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The Singles Game


"Are you sure about this idea, Doctor Hoffman?" I asked.

I must have sounded pretty sceptical. I wasn't even that keen to see the Dr Hoffman, even if he was an eminent marriage councillor.

"I know it seems somewhat unorthodox, but my methods have helped to save many couples from boredom and eventual divorce," he replied.

I looked over at Vicki. Her face did not give anything away. She turned to me and said "I don't know, honey, it seems harmless enough to me. It might help us to, put some mystery back into our marriage."

"You have it exactly right," added the doctor in his vaguely European accent. "It's all about reinvigorating your relationship."

"Well, yes, but by pretending to be singles and pick each other up in some sleazy bar?," I insisted.

"Remember when you first met? The thrill of the chase, the uncertainly, the final fulfilment? That is what you will be trying to recreate with this little game."

It was true. After 10 years of marriage, everything seemed a bit routine, even sex. We just didn't seem that interested anymore, and this led to other problems.

"Well, OK, I suppose we could give it a try." I was thinking more of the money we had paid to this quack, rather than any real faith I had in this plan.

"When should we try, George?" asked Vicki. She certainly seemed more keen on this than I did.

"Umm, we could try on Friday. I don't have any meetings at the end of this week."

"Agreed, then. Come back and see me in 2 weeks," concluded Dr Hoffman.


Friday seemed to come around all too quickly, and as fate would have it, I did have extra work to complete. When I finally arrived at the bar, it was past 7:30 and I was more than an hour late.

The bar was quite crowded and I couldn't see Vicki. We had chosen a bar in a big, expensive hotel so that it would not be a sleazy pick-up joint. The bar was filled mainly with businessmen unwinding after a hard week's work.

I finally spotted Vicki sitting at the bar and it stopped me dead in my tracks. She looked simply stunning.

Vicki was wearing a small black dress that rode up at least half way up her firm thighs. The front of the dress dipped daringly to show her ample cleavage. She was sitting crossed legged on the stool in such a way as to best show off her long legs and black stiletto high heels. There was more makeup than usual and bright red lipstick.

I started to feel a bit guilty because I was just in my usual work suit. She had obviously spent a lot of time an effort in preparing for this and it worked. She looked absolutely beautiful and I didn't know why we were having problems with boredom. Why wouldn't anyone want to have her?

Just as I was thinking that, I was proved right. Before I could get to the bar, to greet Vicki, another man approached her. I should have just cut in right there and then, but curiosity got the better of me, and I wondered how Vicki would handle this. I sat down at the bar a couple of seats behind Vicki and listened in.

"Such a pretty woman shouldn't be alone in a bar," he said as he sat on the stool beside her.

I almost laughed out loud at such a clichéd pick-up line, and Vicki made it clear that she also didn't think much of his tactics by more or less ignoring him. But to his credit, he persisted.

"Yeah, I suppose such an old routine wouldn't work for someone like you. But I was so amazed by your beauty that I just didn't know what else to day."

I could barely contain my amusement, but it seemed that Vicki was becoming flattered by the attention.

"Let me at least buy you a drink," he offered. "Were you waiting for someone?"

"Well, I was sort of waiting for..." Vicki's voice trailed off. "Ah, what the heck. Looks like he isn't showing up. I'll have a Seabreeze, thanks."

I must admit that I was a bit surprised that she accepted his offer, but didn't blame her given my lateness. Just give her a few more minutes, I thought. He ordered her drink and introduced himself as Greg. He was a bit taller than me and, being in his early 30's, was about the same age as Vicki and myself. He had dark, neatly cropped hair and strong chiselled features. He wore a dark blue conservative suit that said 'pure corporate style'.

In between constantly remarking about how attractive Greg thought she was, he mentioned that he as a merchant banker here to stitch up a big deal. He was staying in this plush hotel because, as he said, that was what the company account was for.

Just then, another group of people approached Greg and Vicki. Greg stood up to greet them.

"He guys, how did it go. Details all finished?" Greg asked?

"Yep, all done. Signed, sealed and delivered," said one of the others.

"Good work people," Greg said and they high-fived each other. Then he turned suddenly to Vicki. "Oh, how rude of me. Vicki, this is Roy and Penny, my colleagues from head office. And this is John from our local branch. Team, this is Vicki."

They all shook hands politely with many pleased-to-meet-you's and so on.

"You could always pick the good lookers, Greg," Roy said to Greg slyly. "But you've really outdone yourself this time."

Vicki blushed deeply, her face almost matching her lipstick.

"Don't give Vicki the wrong impression of me," protested Greg.

"No , I'm sure she'll find out for herself soon enough. You see Vicki, Greg has somewhat of a reputation around the office," John added.

"All rumor and hearsay," replied Greg unconvincingly. "Anyway, why don't we all grab a table so you don't all have to stand up."

The three latecomers led them off and Vicki followed them. I noticed that Greg stayed behind Vicki and was looking at her from behind as she made her was to the table. I could see why as her ass swayed provocatively as she walked on her high heels, her short dress revealing most of her long legs. After a short while, I discreetly moved to the table next to them.

The group spent the next 20 minutes or so congratulating themselves on closing the deal and they were obviously in the mood to have a much deserved break. Greg, though, continued to lavish attention on Vicki. Roy also seemed to be quite interested in Vicki, but I did notice that John and Penny seemed to have some sort of tension between them. I imagined that this was some inter-branch affair starting up.

They continued to order drinks and Vicki was keeping up with them. Eventually, she had to excused herself to go the ladies' room. As she got up, she saw me. I thought quickly and I gave her a wink. After a slight pause (probably from the shock of realizing that I had seen what she was doing), she continued to the wash room.

Upon her return, she discreetly passed me a note written on a paper napkin as she walked by my table. It read "Remember, this is dating game where we are both single. If you want me, you need to win me!"

What a little tease! She had signalled her intention to play this game for all it was worth, and now she was really getting in the role. Whether it was playing a role or whether it was the alcohol, she started to respond more to the attention that Greg and Roy were giving her. She even let Greg put his arm around her.

I knew I could act at any time, but I didn't. A little part of me wanted to know how far Vicki would go. But I knew that for some reason, I felt turned on by the thought of another man being very attracted to Vicki. As I pondered this, I realized that I was getting excited by the thought of Vicki being seduced by man. But surely this would not be a good thing? How could it help our love life?

My head was swimming with these conflicting thoughts when Greg made a suggestion. "Why don't we all go up to my room." They all agreed and got up to leave. Vicki turned to me and gave me a wicked little smile. I let them go on a little bit, then got up to follow them some distance behind. Greg walked with Vicki, and I noticed that this time it was Roy and John who were mesmerized by the Vicki's body slinking across the hotel lobby. Penny looked a bit annoyed at John.

They got into an elevator. I tried to catch up to them, but I just missed it. Damn, I thought, what do I do now? I looked at the elevator indicators, and saw that the elevator had stopped at the sixth floor. I quickly grabbed the next elevator and punched the '6' button.

When I got out, I heard voices coming from the right. I hurried down the corridor to follow the voices, and caught sight of a door closing. Room 608. I pressed my ear to the door. It was the right room, as I could recognize Greg's voice. I heard the sound of a champagne cork pop and some cheers. Obviously still celebrating the deal.

Fairly quickly, John and Penny started to make their excuses to leave (their intention pretty clear, even to me). As they said their goodbyes, I had to think fast. There was nowhere to hide. The doorknob started to turn.

Quickly I stepped to room 607. As John and Penny emerged from the room, I pretended to fumble for my keys trying to enter room 607. Then I had a horrible thought: what if either John or Penny were staying in room 607?

Fortunately, they walked right past me towards the elevator. They were too obsessed with each other to even notice me. I hurried back to the door of room 608.

I could now hear the sounds of Vicki, Greg and Roy murmuring and giggling. Roy said something about leaving the two of them alone.

"Don't go, Roy, it's fun having you here as well," said Vicki.

"What do you mean by fun?" asked Roy.

"I don't know. It's just nice to be the center of attention of two handsome men like you," replied Vicki.

Greg then started murmuring something, but I could not make it out. There was a short pause.

"Ohh, that sounds very naughty," cooed Vicki. "I've never had two men at the same time before!"

I was dumbfounded. I should have knocked on the door there and then. But my mind was a mess at this point. Not only was my wife of 10 years contemplating cheating on me (with my knowledge!), but she was going to do it with two men at once! To my surprise, I found this made me even more horny than before and I had a raging hard-on. I was so excited, I feared that they could even hear my heart pounding in my head. However, I pressed my ear closer to the door to hear more clearly.

"Well Roy, how about you? Are you in?"

"Heck, I'll try anything once!" replied Roy.

I could hear the sounds of shoes hitting the floor and zippers been undone. Then Roy said "I've been wanting to look at those wonderful tits all night."

"Well, here they are" pronounced Vicki proudly. I could almost hear them flop out of the tight dress she was wearing. "Oh, yeah. Suck them like that, Roy. Mmmm"

I heard the sound of Vicki moaning softly. I couldn't believe it. Two total strangers were about to gangbang my wife, and I was standing outside the door listening in. More than that, I was so turned on by it. I only wished I could see what was going on.

"Here, Vicki, let me help you out of that dress which Roy is occupied," said Greg. I heard the sound on more clothes rustling. "What a beautiful ass you've got there Vicki. I don't think you will be needing these panties anymore. I see that you are a natural blonde."

"Hey, that's not fair. I'm wearing nothing, and you two are still dressed."

"That's not entirely true," said Greg. "You've still wearing your shoes."

"You know what I mean, you bad boy! C'mon, take them off."

After more sounds of clothes being taken off, Vicki said "Oh wow! It's so big. Your cock is much bigger than my husb...um, last boyfriend."

"You can see why Greg has such a big reputation around the office," said Roy.

"Well, you've quite well endowed yourself, Roy," said Vicki.

"Would you like to know what it fells like inside you?" asked Greg.

"Yes. Please, Greg, please," pleaded Vicki. I couldn't believe it! She sounded like she was really desperate to be treated like a slut.

"Then bend over this table so I can look at your pretty ass while I fuck you."

It was a matter of seconds and I heard a loud "Ow! Ugh!". Vicki groaned as she was apparently being entered from behind.

She sounded like she was in a bit of pain, but she was enjoying it. With each thrust, she said things like "Oh, you're so big Greg! I've never had such a huge cock!" It was so unlike Vicki. She had never been much of a talker during sex, and this dirty talk was really out of character.

She surprised me even further when I heard her say "Roy, I want you in my mouth while Greg fucks me."

Vicki stopped talking, obviously because she was sucking Roy's cock while Greg was fucking her from behind. All I could now hear was a muffled "Hmmph!" accompanying each slap of Greg's thighs on Vicki's ass as he pounded her pussy hard. I tried to envisage the scene as my lovely wife was moaning on a stranger's cock while being fucked by another strange man.

"I think she's enjoying the ride, Greg."

Greg didn't answer, but Vicki managed to say "Mmmm hmmm!" in agreement with her mouth full of cock.

Steadily, the pace of the slapping increased, and Vicki suddenly cried out "Yes! Oh, yes! I'm coming Greg! Faster!"

Greg complied and Vicki let out an almighty yell. "Yeeeesss! Oohhhhh, yeeesss!" I thought everyone on this floor would hear her screaming. Vicki had never cum while I fucked her, so this was a very pleasurable new experience for her.

Greg continued to thrust quickly and Vicki was evidently having multiple orgasms as she was reduced to incoherent yelps of delight with each thrust. Slowly, above her voice I could her Greg grunting. His grunting became quite animalistic until, inevitably, it rose to a crescendo of his grunts, her squeals and squelching noises followed by a sudden silence. After a very short pause, Greg let out a groan like a huge release.

"Oh yeah!" yelled Vicki. "Pump your cum deep inside me! Ohh, it feels so hot!" Greg just continues to groan for what seemed like an eternity while Vicki moaned softly.

It was silent for a little while, until Roy broke it with, "Well I'm glad you had such a good time Greg, but you interrupted my nice little blow-job there. I'm just busting to fuck this hot babe."

"Yes, Roy, please fuck me as well. I want you to fuck me too."

"My, my, the little lady certainly is eager!" commented Greg. I heard a wet 'plop!' as his penis presumably exited Vicki.

"So am I," Roy said impatiently. "Move over, Greg. Do you want me to fuck you now, Vicki?"

"Yes" said Vicki softly, like she was pleading. "Please fuck me."

I heard some shuffling of feet, then "Ugh!" which indicated that she was entered again. But unlike before, this was followed by silence. I wondered what was happening.

"Hey, Roy, don't tease me like that," said an obviously annoyed Vicki.

"But you sound so cute just then. Can you beg me to fuck you some more."

"Ooh, you like dirty talk huh? Well, fuck me!," Vicki cried out. Roy must have obeyed, because this was quickly followed by another groan. "Yes, fuck me deeper!"

She repeated this many times until it was almost like a mantra. Then it changed. "Yes, use me! Do it to me! Fuck me hard!" With each utterance, she sounded more and more wanton.

"I'm all the way in now. Does it feel good?" asked Roy.

"Oh, yes!" Vicki said ecstatically. Roy started to fuck Vicki in earnest and she responded vocally.

"Well, seeing as you don't need to talk anymore, I'll put that lovely mouth of yours to better use," said Greg, who had been quite for a while, no doubt recovering from his last orgasm.

Vicki's yelps of open-mouthed pleasure quickly turned to muffled moans as Greg stuffed her mouth while Roy got busy from behind. Soon the familiar combination of moist squelching, flesh ramming into flesh and Vicki's muted groans of delight filled the air. I was disturbed to find that it was so familiar so quickly, but more disturbed to note how turned on I was by it.

"Man, that's a great blowjob you're doing," said Greg, haltingly. Vicki, it seemed, was too busy to respond. I just heard her slurping and moaning away.

"Yeah, I know.," said Roy. "She pretty talented to be such a good cocksucker while she getting fucked." With that, Roy seemed to fuck her harder, and her groaning became louder. This time though, she didn't abandon the task in front of her, and she seemed determined to keep Greg's cock in her mouth no matter how hard Roy rammed her.

After about 5 minutes of this, one of the guys said loudly "I'm going to come!" and with that he let out a prolonged groan. Vicki seemed to gag, but then composed herself and said, "Mmmm, Greg, that was delicious. I wish I tasted some of Roy's cum too."

"How did you do that? I've never cum twice so quickly," marvelled Greg.

Vicki didn't answer him because Roy had picked up his pace again and all I could hear from her were squeals with each slap of flesh on flesh. There were incoherent mutterings from Vicki as she neared another orgasm, which came more suddenly than her last. Another loud scream filled the air that I was sure would have the other hotel guests wondering what was happening.

Roy climaxed soon after Vicki did but without as much drama as Greg. All I could hear was a slowing, then stopping of the squelching thrusts and Vicki moaning softly, "Yes, fill me Roy. Fill me up with your cum."

Then all was quiet. I could hear them speaking softly, but could not make out the words. I heard Greg offer some more drinks and someone use the bathroom. I heard people starting to get dressed.

The first thing I could make out was "That was wonderful boys. I had a really great time," Vicki saying in a soft, languid voice.

"You are one hot woman, Vicki. Are you sure you've never done it with 2 guys before?" asked Roy, almost in awe.

"Well, we don't leave for head office until Sunday. You can always drop by again tomorrow," suggested Greg.

"Sounds tempting, but I've got other plans.," she replied. I was disappointed that I would not witness an encore performance, even if it was from the other side of a door. "Would you like to keep this as a souvenir?"

"Hell, yes," they both replied.

As they were kissing goodbye, I quickly made my way to the elevators. I heard their door open and then shut. I eventually spotted Vicki as she walked slowly around the corner, almost in a dazed state.

She was quite a sight. Even though she had made some attempt to clean herself up, her make-up was a mess with her lipstick smeared around her mouth and her mascara running. Her long, blond hair was tousled and here and there were some bright, wet patches, possible semen in her hair. She teetered on her stilettos as she walked along, undoubtedly due to the thorough workout she had just endured. To say she had the 'just-fucked' look would not be doing her justice; more like 'just-fucked-by-a-large-group-of-hormonal-frat-boys-look' was more like it. In her dreamy state, it took a while before noticed I was there. It took even longer before she realized who I was. She stopped dead in her tracks as if she had seen a ghost.

"What did you see?" she managed quietly.

"I didn't see anything, honey. But I think I heard everything while standing outside the door." She became even more pale, and then blushed deeply.

"Oh, George!," she blurted out. "I'm so ashamed! This was meant to be some innocent game, but I ended up fucking two total strangers. I don't know what came over me. I felt so naked standing there in just my high heels and those two staring at me. I just lost all control of myself!" She started crying.

I went over to hug her. "There, there. It's alright. I still love you," which was an understatement as I was so turned on at this moment.

I patted her on her back. As I did so, one of my hands unconsciously slid down her body and up her skirt. She flinched back as my hand glided up her still moist thighs. When I got to her crotch, I touched her bare, moist skin and I realized she was not wearing her panties. This was obviously the souvenir that she had given to Greg and Roy.

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