The Simple Rancher


James needed to get up and do his daily chores. I decided to go and check on the horses. James walked into the stables as I was washing up. It was almost time to go in for breakfast. James took one look at me and got a real hungry look in his eyes. He pulled me into the tack room. He pulled at my belt and stripped off my pants and briefs. He picked me up and put me against the wall with my legs wrapped around him. He pulled out his erection and slammed into me. I wasn't ready, but I was overwhelmed by the raw, animal passion that roared to life between us. James must have known I wasn't ready, because he just stayed in place. When I relaxed around him, he pulled out only to slam into me again. I cried out. Each thrust went faster and faster, building both of us to the end. When we were both teetering on the brink, each thrust James began to chant 'I love you.' He screamed it at the top of his lungs when he came inside me. I couldn't help it and erupted against his shirt. He pulled out of me but still held me against the wall, knowing it was his leaning that kept him standing just as his leaning kept me from melting into a puddle on the floor. After a few minutes, we went up to the house, grinning like idiots. We were still grinning at breakfast, after he changed his shirt of course. Doc saw us and smiled at us and winked at me. I had made the right decision.

There was a second stable on the property. The old man had built the first for breeding horses, the second for saddle horses. We converted it into a first class veterinary hospital. I was able to practice at home and keep a watch on the kids. It took almost two years for the adoption to go through, but it was worth it. James cried for a long time that night in my arms when it was finally over. When Doc had a minor stroke a few years later, he retired and stayed with us in the house. He helped James run the business side of the ranch. There have been stares and rumors but neither of us care. I love him and he loves me. The kids both adore James and I have never once regretted my decision. I lost a few clients, but not enough to matter. Most of the people in this world don't care. The closed minded are the loudest, but there are just as many people who were happy for our little family as there were bigots. Missy took James to her first father-daughter event in the seventh grade. We both cheered as Brad made the basketball team and went to state. We both were choked up at their college graduations. James cried harder at Missy's wedding than anyone else. Twenty-three years to the day we came together, we welcomed our first grandchild into the world: James Alexander.

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