The Sins of the Father

byadam applebiter©

"What, like this isn't sexy?"

B took that as a yes and knelt behind Helen, burying her face between her girlfriend's thighs and burrowing her tongue into Helen's oozing hole, cleaning up all the juices there. Helen worked her pelvic floor muscles to squeeze out the cum John had left inside her. B licked the white stuff up greedily. David moved closer, massaging his cock back to full strength. When B moved from licking Helen's pussy to licking her ass, he got really interested. John groaned and unloaded in Helen's mouth but she carried on fellating him.

B moved aside. "There you go David. No sloppy seconds."

"You mean...?"

"Yes, David. I mean..."

Helen's eyes widened as David's cock thrust into her. His thumb went straight to her ass too, or was it B's. Either way, it was all good. She kept John in her mouth until he was properly hard for a third time then moved over a bit to let B take over. David lacked technique but he certainly felt big and that was some compensation.

"On your feet!" B dragged John off the bed and got on her knees beside Helen. "Don't just stand there. Get behind me and stick that cock in." B ordered. As |John hurried to obey, she turned to Helen and grinned. "Are we having fun yet?"

"You know this is just the sort of behaviour that got us thrown out of the sorority when we were pledges?"

"And your point is?" B felt John slide in to her pussy. She clenched to make herself as tight as she could for the poor, under-endowed, guy.

"My point is it's so unfair. We do it: we get thrown out. These guys do it and get to join their fraternity."

"As I recall, this was your idea."

"So? It's still unfair. David's cock's quite nice."

"Ain't it just?"

"Remind me next year: I want to make him a lot more popular with girls. This much cock should not be just for jerking off."

"Ok. Oops. John's slipped out." She waited for him to guide it back in. He was doing nothing for her but she moved her hips back against him anyway. She definitely regarded this evening as one of her random acts of kindness.

"Ooh. David's come." Helen announced.

"John too." B said seconds later.

"Ok guys, relax, catch your breath. Smoke if you want. We're just gonna get cleaned up then we can all go back to the party." Helen and B got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. When they came back out, clean but still naked, the boys were dressed.

"Um, we just wanted to say..." John stalled.

"Thanks." David carried on. "Thanks for all this. We were just talking about it and we know we're never likely to have girlfriends as hot as you two so we're never going to forget this." David rushed to the end of the sentence and stopped, looking sheepish.

B pulled on her t-shirt and said "Aww! That's so sweet."

Helen was buttoning her dress and looking around for her other shoe. "Guys, don't put yourselves down. There's plenty of other people in this world who'll do that for you. Getting laid is easy if you have confidence, which I hope you two have more of now. There'll be plenty more girls in your lives from now on -- trust me -- some may even be the right sort to take home to meet the family." Helen found her shoe. "Now let's go back downstairs." She led the way.

There was a cheer when they got to the top of the stairs and Eric was waiting at the bottom with two beers. "Did they acquit themselves well?" He asked Helen.

"Manfully. The honour of Phi Kappa Delta has been upheld." She answered, snaking an arm around B's waist and drawing her close. There was another cheer.

"Good. Beer. Push off." Eric handed David and John a glass each and dismissed them. "Where were you two when I wanted to lose my cherry? That's what I want to know."

"Poor boy." B pecked his cheek and gave the front of his jeans an affectionate pat that no one but Eric noticed.

"Yes, We're sorry we couldn't be there for you in your hour of need. Who did get your cherry anyway?" Helen asked.

"A cheerleader called Rosie Boyce."

"And you're complaining? Men!"

"But Helen," B said. "Cheerleader or not, I bet she wouldn't do anal. You know what Eric likes."

"That's true. Eric, I have a little going away present for you." Helen smiled sweetly. It was fun watching guys get their hopes up. "Not that! You know your Dad came up last week for the graduation ceremony?"

"Sure. He's on the board of governors. But how did you know?" Eric had dined with his father but hadn't introduced him to any friends.

"He called the agency to book an escort."

"My dad? You?"

"Your dad. Me." Helen nodded. "I thought you should know, just in case your allowance comes under review."

"Well, well. What's he into?" Eric had not got along with his father for many years: not since his parents' divorce.

"You're gonna love this: He drank champagne out of my pussy, and he's into the taste of his own cum. When he fucked me in the ass, he made me squat over his face while he licked me clean."

"And you didn't mind?"

"Why should I mind? I'm a whore. Besides, he tipped me three hundred dollars; over and above the five hundred he paid the agency."

"Thanks Helen. I feel my summer job disappearing as we speak."

"Do you want the photograph?"


"He went for a shower and I thought it might be useful so I took a photo of his credit card." Helen opened her purse and extracted a printout of the photo.

Eric couldn't believe it. His father's credit card was being swiped through Helen's labia and a wallet showing his stepmother's picture was resting open between her thighs.

"Jesus!" Eric hissed. "This is incredible."

"Don't say I never give you anything. Have a good summer." Helen moved past him.

"You're going already?"

"I want to get B home. Cherry picking has made me horny, and we have a busy day tomorrow: I'm introducing B to my favourite cock in all the world."

"Which is whose?"

"I'll tell you one day." Helen tapped the side of her nose then turned away from Eric and went to drag B away from the pool table. B was rubbish at pool but nobody seemed to mind because she always played in such short skirts. Helen found her bending over the table, stretching to reach the cue ball. "Sorry guy's, the show's over for tonight." She patted B's pert bottom to get her attention. "We're going home."

B missed her shot and straightened up. "So soon?" She racked her cue.

"Our work here is done and I want to get you alone."

"Did Eric like the picture?" B asked as they reached the front door.

"Very much." Helen really wished Eric were single again. They both missed fucking him.

* * * * *

I woke up early, showered, shaved and paid my bill. The Denny's opposite the motel supplied breakfast. Sitting there waiting for my meal I recalled that the last time I ate in Denny's was the day Helen found out I was 'Papa'. Recalling that day gave me a hard-on under the table, which in turn gave me a feeling of déjà vu.

On the road again, three hundred miles from my destination, I put on the last of Helen's CDs. This one was a pleasant surprise. No links, just great music from James Brown, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and Muddy Waters. Mr Waters got things moving with Mannish Boy. A journey always passes more pleasantly in the company of good friends and these guys had been my close companions for decades.

So it was that I arrived in Boston in very mellow mood at about 3PM. Helen's directions turned out to be excellent and she was sitting on the grass opposite the student accommodation block when I pulled up.

"Daddy!" she hit me at speed, nearly flooring me as her arms clasped around my chest and she pressed her cheek to my shoulder. "I've missed you so much."

"I missed you too, Sweetheart. Who's your friend?" The girl Helen had been sitting with had followed her to the car. She was a little shorter than Helen but heartstoppingly pretty with pale blue grey eyes and translucent blonde hair tied back in a ponytail.

"Hi, I'm B." The girl introduced herself. "And I believe I'm your special treat for tonight."

"Hi B, you're a treat already. I've heard all about your exploits from Helen but her description of you didn't do you justice."

"Daddy!" Helen let go of me and thumped my chest. "I told you she was gorgeous."

"Thank you, daughter of mine, for over-rationalizing and ruining my attempted flattery.

B, why do you put up with her?"

"For the same reason you do. She's got the sweetest little pussy and the dirtiest little mind."

Helen stuck her tongue out at B.

"Save that for later. Shall we load your stuff? Are you all packed?" I didn't want any passers by hearing anything that they shouldn't.

"All packed. This way, Daddy." Helen held onto my hand while B walked ahead of us. As we went up the steps I glanced up B's pleated plaid miniskirt. The no pants story appeared to be true. Helen caught me looking.

"I told you. She plays pool in that outfit." Helen raised her voice and called out "B!"

"Yes?" B stopped and turned to face us. I got my first glimpse of her pussy, in the shadows under her skirt.

"Nothing." Helen winked. B could see where my gaze was. She waited a few seconds longer then turned and led us inside.

Once in the privacy of their room, B flowed up against me and kissed me with complete abandon. I could feel my erection pressing against her belly so she surely must have felt it too. As soon as she moved back, Helen took her place.

"Don't I get a kiss too, Daddy?" Helen asked in her little girl voice. So Helen got a kiss too, because I'm weak and just can't resist her 'Daddy's little girl' routine -- and because I adore her.

There was a knock at the door. B opened it.

"Eric thought you might want some help carrying boxes." A young student said to her.

"Thank you David. Mr Barrington., David and John are from Phi Kappa Delta. They took the oath last night." B waved them into the room.

"Pleased to meet you gentlemen. I'm Helen's father." I offered my hand.

"Honoured Sir." David shook it first.

"Pleased to meet you." John had the firmer grip.

I wondered why these two in particular had been sent. Oh, I'd heard all about Eric -- the Jewish guy with the penis so large that Helen had said it was a good job they'd cut some of it off.

"Everything on that bed is to go in that SUV." Helen said, pointing first at her bed then out of the window at my car.

The boys grabbed a box each and headed back out of the room. I took a suitcase and followed them with the car keys. With me loading the vehicle and David and John shuttling bags and boxes from upstairs, the packing was done in minutes. When no more stuff arrived, I locked up and went back inside. The boys were effusively thanking Helen and B for something. They shut up as soon as I showed my face, then made their excuses and left.

"Thank Eric for me." Helen called after them. Then to me "They were going to finish their freshman year as virgins so B and I went cherry picking last night."

"Made men of them." B chimed in, looking smug.

"I'm sure they'll never forget it." I'm way past being shocked or surprised at my daughter's antics.

"Oh, they won't. You never forget the first time." B said.

"Or the first time you get to fuck two girls in one night." Helen elaborated.

"I wouldn't know about that, never having had more than one woman at a time." I protested my innocence in such matters.

"Until tonight." B moved close and put her arm around me.

"Until about an hour from now if we get a move on." Helen embraced me from the other side. There was just time for a group hug before my daughter's sense of urgency proved contagious and we were out of there.

Or, at least, we would have been if we hadn't been met outside by a deputation of female students of the sorority sister persuasion. I guessed, correctly, that they were from the same sorority that kicked out Helen in her pledge year for inappropriate behaviour.

"There are some things you ought to know about your daughter." The lead girl didn't bother with the little courtesy of introducing herself.

"Really?" I paid attention. Helen had made no secret of just how unpopular she'd made herself with the female population -- except those few she'd bedded.

"She's a promiscuous and amoral pervert." The girl looked triumphant as she spilled the beans about my daughter. If she only knew!


"Yes, really. Those two..." she pointed a quavering finger at Helen and B "Those two... They expose themselves all the time. They're disgusting."

"Really? As I understand it, my daughter is in a same sex relationship. Look around you. There are plenty of heterosexual couples demonstrating their affection -- that couple under the oak tree for example. They haven't surfaced for air since I came out of that door. Is their behaviour objectionable to you? Why aren't you hassling them?"

"But they're not both female."

"So your objection is homophobic. I see. It's been a long time since homosexuality was illegal in this country, Miss.

You mentioned promiscuity and... what was the word you used? Amoral? Only, my daughter has been in the same relationship since freshman year and, while it is a loving and trusting relationship, it is also an open relationship. Promiscuity, on the lips of people like you, usually means 'She gets more than me', which does not surprise me as Helen is a very pretty girl and has always been popular with boys: More popular than you, maybe?

Is your judgement of her morality rooted in some religious ethic? Christianity perhaps?"

"Of course. None of the men she's lain with respect her either."

"Really? Well I have always believed, and always taught my daughter, that sin lies only in hurting others. Who has been hurt? Has my daughter stolen your boyfriend? Has she stolen anyone's boyfriend?" I knew she hadn't. I glanced at Helen as if asking her the question too. She just smiled and winked. I was on a roll.

"No, but-"

"Then I think you have your answer. My daughter's morality may not be the same as yours but she does have a moral code as old as Hippocrates -- First, do no harm.

You also made mention of them flaunting themselves. Elaborate please."

"They... don't wear underwear. Everyone knows that." The spoke-girl was stumbling now. She'd expected me to be outraged at Helen's behaviour but I've had a year to rationalize my feelings and her behaviour. This young moralist never stood a chance.

"Sweetheart? B? Is this true?" I glanced at them, giving the moralist a moment of hope.

"Yes Daddy." Helen answered. B nodded, not even trying to hide her amusement.

"And people look up your skirts?"

"Sometimes." Helen admitted.

"So you would blame my daughter for the lack of self control of others? Miss, looking up my daughter's skirt is just like me standing here and looking down your sweater. You're a well-developed young lady and I think I might enjoy peeking down there but I have not and will not because I have what is called self-control.

You mentioned a lack of respect. The president of Phi Kappa Delta sent a working party to carry my daughter's belongings to my car. I'd say that shows not just respect, but friendship, which is far more valuable.

My daughter is happy - my only concern as a parent. She has good friends, hurts no one by her exploration of her sexuality and if her behaviour offends you, then I suggest you stop watching her so closely."

"But... But..." The girl was lost for words and her sisters were no help.

"Daddy, that was so cool!" Helen hugged me and kissed my cheek, ignoring the deputation that still stood there, watching.

"Shall we go?" I said into her ear. "It's been a long drive and I need a shower before dinner."

* * * * *

"Who was that?" I asked, as we drove off campus.

"Chrissy? Christabelle Deerborne. She has the hots for Eric but he barely notices she exists."

"Is that why she's so pissed at you two?"

"That, and a few other things. Wanna hear something really ironic?" Helen had the seat beside me. B sat in the back and leant on the headrests. In the rear view mirror I had a perfect view down her sweater. This time I did look. B noticed and shook her titties.

"Self-control?" B asked.

"Different circumstances. You want me to look." I glanced across at Helen. "What's ironic?"

"Christabelle's father wants to do what you're about to do." B said it before Helen could.

"Take a shower?"

"Fuck his own daughter."

"And you know this because?"

"Because he was one of my first customers, Daddy. Three dates now and he always wants to call me Christabelle when he's fucking me." Helen filled me in.

"That is ironic." I laughed.

"He dotes on her. Bought her the presidency of her sorority with a huge donation to their refurbishment fund."

"Apart from role-playing, is he kinky?" I had to know.

"Very kinky." Helen said.

"Isn't that the truth?" B agreed. "He's even weirder than the one who slurped champagne out of your pussy and jizz out of your ass hole."

"Who did that?" I asked.

"Eric's dad. Last week." Helen explained. "I told Eric about it last night because he has a hard time getting money out of his father."

"Not any more!" B pointed out.


"Leverage. I got a photo of his credit card in a compromising position. I strongly suspect Eric's father will realize that he should be more generous over his son's allowance."

"I'll bet." I turned into the motel. "Sorry, B. I need to see out the back." B moved sideways so I could use the mirror to park.

* * * * *

"I'll just grab a quick shower." I put down my overnight bag and theirs and headed for the bathroom.

"Be quick, or we'll start without you." Helen threatened. Before I was out of my clothes I heard the TV go on -- the cable porn channel by the sound of it. Well, I guess it set the mood. I showered quickly, half expecting them to join me, dried off and went into the bedroom wearing only a towel.

I was over-dressed. The girls were curled up together on one of the beds, butt-naked, cuddling and watching a porn film of a girl with a dick in every hole.

"Research?" I asked, disturbing their caressing.

"Been there. Done that." B dismissed the scene on the TV, picked up the remote and muted the sound. "Show us what you've got Mister." She swung her legs off the bed and sprung to her feet. As she approached I had ample time to reappraise my first impression of her: She was stunning. Prettier than Helen, truth be told, and that's saying a lot. She whipped the towel from around my waist, freeing my already hard cock to spring up between us.

"Oh Goodie!" B dropped to her knees in front of me and wrapped her mouth around the head of my cock.

I glanced at Helen and mouthed the words "Thank you." She got up and came over too. I was expecting her to join in with the blowjob but instead she kissed me deeply and passionately, moaning into my mouth when my fingers found her crotch.

"When did you last get laid, Daddy?"

"Yesterday morning. Meg said it would be the last time we'd have the house to ourselves all summer."

"Where did you do it?"

"Well I chased her around the house with that rabbit thingy you suggested I buy her. When I caught her, we were in the kitchen."

"You fucked Mom on the kitchen table?" Helen was squirming against my hand now and I was having difficulty remaining upright, my knees were trembling so much.

"Sweetheart. I'll tell you everything but not right now." I was so close to coming in B's mouth.

"So cum in her mouth, Daddy. That's what she's here for."

So I let go, gasping as I squirted jet after jet of jism over B's tongue. Before my cock had finished spurting sperm, my legs gave way and I ended up on my ass on the floor with two hysterically amused girls sprawled on top of me. The final salvo of my orgasm had caught B across the face. She didn't seem to care.

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