tagErotic CouplingsThe Silver Moon Ch. 02

The Silver Moon Ch. 02


Damien took Firia by the hand and led her around to a hallway with many, many doors. He walked for a minute then stopped and knocked on one. Hearing no reply he opened the door onto a large chamber with various pieces of furniture scattered around it. In the center of the room against the back wall was a large circular bed with tons of pillows and a sheer canopy in light blue, and to the left a couch, a loveseat and a recliner were arranged. There was a nightstand on each side of the bed and a coffee table in the center of the furniture, each of which held various sex toys. Off to the right there was a swing installed in the ceiling. They sat down in the center of the largest couch and began kissing. Firia lightly ran her tongue over Damien's lips which he immediately parted for her. Their tongues met and mingled and quickly they progressed to deeper, more passionate kissing. Their hands began to roam each other's bodies caressing each other's necks and backs as they pressed closer together.

Without warning Damien scooped up Firia and carried her to the bed, pressing himself on top of her as they came down. Firia groaned lightly as the weight of him came down on her and she reveled in how amazing it felt. He was large and muscular and she was small and lean. To her it felt like a perfect fit. Her dark red hair fanned out behind her and made a stark contrast to the light blue silk she was laying on. She laughed softly and smoothed a few strands of his shoulder length brown hair back behind his ears as they had escaped his ponytail and tickled her. As they resumed kissing she ran her hands over his back and ass, as they were still wearing no clothes. Groaning he rolled to his side taking her with him and began caressing her back, ass, and thighs. Then he rolled her on her back and began caressing her stomach leisurely, moving his way up to his breasts. He took his time there tracing delicate circles starting from the outside and spiraling inward until finally coming to her sensitive nipples. He caressed them with his thumbs and then traced circles back out and then in again, taking each nipple into his mouth in turn, flicking his tongue over it and then sucking hard. Then he worked his way back down her stomach and as he began caressing her inner thighs she was trembling. He gently stroked her outer lips, and then he gently stroked between them finding her clit and moving his finger over it faster then slower then faster again. He moved his hand down and slid one finger inside her and began caressing her. She was soaking wet and he couldn't help but let out a small sound of pleasure. He inserted another and stroked his fingers inside of her applying more pressure and then less pressure and then more pressure until he had her panting and moaning and raising her hips for more. But instead of giving it to her he withdrew his fingers and licked them succinctly and with obvious pleasure. She moaned for him not to stop so he grasped her hips and thrust himself inside her with one smooth thrust. She moaned as she felt him fill her and lifted her hips to meet him. He thrust a few times slowly and then picked up the pace, fucking her harder and harder, faster and faster until she was screaming with her pleasure.

As he felt her orgasm subside he slipped from her and carried her back to the couch placing her kneeling on the couch and facing away from him. He bent her over the back of the couch and entered her from behind fast and hard making her cry out in pleasure. He began thrusting deep and hard at an even pace. "Oh God!" she cried out repeatedly as he kept building her pleasure, taking her higher and higher. "Faster! Please just a little faster!" she called out as she approached orgasm. He picked up the pace obligingly felling himself approach climax. She screamed as her orgasm hit her and the feel of her tightening around him pushed him over the edge. He thrust into her over and over, filling her with his cum as she pulsed around him. Then, exhausted, they collapsed onto the couch and into each other's arms. Snuggling wordlessly they fell asleep.

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