tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Silver Arrows Ch. 02

The Silver Arrows Ch. 02


Hey guys, Risax here.

Like the first chapter, this one is fairly plot heavy. But there is some more sex in it than the previous one. (at least I thinks so...)

Read and enjoy!

Chapter 2 -- Hunting the Beast.

Teran awoke slowly the next morning and rolled to his side, only to find it empty. The serving wench from last night having disappeared. He sighed and dragged himself out of bed, only then realizing how hungry he was.

'Well, I might as well get breakfast.' Teran mused, while putting on his pants. 'With a little luck I might find her downstairs.'

So after he put on the rest of clothes, and collected his bow and quiver and made sure he had his pouch of coins, Teran left his room. But before going downstairs, he looked at the state of his clothes and decided that he might as well visit a tailor before meeting Deandra at the gates. With that idea in mind, he quickly descended the stairs to get himself some breakfast.

When he arrived in the common room it was mostly empty, aside from yesterday's minstrel who was staring into a mug of water with bloodshot eyes. The only other one in the common room was the innkeeper and bartender, Sid Brehl, a stout, short balding man with a dark, bushy moustache.

'Ah, Teran. How can I help you?' he asked when he caught sight of him, and Sid was answered with a loud grumbling from Teran's stomach. 'I guess you want some breakfast then?' the innkeeper asked with a grin.

Teran nodded in response.

'All right, take a seat anywhere. I'll wake the cook and you're breakfast should be done in a little while.' Sid told him, and went into a room behind the bar.

True to his word, Sid had woken the cook as a few moments later the smells of food wafted into the common room. This caused the minstrel to rise to his feet and go outside, muttering something about needing fresh air or he was going to be sick. Finally, a plump woman carrying a plate of food came into the common room and put it down before him.

'So I guess you're the reason I was awoken from my beauty sleep?' she snorted.

'Only because it looks like you don't need it.' Teran shot back.

The cook chuckled.

'Silver tongued devil.' she muttered while walking off, but Teran had already stopped listening and was hungrily shoving his breakfast of bread, eggs, bacon and cheese in his mouth.

After finishing his food, Teran grabbed his bow and quiver, which had been resting against his chair and strapped them to his back. When Sid returned to the bar he asked about the serving wench from last night, he did his best in describing her but without a name the innkeeper couldn't really help him and simply suggested to return to the common room tonight. He then asked Sid about a good, affordable tailor.

'Ah, you should go to Rachel's place. She makes clothes for both the rich and the common folk.' he told Teran, and gave him some directions in the process.

Teran thanked him and asked him to thank the cook as well, and then left the inn.

* * * *

'Never again...' Teran muttered to himself.

He had just finished his shopping, and was thinking back to when he went to the tailor.

While Rachel had ordered her assistants to take his measurements, she was badgering him with questions about fabrics, colours and if he wanted to spend any extra money on embroidery for his clothing. And while Teran tried to assure her that he only wanted simple woollen clothes of greens and browns, Rachel's assistants had been a bit too focused on measuring the areas around his groan and ass, one was even so bold to pinch one of his buttocks.

After that was done, Rachel assured Teran that she would bring his clothes to his room in 'The Empty Flagon' when they were finished, and he paid for them as well as a new burgundy cloak with many pockets sewn into it which he fastened around his shoulders as he left the store. Then he had had the brilliant idea to get some new boots, and went to look for a cobbler.

He had found one, the owner of the store being a grumpy old man that had roughly removed his boots and measured his feet, muttering about the state of his old boots while he did. Then he had patched up his old boots, without Teran asking him to yet demanding that he paid for it, as well as the new boots he would make.

So all in all, Teran was happy to be done with it and was more than ready to hunt some dangerous beast...

Now he was approaching the gates of Triump, and looking around for a sign of Deandra. Until he was pulled aside by a cloaked and hooded figure, and was about to panic until he caught sight of a pair of gold-coloured eyes peeking out from under the hood. It was, of course, Deandra. But she had exchanged her heavy plate armour, for form-fitting dark leathers.

Her leather armour showed off her curves, instead of hiding them. Giving Teran a good view of her breasts, which seemed to be more than handfuls, and her slim waist. With a cough, Deandra brought his attention back to her face, causing him to blush.

'Er...Hey Deandra. What's with the cloak and dagger stuff?' he asked her.

'I am used to doing jobs like this for the Count, though usually I'm hunting bandits.' Deandra told him. 'I don't want people to notice me here, and cause an uproar.'

'That makes sense, I guess.' Teran started. 'But what's with the change of armour?'

'We're supposed to sneak up on this beast and find a weakness, right? Plate armour doesn't exactly focus on stealth.' she explained. 'Now let's get moving.'

After she finished talking, Deandra shot off like a arrow from a bow and ran out of the city. Teran looked after her in amazement for a few moments, and then quickly followed her, struggling to keep up...

* * * *

When Deandra finally stopped running, they were in a forest. Teran stopped next to her, struggling to catch his breath. When he finally got a look at his surroundings, he noticed trees with claw marks in them, or were completely toppled over, there were easily detectable tracks in the ground, and there were some discarded weapons around as well. But no sign of the guards that had been killed previously. Perhaps the others had taken them to be buried.

'It doesn't take a hunter to tell that this beast the Count spoke of has been here...' Teran told Deandra.

'Well, where is it now?' Deandra asked.

Teran's ears picked up something moving in the distance, something heavy...

'Nearby.' he answered.

He silently moved closer to the sounds of movements, carefully so he would not step on any dry leaves or twigs. Deadra followed behind him, surprising Teran by how silently she moved. When the both of them caught sight of a large creature standing in a clearing, they quickly crawled behind some nearby bushes.

'What the hell is that!?' Deandra asked as they observed the creature.

It was the size of a small house, all right maybe not that big but it was definitely huge, and Teran would liken it to a wild boar if it wasn't for the fact that its body was covered in sleek, black scales and its front paws looked more like claws then the hooves on his hind legs. Not to mention that it had four nasty looking tusks.

'...I've been a hunter for most of my live, but I have no idea what that...thing is.' Teran admitted. 'Frankly, I thought the Count was describing a dragon or something. Not some monstrous, overgrown pig.'

'You sound...disappointed.' Deandra said while she furrowed her brow.

'I just think it would make for a better story, is all...'

'...You're either very brave, or very stupid.' Deandra groaned. 'But if you think you can slay a dragon, then tell me "hero" how are we going to kill this thing?'

'One of its scales is cracked, it seems that the guards have managed to hurt it.' Teran pointed out. 'If we focus our attacks on that, we might be able to bring it down...'

Deandra's face scrunched up in concentration, but she could not make out the cracked scale Teran had spoken off. 'Well, what's the plan?' she eventually asked.

'I'm going to try and hit the scale with one of my arrows.'

'Are you sure that that's wise?'

'Not really. But if my arrow doesn't kill it, he will be properly distracted when charging me. And you could strike the killing blow, if you have any weapons?' Teran explained, and Deandra pulled aside her cloak to reveal a longsword strapped to her side.

'If it does attack you...what will you do?'

'Shriek like a little girl, most likely.'

Deandra grinned at Teran's reply, while the archer started to string his bow.

'You'd better hide somewhere.' Teran whispered as he pulled a silver arrow from his quiver.

When he had nocked the arrow onto his bow, Deandra had already disappeared.

The beast was occupied with digging in the dirt, probably looking for something to eat, and Teran took that chance to carefully take aim at the damaged scale. He took a deep breath as he pulled the bowstring back to his ear, and released the arrow at the same time as he released his breath.

Luckily he hit the target, and the arrow sunk into the unprotected skin beneath the cracked scale. Darkened blood sprayed from the wound, but it didn't seem to be enough to kill the beast. Instead a terrifying roar echoed through the forest, and the beast turned towards Teran who had been to slow in hiding in the bushes again.

'Oooh...this is bad...' Teran whispered to himself.

And it was, because the beast started the rush towards him with rage in its beady little eyes.

As promised, Teran started to scream in terror and ran away as quickly as he could. Teran felt a sudden burst of strength in his muscles, and climbed into a tall tree. (and barely touched the bark or branches in the process.) He was sitting on a thick branch, and watched the beast rushing towards the tree.

'This might not have been the best idea...' Teran said out loud when he remembered the toppled over trees he had previously seen.

But it did not stop him from nocking another arrow, and aiming from one of the beast's small eyes. He felt a strange power surging through him, and a soft silver light surrounded the arrow. When he released it, the arrow cut through the air and into one of its eyes. A wail of pain echoed throughout the forest, and it fell to it's side, legs flailing in pain as it tried to rise to it's feet again. But Deandra suddenly appeared, and took this chance to stab the beast's wounded side.

When the beast finally stopped moving, Teran sighed in relief and then darkness appeared at the edges of his sight. And suddenly...he felt himself falling.

* * * *

'Hey! Hey! Are you all right?'

Teran groaned and when he slowly opened his eyes he saw Deandra's face above him

'Is it dead?' he asked groggily.

'The beast? Yes.' Deandra said pointing at the corpse of the large animal. 'But you sure got some bad luck, you didn't get a scratch when fighting the beast and when it finally dies, you fall out of a tree!' the blonde pointed out, a smile tugging at her full lips.

Teran allowed himself a grin, but it faded away when his stomach started to growl.

'Can we eat it?' he asked, eyeing the beast while wondering what it would taste like.

'You seriously want to eat that thing?' Deandra asked with a look on disgust on her face as she followed Teran's gaze. 'I'm sorry, but we can't. The Count wants it brought to the city intact.' she explained.

'Why?' Teran asked, his curiosity temporarily distracting him from his hunger.

'I'm not sure, perhaps he wants to look for any weak-points in case more show up. Or he just wants to show it off, it would help the morale of the citizens if they know that he can protect them of such creatures.' Deandra explained. 'Anyway, if you really are that hungry I got some dried meat and cheese in my pack. But first, we have to inform the Count that we have slain the beast...And you could use a bath.'

'How are we going to inform him then? We're a few hours away from the city, so unless you can pull a dove out of your sleeve to deliver a message we would have to walk.' Teran asked.

Instead of answering, Deandra pulled a small glass orb from her cloak pocket, as well as some flint and steel. 'This was made by one of our alchemist, it lights up the sky for miles around and once the Count or one of his men spots it, they will send a regiment of guards to pick us and the beast up.' she explained, while trying to set the piece of twine that stuck out of the orb on fire. 'I just wish they found an easier way to do this.' she muttered.

When the piece of twine finally caught fire, she quickly grabbed the orb and threw it, surprisingly high, up in the air. When the orb was at its highest point, a soft *bang* resounded through the forest, and a bright ball of red fire appeared were the orb has been before. Teran admired it for a while, and was certain that no one would be able to miss that.

'So, how about that bath?' Deandra asked.

'Fine, fine.' Teran answered. 'Is there somewhere I can get cleaned up?'

'There is a stream past those bushes.' Deandra pointed out.

'All right, thanks. Before I go clean up though, do you know where my bow is?' Teran asked, next to him lay the quiver of silver arrow, as well as his nearly folded cloak. But he could not find his longbow.

'Uh...I'm sorry, but it broke when you fell on top of it.' Deandra told him, and handed him his broken bow.

Teran looked at it sadly, the longbow had been made from the heartwood of an ancient yew. His mother had made it for him...With a sigh, he put it away. It had been about to fall apart anyway, he told himself.

'Well, I guess I can always get a new one.' he mumbled, while making his way to the stream.

After walking through the bushes, he saw the stream Deandra had talked about. The water was clear enough to see the gravel at the bottom, a few larger rocks were sticking out of the water at the far end, were the stream seemed to be deeper. When Teran slowly started to undress, he noticed that Deandra had been right. He was filthy. Leaves and sticks were stuck in his hair, dirt was smeared on his hands and arms and he reeked of sweat. And his clothes weren't much cleaner...

After he was stripped naked, Teran did his best to wash his clothes in the stream, and when he deemed them to be "clean", he laid them down in the grass to dry and stepped into the stream.

'Cold!' he winced, but still waded towards the deeper part of the stream and quickly duck under.

When he came back up, gasping for air, he heard someone ask, 'So, how's the water?'

Teran nearly went under again when he turned towards Deandra, because she stood on the bank of the stream in all her naked glory. Her blonde hair was now loose, and fell nearly to her waist, but Teran barely noticed it. No, his eyes were focused on something else. To be specific, he was staring at her large breast. The round orbs were just as tanned as the rest of her skin and sat high and firm on her chest, and were capped with small dark nipples.

But the rest of her body was no less pleasing to the eye, as Teran noticed when his eyes curiously drifted lower. Stopping briefly to admire her slim waist, and the outline of a set of finely honed abdominal muscles as well as her taut, muscular stomach which seemed to be stripped of all excess fat. And of course he could not avoid sneaking a peek at her groin, there he spotted her pussy which was completely shaven smooth, except for a small tuft of blonde hair above it.

Last, but not least, he ran his eyes over her broad hips, discreetly muscled thighs and long, flawless legs. Then he noticed how quite he had been all this time, and quickly turned his attention back to Deandra's face. If the blonde was uncomfortable with his stares, then it did not show on her face.

'Er...It's kind of cold.' He finally responded.

'I can deal with a little cold.' Deandra said as she stepped in the water, wincing slightly despite her words. 'Want me to wash your back?' she asked when she was closer to him, holding up her right arm to show a bar of soap on a rope wrapped around her wrist.

Teran nodded slowly, before he quickly making his way to a rock sticking out of the surface of the stream and sat down on it. He heard Deandra approach him from behind, and soon felt her hands on his back, working soap into his skin.

'You're more muscular than I thought...' Deandra mused while soaping up his back.

'Hehe, thanks.' Teran answered nervously.

They did not speak much more after that, but a gasp from Teran suddenly broke the silence when he felt Deandra's chest pressing against his back, her hands now rubbing soap into his shoulders.

'You don't mind me doing this?' she asked.

'Nonono not at all.' he quickly replied, and felt himself growing erect.

But the pleasure of feeling Deandra's breasts pressing against his back, didn't last long. Instead she pulled away from him and collected some of the stream water in her cupped hands, and poured the cold water over Teran's back to wash the soap off, causing him to yell out in surprise.

Deandra giggled softly, which was a surprising sound coming from the warrior woman, and shooed Teran of the rock before sitting down on it herself and handing him the bar of soap.

'My turn now.' she said with a grin.

Teran quickly went to stand behind her, admiring her discreetly muscled before he started to work the soap into her bronzed skin. As he delicately soaped up her back, he heard Deandra sigh softly. He smiled as his hands went higher, and eventually rested on her shoulders.

'Is it all right if I massage your shoulde- uwha!' the soap had made his hands slippery, causing him to not have a good grip on her shoulders. Instead his hands slipped off her shoulders, and he fell forward, grabbing Deandra's breasts for support.



'Those are not my shoulders.'

'...Sorry.' Teran replied.

'Not sorry enough to remove your hands, apparently.' Deandra said drily, her full lips forming a grin.

'Sorry.' Teran said again, and was about to pull his hands away from her breasts when Deandra's hands grabbed his wrists.

'Don't worry about it,' she purred. 'After all we've been through today, I think we both need to blow of some stream...'

'Huwha?' was Teran's very eloquent reply, but it did not stop him from nuzzling Deandra's slender neck while he gently massaged her breasts, groaning softly when he noticed that he could not fit the bronzed orbs in his hands.

He rolled her dark nipples between her fingers, and softly squeezed the large orbs and continued kissing her neck. But Deandra suddenly pulled Teran's hands away from her breasts, and turned to face Teran. Without warning, she grabbed the back of his head and kissed him passionately.

When the kiss was broken, Teran was briefly stunned.

'I wanted to do that for a while now...' Deandra purred.

Teran responded by stupidly asking, 'Why?'

'Why? You helped kill a dangerous beast today, you're a hero. And you're cute.' Deandra told him with a grin.

'Yeah, I suppose I was quite heroic when I was running around shrieking in terror.' Teran said drily, but it didn't stop him from pushing his lips against Deandra's for another soul-searing kiss.

When the kiss was broken, Deandra lied back down on the rock and spread her legs wide, showing Teran the wet, swollen state of her labia. Before she could ask what she wanted him to do, Teran knelt in the water in front of her and spread her lower lips with his hands, and pushed his tongue inside of her pink folds, bringing a soft moan from the blonde. He continued hungrily lapping her slit, eagerly swallowing her juices. When Deandra's breathing became heavier, and her legs started to twitch every now an then, Teran pulled his head back.

'Damn it! I was so close! Why did you stop?' Deandra whined.

'So I could do this.' Teran answered, while lining his erect prick up with the blonde's drenched cunt, and pushed his hips forward.

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