tagRomanceThe Singlet Top

The Singlet Top


I'm woken by the feeling of your fingers running down my back. I blink and snuffle into my pillow as your nails delicately and slowly trace the line of my spine, from beneath the sheets to the base of my neck. I shiver involuntarily, arching my back like a sleepy cat as your fingers move southwards once more. I hear you giggle through the fog of sleep and your sweet voice whispering "Good morning, Sleepyhead." Your fingernail explores my lower back under the sheets and teasingly slips under the elastic of my boxers, before lightly scraping up toward my neck once more. Now more-or-less fully awake, the ticklish sensation is as strong as ever and I moan into the pillow as I arch once more.

"Mmm, what are you doing? You told me you were a heavy sleeper," I murmur right before I gasp at the sensations sparking through me. I'm caught in that magical world between wakefulness and warm doziness and the warmth of your hand is the perfect way of bridging the gap. I knew that it'd be an amazing experience to wake up to you after our first night together, but I wasn't anticipating this. I've not yet set eyes on you this morning, but you've already got me moaning and squirming under your fingers.

As I become fully awake, I realise with growing embarrassment that moaning is not the only effect your stroking has had on me. We knew it was always a risk this would happen if we shared a bed, but sure enough, nestled in my boxers is the hard-on to end all hard-ons. I close my eyes and try to think unsexy thoughts, but it's at that point that your hand gives up on its exploration of my back and instead begins to play with my hair, the other thing that you know is guaranteed to make me melt.

"I just wanted to say hi and chat a bit, that's all. Can't a best friend wake her friend up to chat? That's why you do on sleepovers, isn't it?" you whisper teasingly.

"Oh, that's right. We're just best friends having a sleepover. I forgot about that," I answer into space, while cursing inwardly. Now I really can't roll over with this hard-on. For weeks we'd planned this, months even, making a pact that if you were able to visit and we could be alone, we'd share the bed just so we could have the memory of waking up next to the one we love most. We always joked about what might happen, but last night, we simply held each other and whispered in the dark, neither of us wanting to be the first one asleep. To roll over and have you see how aroused I was would be mortifying.

I'm like putty in your hands as you fiddle with my hair, massaging me, tracing the contours of my skull, gently pulling on it occasionally. Your fingers start moving around to where my head meets the pillow, so I reluctantly roll over to face you, providing you with access to the other side of my hair. I open my eyes to the most amazing site. You're lying propped up on one elbow, your smile as big as the room beaming at me. Your eyes, so bright and blue, sparkle as you lean forward to kiss me softly. Your singlet top has become twisted at some stage and now one boob is threatening to break free. The outer edge of your areola and a freckle are visible, while the rest of your nipple is just covered by the strap of your top.

Your lips touch mine gently, then you lean back and smile again. "Hey you."

I can't help but smile all over at the sight of you. "So, this is what it's like to wake up to you, huh? I was right about one thing."

"What's that?" you whisper, your hand stroking my hair once more and occasionally moving down to caress my cheek.

"I told you my imagination wouldn't be anything like the real thing. You're so much more beautiful than I could ever have imagined."

"Oh shh" you blush. "Am not. You're just blind, you haven't got your glasses on."

"Maybe not, but I'm short sighted, remember? I'm a specialist at looking at things close-up and from where I'm standing, you're amazing."

"You're lying, not standing." You poke your tongue out at me.

"Ok, you're right. I'll let you have that one. "

You giggle once more. "Thank you. Now come over here. I'm in charge and you're not close enough."

"Yes ma'am. Shuffling over right now." I dutifully do so and you slip your arm under my neck, drawing me to you. You lie back and look at me, as I roll onto my side, our bodies now touching. My leg drapes over yours and my arm rests across your bare belly, your singlet having ridden up a little. Apart from being close to the love of my life, this position means two other things. Firstly, there's no hiding my hardness now, as it pulses on your thigh, separated only by the fabric of my boxers. Secondly, with my head nestled in the crook of your arm, my sight is filled with that perfect boob, straining to be released from your top.

I look up and find you staring right at me, looking deeply into my eyes, with a quiet look on your face. You kiss my forehead and once more, whisper "Hey you." You lean forward and I tilt my head to kiss you. Your hand on my cheek, mine on your belly, we kiss softly but firmly. Your tongue flicks across my lips and slides across my teeth. My tongue finds yours and they dance together, the tips flicking and swirling around each other. You take my bottom lip in your teeth, making me gasp out loud. You grin cheekily and release me, then kiss me on the forehead and lie back, smiling blissfully.

I rest my head on your shoulder and kiss your neck, nibbling the soft skin in the crook there. Your free hand moves over and rests on my hand as it sits on your belly. The other starts stroking my hair once more, trailing lightly through it, occasionally stopping to twirl any long bits around a finger. We stay that way for a few minutes, resting in the absolute bliss of each other, not speaking, not needing to speak. We could stay that way forever, indeed I hear from your breathing that you're starting to drift off again, but I take my hand off your belly, slowly sliding it so as not to disturb you, and ever so gently caress the soft roundness of your boob. It seems to be the most natural thing in the world, resting with the one I love, to explore a beautiful part of her body sitting just there, something I've dreamed about for years but now feels like it's simply an extension of the snuggle. You murmur softly and snuggle into me a little more as I run my hand around the contours of the boob, large but perfectly round and pale. As my hand completes the circle, I hook my little finger beneath your singlet strap and tug it over, freeing the alabaster orb completely. I can feel the warmth radiating onto my smile and move my head forward a little, cupping you in my hand and bringing your pale pink nipple to my mouth. I run my tongue over it lightly, just teasingly, probing with the tip, just to feel that you're real and not a dream. My lips form an 'o' and I suck your nipple in, ensuring no teeth bother it, just my soft, warm wetness meeting your rapidly hardening pink perfection. My tongue swirls over you as I suck, loving the nubby firmness of you, my hand cupping you almost reverently. You moan quietly, your eyes closed, your hand moving down to caress my cheek softly. It feels so right, so natural, so...so us. You wrap your arms around me and hold me close as I suckle you, kneading your boob gently, flicking my tongue firmly over your nipple, then alternating by swirling and stroking it over the tip like a cat, lapping at it. My other hand comes up and I hold your boob in both hands, feeling the soft, warm weight and faintly feeling your heart beat. You hugging me has caused you to roll more on to your side and your other boob now rests against my face. 

My eyes close and for a while, the world doesn't go past us, past this bed. I love the sound of your soft moaning, whilst your hug, your lips on the top of my head and your beautiful chest filling my face are the most exciting and arousing, yet peaceful thing I could imagine. I open my eyes and all I can see, feel, taste is you.

Your nipple feels as though it's enormous between my lips, so hard, yet soft. I lightly grate my teeth along the length of it, causing you to arch your back and cry out loud, pushing your chest further into me. Your free hand leaves my shoulder, where I'd been drawn into a wonderful hug, and unbeknownst to me, moves beneath the quilt. As I slide your singlet strap over your shoulder, freeing your other boob, I feel your hand on my dick, hard, pulsating and sticky on your thigh. You grip it through the fabric of my boxers and we instinctively both thrust our hips together at the same time, just once. Under your breath, you mutter, "Bloody hell, I was right. You are big!". You give a few experimental strokes, then unbutton the shorts while I start to focus on your left nipple, taking it between my teeth and pulling on it gently, tugging it into hardness.

I moan into you as your fingers run down the side of my shaft and your palm rubs over the swollen, sticky head. You're an expert tease though and are in no mood to let me have what I want straight away. With a soft giggle, you move your hand further down past my balls and stroke my inner thigh, my dick rubbing on your forearm as you tickle my leg. I try to regain the initiative by running my tongue between your boobs, up your chest, until I am face to face with you once more. We look into each other's eyes for a moment, then we are kissing hungrily, devouring each other, biting, licking, sucking, always kissing. You nip my lip between your teeth momentarily, driving me wild. Our tongues dart and flick, almost with minds of their own. Your arm wraps around my shoulder, your hand on the back of my neck, holding me to you as we kiss.

I break away and take the bottom of your top and try to lift it over your head. Lying down, with your hand down exploring the smoothness between my legs though, this proves to be more difficult than I anticipated and after a moment of trying, I bunch the fabric in my hands and tear it in two. Your eyes widen and your smile gets even bigger with the shock.

I grin back, not saying a word, just savouring the sight of you lying beneath me, top torn, hair askew and your belly and boobs entirely on display. You've never ever looked more beautiful or more exciting.

Lifting myself up over you has left me a little vulnerable, a fact that you recognise immediately, grabbing my smoothly shaven balls and squeezing gently. "Something wrong?" you ask innocently, as I gasp in surprise.

"No, nothing wrong. You just be careful though Miss, two can play that game," I smile back at you, leaning down to nuzzle your hips.

"Oh yeah?" you retort as your hand slides up, your finger and thumb rubbing on my swollen purple head, exploring beneath the stretched foreskin. I moan out loud and hang my head, struggling to remain kneeling with the intensity of the feeling you're creating. Your other hand scratches down my back, making me shiver and moan once more, your first hand still working my cock expertly, leaving me like jelly in your hands.

"Who's the best friend ever?" you ask, one eyebrow raised.

"Ohhhh, that has to be you," I groan.

"Who do you love to pieces?" you whisper.

I look up into your eyes. "It's been you since the day we met."

You smile shyly, oblivious to your near total nudity. "That's the right answer." You kiss me lightly. "Now, lie down. There's things that need to be done here."

With uncharacteristic determination, you place a hand on my chest and push me off you, rolling over so you were pushing me onto the bed. You throw your leg over my hips and sit astride me. You shrug off the remains of your singlet, leaving yourself straddling me clad only in your Wonder Woman undies. Knowing the view you're giving me and how much I've dreamed about seeing you like this, you arch your back, throw your arms back and stretch languidly, your hair falling back and your beautiful chest thrusting toward me. I place my hands on your thighs and run them up toward your wonderful belly, but you take them in yours and firmly place them out on either side of my head. "Now, you leave them there until I say, ok?"

Humming to yourself, you kneel up and slide your undies down to your knees, then lean forward, your boobs resting warmly against my face, as you kick them off. You then sit back on my hips, my hardness pressed between your legs. Still humming softly, you lean forward and run your nails up my chest and simultaneously circle my nipples teasingly, pinching and scraping, making them hard, bumpy and super sensitive. You look inside your own world, focusing only on my chest, massaging me, teasing my tiny pink nipples. It's only when I arch my back and moan your name that you look at me and bite your lip. "Payback's a bitch, isn't it? And I've only just started. Relax." You kiss me, lingering. "I love you."

You reach down behind you and start tugging my boxers down, using your other hand to guide my cock out of the shorts. Not forgetting your own needs, you hold it upright and rub it between your shiny, plump lips as you pull my boxers backwards. You're thrusting slightly, so your lips travel up and down against my entire length. With my boxers mostly off, we're both nude at last and while I'm loving the sight before me, you are straddling me with your eyes closed, loving the feeling of our thighs together and my cock in your hands.

"Can I move yet?"

"Nuh uh. Stay there, it's all about you this morning."

I prop myself up on pillows so I can see more of you and thrust in time with you, helping you get yourself off on me. You whimper and arch your back, grabbing your boobs and squeezing them together, knowing how much that turns me on. I'm harder and bigger than I can ever remember being and the most beautiful woman I can imagine is making the most of that, using me as a dildo. I'm torn where to look, at your lips pressing against me, leaving a shiny moist trail up and down my shaft, your hands cupping and squeezing those perfect white boobs, or the look of pure bliss on your face. Your tempo and breathing increases and you let go of your boobs to hold my cock again, pressing it against you. I try to match your tempo, thrusting with you, bonking without entering you, both of us getting close. Your boobs are hypnotic as they bounce and sway, it's all I can do to not hold my hands out so I can feel you bouncing against me.

I suppress my own climax and watch entranced, as you rub yourself to orgasm, starting quietly but moaning louder and louder until soon you're yelling out with each thrust. Your orgasm is so strong, you shake me and the bed. I can't help grin at the thought of you so satisfied, but I'm also awestruck at how amazing that was to watch... and that I'd been part of it.

You sit there, with your head down for a few minutes, getting your breath back.

"Can I?"

You nod. My hands start on your thighs and caress them, touching them for the first time, loving the feeling of what I've dreamed about. I run my hands along the top and down the back. I run them around the curves and then up over your belly. I sit up, so your legs are on either side of me and we are face to face, chest to chest. I lift your chin and kiss you, gently at first but then you kiss me back hungrily. I slip my hand between us and run it between your legs, trailing my fingers along your swollen lips (causing you to squeal), loving the smoothness of them, then lick myself clean. You kiss me once more, then shuffle backwards, looking at me with a mischievous look on your face. You wrap both hands around me and then run your tongue down my chest and belly, until your cheek grazes the top of my cock. Trying to keep me on my toes, you dive in and nip at my balls and the skin of my shaft, making me yell in pleasure and laugh out loud. For a moment, you let go and your hands slide around to my butt, giving in to your own day dreams. You can't stay away for long though, with me pressing against your cheek, its foreskin shroud completely rolled back.

I look down at you and notice a trail of pre-cum trailing from the head to your flushed cheek. You move your head back and brush your tongue over the tip of the head. Before I close my eyes in pleasure, I manage to catch the hungry, devilish look on your face. I gasp and moan your name as you run your tongue up the length of me, from my tight balls to the very tip, then swirl the tip of your tongue around the sensitive head.

Unwilling to tease me any longer you place the head against your lips and suck gently, drawing it into your warm mouth. The sensation of that, the sight of you with your eyes closed and your mouth wrapped around me is mind-blowing and I have to lie back once more. Keeping the head in your mouth, you swirl your tongue around the tip. I instinctively start to thrust, but you anticipate this and move in time with me, allowing yourself to take a little more into your mouth with each thrust, occasionally remembering to swirl your tongue. After a while, you stop and take me out of your mouth with a smacking noise. I look down and see a trail of pre-cum and spit between your sweet lips and the head; this would disappear quickly as you lick my shaft and take it into your mouth once more, this time with a hungry growl. You can tell by the pitch of my moans that I'm close to climax, so you lift your head, making sure my cock escapes your mouth with a slight smacking noise.

You reach your hand out and take mine, then pull me back upright. You slip your arms around my shoulders and draw me in close, kissing me lovingly, letting me taste myself in each kiss. We sit together like that in the sun and make out, our hands in each other's' hair until you break away once more and look at me seriously, biting your lip. Holding my hand once more, you kneel up and turn yourself around until your back is to me, still holding my hand in yours. Then you hold my cock in your other hand and lower yourself on to me, impaling yourself slowly. I lie back for a moment so I can enjoy the sight of your perfectly formed butt bouncing up and down slowly, following that special butt freckle that I'd only seen in photos. The feeling of being inside you is indescribable, even better than I'd ever imagined it could be.

I sit up as you start thrusting up and down against me in earnest. You take the arm you're holding and wrap it around your waist and I wrap my other one around your chest so I'm hugging you tightly, my right hand holding your boob, your nipple still hard against my hand. I begin to thrust in time with you once more, pushing hard so I drive deeper inside you, you moaning and crying out as you slide down my shaft each time. Your tight muscles grip me firmly and the sound and smell of your pussy is mesmerizing. You lean back against me and turn your head to kiss me. We kiss deeply and passionately as we fuck, beyond hunger and lust, now kissing with pure love and passion.

I can feel my toes start to tingle with the build-up of an orgasm, so I release your waist with my lower arm and place my hands between your legs, resting my fingers against your stretched lips, feeling them slide up and down my shaft for a minute. I then start to rub my index finger in small circles against your clitoris as we continue to thrust, just as you've shown me in our previous video chats.

It's too much for you and your eyes go wide as we kiss. "Oh Tim! Oh! Oh god,... oh please, don't stop!" I rub and rub as we thrust together and before long, you grab my hand and hold it in place as you orgasm. I continue to pound into you, wanting to drag this out for you as long as I can but before too long, the sound of your cries and the feeling of your pussy gripping me so tightly drives me over the edge. I thrust hard two, three, four times, roaring your name, continuing to pound into you as I come deep inside.

My head rests against the back of yours. You take my hand once more and wrap it back around you, then wrap your arms over mine and lean back into me comfortably. We sit together, still joined as one, not speaking, until you whisper with cracked and dried lips.

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