tagGroup SexThe Sinnndy 25

The Sinnndy 25


It was the day after our annual New Year's party, which was an absolute blast. Someday I will write a story about our evening, but this story relates to something that happened to me in the past. A group of 10 people stayed overnight after the party. In the morning, Billy and I made breakfast for everyone, nothing too fancy, scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns, and lot of coffee. Besides our 10 guests and ourselves, also in attendance were Billy's brother Josh and his girlfriend and my female lover, Jodi.

After breakfast, Billy decided to show some home movies. I had no idea what he was going to show, but I knew since I had at one point or another had sex with everyone at our house, that somehow I would be the star of whatever video he decided to show. The film that he picked out was a professionally done video, with graphics at the beginning and everything. I knew immediately that he was showing what we call, "The sinnndy 25" video.

Before going any further, let me explain what the "sinnndy 25" was all about. I was 19 at the time and had been living with Billy for only a couple of months, but we had been together for almost a year. We were still in a feeling out period as far as my sexual limits. Every Memorial Day weekend, the Indianapolis 500 is run. There is a porn star named Houston who on one Memorial Day weekend, decided to do a stunt called the Houston 620. I have only seen bits and pieces of her movie, but she took 620 men in one of her holes, which is quite a feat. Now there was no way in hell that I was going to try to equal that, but Billy decided on a number for me to break my previous record of 10 men in one setting.

As always, I left the planning up to Billy. We had a party on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. There were a lot of people there, and a lot of new faces for me. Billy had a tent set up in the back yard with an air mattress on the ground. He also hired a professional crew to film the movie. There were also two women that Billy hired to be fluffers. Fluffers are what porn movies use to get men hard so they are always ready to perform, they get the men hard by any means available, usually their mouths.

At this time, I had no idea of how many men I was to service, or how long this would last. At about 10AM, Billy led me into the tent. This was the first time I had seen what was in the tent, and I was ready for anything. Billy told me to take off my bikini and get naked, which I quickly did, and then got into the bed. A group of three men were led into the tent, all of them very athletically built and good looking. Two men had blonde hair and were both around 6 feet tall, while the other man was black and shorter and stockier than the other two men. All three men were in the 7" to 8" range as far as their cocks went, but the black guy was a bit thicker than the others.

Billy told me that I was not supposed to talk to these men unless I was telling them to screw me harder or say anything with a sexual overtone. He didn't want me to know their names or make this any kind of personal thing. I was a nameless porn star on this day, nothing but a hole to the men that would enter the tent.

One blonde man laid down on the bed so I mounted his cock and slowly dropped my weight down on him, causing him to moan in satisfaction. The other blonde haired man appeared in front of me, so I grabbed his cock and led it to my hungry mouth. I was hornier than hell at this time, my pussy was dripping wet as I bounced up and down on the man under me. The men had a nice pace going, the man in my mouth was relaxing, letting me do all the work, while the man under me also let me do the work as I bounced up and down on his hard cock.

I felt the weight of the bed shift a bit and readied myself for the thick cock that entered my ass without warning or any care whether I was ready for him or not. The man in my ass started jack hammering in and out of my ass, it hurt a bit, but I quickly relaxed my sphincter and the pain turned to pleasure. The man under me grabbed my hips and started slamming hard up into my pussy as the man in my mouth placed his hands on either side of my head and forced his cock all the way down my throat. He then started fucking my face hard as the other men pumped furiously into the other parts of my body.

It was a little bit scary having complete strangers use me so roughly in this way, but I enjoy rough sex and I knew that Billy would never let me get hurt physically. The men kept up their hard, fast and rough pace for quite a while, never uttering a word, only an occasional grunt escaping their lips. The man fucking my face finally made a loud grunt, pulled out of my mouth and shot a couple of creamy wads onto my face. He was instantly replaced by a muscular young man with brown hair who slid his cock into my mouth, grabbed my head with both hands and started pumping away. He was about the same length and width as the man he replaced and like the others, fucked me like I was just a hole and not a person. It wasn't really demeaning to me because I understood what this was about. Everyone here purposely was just trying to get themselves off, as was Billy's plan.

The man fucking my ass pulled out without warning and shot his load all over my back. When he was finished cumming, he placed his cock roughly back into my ass for a couple of pumps, and then he was gone. The man under me started pumping upwards violently as I slammed back hard to meet his thrusts. He started grunting and did his best to get out from under me. When he did get out from under me, he also shot a load all over my back and left without a word. A new man started crawling under me, he too had brown hair and a muscular build. He slid his cock into me and started pumping upwards at a fast and steady pace. Again, I felt the bed move, but wasn't in any kind of position to see who was about to stick his cock into my ass. The man did and went right to work slamming in and out of me and a fast and steady pace.

The men in my pussy and ass slowed down a bit and got a pace together, pulling out and slamming back into me at almost the same time. Meanwhile, my face fucker started to grunt and groan, and then pulled out of my mouth to deposit another creamy load on my face. I looked into the camera at this time, smiled and silently mouthed, "I love this". I really did, I felt like a porn star and was enjoying this a great deal.

A black man appeared in front of me with a limp cock, which hung to about 8" before erection. That was a sign that I might be in a bit of trouble. At that time, I could deep throat Billy's 9" with a little bit of trouble, but anything bigger and wider would be a problem. He told me to open my white slut mouth, which I obediently did. He then slid the length of his cock into my mouth and placed both hands on the back of my head, holding me there with my nose touching his pubic hair. I did my best to slither my tongue around his shaft as he slowly pumped his cock, which was embedded in my throat. I could feel his manhood growing inside of my mouth and throat. I could also feel my airway completely closing, so I closed my eyes, relaxed my mind and started breathing through my nose.

Now kids, don't try this at home, because breath play is very dangerous to a novice. While the men under me and in my ass continued their assault on me, the man with the 11" log trapped in my throat was still just moving a little bit back and forth. I was relaxed and breathing fine now with a little bit of difficulty as his cock was completely hard now. The man underneath me wrapped his arms around my shoulders, trapping my arms, and the man fucking my ass surprised me by spanking my ass hard. As the first spank hit my cheeks, the man in my throat pinched my nose with his big fingers. I tried hard not to panic, but after a couple of hard swats to my ass and attempts to try breathing through my mouth, panic did set in. Unfortunately, I was trapped as the man in my pussy contained my arms and the man slapping my ass kept up his assault as I thrashed around trying to break free. I didn't know what to do, I was really freaking out and becoming light headed as I tried with all my might to break free but was unsuccessful.

The man in my ass grunted loudly, pulled out and shot a wad on my back. As he did so, the man fucking my face pulled his cock out of my mouth and released his grip on my nose. I was free at last and gasped as I tried to get the air back into my lungs. After a couple of seconds, the man who was fucking my mouth forced his cock back into my throat and started pushing his cock in deeper and deeper. He finally hit my gag reflex and kept trying to force more of his cock in my throat without success. He then pinched my nose again as he worked his cock deeper into my throat. I hated and loved what was happening to me at the same time. I of course hated the fact that I wasn't allowed to breath, yet the submissive in me loved being used like a piece of furniture. He eased up a bit and started sliding his cock in and out my mouth like it was a pussy. He had one hand on the back of my head and the other using my hair like it was a handle.

The man underneath me fucking my pussy pulled out and shot a load on my back as the black man in my mouth continued pumping in and out. He then started to grunt a little bit and surprised me. I expected him to pull out and shoot his load in my face like the others had, but he forcefully pulled my head as close to his crotch and shot a huge load straight into my tummy.

After about 30 seconds buried deep in my throat, he pulled out and slapped his sticky cock in my face. When he moved away, there were five more black men with hard cocks that were between 8" and 11". They were all rough looking and dark, most of them with a lot of tattoos on their bodies. They ranged between 5-7 and 6-5, and all of them had to weigh over 200 pounds. "Where the hell did Billy find all of these guys?" I thought to myself. The 5-7 guy climbed under me and started pumping my pussy, while another man got behind me and slammed his big cock deep into my ass. The other three took turns sliding their cocks into my mouth. They were all so big and thick, and my jaws were getting tired, not that they cared. The man in my ass fucked me hard for about two minutes, pulled out and was replaced by one of the others. He then came around and waited for his turn to have his dick sucked.

These guys wanted to check out my oral talents, so they took it easy on me and let me use my hands and pleasure them, which was a refreshing change. After another two minutes, the man in my ass pulled out and came out in front to have his cock licked clean. He of course was replaced by another man with a huge tool who dived right in and slammed away at my ass as shorty underneath continued his upward pumping. These guys were much more vocal than the previous men, calling me a little white slut and trash talking to me and each other, which really got me even hotter. When I think back to this day and what occurred, it amazes me that a little girl like myself was able to take almost 30" of cock at the same time and when finished, beg for more.

They were quite rough with me, manhandling my body and yanking me by the hair and head in different directions. They also fucked me hard, fast and deep, never caring if I was getting off or enjoying this, but they knew that I was by the way that I tried to meet their every stroke. I was in great shape and was able to move my hips and ass around, but of course, it was hard to stay in rhythm because they kept switching men in my ass every 2 or so minutes. They kept this up for a good half hour or so banging away at my ass and then moving in front to have their cocks sucked. They finally started cumming one by one, pulling out of my ass to spray my face with their cream until Shorty under me slid out from beneath me to spray my face as well.

I must have been a real disgusting mess, dry and fresh cum all over my face with cum also dripping from my pussy and ass. The guys all patted my head and told me how much they enjoyed using me, and made me feel good when they said I gave the best head that they had all ever had.

They next crew came in as a group of four, and they were as different as the previous guys as night and day. There were three overweight white guys, and one humungous black man. Two of the white guys were short and stocky, both around 5-8 and well over 200 pounds. The other white guy was well over 6 feet and easily about 350 pounds. The black man looked to be in his late 40's and was about 6 feet tall and in the low to mid 400 pound range. There wasn't a good-looking man in the bunch. As far as their cocks went, their wasn't a prize in the group as none of the men were over 7", which was a nice change for me after the last group of monster cocks.

One of the short guys who was bald and had a huge tummy climbed underneath me and slid his 6" cock into my wet and sloppy pussy. The black man got behind me and slid his 7" cock into my open asshole and then laid on top of me. I was now sandwiched between 700 pounds of overweight humanity and somewhere deep in the depths of my mind, was turned on by being a slut to these men. The shorter of the two remaining men pushed his cock in my face and I took it in my mouth and went to work on him giving him my A+ blowjob. I teased the head of his cock and then licked his shaft all over while cupping and playing with his balls. I then started deepthroating his cock and since it was so small, was able to sneak my tongue out and lick his balls at the same time. The two men sandwiching me were huffing and puffing and had started to work up a sweat. Now I love the smell of an athletic man when he is having sex with me, but for some reason, it isn't the same when the men are out of shape. It was also very difficult and uncomfortable as the two huge men enveloped my body with their mass of flesh.

This was a sloppy and messy scene as I was covered by sweating, heavy breathing men who probably rarely got an opportunity to have sex with a youngster like myself. That is what made this scene so hot for me. It's not like I would have ignored these men when I was single, because I try to treat everyone nice, it's just that I would normally never date a really overweight man because I'm so into fitness. The guy I was giving head to closed his eyes and then pulled out, shooting a small stream of jism in my face. The taller man immediately replaced him as I went to work by deepthroating his rod as the two behemoths continued their assaults on my pussy and ass. The man in my ass started grunting and groaning and then pulled out quickly to shoot his load onto my back. After a couple of quick strokes, he placed his cock back into my ass for a few pumps, and then was gone.

That gave the tall man I was blowing a choice, and I knew where he would go as he pulled out of my mouth and went for my unoccupied ass. I was sandwiched again by two big men and it wasn't long until the tall man started his own good sweat as he slammed in and out of my tush. For the first time in quite a while, my mouth was cock free, but that didn't last too long as one of the cameramen unzipped his cock and placed it in my mouth for a closeup shot. He had a nice 7" cock, which I immediately deep throated and then licked like a lollypop. The man under me started moaning and didn't have a chance to slide out from under me, so he blasted his seed deep inside of my pussy and his buddy in my ass pulled out just seconds later depositing his load on my very sticky back side.

I stood up so the man under me could get out and then went right back to work on the cameraman licking his shaft up and down and teasing the head of his cock and his peehole. The other cameraman decided to get in the action and stuck his cock in my pussy without warning and started pumping away. I heard a couple of voices enter the room as the two cameramen tried to keep their focus on the job at hand while I pleasured one with my mouth and the other with my pussy. I really went to town with the cock in my mouth, using a twisting motion with my hand as I sucked his shaft deep into my mouth and then bobbed up and down on it. The other cameraman pulled out of my pussy on one stroke and filled my ass with cock without missing a beat.

By this point, my pussy and ass were pretty numb. Unless the man had a huge cock, I wasn’t going to feel any pain, but I still felt some of the pleasure. There was a little fatigue setting in, but I didn't care as I was having the time of life. The cameraman I was blowing announced he was cumming and shot a massive load all over my face. His buddy wasn't too far behind as he pulled out to add another load on my tush and back. I was then allowed to clean myself up a bit and freshen up, I wasn't sure why, but I found out quickly.

Billy led the next group in; there were four young boys, all 18 and all virgins and in all shapes and sizes. The smallest guy was about 5-2 and couldn't have weighed over 100 pounds, he wasn't a bad looking kid at all, but looked nervous as hell, as did the rest of them. The next kid was about 5-6 and very skinny and nerdy looking with red hair, freckles and glasses. There was the fat kid, about 5-8 and about 200 pounds, and then finally, average Joe, about 5-10 with sandy blonde hair and plain looks, not a stud in the bunch. I was glad that Billy didn't find any kids from my old high school, as I really didn't want to know any of these guys.

It was so cute how modest and shy these guys were as they took their time getting out of their clothes and tried to cover themselves up. I went on my back and started stroking the nerd and the fat guys cocks, both very small at about 5". The small guy crawled on the bed and looked like a deer in headlights. I told him to slide up and put his beautiful cock in my mouth, which he eventually did. He too was about 5" so I had no problem deepthroating him. When he was hard enough, I released the cocks in my hands and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I told him to relax and enjoy his first time and led his cock into my freshly cleaned and newly wet pussy. He slid in easily and opened his eyes wide as he felt pleasure that he never knew existed.

I decided to let the two fluffer girls do their trick so I could make David's first time as enjoyable as possible. He kept falling out and I could see he was really embarrassed but I helped him stay focused as I talked him through everything, giving him pointers and helping him to relax. While obviously not physically as satisfying as some of my other lovers, this was emotionally satisfying. He finally got the hang of things and got a nice rhythm going. I told him not to worry about pleasuring me at this time, that this was all about him, which seemed to really help. I started telling him to, "fuck me, please fuck me", and, "ohhhh, you're sooo big, you're filling me up, yessssssss". He really seemed to gain confidence as he continued fucking me while I reached between my legs and toyed with his balls.

He got that look on his face like he was close to cumming, and then a panicked look like he didn't know what to do next. I told him, "cum inside me, please lover, fill me with your seed", which put him at ease as he moaned and shot his first load into something other than his hand. He collapsed on top of me and I grabbed his face and stuck my tongue into his mouth. He got the hang of French kissing pretty quickly and then got up off of me, thanking me over and over again.

Next up was the nerdy looking guy, Steven. He had a really thin cock and a very skinny body. He too was nervous as hell but I quickly made him comfortable and he picked up on things pretty fast. He didn't last too long however and shot a small wad into my pussy after about two minutes. He tried to get up but I held him and kept him inside of me until he got hard again. This time he lasted for about 7 minutes before shooting another load inside of me. He too was very thankful.

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