tagErotic CouplingsThe Silent Rose

The Silent Rose


Like a dream I remember it. I was in Fort Worth on a business trip and had gone out for a few drinks in the club near my hotel. It was just another techno clone of a thousand other clubs across the country, I could have been back home in one of my favorite haunts and seen the same people with different names. Except her. In a place where eighty percent of the dance floor was decked out in black, and assorted gruesome and intriguing schemes of make up she stood out like a beacon. Even under the flashing lights her hair was like fire, and her porcelain skin shimmered under the white lace top and skirt she wore. Like some ethereal spirit she glided across the floor and no one stood long in her way.

I watched intently for some time and soon she stopped mid step and looked over her shoulder as if knowing she was the object of my attention. I think she liked having such an intense audience. The throbbing base of some dance track continued like the pulse of some great cat around her. Resuming her dance she started across the room her eyes locked on my own. Helpless as a bird caught in the glare of a python I watched. Unable to turn my attention even to the beer that was growing warm on the table beside me.

It was a seduction set to tribal drums. First she would step out and then stop, whirling her hair fanning about her giving her the appearance of a halo of fire. Loosing me from the grip of her iridescent blue eyes just long enough to complete her turn and lock her stare upon me once more. Her hands Making slow and precise movements first, out away from her body and then, slowly, centering upon herself. She placed her hands upon her thighs squeezing ever so slightly, and then slowly moving up to splay her fingers across her firm belly. Her head rocked back and forth to the time of the music, rhythmic, hypnotic. Then as if she knew how to push me into frenzy she stopped not ten feet from me on the edge of the dance floor. She closed her eyes, her hands reaching her glorious tits. As she held them her, hips undulating to the music She slowly and carefully licked once across her lips.

All at once the music stopped. One of those drivel variations on some children's song began to pour over the speakers and was lost in the noise of the background. She stood looking at me waiting for me to move. Surrendering my seat and table I rose and strode carefully to where she stood. I opened my mouth to speak and smiling she raised her finger to my lips and then slowly shook her head. Taking the chance I grasped her hand and kissed the palm ever so gently and then looking heatedly into her eyes, I smiled back. Our first embrace was like electricity coursing through my veins. Instantly I could feel the effect of her pressing her hips against me. There was little question in that kiss of where this night was headed.

We continued for an hour or so in the club. Each of us was growing bolder in our silent game. A brush of my hand across her ass, her tits pressing against me as we danced. Finally when in a heated embrace I garbed her ass and held it there. She smiled leaning her head back submitting her self to me as I ever so gently brushed my teeth across her throat. It was then that I finally heard her make a sound. A low moan. She ground her hips against me and I could feel the heat of passion against me from her crotch. The intensity of our next kiss was mind blowing, but nothing compared to what was yet to come.

I looked deep into her eyes as we broke our embrace. Cocking my head I ask in silence if she would go with me. Her breath was quick as she nodded. Three times we stopped in the four blocks to my hotel. Each time I wondered If we would make it there at all or if we would end this dance against some care in the darkness. Once I was sure we wouldn't make it. She Stopped short at the entrance to a business looked quickly around and pulled me into the entranceway. Kissing me passionately, she pushed my shoulders against the walls and the door. Sliding down my body she opened my fly and with drew my cock. Smiling up at me she slowly took my length into her mouth. Stopping after she had the head of my cock in that velvet embrace and swirling her tongue around it.

Had it not been for the noise of other club hoppers coming down the sidewalk I think I would have turned her around and taken her there on the spot. When she herd the noise she took me all the way into her mouth. I could feel my dick pressing hard against the back of her throat once, then twice then three times and then she stood and kissed me once again as the pedestrians passed us and made cat calls that they could have no Idea the truth of. After that we all but ran to my room. I was thrilled as we stepped into the elevator that we were alone and it would be a slow ride to the top. Pushing her against the wall I lifted her skirt and carefully removed the fine lace panties. There before my eyes was the most perfect shaved cunt I had ever seen. As I dove into her crotch my tongue working at her clit, she tangled her hand in my hair pushing me hard against her. I could hear her trying to stifle her moans, and when I heard the elevator slow approaching our floor I rose and we share the taste of her. It was amazing once we got into my room and the door shut. Our passion rose and we kissed constantly while undressing each other. Slowly we made our way, naked onto the balcony. Where once again she knelt and repeated her performance of taking me deep inside her throat.

I held her head as I came in her mouth though I hardly heeded to. She greedily went down on me even deeper as I shot my load down her throat. Smiling she stood and leaned her hands resting on the balcony rail. I needed no other cue and stepped behind her and drove as deep into her cunt as I could. Under the full moon some many stories above the ground we Stood fucking for any one who happened to look up to see. Her moans grew louder and soon she screamed out in orgasm. Her call Echoing across the city sky line.

I withdrew from her and led her to the bed. Lay her down upon her back I drove again as deep and as hard as I could into her. Her nails dug deep into my shoulders as we let the whole world know our pleasure in this union. At length she opened her eyes and urgently motioned for me to stop my movement. Then with me supporting her weight she pulled her body from the bed and began to move beneath me. It was incredible. Never had I had a woman so completely working to bring me to orgasm. As I felt the pressure build I dropped her to the bed and raised her legs in my arms and hammered into her so hard I thought we both would break. It was the most incredible feeling pouring my seed into her as she bit hard into my shoulder to halt her screams of passion. Laying like that, still buried deep inside her we fell asleep.

In the morning, She was gone. A white rose was on the pillow beside me. As I took the elevator down to check out I heard the Maintenance crew speculating on the lacy panties they had found there early that morning. I was surprised to find a message waiting for me at the desk. It read, "Dark Stranger, should you find yourself here again send an answer as I left you in your room to the club for the Silent Rose. Then meet me there at 10." After returning to my office I volunteered for every field job in the Dallas Fort Worth area. And told travel to always put me in that same hotel.

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