The Silver Anklet Ch. 02


Mr Evans frowned. 'Well, you'd best accompany her so you can see what happens to girls who misbehave in my school.'

We followed Mr Evans as he slowly made his way down a corridor to his room and he opened the door with a key.

'In there, girl, and stand in the corner with your hands on your head.'

I obeyed his order and stood facing the wall. I could hear the sound of a chair being dragged across the floor.

'Turn round girl and come over here.'

I did as I was told and walked over to Mr Evans, who was sitting in a hard-backed chair in the middle of the room. Uncle Ron was sitting in an armchair, grinning at me stupidly.

'Right. Over my knee at once Ryan!' commanded Mr Evans, pointing at his lap.

Again, I obeyed his command and bent over onto his lap. I could feel moisture slowly dripping down my thigh as I thought about what was about to happen to me.

'Spread those legs and put your hands on the floor,' instructed Mr Evans loudly. 'Before I start, what have you got to say for yourself girl?'

'I'm very sorry for not wearing the full school uniform sir. It won't happen again.'

'I should think not, my girl. Right, let's get started. I think 10 spanks are in order.'

Mr Evans grabbed hold of the hem of my skirt and hauled it up over my back, exposing my nakedness underneath.

'What do we have here? You're not even wearing any knickers girl. Have you no shame? I think this calls for 10 more spanks!'

Mr Evans then proceeded to spank my bare bottom, which hurt dreadfully, and I shrieked loudly as his bony old hand slapped hard against the soft skin of my bottom. However, after each hard, stinging slap, I felt a strange warmth building within me. The whole kinky scenario was having a huge effect on me and I found myself grinding my clit against the warmth of his covered legs as I endured the spanking and I cried out again with a mixture of pain and pleasure. I was grinding myself frantically towards another orgasm when Mr Evans finished.

Mr Evans gently stroked my bottom for a few moments and I continued to push against him, desperately trying to make myself come.

'Stop wriggling girl and get up.' Said Mr Evans, and I reluctantly stood up and I could feel my bottom stinging badly.

'What do you have to say for yourself now, girl?'

'I'm very, very sorry for being a naughty girl and I will try my best in future to behave,' I answered contritely.

'Good girl. Now, off you go to your lessons.'

I quickly composed myself and left the room, followed by Uncle Ron. As we got outside, he said:

'You really enjoyed that didn't you? I can't believe you went along with that. You are even sluttier than I thought.'

By this time, I was desperate for relief and I grabbed Uncle Ron's hand and pulled them between my legs. He pulled me roughly through the nearest door, which was marked 'Store Room'. It was no more than a large cupboard lined with shelves containing what looked like cleaning materials. Uncle Ron pushed me back forcibly against the shelves and yanked my skirt down around my ankles. He unzipped his shorts and I could see his fully erect cock sticking out of a mass of bushy red pubic hair. I fell to my knees assuming he wanted me to suck him off again, but he yanked me upright. His big hairy hand came around and grabbed my bum and I yelped in agony as he pressed his hands against my sore cheeks. I was gasping for breath as I felt wildly for his huge prick. I grabbed hold of it and guided it between my legs and I yelped loudly as he thrust upwards and slid into my wet pussy.

I was overwhelmed with the most pleasurable feelings as he fucked me roughly. I looked down and saw his ugly, knotted shaft slick with my juices as it pumped in and out. I came quickly and violently, and Uncle Ron put his hand across my mouth as I screeched as anyone passing in the corridor outside would have easily heard the commotion. Waves of pure pleasure flooded through me as Uncle Ron continued to pump. He then let out a stifled groan and I could feel his spunk spurting in me.

I collapsed on my knees and covered his prick with kisses and gently licked him clean as I held him hard against me with my hand clasped against his hairy bottom.

Eventually, Uncle Ron said:

'I think you surpassed yourself there, Juicy!'

We gathered ourselves together and left the tiny cubicle after checking that the coast was clear. As we passed the reception desk on our way out, Mrs Mason was sitting at a computer typing on the keyboard. She looked up and stared at me, slowly shaking her head. I must have looked quite a picture as my hair was tousled and my blouse was hanging outside my skirt with a couple of buttons missing. She looked down at my legs and could obviously see a trail of sperm working its way down them.

I looked down in embarrassment, as she said to Uncle Ron:

'Well, I hope old Reg enjoyed his birthday. It certainly looks that way. I've just seen him, and he seems to have a permanent smile on his face. He kept going on about a lovely young relative he never knew he had!'

'He certainly seemed to appreciate his present, that's for sure, Mrs Mason,' said Uncle Ron.

'You will definitely have to visit us again Lucy. I do like my residents to be happy!' She was still staring at my legs and I shifted uneasily.

'I will have to introduce you to some of my other sorry cases. Perhaps you can cheer them up. Why don't you come over again and we can have a chat about it.'

I felt myself blushing with embarrassment and couldn't look her in the eye.

'Yes, perhaps I will Mrs Mason. We must be going now, thoogh. It was nice to meet you!' I said, tugging at Uncle Ron's arm to hurry him along.

Uncle Ron escorted me out of the building, chuckling to himself, and we went back to his car for the journey home.

When we arrived, Uncle Ron turned to me and said:

'You did very well today, Juicy. It's just how I hoped you might be. We're definitely going to have lot of fun together!'

'I can't believe what I did today,' I replied, 'this doesn't mean I don't love my husband, you know,' I added quickly, trying to convince myself that what I had done was perfectly normal for a 24 year old, happily married primary school teacher.

'I'm sure you're right Juicy. Anyway, I've got another adventure in mind for you, but I'll give you a couple of days to recover as you need to be fresh. I'll pick you up at 11 o'clock on Friday. Oh, and don't wear any underwear. And don't forget to wear the anklet, OK?'

I nodded in agreement and quickly got out of the car and went indoors before any of my prying neighbours could see me as Uncle Ron drove off, wondering what he had planned for Friday and whether I had the nerve to go through with any further crazy experiences.

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