, no, of course not."

"Well, if you ever get the chance, you should. He'd love this one." Sandy licked her lips. I watched as her labia sucked onto her glistening fingers, sliding in and out.

I couldn't stand it. I closed my eyes and sunk my finger deeply into my pussy, groaning loudly as it spread me open.

"Yeah, baby, you need to get off, don't you?"

I opened my eyes and looked at Sandy, fucking herself. Her eyes riveted to my pussy as her tongue played around her open mouth.

"Yes, I need to cum. It's been days and I'm… I'm so horny. Oh, Jesus." The tingling in my hips built to a fever. I could feel sweat forming on my brow. I closed my eyes and thought back on the evening, me on the floor, lipstick all over Tommy's cock as I sucked it. His head thrown back, moaning against the door. I was going to cum. I could feel it starting. A cool breath of air blew across my chest.

"Oh, look at how stiff your nipples are, baby. They must be at least a half-inch long. They look yummy."

I opened my eyes. Sandy sat beside me. She dropped my robe open off my shoulders, exposing my breasts. "They look so scrumptious like that, Gretta, all puffy and hard." She moaned, watching me.

She reached out and took my right nipple between her thumb and forefinger, pinching it lightly and rolling it. I moaned and tried to pull away as the tingling sensations shot straight through me and down my back, but Sandy held on tightly.

I angled my wrist down and really started fucking myself quickly. My breath was coming in little pants. I raised my knees higher, trying to stem the tide of sensation building down below.

"Poor baby, needs to cum so bad. You want Sandy to help you, sweetie?"

I moaned, getting close now. My hips bucked against my fingers.

"Sandy? Sandy, you out there?" David? David was awake!

Panicked, I looked at the open door. Nothing. Then, I looked at Sandy. She had a big smile on her face.

She shrugged her shoulders. "Sorry, baby. Duty calls." She pecked me on the cheek, rolled off the bed and left for David's room.

I sat there for a moment, wide-eyed, almost afraid to move. I heard David's door click shut and his bedsprings squeak. Then silence. I started to feel cold. I looked down at my hard nipples sticking up. Quickly, I leaned forward and wrapped the robe around me. I stopped and listened again. Nothing, no talking, no movement.

I scratched the side of my head. As I settled my arm back down, it brushed my nipple. Tingling shot down my body and I pulled my arm away quickly. I was so wound up, I didn't think I'd get back to sleep again tonight. I stood up and tiptoed to the door. I peeked out at David's. Dark. Closed.

In the bathroom, I took a sleeping pill and downed it with some water. In the darkness, I could just make out my silhouette in the mirror. My hair was a mess, bed-headed and jumbled to one side. I sighed and walked quietly back to my room, shut the door and got under the covers, robe and all.

* * *

Saturday morning, I woke up late. The sun was already hitting the curtains in my window, bathing the room in a soft amber glow. I felt really tired and a little groggy. Some coffee would go a long way right now.

I pushed the covers off of me and rolled to the side of the bed. My robe was tangled in my legs, so I had to stand to get it loose. When I stood, I had an urge to stretch, yawning and throwing my arms out. Mmmm… A good stretch feels wonderful. I turned and looked in the mirror. My eyes were dark, like I'd been poked, or drunk. Geez, I looked terrible. I tied the sash on my robe and found my house slippers in the closet.

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